2011 11 30 Girls Gabfest In The Game Room

Log Title:

Girls' Gabfest in the Game Room

Lifeguard and Wallflower

RL Date:
November 30, 2011

IC Date:
November 30, 2011

Game Room - Xavier Mansion

Brief log summary::
Lifeguard and Wallflower gather in the Game Room and gab.


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Sitting in the Game Room and chatting with Wallflower, Heather Cameron dressed in a black T-Shirt with a picture of the poster from the Moulin Rouge movie and snug jeans, she reclines on the sofa, sitting comfortable with her legs pulled up and rolled up in her arms, “So, Wallflower, I guess that is an interesting codename if you feel it suits you. But overall, how have you found the school so far? How’re classes? Made any friends? Thing like that?”

Wallflower Looks a little sad there and shrugs " Schools okay little harder but that's cause professor put me in harder classes , witch is okay I guess it was too easy before .. I havn't mad any friends other then kisha and well maybe you "

Shaking her head with a bemused smirk, “Laurie, you can definitely count me among your friends. And Kisha…well that is great. She is an odd girl, so it is nice that you both found each other. You should also meet Rianna, her roommate. She seems very nice too. Give it time, you and will make many friends and enjoy your classes more.” Heather shrugs, “Be grateful. I didn’t even go to high school. So, enjoy it. The classes and the social life.”

Wallflower Peeks over her knee's " I dunno about that " she says " It dosn't seem that diffrent then before other then everybody in the school seems to have powers "

“Well, I think it takes time. Like I said, especially with that new spray that Beast gave you. Now it’s all on you. School is not just for academics, girl. It is also to teach you how to interact in life. This school, in particular, will not just show you how to use and control your powers… but it will also show you how to deal with people with your powers.” Heather smirks, “In fact, I suggest, a girl’s day. Maybe me and you and maybe Kisha…” She hmmmns a moment, “Yeah, I guess Kisha can come too. We go out and check out Salem Center, I found a nice little spot.” She hmmmns, “Maybe I can ask Emma and Betsy to come along. The woman show the girls how to do things.” She grins.

Wallflower Blinks and nods " that would be neat " She says softly " I like getting my nails done " she blushes a little when she says that . Smiling, “Well, then a mani pedi, it is.”

Heather smiles, “So do I. Though to be honest, I never had a lot of ‘girlfriends’ though on my adventures in the city, I met some new friends and I think we will be doing some stuff. I can introduce them to you. I met Annie and Xiu Lin. There is a gym in New York for powered women to attend and not have to worry about men ogling them. I’ll introduce you to them too. You’ll get a hoot out of Annie. She is very tall and orange and she has amazing eyes.”

Wallflower blinks " Neat " she says brightly " I'd like that but I dunno how good I'd be " She thinks " I do like to work out I mean other then school it was the only other thing I could do " “It’ll be nice. Stick with me. Blonds need to stick together.” Heather jokes, “But seriously, there has to be something else that you can do. What are some of your hobbies? What do you do for fun?”

Wallflower Shrugs " I dunno I used to draw and make clothes.. I stay away from people cause my power would make em do what I wanted and I didn't wanna be like my dad "

“Girl, you have no idea how useful your power could be. But I can understand what you mean. You never know who is genuine.” Heather pauses a moment, “Your dad? Who is your father? What do you mean you don’t want to be like him?” Heather’s tone shows concern and empathy as she too has ‘daddy’ issues.

Wallflower Sighs and takes a breath " My father he had the same powers as me or I have his powers I dunno but he used them " She looks down at her knee's " He was a tv avangilist or some times self help guru .. it didn't matter is was all a scam to make money, he'd steal from poeple he made my mom fall inlove with him but when she got pregnate with me she became immune to the powers "

Looking in horror and in sadness, Heather looks away a moment to compose herself. Despite her feelings for her own father, he never did anything like that. Returning her gaze to Wallflower, “Oh wow, I am so sorry, Laurie. That really has to suck.” She offers a sympathetic smile, “Do you still keep in touch with him? Is your mother still with him?”

Wallflower Shakes her head " I never met him he's in jail " She says " But I don't wanna be like him I don't wanna make people feel stuff they don't wanna feel "

She sighs “Well, you won’t be like him. You are already taking steps. You are here. You are learning to use your powers correctly. And you willingly use that spray, so you will not be like him. You will be better.” Heather smiles, “You have a kind hear and a kind soul. Things you clearly inherited from your mother.” Sighing a bit, “So you like to make clothes, huh.” Heather taps her chin as a thought comes to mind, “X-Factor and X-Men wear costumes. Why not design something like that for yourself. Plus they have this wonderful material made of unstable molecules. It never tears or anything.”

Wallflower thinks " that could be neat teacher says I'm really good at science and stuff too " she sighs " I just think that's cause all I ever did was school work cause it made my mom happy "

“Well, your mom is not here. So you can feel free to live it up here.” Heather pops up and gestures around the room, “I mean look at where we are. We are In a mansion with a game room. With an alien technology room that can create any type of environment. With men and woman and kids with amazing powers.” Heather smiles, “Seriously, Laurie, let loose and enjoy yourself. It is allowed. Hell, child, it is expected.”

Wallflower Smiles " I don't wanna make her mad " She loosk up " yeah I know I dunno " she sighs " It's not easy .. I don'tknow how "

“She would want you to have fun…while keeping up your grades and whatnot.” Heather smiles, “Again, you will learn. We will all teach you. Next time you are with Kisha. Do something fun. Go to a mall. Go shopping. Or in Kisha’s case, go to a junkyard and steal some mechanical parts or something…but anything fun.”

Wallflower Nods " I mostly hang out with her cause she kinda lets me " she says " I dunno half the stuff she tries to do .. she's more intrested in machines then people " Shrugging, “Well it is a start. While she is more into machines. She is still a young woman, so there has to be something fun and girly she would like to do.”

Heather laughs at the idea. “Or maybe we can tie her up and take her along.”

Wallflower Giggles " that would be funny " she says " We'd have to pass her under a magnet or something to get all the secret machines she might be hiding though " Laughing, “Yeah, we need a walking metal detector around Kisha.”

Heather laughs as she takes a seat back down on the sofa, “So, Laurie, what about boys? Anyone you like at the school?” She hmmns a moment as she has not seen any male students and blinks then shrugs.

Wallflower Blushes bright bright red and it creeps down her shirt " sorta " Shes says sounding shy and very very confused . Quirking an eyebrow, “Oh? Really?” Getting all giddy and ready to gossip, “Who’s the lucky boy?” Heather leans in closer as if someone might hear them. Wallflower Looks up " I like a boy " She bites her lip " And a girl " She says " I dunno why .. am I even bigger freak then before "s eh says misrable .

Blinking a bit at the revelation of Wallflower’s sexuality, “Oh goodness. That is so cool. You are so lucky, Laurie. You can pick from both sexes.” Heather offers in an effort to not make Wallflower feel odd, “Hell, there are some really pretty girls out there. So who are the lucky people?”

Wallflower Blushes " Umm well I only know 2 girls " She says softly " And the boy well I'd rather not say " she blushes some more " I like how he looks I don't know enough about him other then that but he's soooo cute "

“Well, alright then. It’s ok to have secret crushes and I am sure they will be flattered and you never know they might like you back.” Heather grins and reclines in her seat as she looks to the video games, “Dare I try another round of Mortal Kombat?”

Wallflower Smiles " I can join you and we can play together if you like ? " She says ssoftly " Maybe you won't get so mad then? "

She cocks her head "Well, that would be nice.” As Heather gets comfortable and ready to play. Her phone goes off. She sighs a bit and she looks to see that it is her brother from Australia, “Oh it’s Davis.” She looks to Laurie, “Oh I’m sorry, but I have to take this. But definitely a raincheck on the video game and it was nice chatting with you.” She rises up and starts speaking on the phone as she heads out of the Game Room.

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