2011 11 18 Trials And Tribulations

Log Title: Trials and Tribulations
Characters: Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk
RL Date: 2011-11-18
IC Date: 2011-11-18
Location: Carol's Quarters in Avenger's Mansion
Brief log summary:: Carol and Jennifer catch up a bit.
Rating: pg13
There is no TS in this log:: Yes
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At the moment, the door to the quarters of Carol Danvers, aka Ms. Marvel, is hanging wide open. Visible through that portal is a warm and cozy, yet somewhat spartan space. The rich hardwood floors are largely covered by a large, deep plush pile rug un two-tone blue. Along the wall behind the door and largely out of side is a relatively high-resting queen-sized bed of dark cherry wood frame with a low headboard, neatly made with a poofy tri-tone comforter of blues with white piping, the head piled high with an assemblage of pillows. At the foot of the bed rests a cherry wood bench with a blue seating pad, with an olive drab footlocker tucked beneath it. The floor space more vsible through the door contains a single dark blue leather recliner with a small table and a high-arcing reading lamp over it's right side. Behind this, dominating much of the wall are a set of four nine foot tall bookcases, joined into the corner and filled with books in a wide variety of styles and states of repair, interspersed with small knick-nacks: small pictures; decorative shot glasses; tiny bottles of sand; or tiny 'display cases' with various strange objects inside. Also on that side of the room is a simple medium-sized cherry wood desk, its flat surface dominated by a sky blue blotter upon which rests an open pad of paper. Just behind the blotter rests the rather large pair of monitors to a computer, its keyboard apparently tucked away in a drawer beneath the blotter, along with its mouse. Right now the monitors display different screen savers: one shows the USAF logo behind a series of military planes, while the other shows images of Ms. Marvel, photographed with various people and personalities, many of them current or former Avengers.

At the moment, the occupant of the room is dressed in simple grey sweats, a neatly-trimmed very loose USAF half-shirt and a pair of similarly trimmed up loose-fitting knee-length shorts. She is lying on the rug in the center of the floor, arms crossed over her chest with hangs on her shoulders, folding herself up rythmically as she counts softly in a variety of languages: she's doing situps, glistening with perspiration.

She-Hulk leans against the door frame as she smiles " Need a spotter ? " She says right now she's wearing her work out shorts that look like a purple set of second skin and a matching sports top that leaves her stomach and those rock hard abs on display . She moves gracefully into the room as she walks " how are you dear? ' She asks moving to watch you work out .

Carol huffs, blowing some of her blonde hair out of her eyes as she lays back, looking up to see back at the door where She-Hulk's giant greem form hovers, before walking in. "Hi, Jennifer. Sure, come on in." Of course, Carol doesn't /really/ need a spotter. She's probably on a hundred or so, and she got there without one. But a friend to talk to makes the workout go faster, right? "I'm doing alright. One day at a time." Sure, it's cliche. But for an alcoholic in recovery, it's also a life lesson of great importance. Simple enough. "Still worried about Sandy, of course. But beyond being there for him, there's not a lot we can do right now." she comments.

She-Hulk Nods her head " Yeah " she says as she watches " Wanna work out together ? " She asks " I was about to start mine and you look like you just warmed up " . She knows you don't need a spotter but she want to help her friend keep her busy and give her something to do … and well working out alone is boring .

Working out alone is quite boring, though at times it can be a good chance for deep thoughts and introspection. It would appear, however, that Carol isn't much interested in that just now. "Sure, Jen. Once I finish these sit-ups, we can head down to the gym together. It would be nice having someone to visit with while working out." And these two are quite capable of spotting for one another in any situation required, which is handy. Few of their female teammates could manage as well. "How have you been?" she asks, as she continues the sit-up repetitions with steady, even and smooth motions.

She-Hulk Thinks " Lets see got a girl friend.. lost her .. got a boyfriend dumped him " she sighs " All in all not good on the whole love front , but I have my friends " she smiles down at you " and I have being a super hero and my law work so I'm trying " . She looks down " But today is about hanging out with you " .

Carol's eyes get perhaps a bit wide as Jennifer answers the question, though she doesn't say anything and tries not to show any other signs of surprise. She does her best not judge anyone, frankly. Her opinion would be that she has no room to be judging anyone else's life choices. "Well, could be worse, I guess. You could have found a guy you liked, only to find out he was an alien spy trying to gather intel for an invasion." Carol continues the sit-ups, switching languages again as she is counting along. "Do you still practice in your normal identity? Or do you just go in green?" she questions. This is part of hanging out together: catching up on each other's lives, love included.

She-Hulk Sighs " I almost wish that .. I got the sorry I can't make it to dinner for the 10th time in a row I just saw this mugging I had to spot.. I lost to fighting crime.. I mean I stop it too but I know there are lines to be drawn you can't do it all the time you have ot take time for yourself " . She looks at carol " Yep I go mortal I have to I don't wanna lose my ability to switch back and forth again " .

Carol snorts a bit as She-Hulk allows herself to rant a bit. "Kinda stings when you're the one stood up for the heroic stuff, I guess." Good thing to realize, given how often they both - as Avengers - have likely had to deliver the same 'excuse' to those they were trying to date. "Sorry. That sucks, Jen." It does, even if fair is fair. "I can see your point, I guess. You wouldn't want to lose the ability to change back." Carol, on the other hand, would rather never be without her powers again, given her druthers. "You do have to take time for yourself, though." Because otherwise, it's just a matter of time until disaster. Carol knows. She lived through her disaster.

She-Hulk Nods her head " I understand getting stood up for hero stuff " she says " I mean I've done it .. it happens but after 10 times in a row , I don't even mind if your late cause you had to stop crime half the time I'm late " . She sighs " anyways how you holding up ? " she asks looking down at her friend .

"Holding pretty well." Carol offers with a rueful smile for Shulkie. "It feels good to be back on full-time duty, and things feel a lot more stable for me than they did at first." Eighteen months in recovery does a lot to help that feeling of stability, definitely. Carol herself doesn't mention any further romantic escapades, be they successes or failures. Chances are because there haven't been any."Spending time with the team feels good. And reacquainting myself with my friends is even better."

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