2011 11 19 Stairway Introductions

Log Title:
Stairway Introductions

Betsy Braddock and Lifeguard

RL Date:
November 19, 2011

IC Date:
November 19, 2011

Female Faculty Wing - Second Floor - Xavier Mansion

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Besty and Heather meet for the first time.


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Betsy Braddock slowly ascends the stairs to the second floor, making her way toward the women's rooms. She has a duffel over her shoulder, seeming to be arriving for a few days perhaps

One of the newest residents to the Xavier Mansion, the blond Australian, Heather Cameron exits her room. Dressed comfortably in a black T-Shirt and jeans, she makes her way towards the stairs holding some sort of pamphlet, “Today I will explore this entire place.” She says when she looks up and spots Betsy. “Oh?” She questions. “Hello.”

Betsy Braddock looks up and smiles some, "Hello. Welcome to the school." She pauses and offers her hand, "I don't believe we've met." With a more friendly smile she adds, "Elizabeth Braddock."

Standing at the tops of the steps to meet Betsy, Heather offers her own smile, “Well hello, Elizabeth.” Heather bows her head and speaks in a more formalized accent closer to British than her native Australian, “I’m Heather Cameron.” She takes Betsy’s hand and shakes it, solid and firm.

Betsy Braddock's accent is quite British, which stands at odds (for some) with her quite Asian apprance. "Heather. I'm pleased to meet you." Her grip is equally firm but not too much. Enough to be polite and confident at the least. "Are you staying with us then?"

“Yes, I am, Elizabeth.” Heather releases the handshake and blink a bit when the Asian speaks with the accent, “Are you from England? I must say the accent threw me off a bit. I’m Aussie, myself. And Alex brought me here. The Professor found me and they recruited me for X-Factor and I guess to help out here too.”

Betsy Braddock smiles, "I'm… a bit of everything. My history isn't worth boring you with. But my brother Brian is Captain Britain and I am indeed British. Despite my quite Asian body. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction as they say." She then nods, "Alex is a good man. Glad to have you around. And if everyone calls me Betsy so you may as well if you like."

“I sense there is a pretty fascinating story there, but I’m sure I’ll learn it in due time.” Heather quirks a brow, “Captain Britain, huh? Got to be tough to live up to that legacy, Betsy. And yes, Alex is a good man.” She hmmmmns, “Also met Logan and some of the students, Kisha, Laurie, and Rianna. Though I have yet to meet the name this mansion is named after, but all in due time, I suppose.”

Betsy Braddock laughs quietly. "The Braddock name is a challenge to live up to regardless of my brother but I bear it proudly." She looks around, "The professor is a busy man, unsurprisingly. But I have little doubt that you'll meet him, indeed. None join a team without at least meeting him." She smiles.

“Well, I can see from the amazing things this place can do. I have been in the Danger Room already and heard about this thing called Cerebro or something that he used to find me.” Heather shrugs as she leans against the railing of the stairs, “So I see you are not a student. You are one of the X-Men, right? Psylocke? Alex has been having me study and read up on the X-Men and everything.”

Betsy Braddock nods and smiles. "There are a lot of things about the school that are amazing, agreed." She then nods again, "That's right. I'm one of the X-Men. Psylock, yes. I'm not on an active team but I'm here when they have need of me. Or if I'm in the area for a while. I'm not quite as nomadic as Logan however."

“Oh alright. I guess that is the case here. It is a ‘whoever is around’ type deal. I just moved in about three weeks ago, but I have been out and about dealing with some nasty types in New York City, including a whacky whirlwind mutant, a crazy telepath, some bank robbers, and some crazy Russian armored guy.” Heather sighs, “I get the impression, X-Men and X-Factor tend to blend together. And there was something called X-Force and Excalibur?” She laughs, “The professor really started a big old mutant family, huh. Oh and I go by Lifeguard.”

Betsy Braddock nods with a smile. "There are a lot of us. I've helped with both X-Force and Excalibur as well on occasion." She smiles.
"Lifeguard. An interesting name. Your abilities would be.. healing related then?"

Smirking and shrugging a bit, “I don’t really know what my powers are called. They sort of change from situation to situation. If someone is drowning, I gain gills and can swim faster. Um, if dropped out of a plane I’ll gain wings. It seems my powers work in relation to what is going on around me. Um, when I fought the weird Russian guy, he threw a missile at me and I grew armored wings and survived. Or when I fought the telepath, he couldn’t enter my mind.” Heather offeres, “I picked Lifeguard because I used to be a lifeguard in Australia and I guess I guard life? Cheesy, I know.”

Betsy Braddock finds the explaination interesting and she smiles. "Well it would seem to be a fitting codename just the same. I look forward to getting to know you better and spending some time in the danger room training with you, Lifeguard. It would be informative to see how our abilities work together."

“Well, Betsy, while you are here perhaps it would fun to do a Danger Room session together.” Heather grins as she remembers her first session, “Well, I am off to explore this land. It is so big.” Heather bows and bounds down the stairs, “See ya.” She waves and is gone.

Betsy Braddock smiles. "I would like that. Perhaps we can go out to dinner or something as well." She waves as she turns to head for her room.

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