2011 11 23 Catching Up On Mike

Log Title: Catching Up on Mike
Characters: Sandman and Savio Drago (emitted by Human Torch)
RL Date: November 23, 2011
IC Date: November 23, 2011
Location: Romero's Italian Eatery - New York
Brief log summary:: Sandman meets up with Savio Drago to discuss Mike.
Rating: pg
There is no TS in this log:: Yes
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Here at Romero's, Monday night is Italian night. However, not everyone feels that way as they get back to working the 8 to 5. This allows for the restaurant to be rather quiet tonight and the wait for a seat or for the order is minimal. As a result, it makes it a prime time for those who do not hold the same hours as the common man.

And Savio Drago is no common man. Not anymore. Whether it be from comfort or the sheer nature of the delighfully stereotypical silliness of it all, he has elected to have his meal at a booth, towards the back of the restaurant. As for any form of security. Well, they have a table nearby and are dining on their own food. Unlike stereotype, the Italian is not dressed in a suit. Dress pants and a deep, blood red dress shirt with the top two buttons undone will do for an establishment such as this. But for the overly nosy, there is a black jacket resting on the booth seat along with him. He can afford to do that, for unlike OTHER people, this man doesn't eat to excess. It is likely a practice that has helped him not only maintain his weight but also keep his head during the rise up the crooked ladder. He eats his minestrone soup quietly.

Entering the restaurant dressed as he always is in a his striped blue and green sweater and black trousers, Flint enters the Romero's and looks straight to the back with an expression that is a cross between a sneer and smile. The former 'hood' makes his way to the back walking past any security or anyone as he reaches the table, ready to deal with the security should they try to stop him. "Drago, it's been awhile."

Heads turn, looking towards the man approaching their employer and forks set down. Seats start to slide out, allowing them the ability to get up. Attentive eyes flick over towards the man in the red shirt.

As for the man being looked too, he glances up towards Sandman, spoon lowering gently to the bowl in a calm manner while the other hand lifts slightly, exposing his palm towards his security in a pausing manner. "Yes it has, Flint." The handle of the spoon clinks along the bowl as his hand lets go. Posture leaning back as he looks to the striped shirted man, "Or is it Baker now?"

Turning to see how the security reacts, Flint laughs and mumbles, "As if any of you could have stopped me." He takes a seat at the table and gets comfortable, maybe too comfortable. "It's Flint…Flint Marko…don't you recognize me?" He shrugs as he gestures for someone to bring him food, "What's someone got to do to get some food here?"

"I heard that you recently had a change of heart," Savio replies, lifting up a hand to wave over one of the register staff to come over with a menu to glance at. He glances back to Sandman, "Marko it is then." There is the slight inkling of a reminiscent smile. "It has been quite awhile. Quite a scrappy fighter when you were younger if I recall correctly." He reaches a hand over to collect his glass, taking a sip of it.

Looking over the menu that the staffer, Flint simply shakes his head, "Spaghetti and meatballs, with a lot of tomato sauce." The staffer nods and goes to place the order when a sand hand grabs him by the collar, "I mean. A LOT of sauce!" the staffer nods and rushes off when Sandman looks to Drago, "Yeah, I was scrappy. Now I am all scriff and rough." Shifting from human to sand to human again, "A lot I can do." He smiles as he points to a bottle of wine and a waiter rushes over to give it to him, "How's your son doing?"

Drago glances towards the departing staffer. To the question regarding his son, brown eyes are redirected towards Flint. "My son?" He repeats questioningly, a hand rests upon the table, two fingers, lazily flicking towards the security, which seemingly has the effect on the security types as they glance around before shifting to their feet. Conveniently wandering over towards the register and kitchen area where the staffer disappeared behind.

Shifting to a completely pssamic form, "Yeah, your son. You do have a son, right? You know the big rock star who also goes by Drago." With the wine bottle completely empty, he moves it aside as he leans back in the chair. Sandman crosses his arms, "So what are your plans for him?"

There is a bit of a pause as he listens to the name provided as well as takes note of where the security folks are located. "Ah, Mr. Hannigan," he replies, there being a hint of distaste laced with the pronouncing of Mike's last name, "I believe, the Drago is used primarily for a stage name." He picks up his glass once more, "How convenient his friend suggested that one, isn't it?"

"Yeah, good old Mike." Flint feigns laughter, "So your goons and thugs have been following him." He looks about at the security in the room to see if one of them was present after which he returns his gaze to Drago, "So, bossman, what do you have in store for your son? What's the deal with him anyway? I'd have thought he would have followed in daddy's footsteps."

The glass is set back down upon the table. "There were, complications with his upbringing." Savio replies, "And perhaps, he would have been but sometimes, the best business decisions are not to go with the original plan."

"Well, he is doing well with his music, but I thought he would do better in daddy's business." Sandman hmmmns, "Why were your goons following him and why he is denying any connection to you?" He has a lot of questions to ask today. When the food arrives, Sandman merely looks down at.

"You seem full of questions," Savio observes, studying Sandman's expression, "Is this curiousity or concern?"

"Well, if I was simply curious, I'd find out another way. However, the kid is a friend of Baker's. So I thought I might be able to keep an eye on him. Or help you out…I'm wondering what your plans for Mike are and maybe I can do something to make them happen." Flint grins, "As a favor to an old boss."

"I assumed as much when he approached you the other few nights." Savio allows, setting his hand upon his table, fingers tapping lightly upon the tablecloth in consideration, "Alright, my plans for him are quite simple. Allow him to continue with this career of his with the label he's currently signed with." His hands fold together, "without alerting him to any of my involvement."

Shifting back to normal, Flint nods as he starts in on the spaghetti, "You got it then, boss man. I won't bring it up again." After finishing the meal, he stands up, "It was good seeing you, Drago. If ya got any anything you need done. Let me know and I think I can handle things a lot better now than I have in the past." With that he bows, "And I'll keep an eye on Mike too. He has a tendency to get in trouble." With that he gives a nod to the staffer and wave to the security and makes his way out…without paying.

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