2011 11 21 Tour Of The Avengers Mansion

Log Title: Tour of Avengers' Mansion
Characters: Gogo and Ms. Marvel
RL Date: 2011-11-21
IC Date: 2011-11-21
Location: Avengers' Mansion
Brief log summary:: GoGo drops by the Mansion as invited, and Ms. Marvel gives her a tour and promises to train with her.
Rating: pg
There is no TS in this log:: Yes
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It's a cold day in New York City, the wind is blowing, there is enough moisture in the air to make a woman think that there is a drizzle falling, but it isn't. It's just a cold unpleasant mist hanging under a dark unfriendly sky. A perfect day to get dressed up in a pin striped suit and go a visiting. It started life as a men's suit, but it has been tailored to compliment her figure as best its able. Gogo knocks and is let inside by the staff (Since she knows the butler fellow it is a bit easier than normal) then she asks to see Ms. Marvel, waiting patiently.

Jarvis is only too happy to let in Gogo, and summon Carol Danvers. Carol appears shortly, floating down the stairs from the second floor to meet the orange woman in the main foyer of the Mansion. "Hi there, Gogo. Wow, that's a really neat suit. Now I feel all under-dressed." At which the woman in the black bodysuit, thigh-high boots and mid-bicep gloves summons a glow around herself that starts at her toes and works its way up her body, leaving in its wake a lovely crimson gown and matching heels. She steps close, takes Gogo's big hands in her own, and actually starts dancing to music apparently only she can hear, if only for a few minutes of fun. "Sorry. I get playful. Couldn't help myself. Good to see you."

Annie stands up from the couch that Jarvis seemed happier with her sitting on than standing when she spots Carol. She lets her alien smile spread across her face and she steps close to the blond hero. Her normal hug is cut short by her hands being taken, and her eyes go bright and wide at the change in Carol's clothing. "Holy! That's amazin'!" Before she can really take it all in she finds herself being swept up into a dance. Far from a reluctant partner, she merrily dances along with Carol, apparently hearing the same unheard song that inspired the dance. "You shouldn't apologize for that! It is good to see you too! I figure I should dress up coming to such a fancy mansion with a fancy butler like Jarvis."

"True enough, I suppose. I don't take it quite so seriously, because I live and work here. It takes the blush off the rose, as it were." Carol answers. She rests one hand in the crook of Gogo's elbow, and leads the way on a brief tour of the Mansion. "I don't know if you've been here before. But up these stairs are two wings of residence rooms. Most of the non-reservists each have a suite, and there are guest rooms." She shows off the library, the drawing room, the large dining room and the ballroom, before making their way to lift. She passes the security scan and informs the computer that she has one guest escorting, identifying Gogo for the computer before it will let them take the lift down to the sub-basement floors to see the medbay and other facilities. "We have the gymnasium here, fitted out to challenge even our members. And the Simulator, for training sessions, even with our powers."

Annie smiles, "Well, I guess it is different if you live here." She grins down at the hand in on her arm as they walk, "That dress looks great on you. I bet with that power you save a lot of money on clothes." She steps into the lift with a habitual duck that isn't necessary, "I've been here before, but only to umm, talk to Jarvis." She stares at the elevator numbers, like you are supposed to do when you're in an elevator, rather than the other person, "Sounds pretty awesome. I didn't know there was all this stuff. Sure couldn't have guessed from Mr. Jarvis and his tea."

"You know Jarvis? Nice. I'm always glad to hear that he gets company. All too often we take the dear man for granted, and he deserves friends of his own." Carol leads Annie to the Simulator as they continue to chat. "Honestly? I lose as much as I save, what with getting blasted all the time and ruining my outfits and uniforms." Once they reach the Simulator, Carol again opens it with her security authorization, and leads Gogo inside. "Here, we can create a simulation of any location or scene we can imagine. It's a very effective training tool. And the sensors here can monitor the uses of our powers, helping us to get a handle on things when they start changing."

Annie nods her head, "Well, I mean…I came to talk to any of the Avengers and then I talked with Jarvis instead. He's a nice guy. Though he's a bit too much of a butler." She steps into the simulator and looks around, "Super neat. I guess it beats wrestling in my living room huh?" She laughs at the notion of it then turns to Carol and looks at her outfit, "So…it can change it around and all, but if it gets torn or ruined then you'd get a torn or ruined dress or whatever you change it into?"

"Pretty much." Carol answers, not really wanting to explain that when you are capable of absorbing tremendous energy, that doesn't mean your uniform can. Carol has had to deal with some prodigious wardrobe malfunctions over the years. "When possible, I wear a uniform of unstable molecules. Those tend to last better. We can thank Reed Richards for them, and Janet for designing them. So, what else would you like to see, Gogo?"

Annie laughs at the thought of it, "Well, I thought it was going to be a way to save money over my seamstress." She shrugs and looks around the room, then walks over to poke at one of the walls. "Unstable molecules? That sounds like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. I mean, unstable is right in the name." She shrugs her shoulders and says, "Well, I dunno. I just came by to say hello more than anything. See if you were really interested in working out together sometime. I was at a gym last night and thought about it. You know, cause, can't really cut loose anywhere like that because of the potential property damage. And maybe even bystanders. Also, if I'm going to get serious about this hero stuff then I should meet all of you that I can. Oh…and more important, just to say hello and stuff."

"Actually, unstable molecules are very safe. Their instability apparently enables them to bond with the wearer and share in their powers to an extent. Johnny Storm's uniform doesn't burn when he turns into the Human Torch, for instance." Don't ask Carol how or why it works, that's science way beyond her ken. But she knows it does work. "Well, hello and stuff." Carol offers with a smile. "Of course I'm interested in working out together. I like meeting other heroes, and especially other heroines. You've got guts and strength adn you're a friend of Ben's. That puts you into the stratosphere as far as I'm concerned. Benji is the tops with me." And Carol seems quite pleased that Gogo would be that concerned about public safety with her workouts. It bodes well.

Annie's mouth crawls over to the side of her face as she screws her lips together, trying to figure out how those molecules do their bidness. "Hmm..sounds like magic. Pretty neat though. I never thought of how that would suck with flame powers. Half of everything you buy these days is flammable as all get go. You'd end up being a human marshmallow instead of the Human Torch. All crazy burnt up." She shiver at the thought of it, then she focuses on Carol's smile, "Awesome! Benji is easy to be friends with. Even if he's always yelling at Reed over his radio. You're in the stratosphere too. Which is handy, because I'll need a ride down from up there. I don't think I'd like to find out if I can fall that far safely."

"Never fear, Gogo. I'll catch you and carry you safely down to the ground." Carol offers with a smile. "Benji is pretty darned good, and very easy to be friends with." If one's name isn't Reed Richards, anyway. Carol will never get in the way of /that/ pyroclastic relationship. "So, if you want to work out and train safely, you can come here. And I'll help you any way I can." Carol is a pretty good trainer, even if she is a hard-arse. It's that military background.

Annie wipes the back of her hand over her brow melodramatically, "Phew. Thank you Ms. Marvel! I was afraid of becoming an impact crater there for a minute." She giggles in her deep voice then claps the woman on the shoulder, "Awesome! You are totally cool. I should have brought my gymbag so we could beat the heck out of each other to celebrate." More laughter then she takes a big bounce, touching the ceiling before falling back down to the floor. "Oooh…feels good in here. Bet it is soundproofed too huh?" Then she stops to ask, "I'm not keeping you from any world saving or anything am I? I just barged in and didn't even ask. Sorry about that."

Clearly Carol is quite amused by Gogo's playful hysterionics, and she plays along in laughter. "Couldn't let a fellow heroine become an impact crater. That would just be a darned waste." She tries not to stumble at the thump on the shoulder - she lacks the mass to take that lightly, as it were. "Too bad you didn't bring your bag. But next time, you will, right? I mean, we have gear here you could wear if you wanted, but I don't know for sure anything would fit as well as stuff you already have." It's have to be Annie's choice to try it. "You needn't worry about keeping me from any heroics that are needed. Anywhere in this Mansion, I'll be alerted the moment something comes up that requires my attention. And I may like you, but I wouldn't fail to answer that call. I'd just have to drag you along to help out."

Annie snickers, "Nothing ever fits me. I mean, if there were shorts and a tshirt I could stretch into that would work for me. Heck, I'm not shy. I am good with working out in anything…other than my new suit." She grins and smooths the fabric, "I just got it tailored." She looks towards the ceiling, "Wow. Pretty swift. You guys have it all here. Like I would want you to stay if you were needed somehwere." She taps the woman's shoulder more carefully.

Of course, it is at that moment that an alert sounds. Carol glances up, then checks her card, which is beeping, flaring its lights and notifying her that she has been summoned. "I have go go. I'm sorry, Gogo. Get Jarvis to show you out, OK?" That shimmering light erupts again, changing the lovely red dress back into her costume, and Ms. Marvel is off like a shot. Avengers Assemble!

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