2011 11 19 Revelations And Heroes

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Revelations and Heroes

Alchemy, Gogo, Mike, Ms. Marvel, and Sandman

RL Date:
November 19, 2011

IC Date:
November 19, 2011

Hudson River Park - New York

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Sandman is acting oddly and Alchemy, Mike, and Ms. Marvel are on the receiving end of things. Also Gogo stops by and gets some input from the Avengers


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It is evening in New York but not quite the evening time that one associates with bedtime. On this Saturday night, there are still people out and about, bundled up as they make their ways out of theatres or entering them, going into restaurants, possibly clubs. But oddly enough, Going to the park when the sunlight has gone away? Not high on the priority list for most. It is not a knock to the lighting of the area. Not at all, the place is well and throughly lit, making it almost as bright as day. It is more the absence of heat that keeps most people away. There are even a few lingering around the park benches that look to the water the sloshing sounds of the water making for a soft lullaby to those who may already be tired.

Bundled up, Mike is not quite at the water's edge but he's not far from it as he emerges from one of the stand alone buildings located in this massive park. A cup in his hands, the biggest hint of the contents being hot is the tendril of steam coming from the hole of the lid, very much visible with the cold cold night giving it contrast. Cup lifting, he takes a slow sip before pausing in his steps, glancing around to take account for any people nearby.

At the edge of the park by the sandy bank between the river and the park, Flint Marko stands leaning against a rail, eyeing the sandy deposits. He hmmmns as he seems deep in contemplation. His fingers tap along the metal railing as sand suddenly begins to fly out from those sediments and into his fingers as he taps and whistles innocently enough. He begins to absorb more and more without paying attention to anyone or anything.

Some people are just jerks who are lucky enough not to really feel or be bothered by the cold. How else does one explain anyone - even a superheroine - flying about in these chill winds in nothing but one-piece bathing suit and some mid-thigh leather boots. Ms. Marvel is flying overhead, patrolling, when she spots something in the brightly like Clinton Cove and floats down out of the darkness into the light, watching. She alights gently and walks the last several feet as she seems focused on Sandman's back. "Hey, Sandy." she comments.

Recognizing a certain stripe shirted man near one of the rails, there's a quirk to the knit-capped musician's lips as he adjusts his feet. Direction changed, he slowly strolls on up, sipping his coffee. He strolls past one occupied bench and then a few unoccupied ones, movement likely drawing the attention of a curious and cautious eye housed in the benchwarmer's head but Mike does not care. It's New York. Being aware of surroundings is something most people practice to some extent or another. He lifts up a hand in greeting to the turned man, "Hey Ba-" He pauses as he sees the rather uh- er- I'm sorry, I got a bit distracted, what was I talking about?

Heh heh heh. Thank you whatever authority decided to put heroines into those type of outfits.

Upon hearing his teammate’s voice, Flint shivers a bit. Sand flies out all over as he turns ‘unintentionally’ spilling some of the sand onto his teammate. “Oh sorry, Ms. Marvel.” He feigns being caught by surprise. “You caught me off guard.” A grin forms on his face as he notes the uniform and eyes her a bit longer, “Did you come here just for me?” The grin grows wider on his face when he looks towards her boots and back to her face, “It seems you have a fan.” He tilts his head towards Mike’s direction.

Carol takes a half-step back as she is surrounded and 'assaulted' with some of that sand. She is all too well aware of how good Sandman's control is, and can guess that was intentional. Good thing she closed her mouth, or she'd be pissed. "Yeah. That happens, Sandy." she comments, trying to stay droll and calm, rather than biting and pissed. "I was flying by and saw you. I wanted to check up on you and see how you were doing, so I thought I'd land and ask."

Carol glances over her shoulder at Sandman's comment, catching Mike's approach. She turns back around, shrugging a bit.
"The PR guys tell me I have a lot of fans. Nothing wrong with it, right? So, how have you been doing?" She knows things can get hard. She knows that often folks will clam up and not talk to those who want to help them. But she also knows there's no chance in heck of Sandman talking if someone doesn't show enough interest to ask. So blame her Twelve Steps for the intrusion. She means well.

After recovering from the thigh interruption, Mike gives a shake of the head, smiles and continues his walk on over. "Hey Baker." Mike greets, lifting his non-coffee holding hand back up in a half, two fingered wave-quasi salute to the Sandman before glancing over to Ms. Marvel, "Hi, sorry for interrupting." The hand is extended towards the female hero in the offering of a handshake, "Name's Mike Hannigan."

As he continues conversing with his teammate, Flint notices some low-level thugs in the park. Harmless enough, but he remains curious, given his recent change of heart. Flint observes and notes Mike. A smile of recognition forms on his face as he finally realizes who Mike looks like. He bounds off the railing and looks to say something to Mike but when Carol speaks asking how he is doing. He responds to her question with a cross look and a sinister smile and whispering so only his teammate can hear him, “Ms. M, No need to fake concern. I get it. I am the Avengers special charity case to make them look good for taking in a bad guy…” Holding his hand up, “But trust me, Carol, it’s been made more than clear enough to me. That none of you are my friends.” Looking back up at Mike, “And speaking of charity case for bad guys. It’s the son of the Dragon.”

"Hi, Mike." Carol offers, extending a gloved hand to take his briefly. "Anything I can do to help you tonight, Mike?" she inquires, curiously if a tad dismissively. Her concentration is on Sandma

"Hey, what the Hell, Sandy?" Carol responds to Sandman's tone and words. "You're no charity case to me. You're a teammate, and I'm trying to be a friend, because I care. I know what it's like when things go wrong and you get all twisted up inside. Hell, I ended up courts martialled and drummed out because of it. I'm trying to reach out and help. I'm here to listen." She has no idea what has or hasn't happened with the rest of the team regarding Sandman, but she is here to try. Try and fail, apparently, but try nonetheless.

"No, I came here mainly to say hi to Baker." Mike replies back, a bit dismissively as well, a brow lifting for a moment as he looks to Sandman, expression a tad confused for the moment at the label he's been graced with. "Son of th-?" he pauses before finishing repeating what Flint says, he chuckles, shaking his head, "Oh no, Baker. That's just a stage name. And it's Drago. Not Dragon."

Looking to Carol, “Well, we’ll see, Carol. At least, I didn’t end up pregnant and in Limbo.” That was sad in a low tone only for her to hear, “I wouldn’t have let that happen to you.” Flint then turns to Mike and says loudly, “Yes, Mike here is the Drago. A big time music star. But he is also the son of the Dragon, big time criminal.” He smiles, “I figured it out with the guys your dad has following you.” He points out the small time goons who are present in the park.

Alchemy is exploring a new area in the city, shivering a bit from the cold. It's nearly holiday break, but he isn't American, and has nobody to spend the holidays with anyway. He stuffs his hands in his pockets, picking up the pace a bit. Looking up, he notices someone flying around overhead and blinks. People just use their abilities in public heere, which is a bit strange to him.

Carol flinches, blanching visibly as Sandman brings up such a painful event in her history. Honestly, the only thing that keeps her from exploding is the fact that her memories of that time are just as faded and empty of most emotional context as the rest of her youth and young adulthood. Maybe she should thank Rogue for that, just once. But what shocks her is that
Sandman would use those words, for they were clearly intended to bite, to hurt, to wound and do harm. It would seem she may well have come too late to help Baker. There's nothing she can say to that without exploding the powderkeg that Sandy is clarly trying to prime. He's picking a fight, so she's not going to give it to him if she can help it. Damn but she would love a drink right now. e blonde heroine stands her ground, looking between Sandman and Mike curiously. She has no real idea what the heck Sandy is going on about, but she's trying to catch up. "Mike? Are you OK? If these guys are bothering you, we can ask them to leave."

Mike's smile fades and his eyes narrow as he glares at Sandman, not even looking towards where Sandman's pointing to immediately. "Now you're just making shit up." He shakes his head, but does eventually turn his head to look and indeed finding people in the general area. He eyes them, not at all apologetic with his glancing as he seems to be mentally daring them to look his way. They don't, seemingly just contenting themselves to where they're positioned. Maybe they are just here by coincidence. He shakes his head, "Nah, I'm fine. I think he's just imagining things."

Alchemy isn't too far away and doesn't want to get involved unless necessary, so he ducks behind something to wait until they leave, looking more like an eavesdropper. Folding his arms over his chest, he peeks around to see what the others are doing.

Very good. He has her unnerved. Knowing the stories that his teammates have struggled with will make it that much more easy to tear them apart. But for now, he looks to Mike, “Well maybe he is not your dad, maybe he is an uncle or something. Maybe even a distant relative. But you look just like Savio Carmine 'The Dragon' Drago. And his men are here, so it’s not just a coincidence.” Ever observant of his surroundings, he also caught Alchemy’s presence as he hides behind something. “And of course there is someone listening to us.” He turns to look at the sediment of sand by the river that he was manipulating before. He exhales as the sandy sediment seems to come to life and swirl about like a tiny tornado which flies from the river edge and towards Alchemy, “Some Brit kid, I met before is watching and listening to us.”

Is Carol Danvers unnerved? Not in the way Sandman thinks she is. She is unnerved to know that it is already too late, that the teammate is gone, and the villain is in his place. She shakes her head. "Sorry, Mister Drago, for the problems. I am not exactly sure what is wrong with my teammate, here, but it might be best if you were to go, now. I'll be sure to have someone get in touch with you later, to let you know when and where you can visit him." When Sandman sends the swirling sands after Alchemy, though, the time for gentle words is over. "Sandman, stand down. Now! You know better than to make these kinds of accusations and attacks. You're getting paranoid. C'mon, now. I think it's time we go see Doc Samson. We need to work this out."

At the mention of the name, Mike's forming frown deepens. He steps aside, backing up to the railing, setting his back to it. He shakes his head. "I have no father," he growls before growing quiet, ignoring Carol's urging for him to leave.

Alchemy swipes at the sand tornado as it nears him, trying to dispell it. Coughing, he decides to shield his glasses because sand and lenses don't exactly mix. In his slightly uncoordinated flailing about, he stumbles out of his hiding place. "Oh, ermmm hello."

Looking at Ms. Marvel, “Not too worry. He isn’t hurt and I didn’t do anything. As far as I know, he could be a danger.” He looks as Alchemy falls over towards them. Clearly not an obvious danger, Flint warns, “You shouldn’t eavesdrop on Avengers.” Shrugging and look to Mike, “Everyone has a father.” He smiles and back to Carol, “I have an appointment with Doc tomorrow. I am keeping up with my appointment. Being a good Avenger.”

Carol will have to make a point to speak to Doc Samson then about her concerns. He's a far wiser people person than she is, and should be able to spot whether she should be concerned or not. For now, the blonde woman shakes her head. "You could just as easily have called out to him to come out. There was no cause for sending the sand after him like that." Or after her, either

Alchemy brushes himself off from head to toe and adjusts his glasses. "No worries, miss, I'm not hurt. I wasn't really trying to eavesdrop, I was just ehmmm staying out of the way in case something important was happening."

Mike doesn't reply to Flint, the coffee cup lowers, as his head lowers as he keeps his quiet vigil. Whether this is a sign of defeat or stubborness it's hard to tell. There's a bit of a started sound coming from one of the men that Sandman pointed out as he leaps from his seat, looking to the bench accusingly before looking to what must be flitting around the air around him. He swings an arm at a spot in the air before he starts backing away from the area, turning and moving a bit quicker, seemingly not wanting anything to do with the park much longer. The other figure that was pointed out, looks curiously over to the vacated bench and then to the departing man.

Shrugging, “Hey it could have been Ultron or Dr. Doom for all I know.” Flint then watches the men as they depart. With that, he looks, “I guess something set them off.” Looking to Alchemy, “Tom Jones? Right? Like the Sex Bomb singer, I believe. I met you with Gogo and Xian, right?”

Still not sure what is going on with William, Carol watches all of this with a bit of a disconnect. What do you do when nothing makes sense anymore? "Neither Ultron nor Doom would ever stoop to skulking behind a few bushes, Will." She has no proof he did anything with the goons. And no reason to push it any further just now.

It's not long before the other figure also ends up moving from his position, eyes widening as he bolts out of the park. Frown turning into a bit of a half smile, Mike's eyes open, glancing to the exit of the park, sipping his coffee. He slowly shifts his weight to his feet, extending his non drink holding arm out for a leisurely stretch, then looking to the other three. "Looks like those guys you were talking about left." He comments to Sandman before looking over to Alchemy, "Oh hey, the rubber rink guy!"

“You never know, Ms. M. Unlike you, I used to be a villain. You’d be surprised how something as simple as hiding and skulking would work.” Flint shrugs. Looking to Mike, “Well, if you need my help trying to get info on the Dragon, I am probably the person to help you.”

As a former spy and later a SHIELD agent, Carol is all too well aware of the usefulness of simple skulking. But Ultron and Doom? Not so much. Still feeling unsure quite what to say to anyone at this point, the blonde heroine stays quiet. Frankly, the whole thing with Drago and 'Dragon' and the goons strikes her as way off, and their disappearances even stranger. She has no reason to prod at this other guy either. So she just waits, increasingly feeling like she ought to just fly out of here before it all just goes nuts.

"Yeah yeah. Still think you're blowing smoke." Mike mutters, moving from his spot, tone not at all interested in the offer as he shakes his head, glancing back to the trio and lifting his coffee cup. "I'm going to head. Busy busy day tommorrow. Later folks." He brings the cup back to his lips, giving a half assed wave as he starts walking away, heading a different direction than the way the so called 'goons' left

Noting Mike’s mood and demeanor, Flint thinks to himself, <Good. Got rid of one of the extra baggage of Baker’s. Less ‘friends’ the easier to take out the Avengers.> Flint waves loudly, “Good night, Mike. And don’t forget my offer.” Smiling and turning to his teammate, “It feels good to help out someone. Now he knows that he may have a dad out there. That is always good.”

Obviously, Ms. Marvel isn't buying William's BS either. "Good night, Mister Drago." she offers Mike as he departs. She glances towards the gentleman just revealed from the bushes, but doesn't look the least bit threatened. Just … uncomfortable. What she wouldn't give for a drink right now.

"HANNIGAN!" The musician snaps in correction before moving out of earshot.

She might be as big as the Hulk, but she certainly hasn't got the big green's leaping ability. Still, it's what Gogo has for getting around, that and her truck, and well…the pick up truck hero doesn't sound like the way to go. So, she bounds down the riverfront a chunk at a time, using the height of the jumps to look around, to scan the landscape below her for whatever it is superheroes scan for before she has to make sure she's not going to land on anyone. She's wearing even less that Ms. Marvel, but she isn't going to cause any drooling, unlike the famous heroine. Spotting a suspicious figure in the distance she leaps up into the air and comes crashing down not too far from Flint and Carol. Carol is obviously a super, but one look and Annie knows she's not found some supervillain loitering about while waiting to commit the crime of the century. "Oh my god! Ms. Marvel!"

“It’s Drago. Why else would he let his fans call him that?” Flint laughs as Gogo makes her presence known. Smiling at the orange giantess, he grins, “Well, if it isn’t my favorite dancer. Ms. Marvel, meet Gogo.” Leaning closer, “I think you have yet another fan, Carol.” That was said so only she could hear it. Moving forward, he rushes Gogo to give her a hug and lift her into the air. His body shimmers a moment as he turns pssamic to adjust to her weight.

Ms. Marvel turns as something big and orange comes dropping down into the sandy soil of the park with a thump nearby. And then … gives the much larger equivalent of an almost fangirlish squeal. "Uhm. Hi." she raises a gloved hand towards the orange woman, all the while thinking that honestly, this girl has just got to meet Benji if she hasn't already. Match made in a colorist's heaven. Apparently this one has already met Sandman. Interesting that he would be so nice to her, after having been bitingly cruel to everyone else tonight. "No gods involved, I assure you. Nice to meet you, …" she offers the leading opening for Gogo to identify herself. "Gogo, is it?" Sshe extends that same gloved hand to shake.

Annie laughs as she gets picked up, and she returns the hug with one of her own, "Hey there Sandy!" After giving him a buss on the cheek she wiggles to drop to the ground, then steps over to clasp Ms. Marvel's hand with her enormous three finger mitt. "Yeah. Gogo. Annie Ritter. It is an honor to meet you Ms. Marvel." Then she steps back so as not to crowd the woman, turning back to Sandman, "Hey, you guys talking serious hero business? I don't want to interrupt, and it's obvious that no crime is going on here."

“No no, nothing like that. I just realized that Mike looks very to someone who is a major criminal I knew back in my old days. Mike didn’t take it too well.” Sandman shrugs and looks between the two ladies, “So yeah, Ms. M. Gogo is breaking into the hero business. Benji has taken her under his wing, so to speak.”

"You're not interrupting, Gogo. It's not a problem." Ms. Marvel offers with a smile. The other woman's presence seems to have actually brightened things up for a bit, and Carol is only too ready to welcome that. And apparently Gogo has already met Ben. Good. "That's good. Ben is an amazing guy. Definitely someone to learn from. If you ever have any questions you don't think you want to ask Ben, you can always call me."

Annie snickers and shakes her head at Mike, "He hasn't taken me under his wing. But he helped me get a shot with the UCWF." Then she explains to Carol, "I wrestle to pay the bills. Benji sort of got them to give me a tryout. It was really nice of him. I think he's more excited about my wrestling than my trying to be a hero. I don't blame him though. I'm better at the fighting than this hero stuff. It's hard! I have barely found any crimes or criminals. I don't know how you guys do it. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent in foul tasting alleys and subway trains in the last week." Then she asks Sandy, "So how are you doing? I was thinking about you just the other morning. About how cool your powers seem."

Enjoying the attention and compliment from Gogo, “Well, they are pretty cool.” His hand shifts to sand and then flies out to his other hand creating a sand wave before returning to normal. “But, I don’t look nearly as good as Ms. Marvel.” Outright checking her out, “She can do a lot more than I can and look better doing it.” Sandman winks to Carol and turns back to Gogo, “I’m glad you were thinking about me. I’ve been thinking about you too. If I can help with your training, I would take a personal hand in helping you out. And you’ve already met Ms. M and Shulkie. I’ll introduce you to American Dream and Wasp and you’ll have met the lovely ladies of the Avengers.”

"Honestly, we Avengers have an inside route on that part." Ms. Marvel admits for Gogo's sake. "They call us when something goes wrong. And we have computers plugged into all kinds of stuff that flag unusual activity or crimes in progress and alert us." So unfair, and ever so much easier than endless patrols and stake-outs. But some Avengers still patrol, especially those that like to fly. Like Carol. "But I meant what I said. You ever have a question, or need something, give me a call."

Annie grins broadly at Sandman's bit of showing off, "Don't sell yourself short Sandy. You got some super awesome powers. You're going to be a great Avenger, famous and a hero to people all around the world." Then she blushes as she catches him checking out Carol's figure. She looks away and turns her smile onto Ms. Marvel, "I got a police radio in my truck now, but it hasn't panned out. Though I've not really sat in the truck too long at one time. I get antsy. Bouncing around isn't any better, but I like being busy. And that is really nice of you to offer. If you ever wanted to show me some fighting tips that would be great. I figure I can't go wrong learning from legends."

Looking to Carol, “You know before I reformed and joined the team, I have to admit. I always thought the Avengers were kinda arrogant and above interacting with the lower ring heroes like myself. Maybe it’s time we dispel that and start to train the newbies.” Sandman states that as fact, surprisingly considering recent turn of events for Flint.

Carol chuckles softly. "I'm no legend, Gogo. I'm just a woman who does the best she can. I still put on my bodysuit one leg hole at a time." Bad joke, but her point is made. "If you ever wanted to spar, we could do that. The mansion has a pretty good setup to compensate for our powers." She glances at Sandman, and then back to Gogo. "I don't know any Avenger who considers him- or herself above interacting with other heroes of any kind. I certainly don't. But I agree with reaching out to train anyone who wants it. That's why I voted for the Academy program. I'm just hoping it passes. Then we could establish a school for young heroes, and all share time to provide instruction and mentoring."

"You are really modest Ms. Marvel." Then she looks between the two of them and shakes her head, wagging her long braids about like whips. "Wow. How awesome would it to be to train with you guys? The things I could learn. Like, putting on a bodysuit one leg at a time? I knew I was doing something wrong trying to hop in with both legs at once." She laughs at her followup to Carol's joke, pleased with the image of it, "Well, count me in if you are serious. I know how to fight in a ring, but fighting against thugs and super criminals and all that…that is a LOT different. I got in this armored car heist and I spent most of the time running around like a chicken with its head cutoff, tackling cars and lampposts."

Nodding his head about the vote, “Well, I voted for it as well. Let’s see how the upperclassmen vote though.” Flint looks between the two ladies, “Lucky for me, the clothes kinda just stay put.” He laughs, “Oh you stopped an armored car heist. That is pretty impressive. But when you deal with your first super-villain, well it will be a lot harder. As you know, but don’t sell yourself short.”

"I don't know if I'm 'modest', Gogo. But I try not to be a puffed-up bitch." She gives a chuckle at Gogo's joke, clearly approving of that. "I'll make sure that if the program gets off the ground, your name is on the list for consideration, Gogo. And I'll still do what I can, even if not. Fighting criminals and supervillains is a lot about situational awareness and tactical assessment, at least it is for me. Pulling back, seeing the whole situation, and then picking your opening, the way to best use your talents and abilities to make a difference."

Annie looks around the area briefly, eyes lighting up more than normal, hen it is back to the two heroes, "Hey, Lifeguard from X-Factor did most of the work. I got shot, couldn't see through the gas, got shot some more. I knocked out a couple of them guys though. I've fought a supervillain too, but it was kind of miserable. He was some guy with mental powers, and I sucked.
Luckily Lifeguard was there too or I'd have been dancing in the buff or something, and nobody wants that." She chortles then lets her grin spread back over her face to full extent, which makes her noseless visage even more inhuman, as her smile goes much too far. "Yeah…I need to work on the situational awareness part. So far I've charged in like a bull in a china shop."

“Try, anyway.” Sandman jokes and then nods as Carol finishes, “Definitely, but in the meantime. If you ever find yourself in a tough situation be free to contact us. Ms. M and I are able to move around pretty quickly.” Looking over to Gogo, “Well, I wouldn’t mind seeing you as a Gogo dancer.” He laughs making another joke, “Telepaths suck. Hate them with a patient. Well the bad one anyway. There are some good ones out there. But this Lifeguard person sounds pretty cool. X-Factor, huh.” He hmmns to himself.

Carol smiles and shrugs. "Honestly? A lot of times going in like the bull in the china shop can work out. But knowing what you're getting into can help you figure out when it won't. And Sandman is right: if you ever need a hand, give us a call." Yet how many young heroes ever actually call for help? Who knows. "I definitely don't care for the evil telepaths, though. And they always seem to be creeps, even more creepy than the other villains."

"Heh. I guess I should start carrying a radio or something. I got a loud voice, but I doubt that you guys could hear if I yelled at ya. I mean, sure, if I knew about some like big crime thing I could call in the pros. Let's face it, I know how to wrestle and I know how to lift things and build things. It doesn't make me Batman and Robin material." She quirks her big mouth to one side, "There should be classes in this stuff. Like, CSI for Capes. There are enough caped crusaders in New York you would think there'd be some kind of class or something. Or a social club where we could get together and trade notes."
"In and around New York? Just carry a cellphone. It'll do just as well, and more, and be easier to use." Ms. Marvel advises. "And we're trying to put together something that would be like that: Classes on how to be a hero."

Annie nods her head, "I guess I could do that. I just don't know how well a phone is going to hold up to any sort of fight I might need to call in help on…though yeah, it would totally been handy with that mind guy. With how quick you guys get around you could have come and helped out."

@emit With that Sandman turns into a sandstorm and leaves the scene.

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