2011 11 19 An Afternoon In The Theater District

Log Title: An afternoon in the Theater District
Characters: The Vision, Sierra
RL Date: 11/19/2011
IC Date: 11/19/2011
Location: Outside Gramercy Park, New York City
Brief log summary:: The Vision is on the lookout for something, spots a group of people and warns them of it!
Rating: g
There is no TS in this log:: Yes

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Sierra is 'standing' outside of the park, listening to a concert with two children playing on her tail, sitting up on it and another one sitting on her shoulders, in which the mermaid holds the little girl to help her stay stable while the parents take pictures. Yelling and playing is ensuing while those not quite sure who the mermaid is watch on in curiousity. Sierra the Mermaid, one of Seaworld's star attractions is known quite well to parents and family. But the fame hasn't quite penetrated the world of New York completely.

A concert going on and a gathering of people in the Theater District; Sounds like a typical day in New York City, right? Not for the Vision. The synthetic Avenger is not in the area for a show, or to see a mermaid or to really do anything else other than deal with the thing he is following. He's following something? Yes! The Vision is flying through the air at his top speed, which is not fast at all. The object he is following is flying much faster and zipped into the Theater District a couple of minutes ago. People may have seen something that looks like a futuristic remote controlled airplane… but it moved too fast to be one.

Sierra is rather oblivious to small flying objects, but the girl on her shoulders points up at The Vision. "Flying man!" Sierra, the parents and the children look upward. Squinting, Sierra nods "Yes..why I think it is! Is..he supposed to be flying up there? Wave everyone, wave!" So the mermaid, the children, and the parents wave upward as the parent with the camera snaps pictures off of Vision.

The Vision's gaze is cast ahead of him, staring forward in hopes that he catches sight of the thing he was persueing. However, alas, the Avenger must relent in his pursuit… as he lacks the speed in the air of Iron Man or Thor. His gaze shifts downward and he notes, actively, for the first time that there are people below. The Avenger contorts his body, redirects himself and descends. Feet touch down onto the ground and the Vision wraps himself in his white cape. He takes a moment to look at everyone in his immediate vacinity, "Has anyone seen anything out of the ordinary?" He inquires without greeting.

A few people point at Sierra when the question is asked. Though people aren't jumping to go greet the man. He was flying, and he doesn't seem overlyfreindly. The girl on top of Sierra's shoulders holds up her hand "Oh oh oh! Pick me! Pick me! Oh oh, pick me!" Sierra looks upward "Did you see something little one?" The parents move a little closer to Sierra and thier children, hovering protectively.

To the Vision, seeing a Mermaid is apparently not out of the ordinary. So confusion seems to be easily read on the synthetic man's face when people gesture to Sierra. He shakes his head as he processes the meaning of the gestures towards Sierra, "Oh, Apologies. Let me clarify; There is an alien artifact flying through the skies of the city. It is about the size of a child and is very fast. It looks like jet fighter." The inhuman Vision turns his head to regard the eager girl, "Did you see something that fits that description?"

The little girl nods her head "Mmm-hmmm, I did! Do I get a lolli now?" Sierra cautions "Uh…let's not take candy from strangers." The mother draws the little girl off of the Mermaid's shoulders "Yes. Let's not do that." she comments.

Vision quirks oneside of his brow quizzicly at the response from the little girl. He shakes his head, "I lack any inventory of sweets or candies, so I have nothing to reward you with for telling me that." He looks over his shoulder and around his immediate vacinity, "Could you, little girl, tell me where you saw the flying apparatus?" He puts an odd emphasis on 'little girl' as if saying it is completely foreign to him and he's trying to say it to sound friendly. He notes the reaction he is getting from everyone, "I apologize for the questions; I am the Vision of the Avengers. What I am asking about is potentially dangerous and harmful to the populace at large."

Sierra pats the little girl's head as she points upwards "I saw it up there, it was flying up in the sky! It was like whoosh!" She holds her arms out and begins running around Sierra "It was flying like this, whooooooosh, whoooooosh, whooooooosh!"

The Vision purses his lips slightly and looks up towards the sky as the girl makes her whooshing noises and demonstrates how she believes flying to look like. When the Synthezoid looks back down, he offers a nod to the little girl, "Thank you for your well articulated assistance, little girl. You have helped me." He then sweeps his gaze around the area looking at the adults and mermaid, "I am unsure of whether this apparatus has exitted the area. Please be mindful of anything unusual and take precautions against it."

The little girl is picked up by her mother. The father stares at The Vision "Uhhh…what do you expect us to do? Come children, I think..it's time to head back to the hotel." He puts away the camera and takes the hands of both his children, intending to lead them away. The Mermaid looks at The Vision strangely. "You aren't very good with people, are you?"

The Vision looks at the father and tilts his head slightly to one side, a quizzicle look on his face still. He nods at what the father says, "That is perhaps an appropriate action to take; yes." The Synthezoid regards the mermaid for a moment, "I-" he pauses and raises his brow a bit, "-am not sure what you mean. I am interacting perfectly adaquately with people." He gestures towards the other people gathered, "I am communicating my thoughts in an understandable manner, I feel." He then gestures over his shoulder with his thumb, "I simply wish to impart upon these people that this object that I persue could be of some potential danger. They should be ready in case I am unable to locate and negate it."

Sierra narrows her eyes "Mmmnhmmmn. Your also scaring them. You need to work on your tact and charm a little bit. If you aren't careful you'll start a panic.." Of course, people are already dispersing, most with any common sense practically running away as the immediate area begins emptying out. "Your not exactly putting people at ease in a crisis situation."

"Very well. Simply be on alert." The Vision lifts up off the ground as he manipulates his molecules to make himself less dense. He returns to his search.

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