2011 11 14 New Warriors Recruitment Interview

Log Title: New Warriors Recruitment Interview: Darklight
Characters: Firestar, Telemetry, Yishi, Darklight
RL Date: 2011-11-14
IC Date: 2011-11-14
Location: New Warriors Base
Brief log summary:: Telemetry brings Darklight to the base to discuss possible recruitment into the New Warriors
Rating: pg13
There is no TS in this log:: Yes
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"Come inside. Welcome to the Crash Pad." Telemetry unties the blindfold so that Darklight can see the room. "Sorry about the blindfold but we need to be careful until the final decision." She calls out. "Yishi! Firestar! Darklight is here!"

At Telemetry's call, Firestar hurries to the Main Room, curious and eager to meet this potential new recruit. She wears a friendly smile on her face, and extends her hand in a friendly manner, "hi! I'm Firestar…," but as she reads the text on Darklight's shirt, she flushes faintly, and murmurs, "I really do hope it means to say you have a cat…"

Darklight looks at Firestar a moment and then looks down at her shirt and flushes just a bit. She shakes her head and giggles just a bit. She looks at Telemetry, "No worries, I understand." she says and then shrugs just a little, "It is a pleasure to meet you, I am Xian, or Darklight, either works."

From a different hallway emerges a figure even smaller of stature than Firestar, and most would doubt that is possible. The figure is currently dressed in a lightweight armored dark costume, with a fully-enclosed headpiece. Two batons rest on the hips, attached there in a way that is not immediately clear. This must be the 'Yishi' mentioned by Telemetry. The small figure approaches with a datapad in hand, offering it to Telemetry before extending a gloved hand. "Hello, Darklight. Welcome." comes the altered voice. Yishi glances at Firestar, perhaps in commisseration for her embarrassment, though the other figure says nothing about it.

Telemetry glances over the datapad, quickly reading the bullet points presented. "Okay. Well, Darklight has powers, is fairly competent according to a field report by my boyo, the Adaptoid, and wants to do good. There IS some concern, though. Xian, do you want to talk about the gang affiliations or the incident with your adopted dad?"

Firestar waves to Yishi with a smile, glad to have a reason to look away and avoid further embarrassment for either party. She then waits as Telemetry reads off the bullet points in the data, and adds quietly, "and I'd like to hear about your meeting with Selene of the Hellfire Club."

Darklight cocks her head to the side and then dips her head to Yishi too, She does shake hands and then pales as Telemetry mentions her adoptive dad. She clenches her hand, "WEll easiest way to tell is the other order. Abandoned at the American Embassy in Beijing when I was 4, I was sent to the states and entered Foster care. I was adopted when I was 10. My dad lost his job, started drinking heavily. One day in a drunken stupor he tried to rape me. My mom came home tried to stop him, he beat her unconscious. My powers awoke after 8 years and before knew what happened he was dead. Mom died a few days later from the injuries." she shakes her head and there are a few tears in her eyes. "I ran away after that. The gangs. had to live, had no where to go on the streets of New York." she then glances towards Firestar. "Selene. Ran into her in a bar, she invited me to come talk, I did. She mentioned her sister and her starting a school back up and they were looking for people to form a team to protect the school."

Yishi is very quiet as Xian tells her tale. She already read the reports, and had a pretty good idea what the other young woman would say. Still, it is sickening and upsetting to hear, and she doesn't trust her voice - altered or not - not to crack with emotion after something like that. Instead, she looks to each of the others, offering a slight nod to each. After a few long moments, she finally steadies enough to add, "Sorry we had to ask you to revisit that." What else can she say? Nothing they do is going to remove that stain from the other woman's heart.

"Mmm." Telemetry has experience separating herself from the horrible when it comes to intelligence. She listens and then nods. "Alright. We just needed to be sure. Thank you." She looks over the data once more, then hands the datapad back over to Yishi. "I think you're in. Which makes our first order of business the Hellfire Club and this Selene person. Firestar, give us the data on them?"

Firestar is already visibly affected by Darklight's story, wincing at the bleak childhood described, "that's horrible! I'm so sorry you had to suffer through that, some people, I just don't understand…if you don't mind me asking, what are your powers?" Firestar asks, not having seen a mention of it in prior communication within the New Warrios' network. Firestar tilts her head slightly at the answer to her question, "Selene has a sister? I'm not sure I'm ware of that, whatever the case, you're better off staying away from that woman. She's bad news. Most people at the Hellfire Club are. If you ran into her, more likely than not, she wanted you to run into her."

Turning to look at Telemetry, Firestar sighs, looking a bit reluctant, "well…you remember when I told you I used to go to the Ms. Frost's Academy, before we went to investigate there? Did you ever look up for mentions of the Hellions, Telemetry?" She stalls a bit, and giving a sort of lighthearted salute to Darklight, "welcome to the New Warriors, I'm sure you'll fit right in without a hitch."

Darklight looks at Telemetry, "She claims to be a goddess, probably more powerful than we could do." she shakes her head and then looks back to Yishi and smiles a little as she cleans her face a little. At the mention from Firestar about powers, she smiles a little and there is a violet flash, and her skin shifts to blue-black, hair and eyes to glowing white. She is surrounded by a violet glow. "Light manipulation, though with a twist, my color seems to act like a black light." she says and then gestures, "I can fire beams of light that seem pretty strong, surround myself with a bubble that is defensive in nature, and I can rocket myself through the air. Normal flying isn't much but if I go fast I leave a trail of violet light. Found can almost go around three hundred in speed."

Yishi's original report on Darklight included her flight ability and the inverted color appearance, which were all that she saw. The reports she gathered during her research led her to the energy beam attack. Perhaps with more experience in such matters she'll know to assume a defensive shield as well. Not so much yet, as all of this is still quite new to her. "Great. So some super-mutant evil witch with delusions of grandeur and the powerbase to back it up. Guessing we'd best stay well clear of her." the little armored woman offers.

"Hmm. She wouldn't be the first person to claim to be a god." Telemetry notes, "And there is a goddess named Selene. Moon goddess, according to wikipedia." Telemetry has called up her screen and is consulting the available data in the public. "Tell us more, Firestar. Why is this lady bad news?"

"I don't know that she's a goddess, Darklight, but she's certainly powerful to have the White Queen so worried about her that she wanted her killed," Firestar then looks back at Telemetry, "that was supposed to have been my job in the Hellions, by the way." Turning for a moment's break to admire the effect of Darklight's powers, Firestar smiles, "looks cool, and I gotta say, you picked a pretty cool name. Darklight, can be a bit confusing to think about it, but I see what you mean." Returning her attention to Telemetry, she murmurs, "Hellions were a group of mutant teenagers, like myself, taught by the White Queen, Ms. Emma Frost, to hone their powers. What I later found out is that the Hellions were supposed to serve as something of a personal powered army for the Hellfire Club. They are a group of filthy rich people, who probably look to rule the world or something stupid like that." Shaking her head, more a result of a strong disapproval with that mission statement than anything else, Firestar continues, "Selene is the first woman I ever heard of that made the White Queen afraid. Whatever the extent of her powers, it is surely beyond our reach. I'd say we keep away from her so long as we have a choice about it. Ms. Frost told me recently that if I hadn't broken loose from her control when I did, Selene would have likely killed me with ease."

Darklight nods her head a little, "This Frost sounds like the one that Selene was talking about starting a school." she shakes her head a little and then nods, "Sounds like what I was expecting, I am glad I didn't accept right away." As is often her habit, Yishi takes it all in, listening to what everyone has to say, reading their expressions, body language and tone of voice, without offering much of anything in return. She doesn't know these people being spoken of, has had no contact even with the likes of them, and couldn't offer anything intelligent if her life depended on it. So for now she just listens. Better, she supposes, to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open her mouth and prove herself one. It all sounds quite scary to her.

"I have to agree. Firestar, you should sit down and enter all this data in the files." Telemetry activates her connection to the Crash Pad's network. "I see an entry on the Hellions and this White Queen from a previous encounter. They attacked the New Warriors in our former base?"

Crossing her arms, Firestar appears to take Darklight's comment with deep consideration, "I didn't hear about Ms. Frost trying to create a new school, certainly not in collaboration with Selene. This is interesting, thank you, Darklight." Firestar has to be careful with what she experiences or hears about Emma Frost, the woman is so masterful at manipulating, that Firestar is never too sure of herself in her presence. While it's terrible that the Mutant Massacre happened, Firestar does have a semblance of hope that Emma Frost will somehow become a better person out of the tragedy. When Telemetry mentions the attack of the White Queen and the Hellions on the Ambrose building, Firestar nods gravely, "yes, she wanted to take me back under her wing, New Warriors and the Hellions had a fight over me. Luckily, the New Warrios won, I actually delivered the winning blow. Surprisingly, the White Queen kept her word from that night and we haven't been attacked by her again." Darklight nods her head a little, "Sure, I am glad I said no, though it did sounds good and sounded like she had good intentions, just wanting to protect young mutants and such." she shakes her head, "THough it seemed she was leading to the team formed to protect the school could end up as a strike force too."

Having nothing useful to add, Yishi continues to listen and observe. It all seems pretty freaky and creepy to her. Mutants assembling into strike forces? What's next? Civil war between the races? Madness! "Mmm." Telemetry frowns. "Speaking as a regular old human, the idea wigs me out a little. Not a mutant team or even a team to protect mutants… but in my experience the rich and powerful rarely want what's in most people's best interests."

Firestar nods at Telemetry's comment before looking directly at Telemetry, "that's it, rich and powerful people, from my experience, tend to focus on one thing only and that's their own well being and growth in power and control over others." She walks up to a computer console to start updating the data she has, "the situation is uneasy at best right now between mutants and non-mutants, I don't think we need more radicals making it worse."

Darklight nods and glances around a little, "So?" she flushes a little, which makes her skin turn white a second and then it fades. The truth is that Yishi considers herself - thinks of herself as - a 'regular old human', and still she would not consider Telemetry regular or entirely 'normal'. She would have to suppose even she is not, though she won't be burning holes through anyones' chests. Not even with good reason. "I think we can all agree that terrorists - no matter their stripe, their cause, or their motivations - are never a good thing."

"I agree with that." Telemetry says. "My old job was all about terrorists. Anyway… we should show Darklight her room and get her set up in the security system so the place will recognize her."

"Right, much better to take care of welcoming our new member so she feels right at home, over worrying about what may happen," Firestar follows Telemetry's suggestions, as she says to Darklight, "we're not the Avengers, Fantastic Four, or the X-Men, but this place is ours, and it's pretty cool!" Darklight nods her head a little, "Well beats the condemned building I have been living in." she shakes her head a bit and does turn her powers off, returning to her normal appearance.

Yishi nods in agreement with that. "Well then, this is the lounge space. The kitchen is over there. Through this hallway, the eastern passage," she indicates this with pointing her right hand, "leads to the rooms. All of us have a room here, and there are extras as needed. The western passage leads to the gymnasium, our practice room, the labs and computer rooms." She'll let Telemetry handle the security system, since she is the best of them at computers.

"I'll go enter your data. We'll need to do retinal scans and DNA tests later but for now, you'll be able to come and go." Telemetry says as she begins her path to the western passage. "Guys, if you'll excuse me, I got some of my civillian duties to see to," Firestar says with a wink, "while not quite as glorious as superhero stuff, still necessary to get on in life…I'll be back at the CashPad later and I'll be available on com!"

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