2011 11 16 Assumptions Denials Avoidance And Acceptance

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Assumptions, denials, avoidance, and acceptance

lifeguard, phantasm, the thing, gogo

RL Date:
16 Nov 2011

IC Date:
16 Nov 2011

Daily Grind - New York

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Chance meetings in the coffee shop leads to new introductions, conversation, and a possible new business option


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-==[ Daily Grind - New York ]==--------—-

As soon as one enters via the lage glass door, they can catch the scent of any of a dozen coffee flavors in the air. There are usually two or three servers on duty, ready to whip up any of the coffees on the large menu that hangs over their heads. A rope-lined queue snakes from the counter in a flattened S. Couches and tables line the walls, the tables fitting four each, though there are large tables near the back of the establishment. The tiled floor has tables that fit anywhere from two people to six.

Near the counter is a rack of old magazines and books that people can peruse while they're there, and for a small fee patrons can hook up a laptop to the wireless network and access the internet. Overall, it's the kind of place where people can go and buy a cup of coffee and be left alone if they choose, or not. The Daily Grind has the sort of atmosphere that allows for groups of people to come together, or for one or two people to relax by themselves. Like any good coffee house, it allows for most forms of relaxation.



Obvious Exits:

[O] - Upper West Side - New York

It is late evening on this rainy New York night. Just rushing into the Daily Grind, a beautiful blond Australian enters and is drenched. Heather sighs audibly as she appears annoyed at the weather and thinks to herself, <My powers can save me from a direct hit with a missile or shark attack, but doesn't keep me dry in the rain.> She looks around the cafe and finds a spot to sit down as she realizes she was dressed inappropriately for this weather. White sweater not good when it is raining, she leans forward in her seat at the booth, hiding herself as she waits for the rain to end.

Still drying from the weather from a an entrance a few minutes prior to Heather's, Mike sits at a table nearby. If the wet, white shirt was enough of a reason to look towards Heather, the fact that Mike has indirectly run into to her a couple times before is enough to bring the cool blue of his eyes over towards to where she's seated. The ponytailed musician sips his coffee liesurely, unapologetically looking towards the Aussie before he sets his cup down. "You, look cold." This is his obsevation for the day. Enjoy.

Raising an eyebrow as it is clear, the comment was made in her direction. Furrowing her brows, she shakes her head, "Thank you for noting the obvious." Moving her eyes to reveal that she is indeed cold simply wearing a white sweater and jeans in the New York autumnal weather. She rises from her seat and goes to the counter to grab some coffee, "Enjoy the show." Heather does not recognize him from their previous encounters or from his musician status.

Mike sets his cup down, looking to the departing Heather, "You look a bit different than last time." He leaves the comment at that as he continues looking curiously at her while she orders the coffee.

Done ordering a regular black coffee, she turns to face Mike and moves towards his table and literally looks him up and down. "Sorry, I don't recognize you. Where have we met before?" Heather seems genuinely interested and slightly annoyed at not remembering where they met and hoping this is simply not him hitting on her.

Mike leans back in his seat, giving a bit of a smile, as he shakes his head, "I'm not surprised, you were a bit, busy with those tornadoes in the subway and that Russian trying to blow up the pier." His head tilts, "By the way, what on earth did you DO to Crimson Dynamo? He just vanished."

Laughing a bit, with her new place on X-Factor, her identity is public and this is not the first time one of the people she unintentionally ended up working with has approached her. Heather blinks a minute as the barista brings her a coffee and lends her an apron to cover any revealed parts of her body. She accepts and offers her thanks as she sits at the booth with Mike, "Oh ok." She stares a moment, "Well, the Thing and Gogo helped me in the subway. And against Crimson Dynamo, I don't think you were the flying girl who shot the black light thing. So I guess you were the raven?" She smirks as she leans back and takes a long sip from the coffee, "And I'm not really sure what happened with him. I think I send him home. My powers work weird sometimes."

Mike gives a bit of a smirk, "Hey, there were people there. I could very well have been one of the fleeing masses with really bad timing."

"Nope, you wouldn't have been. You asked me what happened to Crimson Dynamo and you are acting all smarmy about it, so you had to be the raven…unless you are the girl who shoots that black light." Heather reaches under the table and gets too personal with Mike as she grabs a private area of his. "Yep, not a girl." Heather laughs, "I am the up-close-and-personal type. Heather's the name." Her thick accent comes out when she laughs and introduces herself.

The door the Daily Grind opens, only to be taken by the wind. The bell ringing a kind of shocked vigor as if it were possible to take an inanimate object by suprise. The drone of tires against went pavement, a violent spray and a loud honking and a string of filthy explitives that is puncutated by 'Ya bum!' Heralds, the arrival of one Ben Grimm into the coffee shop. Ben turns and yells back over his shoulder, "HEY! Don't think I won't come out there and wrap yer yella cab aroun' yer pointy little head! That's right keep drivin!" It's loud enough that people near the door cringe. As the sopping wet, but still every loving blue eyed Thing turns back around and closes the door behind him. Immediatly an embarrased expression creeps over his face. "Um…. coffee.. black. Please."

"So sure you appear to be," Mike shakes his head, sipping his drink before it tilts forward in reaction as lil' Mike is grabbed. A brow raises as he looks back over to Heather, lowering his cup. Upon given the explanation, his lips widen into a bit of a smirk, "No kidding. I had you pegged for little miss bashful golden girl." The smirk widens, "And right. Not a girl." He turns his head, flicking his ponytail and consequently a little bit of water in the process, "But also, not a bird." He leans back in his seat. "Just one of the fleeing masses he-." He pauses, glancing towards the door to the boistrous rocky man and lifts an arm up in a wave of greeting, "Hey Ben!"

Annie has gone from cold and wet, to warm and wet, briefly dry, and is now cold and wet again after walking from her truck to the coffee shop. Like Heather, she's not dressed for the weather, unlike Heather, no one really cares if she's wearing a white t-shirt with the Fantastic Four logo without anything underneath. She's got on Duke Blue Devils jogging pants and some white shoes, though not as white as before she got out of her truck. She steps in a moment after Ben, rushing to catch up as she ducks and squeezes, and twists to get through the door, though that's not all necessary really. "Benji!" Once inside she grins, "I thought I heard your voice!" That said she heads to give him a hug, "What a small world…Mike? Heather? Wow! Extra small world or was this a convention I wasn't invited to?"

"Well, you look like you could be a girl. Very androgynous look. You fit in well with the Greenwich Village crowd…and trust me I am far from bashful." Heather comments as she removes her hand from Mike's crouch and turns to see the Thing, "Well, what do you know? Speak of the devil. Next thing you know Gogo will suddenly show up." And then she does, "Wow, I expect Cy to walk through any second now too." Heather laughs as she gestures for the two power houses to join them, "So does every hero in New York know each other?" Heather is not dressed properly for the weather wearing just a pair of jeans and wet tight white sweater, covered by an apron courtesy of a nice barista.

"Heya Annie how're….." is all Ben gets out before the Enthusiastic hug, "Good to see you too Kid." And already people in the coffee begin whispering and snapping pictures with cellphone cameras. Some dirt rag is gonna get these pictures. He looks to where Mike and Heather sit and his ridged brow raises, "Whaddya mean do all the Heroes in New York know each other… /of course/ we do." Ben says as he moves to join the pair, and to his Credit, Ben does know pretty much /everyone/ in the heroing business. "So what's this about speakin' of the devil? Whatever Mike has told you, I'm pretty sure I didn't do it."

"I get that a lot more than one would think." Mike murmurs, lifting a hand in greeting to Annie as well, offering up a smile too it waivers as Heather asks her question but he glances down to reach for his coffee. "Darn guys, we need to reschedule. Annie found us out," He comments teasingly. He looks over to the orange female, giving a bit of a wink. See? Just kidding. Catching a glimpse of a camera phone in one direction, he turns his head, messing up the angle of that particular phone's shot.

Annie gives Ben a smooch to one of his rocky cheeks then grins from ear to ear at him then everyone else as she joins Heather and Mike, who she also tries hugging and kissing. "So good to see you guys! And yeah, of course the big heroes all know each other. They save the world together all the time." She then gives Mike's shoulder a love tap, "Oh, you're so funny. Are you two on a date or something? I didn't know you knew each other."

The Thing pulls out a chair for Annie and for himseld, but before sitting he turns to a nearby unoccupied table and starts fish out a couple of handfuls of napkins and starts dabbing himself dry and sucking up the water that's trapped in his thick, craggy hide. "So anyway I don't think I've met your friend Mike." While she is passingly familar, last time he saw her she was all glowy gold armored so, well. he's not placing her immediatly. He looks to Mike as if he's waiting for him to stop being rude and introduce people.. though she seems to know everyone. "Oh and Annie.. how goes the training? Gotten a spot on the card yet?"

Mike glances over towards Lifeguard before looking back to Annie, "Not a date. Just one of those random run ins." He glances over to Heather, "Oh right, name's Mike." Turning to look over to Ben he nods to the blonde, "This is Heather." He pauses. "Subway, tornadoes, golden girl," he supplies for a hint.

Gogo sips at her coffee then thanks Ben with a smile before claiming the seat he pulled out for her. "Heather is pretty cool. She turns into like, a golden statue woman. And she's super tough and all that. Heather, this is Ben Grimm, but he doesn't like being called Mr. Grimm, so he likes Benji. Cute huh?" She thumps Ben's shoulder then settles in, "Ah…I've been wet all day. If the sprinklers go off in this place I'm going to cry."

Her phone rings, "Excuse me." Heather rises and returns the apron to the barista. "Sorry, I have to leave and take this." She waves to everyone and exits.

The Thing blinks as Heather gets up and makes her exit. Apparantly Ben is still catching up and drying off, "Heather…." he says, and then Mike mentions about Golden Girls and Tornados and Ben goes, "Ohhh.. ok yeah… I remember her now. I guess she's the newbie over with X-Factor isn't she?" Ben asks as he settles into his chair, convinced he's about as dry as he's going to get for the time being.

Mike gives a nod towards the departing Heather before looking towards Ben, "Is she?" He shrugs, picking up his coffee to sip it.

Gogo nods to Ben, "Yep. She's called Lifeguard. She's part of X-Factor. Not the TV show. She's from Australia if you couldn't tell form her accent." She slurps on her coffee, "This really hits the spot. I totally needed some hot coffee."

"Coffee is the lifeblood that flows through the beatin' heart o' western civilization." Ben says as his own cup arrives and he takes a healthy gulp. Pipping hot, just as he likes it. "So what were you two talkin' about Mike?" Ben asks as he takes a second gulp of his coffee and finishes it. Trying to wave down a passing waitress to get a refill. "She end up doing some day saving other than in the Subway recently?"

Mike nods, smiling as he enjoys his drink. "Practically one of the major food groups." The cup lowers as he glances up to Ben, "Hmm? Oh, she was trying to figure out who the raven was at the ruckus at the pier she was at. Not much before you guys came."

"She stopped a robbery with me. A small power plant or something. She's very nice." Annie sips at her coffee and looks between the two men, then squints to look at Mike, "Were you the raven? You do magic right?"

The Thing chuckles as he turns to look at Annie, "Well lookit you. Stopping robberies an all. Pretty soon ya won't just be Wrestlin' but you'll be fighting Skrull invaders in central park." He settles back in his chair and lets the warmth of the building absorb, while waiting for his refill on coffee. "I thought I heard Mike say he was one of hte bystanders getting out of dodge." Ben lowers his voice as if speaking conspiratorily, "His label hates it when he gets into the middle of heroics. The make thick necked goons follow him around."

"I don't do magic. I do music." Mike replies, shaking his head, lifting the coffee to sip, an aside glance given towards Ben before he looks back to Annie, giving a shrug, "It seems if you get stabbed a third time, people have a fit."

Annie grins at Ben, "I don't see me fighting whatever Skrulls are, but heck. Who knows?" Then she looks over at Mike, "So no magic on the side? No turning into Godzilla when you aren't making women across the world swoon? I don't recommend the whole getting stabbed thing, even if you are Godzilla on the weekends."

"Well fer one Godzilla doesn't have nosey, pushy, and all in all stodgy agents always givin' em a hard time." Ben says with a nod to the incoming waitress that refills his coffee. "So how is training going? I was jus' thinking…. we should get Mikey to do your entrance Music. He can probably come up with something pretty awesome." He looks to Mike and nods, "Right?" Initiate subject change protocol v. 1.112.

Mike shrugs, picking up his coffee, looking over to Ben, then to Annie, "I could probably work on something. I can do agressive sounding stuff rather easily." He grins as a thought comes to mind. "Hey Ben, random thought. You do closing moves still, right?"

The orange woman's glowing eyes widen, "Wha? Seriously? You'd do that? That would be the best thing ever. Who has an original theme song? That's crazy cool." Then she turns to listen to Ben's answer to Mike's question.

Gogo binks, "Huh? Oh…training. Well, they've not given me any contract to sign, but they've invited me to workout. So I've been doing that for now. Put in the time if you want to get the results right? It is awesome working with women as strong as I am."

The Thing blinks at Mike's question, "Well yeah, I gotta.. I mean, I've always got the Sunday Punch, but I save that fer the not play fightin, and those that got a beatin' coming to them." Ben takes a nice healthy gulp of his coffee and sighs happily, "Well you keep workin' out and you'll go far kid. An if you ever need any help, an I'm not around to ask. Talk to Sharon Ventura, she's good folk and she'll look out for yah."

"Yeah, I can probably do that," Mike allows, glancing towards GoGo, "Doesn't have to be a long thing, right?" He glances towards Ben, giving a slow nod, "So a meal theme…" He gives a curious look, "Is it one that you just suddenly go into, or does it take several moves that builds up to it?"

Annie nods her head to Ben, "You got all sorts of special moves. You're the everlovin' blue eyed Thing!" She could probably name them all, but her player wouldn't do that to Ben's player. "Sharon Ventura? Okay. I'll keep her in mind." Then she looks at Mike, "A meal theme?"

"Well generally ya wanna build up to your finisher, Alot of wrestlers have what they call a 'five moves of doom' sequence. Arn Anderson's usually had like 3 or 4 stock moves he'd use to set up someone for his Spining spinebuster, but really the king of hte five moves o' Doom was Bret Hart in the mid 90's." Ben explains. There's a pause as he looks around and realizes that he is utterly nerding out, "If you used ta watch that sorta thing…"

Mike glances over, to Annie, smiling. "Sunday Punch… sounds like Sunday Brunch. Kind of like 'Let me treat you to Sunday Brunch. Only instead. Punch' " He illustrates the punch, smacking the palm of his hand with a lightly balled up fist. Mike glances over to Ben, "So, what's your build up to the Sunday Punch?"

Gogo nods to Ben, "I love all the old wrestlers. I really loved watching "The Hitman". He was a genius in the ring. I have a finishing sequence I've used before that I started working on after watching him and Shawn Michaels tapes. It's not something I do much though, more when I was doing standard wrestling. When it is real fighting it is harder to do a sequence. At least for me." She shrugs and smiles at Mike, "Hehe. Sunday Brunch. He feeds you pancakes then gives you coffee."

"I don't use the Sunday Punch while fightin' fer UCWF. It's fer special occasions." Ben says with a nod, "I prolly should come up with some sorta finisher…" And just about then his little FF communicator starts to go well…. Ape shit, "Ahhh hell, it's Reed. I better go see what he wants. Annie, call me sometime you wanna work out, I'll come by the Power House and give ya some pointers." He nods to Mike, "Mike, pleasure as usually." And that said he starts for the door. Already grumblin' about the rain.

But before he can brew it, he's got to GRIND the beans." Mike adds in to Annie's statement, grinning before looking towards Ben, giving a nod, "See ya, Ben." The musican looks over towards GoGo, smiling, "So, about that entrance…"

Annie gives Ben a quick hug and smooch before she lets him escape. Then she reclaims her seat and smiles across the table at Mike, no, really she's beaming. Nearly literally, as her green eyes are glowing extra bright, "Well, I'm going to go with Gogo as my wrestling name if I get into the UCFW. I /was/ thinking of coming in to Nancy Sinatra, cause she's got "These Boots" and that is an incredible song. Though I was thinking I'd have to wear boots."

"Well, on the bright side, GoGo could work with a rhythmic entrance," Mike muses, setting his arms on the table as he leans in, hands folding together, "Buuuut I'm not Nancy Sinatra sooo…" He pauses. "But I'd guarantee you wouldn't have to wear boots with whatever I come up with."

Gogo smiles at him and laughs, "I don't think I could confuse you with Nancy Sinatra. And I normally go barefoot, so the boots are a big negative. It shouldn't be something too sexy though, because you know…I'm not. So I can't come out and shake my tits and make all the guys in the crowd go wild or anything."

"That's good to know. Although I have been told I 'rock the adrogynous look' But I'd worry with the difference in hair color." Mike shakes his head at the thought of making it sexy, maybe a bit too quickly in agreement, "Nah. I'm thinking more of a 'going to battle' type feel to it. Making it your anthem. Not a 'I'm here, time to shake my tits' type teaser."

"Well…most of the women wrestlers go with sexy. It's what puts butts in the seats. If I' don't go sexy I'll probably end up being a heel." She grunts at that thought, then washes it away with some coffee, "So, did I say how nice it is for you to consider doing this? You don't have to you know…I know Benji kind of suggested it."

"It's alright. Although, if the song takes off, I'm still going to consider it something I can perform in concert." Mike cautions, "So it's not entirely a goodness of the heart bit. It can benefit me too by exposing my music to a different subset of fans." Mike eyes Gogo, becoming quiet for a moment, "What about, Fighting Amazon type theme? Amazons are considered sexy but also warriors so that could keep it from going too far. Something with a lot of rhythm for you to run onto stage with."

Gogo snickers at him, "Well, I didn't mean to suggest you were a saint. But still, you are close enough for government work." She reaches over to tap his shoulder, "Hey, I don't know what a fighting amazon type theme sounds like. I'm not musical…good thing, because the only thing I can even hold is a drumstick."

Mike smirks, tilting his head, lazily, "That's because I haven't created it yet." He reaches into his pocket, pulling out a notebook and pen, scribbling onto the first blank sheet he gets too, "But, likely plenty of drums and plenty of bass will be involved."

Gogo laughs and nods her head, "Okay. Well, I totally trust you. Like I said, I don't know music, but I do know what I like." She leans forward to look at what he is scribbling, "I like drums. I like dancing." Then she grins and says, "In private."

The pen pauses for a few moments before it continues with its movements. What it appears to be that Mike's scribbling is a phone number. With the task completed, he tears out the page and slides it over to GoGo. "In case you think of something else about the song thing." Sliding the notepad and pen back into his pocket, he starts to get up from his seat. "For now, I'm going to head out. I have some ideas to work out."

Annie takes the note and looks at it, then stuffs it into her pocket before standing up as he rises. "Well, it was really nice running into you again Mike. I will be sure to call you if I think of anything beyond Nancy Sinatra." She moves to give him a quick embrace and kiss on the cheek, "Take care of yourself. I hope to run into you again soon."

Mike is hugged and kissed, leaving for an interesting photo opp for those wishing to have one of the odd pairing. Mike gives a nod, managing another smile before he picks up his coffee and starts for the door, "Yeah. You too, Annie." His departure is swift, and his coffee is merely saved by the presence of a coffee lid as he makes a quick dart for the subway entrance.

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