2011 11 24 Thanksgiving

Log Title: Thanksgiving
Characters: Claire, Cytoplasm, and Lifeguard
RL Date: November 24, 2011
IC Date: November 24, 2011
Location: Greenwich Village - New York
Brief log summary:: Heather, Claire, and Cytoplasm meet up on Thanksgiving.
Rating: pg
There is no TS in this log:: Yes
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It’s Thanksgiving in New York City and the city is all decked out in festive holiday spirit readying for the coming Christmas. Outside a homeless shelter, the blond tall Australian stands keeping warm in a brown and white sweater and jeans. Some homeless people exit the shelter extending the their thanks for her volunteering. She nods as they walk by. She wishes them a Happy Holidays and makes her way onto Bleeker Street. Seeing all the bars and clubs, she ponders calling up some friends for a fun night out. But she looks herself over as she smells like turkey and gravy which she helped prepare and pass out to the homeless. Sighing to herself, she heads towards a subway station.

Claire is just walking out of one of said coffee shops, as her shift has just ended. She shivers once she comes out in the cold air, her physiology making her quite susceptible to colder temperatures. She shifts her shoulders and zips up her jacket, before putting on her hood and walking toward the subway station as well, unaware she's about the meet the Lifeguard.

Reaching the subway runs out and attempts to tackle Lifeguard. Suddenly the flesh and bone of the young heroine transforms into golden armor. The man tackles her, but finds himself lifted into the air as she catches him midair. “Hey, what do you think you are doing?” She screams at him as he looks at her and begins to wet himself, “Sorry…sorry…I didn’t mean nothing. I am just hungry.” Sighing to herself, she drops him on the ground with a thud and fishes into her pocket. She tosses some loose change at him. “Next time try not to rob me.”

Claire sees the man attempting to pickpocket the Ligeguard, and she was about to interfere, when she finds out her intervention would be moot as she watches Lifeguard's skin turn into gold and she effortlessly picks up the man, who proceeds to wet himself, if the small steam vapors from his crotch are any indication. She can't help but actually feel some pity for the poor bum. Once he's away, she decides to approach the golden woman, "Hey… you're Lifeguard, right? From the X-Factor?" the girl asks, smiling.

As Lifeguard deals with the attempted mugging, Cytoplasm walks up out of the subway and looks over at her, walking over out of curiosity in her golden armor. As he approaches her, he attempts to poke the armor in an attempt to figure out what it is, due to the lack of a prior opportunity to examine it, apparently taking very little notice of Claire at the moment.

Turning to see Claire, Lifeguard smiles as the man grabs the change and runs back into the subway. “Um…yes.” She is not used to people coming up to her and knowing who she is, yet it is inevitable thanks to her job as a new member of X-Factor. “That is correct.” She looks at herself as realizes she is armored up. Once the threat of the man is gone, she begins to return to her normal appears, “Um sorry about that. He tried to rob me.” She apologizes for what Claire may have seen. Cytoplasm pokes her just as the armor disappears, “Hey…” She turns and sees him and hmmmns, “Oh Sid…Hi…Happy Thanksgiving.” She turns back to Claire,

“You as well.” Claire smiles to the Lifeguard, and shakes her head, "Oh, don't worry, it's okay. He did try to rob you, anyways." she says, shrugging gently, "I was about to try to stop him when I saw you had things pretty much under control, and—" but then she notices Cytoplam approaching and poking Lifeguard, "Um… hello?" but apparently the older woman knows the man, so she lets it go. "Oh, yeah, thanks. Happy Thanksgiving to you too." she giggles, nodding gently.

As Lifeguard greets him, Cytoplasm stops poking and says, "Oh, hi Heather! Happy… Thanksgiving?" with some amount of confusion, before he turns towards Claire and smiles saying, "Hi! I'm Cyt-no, Sid. I tried to call myself, 'Cytoplasm' but I was told that that wasn't really a name, and Annie suggested Sid so that's what I'm calling myself now." after pausing for a few moments, a look of realization flashes across his face as he says, "You probably don't know who Annie is, do you?"

“Oh you were going to try to stop him too. Well thanks.” Lifeguard looks over Claire for a moment as she tries to figure out how she would have helped and notices the X on her shirt and wonders if she is a Xaviers student that she hasn’t met yet. “How would you have helped, if you don’t mind my asking?” Shaking her head a bit, “You have to excuse Sid. He is new…to New York City.” She shoots Sid a look, “Thanksgiving is an American holiday when the pilgrims came here and massacred the Natives for their land.” That is her interpretation of how the events went.

Sid's words are met with a confused, slow blink of Claire's eyes, followed by another slow, confused blink. "Um…" she says softly, shaking her head softly, "But I think I can guess…" she says, before the Lifeguard speaks again, "Huh? Oh, ah…" she thinks for a few moments, before just shrugging, figuring there's no harm in showing it. She rears her right arm back before whipping it forward, her arm stretching longer and longer, fast, out of the sleeve of her jacket, before she pulls it back quickly and shivers, rubbing her arm as it shrinks back into the jacket's sleeve, "Oohh… cold!" she syas, before looking at Sid, still rubbing her arm, "Nice meeting you, Sid. I'm Claire." she says, smiling.

"What?!" Cytoplasm says with some amount of surprise, "The people who live here massacred the people who lived here before them?" he says, taking some amount of time to think before remembering Claire's display of her power. In a fairly distracted manner, Cytoplasm's eyes widen at an idea as his body starts to shift and bubble for a few moments before it shrinks a bit into Claire's appearance.

Throwing her arm out, she loses her balance before staggering a few steps in an attempt to get used to the new center of gravity. "This is weird…" she says, regaining her balance before she flails her arms out again in front of her in a somewhat comedic attempt to stretch her arms out in front of her as the original Claire did.

Blinking at the power display and nodding, “Nice. Elastic powers…like Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four. Very nice, Claire.” Heather smiles, “Where do you go to school?” She points to the X on her shirt, “I was wondering if that meant anything in particular.” With the sudden appearance of another ‘Claire’ Heeather once again nods her head, “Sid, I didn’t know you could copy other people, but it does make sense.” She moves to try to help Sid regain a center of balance and when ‘she’ is standing, Heather just laughs at the arm, “Sid is powered like us.”

Claire shakes her arm a bit, still trying to shake some of the cold off it, but she smiles to Heather "Not… quite. I can stretch and all, but I can also change my shape a bit, and— What the heck!?" she says, eyes wide and surprised, as she sees the male Sid change into a near perfect look-a-like of Claire. The man-now-girl's losing of balance causes her to blink, and Claire reacts quickly to again stretch her arms to wrap around the other 'Claire' and straighten her up, "Easy there…" but then she silently curses as she pulls her arms back to her, "Damn cold…" she grumbles.

Shifting back into his original form and taking a step forward to balance himself from the shift, Cytoplasm sighs and says, "I guess I can't do what other people do if I look like them… Still, at least I can look like other people to begin with!" He then looks around and says, "And yeah… I can copy other people, but I don't think I'm as good as other people at looking like them. Whenever I try to take off clothing…" He pauses, tugging at the coat on his form, "It doesn't come off. I've seen people wear a lot of other things, and take off their coats and jackets, but I can't do that. I think it's too much of a part of me really."

Laughing at what is transpiring, “Well, this Thanksgiving turned out to be amusing…which is good. I volunteered at the homeless shelter and that was depressing despite the cheerfulness of the homeless folks and the holiday spirit from the volunteers.” She perks up a bit, “So the cold affects your abilities. That makes sense too. Cold has effects on rubber and stuff.” As Sid returns and explains more of his powers, “Where are you these days, Sid? Are you still at that hotel?”

Claire rubs her arms and shakes them to get the heat flowing in them again, "Yeah… I'm a bit more sensitive to cold as I used to be." she chuckles softly as Cytoplasm returns to what Claire believes is his normal form. "Homeless shelter? Depressing? Why?" she asks, before looking at Sid, and chuckling, "Oh, I know what you mean. I sometimes do that too when I'm too much in a hurry to get dressed, but can't do that in the winter, heh."

"Hotel?.. No, I'm staying at the Baxter Building. I haven't had any help from Reed Richards though. I think he's busy with a lot of things… I've heard he's a scientist, but I also hear that he doesn't keep people locked up like the scientists I knew." Cytoplasm says before he looks over at Claire and says, "You can't take off your clothes at times, too? I thought I was the only one!.. I never really knew that how hurried you were had anything to do with it but maybe I need to be a bit slower."

“It’s depressing as I am lucky enough to live in a very nice place. I’ve always been lucky that way actual. I guess I have something to be thankful for after all.” Heather smiles a bit and then listens to Sid, “Oh you are staying with the Fantastic Four? That’s great. He will surely help you when he can. Being the smartest man on the planet, he must have a number of things to do. But you get to see that Human Torch fella. He is hot, literally.” She giggles and then continues, “Oh and I’ve met the Thing. We fought Whirlwind together. I think Annie was there too.”

Claire oh's softly at where Sid lives, "Wow, the Baxter Building? Cool!" she giggles, "I bet a lot of people would do anything to live there." she grins softly, but then she nods at Lifeguard's words, "Yeah, that man is, like, the smartest guy in the world!" she grins softly, before blinking and going pensive, "I met the Invisible Woman once… I think." she rubs the back of her head as she tries to recall correctly the day of their meeting.

"I haven't seen much of the human torch yet, but I have met the invisible woman and the thing before. The thing was the first one I met, actually." Cytoplasm says before a confused look crosses his face as he opens his mouth to speak, then pauses for a few seconds before saying, "How would he be anything other than literally hot? The name, 'Human Torch' says enough… Or I think it does."

“Oh yeah, I would imagine the Baxter Building may even be better than the X-Factor headquarters. I’ll see if I can get Ben to give me a tour and maybe meet the Human Torch.” Heather giggles again. “I meant he is very attractive. The Human Torch has to be one of the hottest heroes out there. Though Havok’s not too bad…Or Thor.” She seems to have a thing for blonds.

Claire nods and was about to say something when she blinks, and quickly looks at her watch, "Oh, dear, I better get going to get the subway or else I won't find a wagon with enough room!" she says, eyes wide, before looking at Cyto and Lifeguard, "Nice to meet you two, but I gotta get going. Ahh…" she says, "I work at the cafe shop over there during the day if any of you feel like stopping by to chat. Anyways… gotta go! See ya!" she says, smiling and waving to the two as she makes her way quickly to the subway entrance.

As Claire leaves, Heather looks to Cytoplasm,”I should get going too. But it was nice seeing you again, Sid. Good luck with the Fantastic Four and Happy Thanksgiving again.” With that she waves and heads into the subway.

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