2011 11 27 With Or Without A Plane

Log Title: With or without plane?
Characters: Cytoplasm, Alchemy, and Phantasm
RL Date: 27 Nov 2011
IC Date: 27 Nov 2011
Location: Subway Station
Brief log summary:: Cytoplasm, Alchemy, and Mike run into each other on the subway
Rating: g
There is no TS in this log:: Yes
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Dirty, dark, dingy, and dangerous. All are synonomous with the Subway system of New York City. The once pristine walls are covered, literally, in graffitie. Most of the 'art' is very good though odd and often ritualistic. Though there are a number of sections that appear to be nothing more than pure evil. Vile drawings of horrors, and words written in languages that are not recognizable. Someone, however, has tried to clean them up at least. As a hazy covering over the darker paints.. angels and heavenly scenes mix in an overlay that is truely unique.. and very New York-like.

The Subway system is fairly busy as usual, people boarding and coming off of trains fairly regularly as they arrive and depart. During a particular lull in the trains coming and going, Cytoplasm can be seen coming out of the subway system, almost running as he jumps up onto the platform. As he does so, a subway train arrives near him, clipping off a small part of his heel that was still stuck down in the space between the platform and the track. As he steps up onto the track, he looks back down at the missing part of his heel, a green gooey substance appearing to be visible through the wound. Apparently thinking very little of it, Cytoplasm looks back up and continues walking on, taking a moment to lean against a pillar as the green substance stretches out to fill the space and solidifies into the heel of his boot.

Alchemy skips down the steps, his backpack stuffed with books over his shoulders, holding onto the straps with both hands. Skidding a bit on the slippery floor, he narrowly avoids faceplanting into a pillar. "Oh, hello there. My apologies." he says, apologising for no reason to Cytoplasm.

As the train comes to a stop, the door to the last car opens, with the flow of traffic off of the car not quite as much as the eventual flow on, a rather travel tired looking, knit cap wearing Mike wanders off of the car. When he has enough space available to him on the platform, a hand lifts up the back pack he had been holding on the train and proceeds to slide it on. Although tired, the returning musician glances around the station area, glancing around for any people who could be considered 'suspicious'.

As Alchemy bumps into him, Cytoplasm looks over at him and says, "It's OK. You didn't hurt me… Have you ever been into the tunnels that the trains run in? there's a lot of places that people don't use in there anymore." he then pauses for a few seconds, mouth partially open and somewhat frozen in his body as though he had forgotten something and says, "Oh, right! I'm Sid." holding out his hand and saying, "This -is- what you're supposed to do when you meet someone, right?"

Alchemy looks up, adjusting his glasses as he shakes his head. "Ahhh, no. I don't leave the platform, that's a bit dangerous, isn't it?" he looks at Sid's hand then blinks and offers his in return. "Yes, yes it is. I'm Tom." his accent immediately identifies him as being English. "A pleasure to meet you." he hasn't spotted Mike, yet.

Assured that he's not going to be running into crazed supervillains or random knife wielding nutjobs, Mike starts wandering through the crowd, making a general approach towards one of the exits before a sort of familiar form comes into view. Pace slowing, the musician's eyes squint a bit in consideration before he ends up placing Alchemy. When he's sure the guy's looking in his general direction, he gives a wave of greeting.

Looking about for a few moments in a distracted manner, Cytoplasm looks at Mike for a few moments due to his waving before looking back at Alchemy and saying, "Tom… Ok. Why do you sound different? I know that people almost always sound different from others but the way you talk seems… Different in a different way."

Alchemy rubs the back of his neck, waving to Mike with the other hand. "Oh…well, I'm from London, England. I suppose I have a bit of an accent according to most folks here."

With the wave, Mike interprets it as his invitation to come over to which he does. Steps adjusting their direction, he approaches the pair in time to hear the bit about accents. "It's New York. Everyone's got some form of accent."

"Oh, so a lot of people come and go here from other places?" Cytoplasm says as he looks over at Mike, "I knew they came and went from other places in the city, but not anywhere outside of that. Still, I wasn't always here so I guess people could come from other places too. I wondered why some other people sounded different sometimes." he finishes.

Alchemy nods. "Well, New York is /the/ place that immigrants landed many years ago. There are many different people from many different countries, that's what makes this country so interesting. Where do you come from, if I may ask? Hello, Mike. How are you?"

Mike glances over to Cytoplasm, giving a bit of a nod at Alchemy's explanation. "If you trace back the family history of some random people in subway, chances are you will find at least a fourth of them immigrated here within the past five generations." His glance shifts over to the person he recognized earlier. "Hey…" He smiles tiredly, "Doing alright. Flew back in from making a few appearances. Tired as hell, but doing alright. And, you?"

"You flew?" Cytoplasm says, somewhat surprised, "I don't know many people that can fly, though I guess I shouldn't be so surprised in a place like this. Flying could be fun but I don't think I can do what other people do, even if I can look like them at times."

Alchemy smiles faintly. "Yes, flying would make getting around quite a bit easier, wouldn't it? Don't worry about doing what other people can do, everybody has their own talents, I suppose. Some have messier abilities than others. Some have no special powers at all, but have other talents."

Mike glances bact to Cytoplasm and then back to Alchemy, brows raised, "In a plane." He adds in, tone displaying a bit of disbelief that he needs to add that explanation in, "Charter flight."

"A… Plane?" Cytoplasm says, somewhat confused, "I think I've heard people mention that before but I don't know what it is. It sounds like it lets people fly, though." he then turns towards Alchemy and says, "I know that not everyone can do some things, otherwise they'd be using them all the time. We'd probably see more people who could fly on their own, too."

Alchemy stuffs his hands in his pockets and rocks back and forth on his heels. "Probably. I didn't know whether or not you could fly, Mike, my apologies. You seem to know quite a bit about people with special abilities. What is yours? From what you said earlier, it sounds like you can shapeshift. That must be pretty interesting."

The admission from Cytoplasm causes for Mike's brows to raise further but with Alchemy's apology, Mike glances towards Alchemy, "I think the default expectation is that the person can't fly without being in a plane."

"I don't know that much about planes." Cytoplasm says, "And I know about flying people. Because of that, I think of flying people sooner than whatever a plane is." he then looks towards Alchemy and says, "I can shapeshift, but sometimes it's a little hard adjusting to looking like different people. One time, I looked like this girl named, 'Claire', I was trying to see if I could do what she did if I looked like her, but I couldn't. That, and I had to stand differently somehow."

Alchemy ahs. "I've seen flying people…some of them came to help when my mum and I were in danger in London. There are a few around the city, too. That would be interesting, being able to look like someone else. Sometimes I wish I could do that!" to Mike he smiles. "True, but I think our experiences have shown that there are few things to be surprised by these days."

"I've seen flying people as well, but I still think 'by plane' when someone mentions flying in." Mike replies, shaking his head but pausing as he find himself having to supress a yawn. His head shakes once more before glancing to the two, "I'm going to have to head off. Long weekend. Got to rest up."

Looking over towards Mike for a moment Cytoplasm says, "Alright, bye!" before he turns back towards Alchemy and says, "So, can you do anything? I've already met a couple of people who can do some things that I can't… Claire, the one I mentioned before, can stretch really far. And Annie, she's pretty big and strong too… Though she's also orange, but that's not much of a power or a disadvantage either way."

Alchemy lifts a hand and waves. "Cheers, Mike! See you later. Oh, I've met Annie. Lovely girl. I'm afraid I don't know Claire." he fishes around in his pocket and digs out a pencil, then takes off one of his gloves and touches it, turning it to gold with a brilliant flash of light. "I can transmute elements."

Seemingly already aware of Alchemy's ability, or having some general idea, Mike does not respond to the pencil being changed or of the mention of Annie as he lifts up a hand in a wave as he heads for the station exit. The hand shifts over to cover his mouth as another yawn comes through. Soon enough, the musician is out of sight.

"I think I've seen something like that before." Cytoplasm says, "I think that might be valuable. If so, that's a fairly useful ability you have." he then looks around and says, "I should probably get going. I was heading back to the Baxter Building when you bumped into me, and I don't think I should keep anyone waiting. If I'm out too long, someone might worry. It was nice meeting you though!" he says, before waving and walking away, off towards the stairs out of the subway.

Alchemy nods. "Yes, I'd better get back before it gets too late. It's dangerous wandering around here alone. It was a pleasure to meet you. Cheers!"

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