2011 11 30 Oh Bully Bully

Log Title:Oh Bully Bully
Characters: Alchemy, Empath, Phantasm
IC Date: 11/30/2011
Location: Daily Grind
Brief log Summary: Alchemy, Phantasm and Empath discuss bullying.
Rating: PG-13
There is no TS in the log: Yes

-==[ Daily Grind - New York ]==--------—-

As soon as one enters via the lage glass door, they can catch the scent of any of a dozen coffee flavors in the air. There are usually two or three servers on duty, ready to whip up any of the coffees on the large menu that hangs over their heads. A rope-lined queue snakes from the counter in a flattened S. Couches and tables line the walls, the tables fitting four each, though there are large tables near the back of the establishment. The tiled floor has tables that fit anywhere from two people to six.

Near the counter is a rack of old magazines and books that people can peruse while they're there, and for a small fee patrons can hook up a laptop to the wireless network and access the internet. Overall, it's the kind of place where people can go and buy a cup of coffee and be left alone if they choose, or not. The Daily Grind has the sort of atmosphere that allows for groups of people to come together, or for one or two people to relax by themselves. Like any good coffee house, it allows for most forms of relaxation.



Obvious Exits:

[O] - Upper West Side - New York

Despite the day reaching its end and the sun having made it's final appearance a couple hours ago, the Daily Grind does experience business. With those seeking a sweet treat from their display case or finding a warm drink to break through the 40 something degree temperatures outside, even the night time has experienced some form of consistency. Also consistent is a reasonably known rocker making a stop here. Which is likely not an advised thing considering matters but here he is anyways. Occuping the same area of the dining area and sipping away from the same type of disposable cup that the servers have served the same type of coffee in. There is a bit of variance however, despite it being the same area, he is situated on a sofa, sprawled upon it with, well, his favorite book with the image of a familiar looking raven upon the cover. What a peaceful chilly night.

Alchemy is frozen from not wearing quite enough layers and walking a long distance, so has entered the establishment to procure a mug of hot cocoa. He blows on his hands as he enters, sans his backpack for once since he lost it in the subway.

Also in the coffee shop is the newly returned Spaniard, Manuel de la Rocha, dressed fashionably well in an all black suit, he sips some tea as he looks about. Having had some fun earlier today in the subway station, the mutant Empath opts about, looking to and fro for whom to entertain him this evening. The incident on the subway, while amusing was much too short and Manuel is mad he has been told to wait for his meeting with the queen and as such, he must take on that frustration on someone. Who will it be? Just who will it be? And then Alchemy enters. "Oh this is too easy, but let me give myself a challenge." He rises and instead of his usual tactic lash out empathically, he approaches the Brit, "Excuse me, sir. I believe I saw you earlier today on the subway. You seem to be involved in some sort of altercation. Are you alright?" He speaks with a regal and proper Spanish accent.

The blast of cool air coming from the opened doorway makes its rounds about the room, iving a mild announcement to the newcomer. Despite Mike's sheltered spot, it is enough disturbance that the blue eyes, of the knit-capped wearing musician, peeks over the book being read. The Spaniard is dimissed as his attention settles upon Alchemy. "Oh you've got to be fucking kidding me," Mike comments, voice traveling to the pair near the door, "Three times in four nights?"

Alchemy is everywhere, it seems. When the fellow approaches him, he blinks. "Oh. Yes, I'm fine, thank you. It must have been low bloodsugar or something. It wasn't much of an altercation, fortunately. It wouldn't do to be attacking my friends, now, would it?" to Mike, he peers around the other man and waves. "Hello there, again…you do seem to get around, don't you?"

Hearing the filthy language coming from the foul-mouthed rocker, Manuel looks at him and scowls before turning to Alchemy, "A friend of yours I take it?" Nodding his head but not really paying attention to what Alchemy has said, something about sugar and friends. He stifles a yawn and then forces a smile, "That was quite the fight though. What was that? Lead or some kind of iron that you used on your friend? Um, the one who turned green for a moment."

Mike lifts up a hand in a half wave, "That or you've picked up a habit of following me." A finger slides between the pages, marking where he stopped reading as he lowers his coffee cup to the floor, "You don't by any chance carry around a bunch of postcards do you?" At the mention of a fight and a description that brings up the memory of an odd shapeshifter that hung around Alchemy, a brow lifts curiously, "Did you get into a fight with that guy who doesn't know what a plane is?"

Alchemy pushes his glasses back up. "Why in the world would I be following you? I don't even know your last name. Besides, the last time I saw you, you were quite ill mannered." he nods to Empath and says "I'm not sure if he's a friend or not. His behavior has been quite attrocious lately. I'm afraid I don't remember what happened with poor Sid. I've never done anything like that before!"

Looking between Mike and Alchemy and sensing some tension, this is so tempting for the empath to manipulate, but for now suppresses it. "Well, he seems to know who you are and you both seem to run into each other a lot." Shrugging his shoulders, "If you're not friends, then I guess one of you is a stalker." He chuckles at his joke.

"If you had shown up earlier than when you did both times Baker was around me you'd have a good idea WHY." Mike murmurs, cracking a smile, "Forget wedgies, he was throwing stuff." At the mention of a stalker from Manuel, the smile fades. "I was here first and I've been coming here for awhile so I'm not the one doing the following." He reaches down to retrieve his coffee cup again, taking a sip of the contents once the cup is brought up enough.

Alchemy frowns. "I have better things to do than follow people around. I was on my way back from the library and I am in a terrible mood, so just try and start something with me and you'll be one sorry fellow."

Nodding in agreement with Mike's last statement, "Well, if he was here first and had been at whatever location you were…then from the standpoint of the law, they might say you were stalking him." Manuel shrugs, "But I suppose even in a city as large as New York, there is such thing as coincidence." He blinks and looks perplexed as he looks between the two, "I'm sorry. My English is not as good as I thought. Who is this Baker and what is a wedgie?"

The cup lowers as Mike glances back over to the door, looking at Alchemy. "Sorry to hear that, Tom," he turns back to look towards his book, "Although, it's nice to hear that you're standing up for yourself now." He leans down to set the coffee back to the floor, "Very refreshing." He starts to open his book up before answering Manuel. "Baker's a jerk and right now kind of a bully. And wedgies are when someone grabs the elastic of your underwear and yanks it up to where the lower portions of your underwear move up between what they're supposed to be covering."

Alchemy points a bony finger in Mike's direction. "That's precisely what you've been doing to me, in addition to insinuating that I am some sort of homosexual, not that there's anything wrong with that if you are one, which I am most decidedly NOT. Come near me with that sort of attitude again and you will find out what it would really be like to be told to 'get the lead out'!" he looks at Empath, who has nothing to do with his irritable mood. "I'm sorry, I'm not usually this grumpy, but it has been quite a week."

Nodding along as Mike talks, "Well, someone should show this Baker a lesson or two. Is he affiliated with a particular restaurant or bakery?" Manual asks before looking perplexed again, "So wait a moment. Let me see if I understand this correctly." Looking to Tom, "A baker grabs your underpants and moved them between your buttocks uncovering what was meant to be covered?" Manual ahems and coughs as he stifles another laugh though the image is an amusing one, but more importantly given what he has seen the Brit do power-wise and the pent-up repression of being bullied, may prove useful to him. "That is atrocious and horrible. I am so sorry to hear that happened to you. Tom, was it? I am Manuel." He extends his hand to shake Alchemy's. He gazes at him and causes a little twinge in the Brit, sending a wave of cool and calm in an attempt to end the grumpiness.

"I wasn't the one insinuating that you were a homosexual." Mike corrects, eyeing the words of the book to find the spot where he left off, "That was all Baker. I was the one pointing out that if anyone there was one I'd be more inclined to believe it was him due to his fascination with your underwear. And if it helps you're not the only one who has ever run into bullying you know." He sighs, the talking not really helping him with the task, "I'd… not recommend going after Baker. He's also known as Sandman, and an Avenger. And he's Ben's friend so, that's kind of …eh. A no."

Alchemy calms down and says "Fine, it wasn't you, but you didn't stop him! What kind of Avenger acts like such a tw-" he stops himself and takes a deep breath. "Whatever."

"Oh…an Avenger." Manuel hmmmns, "Well, if you are not a homosexual, then do not let whoever said it get you down. And I am not the type to give a 'wedgie' or insult someone's sexuality. In the end I am typically stay away from bullies." Looking at the time on his rather expensive watch, he looks between the two, "Well, glad to see that you have seemingly worked out your differences. I am Manual and hope to meet you both again." He bows his head as he starts to walk away, but stops and turns as he looks to Mike and Tom. "Oh and I am a fan of your music, Mr. Drago." With that, he exits the coffee shop.

Mike blinks, looking towards the departing Manuel. "Uh thanks," he replies, shifting to a sitting up position slowly as he starts to look towards Alchemy again, book lowering, "Listen Tom, I sort of felt for you back there but I'm not stupid. I was sleep deprived to the point of passing out, it's a miracle I stayed awake long enough to get home. my mood and control was going all over the place, and frankly, I think that was him in a GOOD mood. Did you really want me to move him into a BAD one with the power he's got?"

Alchemy shrugs. "I've never used my powers in anger, but I'm certainly getting there. What is his problem, anyway? If he's supposed to be a hero, what is he doing harassing people?"

The book is closed all the way, finger no longer marking the page where he left off. It's alright, he can find it later. "You don't know much about Sandman, do you?" Mike sighs, bending down to retrieve his coffee before getting up, walking over to where Alchemy is, "Some people have a hard time getting over what they used to be."

Alchemy shakes his head "No, I don't know anything about him. What did he used to be that he's so bent out of shape about?"

Mike lifts up his coffee, taking a lingering sip before lowering it. "He used to be a criminal. Now he's not." He answers, "People he knew in his old life, are attacking him now."

Alchemy frowns. "So shouldn't he be glad to not be a criminal anymore? If he has friends that are in high places, shouldn't they be able to help him?"

"It's, still a big change." Mike points out, "And backing up someone in a fight doesn't cover every bit of damage that comes when a fight." He pauses, giving a shrug, "Then again, I'm not psychic. Could be something else altogether. Short story is, changing what you are is hard to do."

Alchemy ponders for a moment, then shakes his head. "I have no way of understanding that concept. It isn't changing who he is, it's changing his profession, really, isn't it?"

"It's changing your behavior, your approach to things, the people you hang around, where you live, and much more." Mike replies, "Things people can argue are what define you."

"Hmmm…I suppose I'm not experienced enough to understand that sort of thing. When mum found out I was a mutant, neither she nor my sister really cared, and I didn't care, so it wasn't a life changing thing for me."

Mike sips his coffee once more. "Granted… all that said. He's becoming more of an asshole recently."

Alchemy sits himself down and says, "Well perhaps he ought to re-evaluate his behavior before he makes enemies on both sides. I've never used my abilities against another person like that in anger before, and I don't really want to start."

"That's something he's going to have to work out on his own, probably." Mike considers, "Although, if I run into Ben again, I might mention the whole pharmacy thing." He pauses, "Speaking of abilities, what was it that happened in the fight that guy mentioned earlier?"

Alchemy shrugs. "I'm not really sure. Someone was fighting with Sid, then I suddenly became overwhelmingly angry and apparently threw my backpack at him, but I don't really remember."

"At Sid or the guy fighting him?" Mike wonders.

Alchemy says, "At Sid. I believe Sid ran the other fellow off.""

Mike frowns. "What did Sid do to anger you?"

Alchemy shakes his head. "I have no idea. I was just suddenly extremely angry and wanted to punch him. I can't really explain it."

"Ah. Mood swing." Mike concludes, a mild hint of sympathy in his voice, "Have those a lot?"

Alchemy shrugs "No, not like that. It was like something suddenly came over me. I'll have to ask that hispanic fellow. He was there."

Mike glances towards the door to which the man being referenced disappeared to, "Really? Does that guy have some ability too that can explain why?"

Alchemy shrugs again. "I have no idea. I just met him. Today was the first time I ever saw him."

Mike's frown deepens. "I see." He grows quiet, sipping his coffee in contemplation before looking back to Tom, "I'm going to have to go. Have to grab some stuff before I turn in for the night. He holds up his coffee in a mock toast, "Hopefully next time we run into each other it'll be a bit more pleasant."

Alchemy nods. "Perhaps. Have a good night, Mike. See you next time!"

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