2011 11 28 The Bully And The Pizza Sliced Boxers

Log Title: The Bully and the Pizza Sliced Boxers
Characters: Alchemy, Cytoplasm, Mike and Sandman
RL Date: November 28, 2011
IC Date: November 28, 2011
Location: CVS - RP Suite #1
Brief log summary:: Sandman is a bully picking on Alchemy, Cytoplasm, and Mike
Rating: r
There is no TS in this log:: Yes
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It is not the closest drugstore to Mike's apartment but this CVS is the closest one that has what Mike needs. It is for this reason, as the day's light ebs away that the knit capped musician is situated in the too familiar area in the back of the store, seated upon a plastic chair. Or, to be a tad more realistic, occuping the corner seat, a side table and the bottom of another seat as one foot is resting on a spare chair, one foot is planted on the floor and his head is resting against the wall. With the lull of the store music in the background playing the usual holiday repitoire, Mike's eyes are closed.

Making his way down the aisle, Flint Marko catches sight of the resting musician and gets a rather devious grin on his face. Looking at his left hand, he commands it to shift into sand and with his right hand grasping enough of the sand to form a ball and tosses the sandball at the musician whose eyes are closed. After the sandball in unfurled, he makes his presence known, "Hey, Mike." Dressed in a brown and white striped sweater and jeans. The Avenger is dressed in something other than his usual clothes a more relaxed look.

Alchemy wanders into the drug store on the way home from the library, squinting as the bright flourescent lights assault his weary eyes. Rubbing the bridge of his nose, he shifts his backpack to redistribute its weight and heads for the drink section, eager for some kind of energy drink.

Walking in behind Alchemy comes Cytoplasm looking about at the store and occasionally picking up packages, placing a finger underneath the text on them and running it underneath the text, attempting to understand what's on them before sighing and putting them back apparently annoyed in some way. He then looks over at Sandman and Mike and walks over towards them saying, "Hi!.. What is this place, anyway? I know that they sell things here, but I can't really tell what."

As the sandball makes its way towards Mike, the musician's body quickly tilts the other way, causing for his upper body to lay along some of the other occupied seats that line the other wall. As the ball hits the area where he had been leaning against earlier, sand splatters about, leaving some of it to land on Mike's jacket. After a few seconds, a tired sigh emits from the perfomer as he turns his head, opening his eyes to give a cold glare towards Sandman. "What do you want?" He snaps. As Alchemy and Cytoplasm comes to his notice, he blinks. Straightening up, he gives a slight smile and wave to the newcomers

The sandball misses its target, but the grains that fall into Mike's jacket leads to a small smile on Flint's face as he looks to his friend. "Why so serious?" He asks in his best Joker impression. "Grumpy after being awoken from a nap?" Flint moves to sit in one of the unoccupied seats in the back of the pharmacy, "What are you here for? Picking up some condoms or something?" He jokes as he looks to the newcomers, "Hey it's the nerd and his science project." Clearly joking, but in a way a bully would, Flint pops up from the seats and approaches Alchemy and Cytoplasm reaching his arms out to half embrace the two, one in each arm, "This is a pharmacy. They sell medicine and a ton of other crap. You look better after getting cut in half." That was all said to Cyto.

Alchemy hears Sid talking and turns. "This is a store. They sell food and other necessities like medication and first aid supplies." he jumps when Mike snaps, startled. "Oh, hello again. We must stop meeting like this." he seems a bit wary at being hugged, flailing a bit.

"Well, I've seen stores before but I can never really figure out what they sell." Cytoplasm says, before his appearance starts to bubble for a few moments, then stops apparently with him changing shape. "Should I look different because you did that?" Cytoplasm asks, "I don't think that… 'Guys' hug each other all that often but I could be wrong."

"It could be because you threw something at me while I was napping," Mike answers, shifting himself up to a sitting position. He glances back towards Alchemy, "I wasn't snapping at you." He frowns, "You know, I don't think I ever got your name all those times we've run into each other."

Laughing a bit as the two in embrace flail and bubble, "You're right, Sid. Guys don't typically hug." Flint's arms begin to turn to sand as he looks to Mike, "You're grumpy. Means you must be sick or waiting on some drugs or something…But they say laughter is the best medicine…so enjoy.â With sandy arms and in a classic schoolyard bully moment, Flint uses one sandy arm in an attempt to give Sid a strong âwet willyâ (but more sand then wet) and uses the strong arm in an attempt to grab the back of Tomâs trousers and rip/yank them down in classing pantsing moment. Laughing, "Just trying to make Mike laugh."

Alchemy adjusts his glasses and nods. "Oh, I know, I just wasn't expecting such volume indoors. My name is Tom…Jones. Yes, I know, may as well get it all out of your system now. OI!!!" he flaps about trying to retrieve his pants. "What did you do THAT for??" he yelps, his accent much more apparent than usual. "How rude!" he's wearing boxers with pizza slices all over them, should anyone have managed to look.

As Sandman confirms his observation regarding hugs, Cytoplasm's body appears to churn and shift again as Sandman sticks a rather gritty finger in his ear as he staggers aside for a moment saying, "Ah!" in a rather distorted and warbled voice before he takes on a form that bears a certain resemblance to the Invisible Woman, but with some notable differences, including some degree of youth and a different set of clothing. Taking a few steps to balance herself, she then asks, "If guys don't hug each other all that often, is this a better form?"

There's a quirk of the lips but they settle back down to a frown as he looks at Sandman and then to Alchemy. "Because he's a dick. That's why," Mike offers up in explanation, pausing as he catches a glimpse. "…So people actually buy those." There's another quirk of the lips, "Ya got a nickname or do we get to make something up based off of th-" He pauses, looking back towards Cytoplasm as he changes into some form of Sue, "Just stick with your usual form. Quit switching about."

"You know you found it funny, Mike." With that he apologizes to both Tom and Sid, though sid does not seem to have noticed. Flint shrugs, "Well, those forms look better. Susan Richards…yum." Flint goes back to taking a seat by Mike and looks to Alchemy, "Tommy boy…get better underwear. You never know when it'll be seen. And I can tell not too many girls have seen them. But yeah, sorry." To Cytoplasm, "Yeah seriously, men don't hug. Stick with Susan's form and I'll hug you."

Alchemy fixes his clothing, muttering. "Of course not many girls have seen them. Sheez. I don't wear them so other people can see them! Men do hug, it's not totally inappropriate."

A look of confusion crossing her face, Cytoplasm says, "Um… Well, I guess it's probably better for me to stick to one form so people can recognize me." as her appearance starts to churn once more, resuming his normal shape, "Though I wouldn't mind looking like other people if they like it better. Still, I guess I can't please everyone, right?" he comments.

A woman approaches the counter, glancing over to a list before looking up, "Hannigan?"

Mike glances over towards Sandman at his assessment of Sue. Eyes narrow but the mention of his last name causes for him to look away. He glances over towards Cytoplasm as he starts to get up, from his seat. "Try not to copy people exactly." He moves towards the counter.

"It's fun. As long as you look like a pretty girl. No one will mind." Flint laughs as he turns to Alchemy, "Yeah, the point I was trying to make is that you are a virgin. Get better underwear or your first time with a guy, he'll laugh at your pizza stained boxers." As Mike's name is called, Flint is about to correct the pharmacist when he remembers a conversation with Drago. "Not going by the stage name, huh?"

"I'm not on the stage." Mike points out, before walking over to the counter, already reaching for his wallet.

Alchemy blinks. "First time with a guy? I'm not…did you think I was…" he huffs. "I do not have pizza /stained/ boxers. Why are you being so rude?"

"Wait, you're telling me you're not…a virgin…yeah you are. And seriously there is nothing wrong with being gay, if that's how you are. Some great people were gay. Um, Michael Jackson…um, those two guys from the show about the gays." Flint nods as he looks to Mike, "True true." He looks about and seems fidgety as he is starting to get bored. A bored Sandman is a bad thing.

"Well, I guess I'll try to avoid looking -exactly- like people, then. Maybe I can look like something in-between people like I did a few minutes ago." Cytoplasm says, "Although I haven't seen enough people to really make myself look really different. I mean, the way I look now is mostly what I remember from someone I met before… Though not for very long.

Mike's time at the counter lingers a bit as he goes through the process of showing his ID and signing off on the electronic pad. As he leans on the counter, the female pharmacist laughs and smiles before writing something down. As she leaves, Mike slides his hand over to collect a slip of paper from the counter before walking back. In one hand he holds his medicine and the other one holding the slip of paper slides into his pocket.

Alchemy rubs his forehead. "I'm not gay, I'm an exchange student. Where exactly would I have the privacy for that sort of thing? Of course there's nothing wrong with it, but I'm afraid you've got me all wrong!"

Just shaking his head and staring at Alchemy, when Mike comes back, "Tommy Boy here can't recognize when someone is joking with him." He stands up and goes to pat Alchemy on the back with a firm sand hand, "It's a joke, kid…like this." The sand hand reaches down and attempts to dekeg Alchemy and then wedgie him. Then he turns to Cytoplasm "One form you don't want to take is a nerd."

"A nerd? I think I've heard that before, vaguely. I think it also has something to do with something called, 'Star Trek' but I'm not entirely sure about that." Cytoplasm says in a somewhat contemplative manner, "Although if I don't want to look like one, I'll take your word for it… Except I don't know what one looks like to begin with." he says.

Mike's glance drifts down to Sandman's hand before looking to the Avenger, "Considering your eagerness to pull down his pants I'd guess you were the gay one." Giving a sigh he starts heading on out of the drug store, giving a half-assed wave with his now free hand, "Night, you two lovebirds." Giving a chuckle, he departs through the sliding doors to the budding night outside.

Alchemy frowns. "I think he's referring to me as a nerd. Maybe it's a good idea that we head on home for the night before we get into trouble with the store owners."

Laughing at Mike's comment, "Good one, Mike. See, you're not so grumpy anymore. See ya, Drago." Sandman calls Mike by his stage name as he holds the once again pizza slices designed boxer-clad Brit up by the elastic on his boxers before dropping him. "Yep. This is a nerd." Turning to Alchemy, "Seriously, learn to stand up for yourself. I mean, don't think of me as a bully. Think of me as a teacher. And the lesson is stand up for yourself." With that he aims his hand like a gun and pretend fires on Alchemy and then on Cytoplasm, "See ya, nerd boy and science project." With that he exits the store.

As Sandman exits the store there's the general snap of 'It's Hannigan!' that wafts into the drug store as the doors slide closed.

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