2011 11 21 Disgusting

Log Title:

Cytoplasm, Sandman, and Scorpia

RL Date:
November 21, 2011

IC Date:
November 21, 2011

Midtown - New York

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Sandman and Cytoplasm meet for the first time and Scorpia arrives and messes things up.


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Walking out of the Baxter Building comes Cytoplasm, currently in human form, looking about once more at the city around himself as he stops to examine the people passing by every now and again. Taking a moment to look up at the various buildings and signs, he squints and them in an attempt to understand them as best he can but then shakes his head, understanding no more of it than he had to begin with, and stands rather aimlessly amongst the flow of people going to and fro for all their myriad reasons.

Among those people that Cytoplasm may be observing outside is, Flint Marko, aka, the Avenger known as Sandman. Having experienced something odd, the ‘former’ criminal stands outside the Baxter Building watching and observing it, he is dressed in black trousers and a green and blue stripped sweater covered by a long trenchcoat and hat hiding his identity as he examines the building.
Noting the people who walk in and out, he spots Cytoplasm who unlike most New Yorkers seems to stop and notice everything around him. Taking one last drag from the cigarette, Flint flicks it on the ground near Cytoplasm and moves forward to stomp it out.

As the cigarette butt falls to the ground, Cytoplasm turns his head as he notices Sandman discard it. Crouching down, he reaches for the cigarette butt, curious as to what it is after having seen Sandman put it in his mouth with the intent to pick it up and sniff it, should he be quick enough to pick it up before getting his fingers stepped on.

Sandman’s foot is ready to stomp out the butt and stops a few inches above Cytoplasm’s hand. Sandman would typically just continue and crush the ‘man’s’ hand, but standing in front of the Baxter Building and not wanting to appear any meaner than usual, he stops short, “Hey.” He grumbles at Cytoplasm, “What is your problem, man?” He yells angrily, feigning being upset and that Cytoplasm’s odd behavior has set him off.

Picking up the small piece of cigarette, Cytoplasm looks up and says, "My problem?.. I don't think I have any problems right now." as he stands up and places the piece of cigarette under his nose, sniffing it once before turning it over and examining it curiously and placing it in his mouth before spitting it out and saying, "That… Doesn't taste edible." before he looks over at Sandman and says, "If this isn't edible, why did you have it in your mouth anyway?"

“Oh, jeez. You are some kinda freak or something, huh.” Sandman shakes his head and ponders if he can have fun with this or not. “I did it for the nicotine. You don’t eat cigarettes. You smoke them.” Examining Cyto, the way Cyto examines other things, Sandman asks, “Are you an alien or from another dimension? Or some kind of science experiment? Maybe an android or synthezoid?”

"Science… Maybe." Cytoplasm says, "I remember a lot of scientists where I was from. It's a couple of days from here, but I'm not sure how to get there." he then pauses for a few moments and says, "I'm uh… Sid? I'm not sure. The first time I gave someone a name they said it wasn't a real name, and, 'Annie' said that I could call myself Sid so I do. For now anyway, I don't know if I'll be calling myself something else soon

Still shaking his head, Flint ponders messing with this guy, but waits a moment, “So, Sid, you’re a science experiment or something, huh. Do you have any special things you can do? Powers or tricks or anything like that?” Smiling, he offers, “Oh and I am Sandman. I am an Avenger. Do you know what that is?”

"Tricks?.." Cytoplasm says with some amount of confusion before he thinks for a moment as his body starts to churn somewhat, clothing and flesh alike melting and expanding into an image of the Thing. "This is all I really know how to do. Aside from this, I can regrow a lot of things, though I don't really want to show that right now." he says, "And I'm not quite sure what an avenger is, though I think it has something to do with determination or force." before his body starts to compact back into the human form he was using before.

"Ah a shifter…" Sandman blinks when he sees the form of the Thing in front of him. He listens as Cytoplasm recounts everything he can do and nods pensively, "Wow. And you came from the Baxter Building. So you are friends with the Thing and the Fantastic Four, then huh, Sid. Those are some pretty powerful friends you have there." he thinks a moment, "And Annie. Did you mean Gogo?"

"I don't know, really. She's bigger than me, orange… And doesn't look like rocks, unlike the person I just showed you. I think the fantastic four are trying to help me out right now since I'm not really sure how a lot of things work and Annie reacted to the idea of me sleeping in a subway and eating dead rats and things like it was bad." Cytoplasm says, before shrugging and continuing, saying, " I don't know, it might be but I still don't understand a lot about how things work in general, like I said."

Rolling his eyes as Cyto speaks and grimaces a bit at the mention of eating dead rats, Sandman shivers, “Wow. That is gross. And yeah, that Annie is Gogo. Seems like she set you on the right path. She and the Fantastic Four are some good people. And I guess they can help you out.” Sandman then offers, “Avengers are just like Fantastic Four. Except we have more people are and are more powerful and famous. But we fight bad guys.”

"I think I saw someone like that once. " Cytoplasm says, "I was set on fire… Then I found out that I wasn't. I don't really understand what happened then. I think whoever it was, he could mess with what people saw and felt. He got away, though… I think he wore a tight red outfit and goggles over his eyes but I can't remember much more than that." he says, looking a bit confused before he continues, "It doesn't really matter, though. He's not here so I probably shouldn't worry."

Standing in front of the Baxter Building, Sandman scratches his head as he tries to go over his knowledge of criminals, “Red outfit and goggles and makes people think things.” Sandman hmmmns, “Mentallo, maybe?” Sandman dressed in his usual green and blue striped shirt and black trousers hidden under a long trench coat and matching hat as he talks with Cytoplasm.

Perched within the shadows on the ledge of an adjacent building, Scorpia looms 12 floors up looking down upon the duo. She's inclined toward the likes of Sandman as she knows her prey and has enjoyed stalking him for some time. Now it's nearing the time to pounce. She smiles as the wind kickes up and forces her claws to dig into the concrete. Her short hair whipped to the side and her tail lashes around.

"Maybe it was Mentallo." Cytoplasm says, before he pauses for a few seconds, lowering his head in thought before he continues, "I… Think the name indicates changing parts of people's minds, so I guess that could be the case… You know, I'm starting to wonder what I could do sometime soon. I mean, all I really know is… Well, getting things for people from places that are locked up with a lot of other people protecting things. In fact, those are some of my earliest memories… Still, I think the last people who had me do that put something in me to hurt me if I tried to run. I got it damaged, so here I am."

Not noticing Scorpia just yet, Sandman continues to think over whether he should have some fun at Cytoplasm’s expense. “Yeah, it was probably Mentallo. I think he is some kind of telepath or something.” Sandman shrugs, “Well, you know I think I know some people who might help ya. I know a doctor. He is pretty good and has even helped me too.”

Watching traffic in the area, pedestrians, vehicles, and the such, Scorpia decides that a bus will be her plaything. After descending (wall crawls) to 5 floors above street level and then with a whip of her tail discharges a plasma blast to 20 feet in front of a bus. It strikes the street and causes a minor explosion casting concrete in several directions. Disrupting traffic. Turns out that the bus was just a few yards from where Sandman and Cytoplasm stand. Her intent, successful at that, was to get the bus to careen to the side of the street and run up upon the curb. Thus threatening Sandy and Cyto with being overrun.

As the bus is suddenly careening towards him, Sandman blinks, “What the f…” Shifting into a pssamic form, his body ripples and contorts as his sandy body suddenly disperses allowing the bus to go past/through him and then he realizes, <Shit…In front of the Baxter Building…Gotta play hero.> Sighing, he extends his body towards the bus to either grab the bus to prevent it from crashing into a building or hurting anyone. Or if it does hit, then checking on anyone hurt.

Noticing the bus careening towards him, Cytoplasm looks up at Sandman for a few moments in surprise as he turns into sand and tries to run off to the side, away from the bus itself before one of the tires skids over his left foot, squishing it into goo before he hops on one foot away from the bus once more as the goo in his body reaches out formlessly into the space left by his foot and assumes the shape of a foot once more as he continues, moving off a safe distance away from the bus to prevent himself from being injured again.

Scorpia watches the event unfold, the heroics of Sandman (stopping the bus), and then rolls her eyes with a slight smirk. She mutters something under her breath which sounds like, 'loser'. She starts to descend (wall crawling) down a few more floors (level 2) while watching the scene and the chaos therein.

Having stopped the bus from crashing into the Baxter Building, the riders and driver begin to step out and thank him, but he waves them away dismissively, “You’re welcome.” Sandman scans the area for what caused the bus to careen as he extends his body over the street noting the remnants of the explosion. He grumbles, “I don’t got time for this shit.” As people gather and some run about in the chaos. He reaches for his Avengers id to summon the proper authorities as he looks about for the culprit.

Looking around for what caused the bus to careen off-course, Cytoplasm looks near where the bus was and noticing the burn mark left on the pavement by the plasma, looks up and scans the upper area before noticing Scorpia clinging to one of the upper walls as he points towards her and shouts, "Up there!" assuming her to be the cause of the chaos due to her unusual outfit and armor.

Leaping, Scorpia ejects herself from building side and flips through the air onto a stoplight then bounces off toward the ground in front of Sandman. Her smile is devious, her hair a mess, eyes alite with wonder and she says, "Hello, lover." with the intent of stepping into the personal space of Sandman and kissing him full on the mouth. In front of everyone observed.

Looking about and surprised by who he sees. He is familiar with someone who has worn that outfit, but the previous wearer was uglier and had a man. When Scorpia calls him lover, he smiles and is surprised when she plants the kiss on him. Sandman leans into the kiss and presses against her before turning his mouth and tongue into sand and attempts to spit it into her mouth and face, “You wear the tail better than Gargan, but you should try a different animal. Something sexier like a snake or something.”

As Sandman and Scorpia banter, Cytoplasm walks up to them slowly and says, "Hey! You really need to stop throwing things around like that. People are going to come eventually, just like before when Mentallo attacked."

Her personal force field keeps the sand from harming, penetrating her mouth, or even getting in her eye. She backs away laughing and says, "What, you don't like my curves? Too much for you baby? I mean, I totally understand." She then questions to Sandman about the prattle from her left, "Who is this loser and why is he talking to me? Should I kill him or is he your lacky?"

Looking her up and down and eyeing Scorpia, “Yeah, I guess.” As he hears the prattle prattle on, he grins a bit as he looks to Cytoplasm, “He’s a science experiment that doesn’t know his way around. He could use someone like you to show him how bad the world really is.” Sandman lowers his body to the ground and turning human, “She’s like Mentallo and can hurt people and stuff. What do you think you should do?”

"Hurt people… Like Mentallo?" Cytoplasm says, taking in the words for a few moments before he says, "That means you'd hurt me too just as easily, wouldn't you?" he asks, as he looks at Scorpia with an expression on his face displaying mixed fear, distrust and anger
Sharp eyes look over to Cyto, she smiles devilishly and forms words with perfect lips, "Hurt you? No sweetie, not just hurt you, I would rip in two and let your inners spill all over the sidewalk and then let you watch your lower half bleed out."

Nodding his head as he is impressed by Scorpia’s spunk and turning to Cytoplasm, “You heard her. So what has your time with The Fantastic Four and Gogo taught you? About people who would do what she says.” Suddenly Flint’s body shifts a moment and ripples as he goes form human to sand to human.

As Sandman starts talking about the Fantastic Four, Cytoplasm's mind starts to flash back to the time that he had spent with the
fantastic four and then says, "They didn't really tell me much. But they've helped me, and she hasn't. What's more, I don't want to try to start hurting people just for the fun of it, or for any sort of reward. What I felt because of Mentallo, I don't want to see someone else feel. It just doesn't look or feel right." Cytoplasm finishes and then starts walking up towards Scorpia and says, "So… You can leave, or try to hurt me, whichever you want. But I think that Sandman is stronger than you and if he caught that bus, I don't think he's going to let you destroy this place."

A personal challenge brings a broadening grin to Scorpia's lips. They part and she gets the expression that's relayed in her tone, "Is he seriously…" then without finishing the sentence, when Cytoplasm is within range, she spins on her heel. In mid swing her tail is charged with electrical current and will sweep horizontally with the intention of striking Cytoplasm with roughly 10 tons of force and electrical energy of over 50K volts. Such force would rip a human in half or at least knock them two blocks down the street.

As Scorpia spins around to strike Cytoplasm, he starts to jump out of the way but is caught partially across the middle of his torso and is bisected across the stomach, falling back, his legs going limp and falling down as he looks up, struggling to get up without his legs but generally failing and lying down as he tries to get away through other means.

Scorpia watches the beauty of his disembowelment and bisection. Her eyes are amazed at the goo that is within him and she laughs, "Pathetic." then looks back to Sandman, "Lover, we should meet somewhere, we've got a lot of catching up to do." before taking several steps and leaping toward the bus and then bouncing off of it into the night air.

Continuing to ripple and shifting between human and sand, Flint’s body begins to move like a wave as he watches the encounter between Scorpia and Cytoplasm. Shaking his head, his body disperses a moment and explodes out but starts to reform almost immediately. He gives a wink to Scorpia as he moves to go check on Cytoplasm, “Um…I guess you are still alive, but not sure if you are hurt or what? How do you put yourself back together?”

"This… Is… New…" Cytoplasm manages to say before he collapses, unconscious with the lower half of his body appearing to still move on its own, slowly but surely knitting itself back together in the form that he had assumed.

Watching this, Sandman just shakes his head, “I guess I should do something.” He looks to the Baxter Building and using his powers scoops up Cytoplasm’s body parts and moves towards the Baxter Building, alerting staff to his presence with his Avengers id as he thinks to himself, <Well, she most certainly bettere than Gargan ever was.>

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