2011 11 22 Chatting In The Foyer

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Log Title: Chatting in the Foyer
Characters: Emma Frost, Lifeguard, and Logan
RL Date: November 22, 2011
IC Date: November 22, 2011
Location: Foyer - Xavier Mansion
Brief log summary:: Heather and Emma chat in the Foyer and then are joined by Logan
Rating: pg
There is no TS in this log:: Yes

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Another day, another late morning meeting. Emma Frost leaves the elevators in the main hall at a brisk walk, a hint of a smile on her lips. Whatever she's been up to here, it looks like it went pretty well. Still, Murphy's Law holds sway, and she arrives in the foyer just in time to be greeted by a faint pattering sound. Tilting her head faintly and slowing, she looks up at one of the tall windows, sighing and shaking her head as she finds it rain-streaked. "I guess it couldn't /all/ go my way… though it's a pity the rain couldn't have held up until I was through the gate," she murmurs, shaking her head and looking out at her white Mercedes roadster in the driveway. It's not much of a distance from the doors to the car, but between her high heels and the wet stairs leading to the door, she'd need a careful pace… one sure to guarantee a good soaking by the time she got the door unlocked and into the vehicle. "I suppose I can wait a bit longer about leaving…"

Entering the Foyer from the second floor landing is the blond Australian mutant, dressed in her X-Factor uniform or red and blue striped sleeveless bodysuit adorned with various X symbols. Heather holds a map in her hands, "Now to find the Danger Room." She speaks to herself thinking no one else is around. "Maybe I'll see if Betsy is free." She looks up and stops short as she spies Emma in thee foyer. Her jaw drops and she blinks, "Emma Frost? What are you doing here?"

Emma is just as surprised as Heaher, but she certainly doesn't show it more than slightly… a slight widening of her blue eyes, likely partly masked by her glasses, is the only sign as she look over her shoulder at the newcomer. "Waiting for the rain to stop, actually… though I suppose you're more interested in a more comprehensive answer. I was in a meeting with the good Professor." She turns from the window, taking a slow step closer to Heather, then another. "Heather… intriguing Heather… so good to see you again."

A hint of a smile comes to her lips. "Such a darling outfit… could you introduce me to your tailor?" Surprised and fascinated by Emma, something about her comes off much icier and Heather is a bit apprehensive, and finds it hard that this is the same woman she met at the gym kickboxing Yishi. "Ah the good old Professor. A busy man this Charles Xavier. I've yet to meet him myself and yet he actively recruited me."

Nodding to the compliment of the outfit, she does a little twirl for Emma, "Life with X-Factor. The best the government can spend and unstable molecules which help with my abilities." "Indeed. I cannot call him a friend, though he has extended the hand of friendship to me in the past… yet he has the capacity to continually astound and amaze, with his unbreakable faith in humanity to accept that which it too often hates and fears. And to convince others to share that faith. Even me," Emma muses. She watches Heather twirl, with a little nod of approval, her small smile warming a little. "Graceful, and slightly exuberant. Almost adorable, really. You, not the suit." Her eyes return to the outfit. "I've dealt with them, in the past. Not always on friendly terms, but we are not enemies. My own company has been working on a similar project, with similar results."

"Ah well then. I hope to call the man friend and do admire his dream and hope to do my part. There will always be fear and hatred. Unfortunately there are too few like Xavier and Havok." Heather smiles, "Thank you for the compliment. I really do appreciate it. And I think I will wear the outfit to my bout with Annie." When she mentions her company, Heather's interest is piqued. "What is your company?"

"Much too few. One day, that trend may change. I don't have nearly so much faith as Charles that it will happen, though. Perhaps I am too cynical." Emma's smile widens just a little. "Oh, you're very welcome. And since she used your codename, it can't hurt anything. It might even bring you a little positive publicity." The question is met with a neutral smile. "Frost International. We've got a finger in a lot of pies… too many to easily list."

“Well, fair enough. So since you are here, I am curious. Are you a mutant?” Heather asks as she presumes Emma may be as she is here at the mansion, but still there is the chance that she is not. “So it seems for a private place. Many people seem to come by and know all about it. I hope the enemies of those who reside here don’t know of this place.”

"I am. I don't mind telling you… if I didn't, someone else around here likely would. Some might not be as nice about it. I haven't necessarily made friends of everyone here. This is mostly my own fault," Emma replies, a wry smile coming to her lips and slowly fading as regret seeps into her tone. "There was a time when one potential enemy did know. Though that problem has been rectified very recently."

Nodding her head and then blinking with mention of a potential enemy, Heather hmmmmns, “I take it you were that potential enemy.” Moving forward and smiling and affectionately placing an arm around Emma’s shoulder, “Well, Emma. I’ve seen you in action. I’d be afraid to have to fight you. And I don’t know about the others, but I consider you a friend and hopefully they will too.”

Between the affectionate smile, the arm around her shoulder, and Heather's friendly words, Emma's composure very nearly crumbles on the spot. Her eyes widen behind her glasses, and then she very slowly turns into the arm, putting her arms around Heather and hugging her gently. "Thank you, Heather… that means more to me than I ever thought it could," she whispers. "If I needed saving, I would be proud to have you as my lifeguard."

“Well, thank you as well, Emma.” Releasing Emma, Heather turns, “So what are you abilities if you don’t mind my asking. Mine aren’t so easy to explain. Basically they change depending on the situation. I’ve grown gills, grown armor, a tail, wings. I’ve phased through things and teleported myself or others away. It is kinda crazy.”

"Simply put, I'm a telepath. Of course, that only scratches the surface… but it's good enough for most occasions," Emma replies, letting Heather step away and turn. "Perhaps that would explain why you were able to block me… I generally keep up a short-range scan of surface thoughts. It's a very old habit that's proving hard to break, but in the case of Miss Xiu Lin it became useful in a hurry… she was reading my every move before I made it, and I'm not quite sure how. That's as intriguing as how you were able to block me. I do hope she studies here."

“Oh a telepath.” Heather grows nervous a bit, “Sorry, my first experience with a telepath was not a pleasant one. Mentallo tried taking over my mind and Annie’s and one other person, er, well I am not really sure what Sid is. But I was able to block him too fortunately. But I guess being a telepath doesn’t always mean victory. So Xiu Lin is powered as well, huh. Maybe the four of us could form an all-women wonder team. We could be the Wonder Women or some such.”

It's approaching noon, and a heavy rain pours down on the X-Mansion. While waiting for the rain to stop, Emma and Heather stand in the foyer near the door, chatting amiably. Emma stifles a chuckle at the proposed name. "Perhaps. Mentallo… a pity I wasn't there. I might have been able to help with him. It would have been an interesting test. I've put paid to a few other telepaths who tried to make a puppet out of me." She glances toward the windows. "And you're right… reading minds, or even controlling them, isn't a guarantee of victory. It just stacks the odds heavily in your favor, unless you're facing another telepath."

Logan moves down the stairs, hardly making a sound until he's practically on top of the two. "Frost," he says, a hint of a scowl on his face and grumble in his voice.

Emma glances over her shoulder, a hint of a smile curling up the corner of her lips, even if her eyes chill just slightly behind her round-lensed glasses. "Logan. It seems my imagination was spot-on when it comes to your off-duty attire," she replies, with a hint of mirth. "How are you this fine day?"

As the rain pours outside. At mention of his attire, Logan gives Emma a once-over, pursing his lips slightly. "From you, I'll take that as a compliment," he grumbles. "I'm not bad. But I've been meaning to talk to you for a while now. It's about X."

Spotting Logan, Heather waves, but then frowns at the tone he uses to greet Emma. “Oh I see what you mean.” She looks to Emma in reference to something she had said earlier, “Good to see you, Logan. How are you classes going? I was a bit concerned about how Kisha would do in your class.” She hmmmns, “Which reminds I need to speak to someone about Rianna and Laurie.”

Emma's eyes widen faintly behind her glasses. "X… I'm not sure what you mean," she replies, softly, her tone slightly confused. "It sounds like you are keeping busy around here. Bravo." Logan gives Emma a long look. "You know damn well who I mean," he finally says, voice full of surety. But his thoughts might not be so sure, if Emma cares to take a peek. "Look, I know she's better off with you than…some places." Logan is very careful not to turn his head and look at the mansion behind him. "But since this whole mess with the right, you ain't exactly got a place for her, do you? Least, not a place she won't be expected to dress like a Victoria's Secret model."

Surprised by the turn of the conversation, Heather interrupts before it changes a bit, “Um, do either of you know a spot nearby where we can eat. I still have yet to learn places nearby.” She shrugs as she looks to Emma to wonder what Logan is talking about, “Victoria’s Secret model?” She looks over Emma as she thinks it is possible she could actually be a model.

Emma's eyes get even wider behind her glasses as she momentarily breaks her rule about probing thoughts in the Mansion. "Wait… you mean the girl with no name, don't you? You know something about her?" she asks, surprised. A state Logan may have never seen her in. "Please, tell me. I know very well that she needs help I can't necessarily give her, and I don't dare risk having her away from me for long to hunt up more information… not for her safety. Or anyone else's." She gives him a thoughtful look. "I think I know where you are going with this. But I won't make her come here if she doesn't wish to. The choice must be hers."

Heather's issues with a few others, who might be students, are noted, but this X clearly is a subject that's important to her. "Um, I may know of a few…" she adds to Heather, in an aside.

"And I'll explain that one later." Logan looks between the two, then finally sighs. "This is gonna take a long time," he grumps. Then seems to resign himself. "Might as well do it over lunch—" a quick nod at Lifeguard. "Wait here, I'll go get my car," he steps outside into the rain. A few moments later there's a huge rumbling from outside as a muscle car's comes into hearing range of the Mansion's front doors. Logan honks the horn a few times just to make it that much more obvious that it's him.

“Goodness, I am surprised he drives a car like this.” Heather makes her way outside and runs towards the car, not to get too wet, “You know what they say about men who drive muscle cars.” She gets in the back and then makes herself comfortable as they drive to wherever they will eat

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