2011 11 14 A Late Night Phone Call

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A Late Night Phone Call

Mike (Phantasm), Susan Richards

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New York City

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Sue calls Mike to invite him to Thanksgiving dinner


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Susan Richards settles on a sofa with a kindle, as it's too early to sleep yet, then thinks of something and reaches for her phone. Tapping in a number quickly, she shuts down her kindle as it rings.

Off across the city, in the magical land of Chelsea, artists and musicians reside. With the Sunday's eve fully set upon and no concerts to perform, a number of them seek to get the rest of a good night. One such musician, who oft goes by Drago, Mick, or Mike, has made his way from the kitchen area, having taken his weekly allotment of the medicine that will make his sleep quite heavy and dreamless. It is only a matter of time and he has already switched out to his nightly attire. Lying on the futon, his head turns as the smushed screen cellphone rings, triggering a grumble as he reaches for the phone. Without so much of a glance to the useless screen, he picks up the call and brings the phone to his ear, "…hello?"

You say, "Hello Mike?" She puts the Kindle aside. "Sorry to bother you, but something just occurred to me and I wanted to ask before I forget again."

It takes a bit of a moment for Mike to place the voice. Pale eyes look blankly to the non-lit ceiling of the shared apartment. "Sue?" He pauses, rolling his head to look to the other futons, empty of any bodies that would negate his status in the apartment to be alone, "Uh yeah? What's that?"

You say, "Well, I usually invite people to join us for Thanksgiving, but I haven't started yet this year. Shame on me, I know. So, consider this an official invitation. Would you like to join us for Thanksgiving?"

Mike pauses as he considers the question being asked, "Thanksgiving dinner?"

You say, "Well, we usually eat around mid-afternoon, but yes. Thanksgiving dinner."

A smile spreads across Mike's lips at the confirmation, possibly helped by the effects of the medicine. "I'd like that," he declares, head starting to roll, "Might have to remind me tomorrow."

You say, "Sure. I can do that…. why?"

Mike gives a bit of a weak chuckle, eyes closing, "Because, I'm going to pass out in a few minutes."

Susan Richards startles and sits up. "WHAT?" The instant concern is clear in her voice, as well as the unspoken demand to explain. "Mike?"

"Took my medicine." Mike explains, for some reason chuckling at the response from Susan he hears on the phone, "Quick. No dreams tonight."

Susan Richards is still worried and tense. "Are you sure, Mike? Are you okay?"

"Yeeaaah…" Mike assures, still chuckling, "Didn't you know Sue? Everyone needs deep sleep."

You say, "Well, of course, but… " It's clear in her voice when the clues all add up. "Ohhh. Okay, Mike. You're sure that you're home and safe?" Still, she's a mom. She's going to worry at least a little."

"Don't worry." Mike assures, his words starting to become more of a mumble and seem a bit more like a flow of consciousness, without the filter. " 've been doin' this fer years. Pr'bly saved my life, this."

Susan Richards takes a deep breath. "All right, Mike. I'll let you go. Talk to you again tomorrow, okay?"

"Would've been wit' 'em…" Mike murmurs, "sittin' where Rod was."

Susan Richards frowns slightly at the phone. Who is Rod? But she doesn't prod Mike for answers, it's not polite. Instead she says patiently into the phone, "Mike, hang up the phone now and go to sleep. Okay?"

"should o' called shot-" Mike doesn't finish the statement as his end grows somewhat quiet, with the exception of the unceremonious sound of the phone hitting the floor. Mike was right, that stuff IS quick.

Susan Richards startles, but doesn't call out to Mike. She knows the sound of someone falling asleep in the middle of a phone call. Reed did it to her often enough back in L.A. She cuts the connection, hoping Mike's phone is a cell and will do the same on its end, then stops to think about the man's sleepy ramblings. They were … worrying. But no, she will not pry. It's not her place. Snooping into the lives of others is what she escaped when she left her aunt's house and the small town around it. She will NOT fall back into those gossipy horrid habits.

As Susan worries, Mike has slipped into slumber. A long, dreamless sleep devoid of such worries and anything else for that matter.

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