2011 11 30 Crazed Commuters

Log Title:

Subway Scuffle AKA Crazed Commuters

Alchemy, Cytoplasm, Empath

RL Date:
Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

IC Date:
Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Subway - New York

Brief log summary::
Empath causing havoc in the subway, with Alchemy and Cytoplasm's reaction thereto.

Empath returns to New York and has some fun in the subway at Alchemy's and Cytoplasm's expense.


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The subway system is quite busy as one would expect of public transportation in a major city like New York, with various people of all types boarding trains, getting off them, and some few people standing amongst the flow of people for a moment before moving on and joining the people going back and forth once more.

Wandering about the subway for the umpteenth time comes Cytoplasm in his most commonly used human form, sprinting out of the tunnels again as he jumps up onto the platform and looks at his feet, smiling slightly as he realizes a lack of injury on his part. He then walks over towards some of the graffiti and crouches down in front of it, studying the mass mixture of pictures, be they apparently evil or benign, observing it with an odd fascination.

Sighing and looking annoyed, Manuel de la Rocha sits on a bench dressed in a rather expensive looking black suit. The Spaniard adjusts himself to make sure he makes no physical contact with any of humans who are beneath his status. Looking about, he thinks to himself how this may have been a bad idea. Not so much for the what he is about to do, but the fact that he may accidentally brush up against the filth that is usually associated with people who ride the subway. However, this station is ripe with emotions. New Yorkers are known for their erratic and often angry responses, but he will have fun. A rather smelly homeless stands begging for change. Many of the subway waiters ignore him and frown at him. With a smirk on his face and a little nidge of his powers, the next man that the vagrant asks for money responds with a rather loud and explosive, "NO!" at which point he begins to ferociously beat down on the bum. Empath smiles from his seat as he watches the ruckus he has caused.

Hearing the rather loud, "NO!" Cytoplasm looks up and notices the commuter assaulting the bum as he makes his way through the crowd in a fairly hurried manner as he reaches the pair and tries to position himself between the commuter and the bum saying, "Hey, he didn't do anything to hurt you!" while trying to break up the rather one-sided conflict. "Get away from me!" the commuter says as he starts to break away from the bum backhand Cyotplasm, landing the blow but creating an odd, "Squish" on impact rather than an audible, slapping sound.

"What kind of freak are you, huh?!" the commuter says as he shoves Cytoplasm back a few feet and causes the people around to back away a bit, realizing the potential of a brawl starting in the middle of the subway "Oh." Empath remains seated at bench, dressed in an expensive looking black suit. "What do we have here?" He asks himself. It looks as if he is about to have more fun than anticipated as he notes Cytoplasm's interference and the squish marking him more than human. A sinister grin forms on his face as he notes the outraged passenger and increases the anger within the man. Thinking to himself that the man will lash out in a bravura frenzy onto Cytoplasm. Manuel giggles to himself as he has not had such fun since his return to New York.

Alchemy is on his way home from school, and hears a commotion. Picking up the pace, he arrives just in time to see Cyto get slapped. "Oh dear," he says, resettling his backpack. "Sid, are you all right?" he asks loudly, hoping that some random British kid walking in will settle people down. Not that Tom's great plans ever work out, though.

Smiling and looking up at Alchemy as he arrives, Cytoplasm says, "Oh, hi Tom!" before the man who had been assaulting the hobo shouts, "GRAAA!" rather nonsensically and charges Cytoplasm, punching him across the face as Cytoplasm reacts with very little recoil, as though someone had gently shoved him to the side, though one side of his face turns noticeably greenish before bubbling a bit and turning back into his previous skin tone while drawing a few whispers and comments from the people around him. Looking rather uncomfortable about the whole ordeal, Cytoplasm moves in to the man and punches at him a couple of times, the first grazing the man's side but the second catching the man in the gut and causing him to gasp for a moment.

"Oh a friend…even better." With the arrival of Alchemy, Empathy still seated away from the ruckus, grins, "Let's see how green guy likes it when his friend fights him." Reaching for a pair of shades from his pocket and place them on his face, Manuel look directly at Alchemy, tilting his head and extending his arms out and clasping his hands, cracking his knuckles. A snide sneer and with focus on the bespectacled Brit. He mouths the words 'Rage' 'Anger' 'Fight'. Using his emotion control to create a rage fueled fury to turn on his friend. Alchemy rushes forward to help his friend, but stops suddenly and rubs the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes for a moment. Shaking his head, he looks up and says "What did you call me?" he asks in a loud, accented voice. Why is he so angry? He doesn't even know. Whipping his backpack off his shoulders, he says "Lead" and with a flash of light the backpack is converted into a heavy swinging projectile, being swung right at Cytoplasm.

"Tom! It's… Oh no." Cytoplasm says as the backpack comes swinging towards him, partially carving through his body and partially causing him to bend over to the side rather quickly in a rather cartoonish manner before he rights himself, reforming into the form he had before, before his appearance churns and shifts again as he assumes a generally featureless form that appears to be covered in a black bodysuit. Taking another couple of swings at the man, striking him but apparently not slowing him down very much, Cytoplasm attempts to stun him before running off towards the stairs in an attempt to draw them away and out of the subway to a place with less people.

As Cytoplasm attempts to draw the crazed commuter and his mutant alchemic friend, Empath notes the change in the bag from some sort of cloth to lead. "Fascinating." He says to himself as he stands up. The subway is getting too crowded for him and the stench is starting to make him sick. Behind the shades he mouths, 'Enough' The emotions of all affected seem to quickly return to normal leaving both commuter and Alchemy to their normal non violent selves. "This was fun, but I have a queen to meet." With that Manuel de la Rocha makes his way to the stairs before turning to look back, "Awwww… It is good to be back."

Alchemy stumbles and stops. "What…" he shakes his head, adjusting his glasses. "What happened? Oh dear, are you all right?" he asks, heading toward Cyto in concern. "I… Don't know, but I think so. Are you OK?"

Cytoplasm says, "You seemed really angry for a bit, like that one man attacking the other. I'm not sure what caused it, but I'm glad nobody got really hurt. I've only been really badly hurt once before so I think I'm ok for now."

Alchemy nods. "Yes…I don't know what came over me. I'm not angry with you at all." he looks around for his backpack. "Where's my pack? I Just had it with me a minute ago. I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"It turned gray and you hit me with it." Cytoplasm says, "It seemed heavier than it looked, really… Though I should probably be going after something like that. I think I'm still healing from getting attacked by a woman in some sort of armor that attacked me and Sandman." he says as he walks out towards the stairs, "I'll see you later than!" he says, before walking away with a smile on his face, though an uneasy manner in his walk.

Alchemy frowns and waves. "Well, all right then. Cheers." he drops his hand back to his side and begins looking for his missing backpack.

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