2011 11 27 Fun Times In Frankenstein S Lab

Log Title: Fun Times in Frankenstein's Lab
Characters: Dr. Nemesis and Lifeguard
RL Date: November 27, 2011
IC Date: November 27, 2011
Location: Med-Bay - Sublevel - Xavier Mansion
Brief log summary:: Heather meets Dr. Nemesis for the first time.
Rating: pg
There is no TS in this log:: Yes
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Professor Xavier has bemoaned at times what has become of his medbay. It used to be so pristine, so nice and orderly. It was all in white and silver with the instruments placed precisely in storage and the alien equipment all set to save lives as needed. Unfortunately this state of order gave way once again to chaos the day that Doctor Nemesis took charge. In part it had to do with him having to cobble together a frankensteinian hodgepodge of hardware to create the monstrosity of liquid-cooled circuitry, displays, and throbbing alien tech, but also in part with the transition of the med-bay as purely a place for healing and now a place for… research. It's amongst the wild mass of electronics and mechanisms that Dr. Nemesis makes his home. To him it is still orderly, all of the equipment is properly in place. So what if the floor has a steady two inch deep cloud of fog, and so what if there's something that resembles a whirling generator upon the ceiling that moves silently and perpetually without obvious impetus. It makes sense to him. So this telling evening, Dr. Nemesis is there amongst this lair of his own making, gesturing with one hand towards a display upon a mechanized arm that always moves to keep the flickering holographic image always in the corner of his line of sight. "Collate the intelligence with the Rao data, connect to the government sites." He murmurs in commands to the virtual intelligences assisting him, "Tell her she needs something more concrete or I'll feed her to my piranha. And I'm not kidding this time."

Making her way into the medbay stands a tall and bewildered looking Australian, dressed casually in a blue and green striped shirt and jeans, Heather Cameron one of the newer arrivals to the Xavier mansion and newest recruit to X-Factor. She stares about at the doorway afraid to enter the room as she notes the fog on the floor and the Mary Shelley like description of the room. Looking over and spying the doctor and stating he would feed someone to a piranha, “Is this the big secret to the Xavier mansion? A mad scientist lab?” She offers nervous chuckle as she notes the doctor at work.

The computer makes a series of clicks and beeps, responding in a curious form of vocal binary conveyed at an insanely rapid rate not unlike an old time modem's handshake across a receiver. Somehow the Doctor seems to understand it as he responds with a growl, "Tell her I'll bloody well buy some piranha then if she doesn't…" Of course then the good Doctor's rhythm is broken by the intrusion of the young woman code-named Lifeguard. His snowy white eyebrows narrow sharply as his gaze locks upon her, eyes focusing upon her and levelling his gaze upon her as heavily as several anvils dropped from on high. He squints, then his lips purse. "You, who are you?" “I've memorized the Xavier database and you're not in it yet. So you must be new. Why are you all always so damned beautiful? Must be part of the genetic code linking Homo Superior. Makes sense I suppose. High athleticism, sexual attraction, more likelihood of rapid breeding." His nose crinkles as he explains it to himself but then he says, "I'm not mad. Yet. Just annoyed."

Taken aback by the entire monologue of the doctor’s, Heather meekly and simply nods, “Um…I’m Heather Cameron, but I may be listed in the database as Lifeguard…are you are?” She asks as she takes a step in the room, slowly and hesitantly as the fog wafts around her legs. Looking at the generator and everything else that would indicate that Nemesis is indeed mad, she asks, “I still don’t know my way around this place. What is this room? I thought it was the med bay.” Pointedly, the Doctor sniffs. It's as if her very existence annoys him, but it's more that she annoys him in the fact that she reminds him he has slacked on keeping tabs on things like he'd hoped to. "I need to catch up on my reading I see." Then at her later words he looks around at the place, "I am the Doctor. Doctor Nemesis from my days traipsing around the globe saving the world. And yes, this is the medbay. Do you have a boo-boo? Shall I prep for surgery?" He says these last few somewhat deadpan in that sarcastic growly tone he often sports. Yet even as he talks to her he's still somewhat working, one white-gloved hand gestures at one of the LED screens that follows after him on the robotic arm, causing it to blur its display and flicker through some datalinks… until her image shows up and her bio flickers on-screen accompanied by a series of electronic chirps.

Noting the doctor’s annoyance, typically this would be a signal for her to up the annoying factor, but this whole setting and the man himself creeps her out. “So…Dr. Nemesis. That sounds so unfriendly. I would presume you missed the day they taught bedside manner at medical school.” She makes her way further into the medbay and invades the doctor’s personal space, “So what are you working on? Making a new type of mutant or something?” Her accent thickens on something when she notes the screen and her image showing up, “That is so unfair, you can find out everything about me…and I know nothing of importance about you, Nemmy.”

Cocking an eyebrow at her primarily at the word 'Nemmy' he in fact mouths it to himself silently to repeat it. His nose crinkles again then the Doctor gestures sidelong absently, turning from his standing place at the bank of computer displays he faces her, unphased by her invasion of his personal space, perhaps being one to use that tactic often enough himself. "Oh you wouldn't be interested in that. It doesn't have anything to do with sun tan lotion, or shrimps, or barbies, or whatnot." The tall man turns back to the displays and leans upon the desk just in time as a small secondary monitor flips up atop the back of the robot arm, the face of an attractive Indian woman with glasses appears as her voice comes over a speaker, "Doctor, there is no way that phenotype can possible have the results you're offering in your initial hypothesis. Piranhas be damned. To which Dr. Nemesis responds, "Check your math, woman." And with an almost negligent gesture he slaps that monitor down causing it to go blank. He looks back over at Lifeguard and makes a small 'feh' noise while rolling his eyes. "Girls can't do science." As if confiding in her one of the secrets of the universe.

“Well, this woman definitely can’t do science, but what about the big time scientists like Marie Curie…huh.” At the screen goes blank, “Who is she? Your mad scientist girlfriend?” Sighing as she hopes up on one of the counters in the medbay, she seems to have lost any fear and really any major interest in thing sin general, “So what’s with the fog? Is there a dry ice machine or will I leave here and turn into a toad or monster?” Chuckling to herself as if that statement was funny, “And yes, Nemmy. It fits you. You look like a Nemmy. The whole evil Dr. Nemesis doesn’t really work…at least for me.”

"Good, since I'm technically one of the good guys." Dr. Nemesis pauses for a moment, then he turns to eyeball her anew. His gaze narrows and he gives her a once-over visually. Sure she's most likely been gawked at before by men, but the way Dr. Nemesis does so to her in that moment might be a wholly other kind of creature. Canting his head to the side like a quizzical canine he hmms to himself somewhat. "That's an interesting powerset you have there." He leans to the side, leatherclad fingers drumming out a short staccato rhythm upon the countertop, "Pity the Professor frowns on me experimenting upon students. Alas, alack." He turns back and starts making a few gestures in the air, each one sending the displays of the computers into a tizzy as they begin to cycle through myriad cascades of data. "To answer your questions the fog is coolant primarily, and it's safe. Mostly… you don't have any Cree Indian in you? No? Wait… no." Then he answers, "And that was Dr. Kavita Rao, she is my prisoner in my volcano hideout. No lie." He says that last part as if trying to impress her, though not really.

Heather hmmmmns to herself, “So again, you have me figured out and all I know of you is this awkward demeanor and pseudo-scientist act. Have you actually made anything, or discovered something new, or cured some diseases?” Giving him the once over as well, though not nearly as uncomfortably intrusive as his, “Tell me, Nemmy. What are your powers? Is did you do your science the easy way with powers or did you actually go to a credible medical school?” She laughs as she hopes off the counter, “Volcano hideout…sounds hot.” As she says that he stops in mid-motion, like a conductor in the middle of a concert.

When she makes those accusations his eyes narrow dangerously and he glares at her such a glare that if it were his mutant power she would light on fire right then and there! But it's not, and so she doesn't. His jaw sets, then he lifts a hand up quickly, the fabric of his sleeve snapping with the power of the motion. "I'll have you know, Little Ms. Dundee, that I invented sentient mechanical life before your great grandfather was in diapers! I have saved this stinking swirling mass of biomass no less than seventeen times, three times from nazis, and four from the Russkies. I have forgotten more of my inventions than Reed Richards, that hack, has to his name!"

An alarm goes off in Heather’s pocket, “Oh…” She heads towards the door. “Sorry, Nemmy…but we will definitely finish this conversation another time.” With that, she heads out of the medbay.

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