2011 11 13 Tag You Are It Ben Grimm

Log Title: TAG you're it!, Ben Grimm
Characters: The Thing, Alchemy, Mermaid, Phantasm
IC Date: 11/13/2011
Location: Seaport and Civic Center
Brief Log Summary: After a run in with some Yancy Street types, Ben finds himself covered in graffiti
Rating: PG
There is no TS in this log: Yes

Exposition, it's a vital story telling mechinc. It provides withertos and whyfors and all manner of important information that contexualizes the events that are about unfold before the passerby. As important as exposition may be, we all know that someone the best stories begin in the middle.

Ben Grimm lays on the ground against Warehouse 3, His feet sticking straight up into the air, and resting agains the warehouse's outer wall. The concrete sidewalk around him showing radial fracturing as if he is slightly imbedded into the ground from a fall or perhaps firm pounding. His shirt has been torn open and the world 'BUM' in brigh green letters spray painted across his chest. Currently Ben just lays there, as if resigned to his fate, trying to scrape away the letters on his chest with the knife blade on his leatherman.

"Freakin' Yancy Street Yokles… They're the bums not me!" he says defensivly as he continues his fastidious work.

Stepping up nearing the laying down Ben, a figure wearing jeans and a hoodie glances down at The Thing. The shadow covering his features not moving despite the motion, causing for the features to remain obscured, there is something somewhat not natural about this observer well beyond the fact the guy should be shivering from just wearing that hoodie and the jeans. There is the slight indication of teeth forming into a small smile, the only bit of light coming from that as he just lingers there, not attempting to offer a hand to help Ben up. After all, Ben must weigh a ton. "Old friends?", Phantasm asks.

Alchemy tends to spend most of his time cooped up in his room studying, but occasionally ventures out to try and get a feel for the city. It's a little scary being so far away from home and his only two family members, but going to school is how he plans on keeping his mom and sister out of poverty. He wears a pair of dark blue jeans, sneakers and a long sleeved shirt underneath a red cardigan, all beneath his pea coat. Looking up from his intense concentration of the sidewalk beneath him, he notices a few familiar figures. "Oh dear," he says, noticing Ben's graffitti. "what happened?"

Zipping around under the water past the bottom of boats the Mermaid darts through the water as if it were her natural habitat. Playfully zipping around fish, around the boats she comes to the surface with a loud splash, flying upward a good 20 feet. She twirls and then dives back int othe water, almost 20 foot long form moving back into the water with unearthly agility. A leap and the girl-fish manages to loudly spring herself onto a dock nearby the rocky 'bum' and his cohort. Shaking out her hair as her feminine form rises up to a 'standing' position, her tail is leveraged against the dock as she moves, carrying herself like some kind of mythical naga or lamia. However the Thing's form catches her eye, and she moves closer, her tail moving back and forth as she slithers closer and leaves a wet trail of water flowing behind her back off the dock.

"I don't wanna talk about it…." Ben says as blue eyes roll in the direction of first Tom and then the behoodied phantasm. "Just some bums letting me know they're still thinkin' 'bout me." he says as he goes back to trying to scratch off the letters. *scrape* *scrape* *scrape* The sound goes, forming a strange melody with the *swish* *swish* *swish* sound of Sierra moving closerly. Benji slowly turns his head in her direction and goes, "Oh….. wow… Clearly I had more to drink last night than I thought…"

Phantasm's head turns to look towards Alchemy, regarding the bespectacled boy curiously before looking back to Ben. The shadows upon his face remain fixed, continuing to act like a mask without the fabric. "I get that whenever I cut through the Kitchen." Phantasm offers up in consolation, slipping his hands into his pocket, "Minus the spray paint. Usually just beat the shit out of them when they start something." He sighs, glancing towards Alchemy, giving a nod of the head, "Hey kid. He's just getting hazed." The sound of the mermaid coming out of the water does draw Phantasm's attention away from the other two males as he eyes the newcomer. "What th-" He pauses, "I must've been drinking what you've been drinking."

Alchemy looks at the mermaid approaching and adjusts his glasses. "Interesting. I didn't know mermaids existed outside of Otherworld." looking to Ben, he rocks back and forth on his heels. "I could possibly assist you in removing the grafitti from you, but there would be quite a risk involved. Perhaps it would be more efficient if I fetched you some solovent and a towel?"

Sierra slithers up closer with a charming smile as the water drips down from her dress. She offers the boys a charming gentle smile. "Didn't you know? Mermaids are real. Or rather there is just the one. I'm Sierra from Seaworld, I've been thier star mermaid for years." She moves up besides ben, looking down at him "Aren't you..The Thing? Your famous…why are people graftti-ing you? That seems..rather rude."

"I am not gettin hazed!" Ben protests of the hoody wearer. Looking then to Alchemy, Ben says, "Well thankfully I'm thick skinned enough that most solvents ain't gonna hurt me so if you've got some you can fetch I'd really be in your debt kid… Thanks." *scrape* *scrape* *scrape* Ben remains laying where he is, as if he's hurt and doesn't want to admit it. "Yeah, sadly being famous don't mean everyone' likes ya. Those bums from Yancey Street just /had/ to get a dig in when I wasn't ready!" he protests, Looking again to the mermaid he says, "Nice to meetcha Sierra of Seaworld. See this is what happens when Reed is constantly draggin' us into the Negative Zone and the Savage Lands and Suburbia, we miss all the cool attractions that actually come ta New York. Do you do a show there? I could always bring Franklin to come and see you!"

Alchemy fishes around in his pockets, looking for a few dollars. He doesn't have much pocket money, but is still willing to help. "I had no doubt that mermaids exist, I just didn't know they existed /here/." stopping ot look around, he frowns. "I'm afraid I don't know where to get any." he looks to Mike. "Could you possibly take this money and go find a strong solovent and a couple of fresh towels? Thank you." he offers The Thing a hand up, for as much good as it would do. Don't worry, he's wearing mittens so he won't like vaporize or turn anyone into gold accidently. "Such violence. Why do they dislike those that apparently serve their best interests? I had heard that mutants are not extremely popular here."

Phantasm glances down to the money and gives a nod, "Sure kid." The shadowy face figure cracks another smile before he shifts into the form of a raven, flies up and takes the money in claw before flying off.

Sierra shakes her head with a soft laugh. "Well..they do exist, but as far as we've found I'm the only one." She considers the paint a moment "Have you considered paint thinner?" She flops her tail over her mer-form, coiling as she pulls herself into a sitting position. In a way. "Well..I don't perform up here, I'm actually looking at attending school. I'm from Florida originally. Though if he'd like to come see a show and your willing to travel I'm sure they'd let you in free. I've been there my entire life really.

"Wait look if your gonna just buy something…." and Phantasm has already flown off, and Ben just sighs, "Take my card….." He looks to Alchemy and says, "I got cash kid let me repay you fer what the bird took…" he says as he puts down his leatherman and starts tring to arch his back up enough so he can reach his wallet in his backside pocket. "Well lotsa good schools here in New York. I recommend Empire State!" Ben says, never ashamed of plugging his alma matter. "Be careful though, people ain't always nice to people that ain't like them around here." He looks to Alchemy then and says, "Well the Yancy Street Gang don't believe I got their best interests at heart usually. As fer people not likin' mutants. They fear what's different, It's that simple. Heck as much as people love seeing me clobber some giant robot on the news, in person they run the hell away and kids strat crying. It really sucks ta be honest."

Sierra nods gently "Well..I'm a mermaid, not a rock man. Though being all rocky doesn't seem to be that bad does it?" She uncoils and slithers over, moving to try and slide her body over The Thing's, to slither over it as she tries to take a closer look at the paint. "Let me see that…maybe there's something we can do to get that off easier.."

As Sierra slithers over top of him, Ben actually pitches from one side to the other and starts trying to repress laughter, "Oh ha… hey…. hehehe…" he says fighting his chorttle, "That tickles!" He says in defense. And if he could blush, he certainly would be now. "I think yer right that some paint thinner will take this out." he says as he finally starts to sit up. the crackle of loose pavement is heard as he folds himself out of the little Ben-sized crater in the ground he was embebbed into. He counts out a couple of twenties from the wallet he just retrieved and pushes them into Tom's hand. "I should get back to the Baxter Building.. I'll intercept the bird and get the turpentine or whatever he got. It was nice meeting ya Sierra of Seaworld. Come by the Baxter Building sometime, I'm sure Franklin would think yer cool as anything and maybe I can get Reed to write you a letter of recommendation to whatever school you're trying to get into?"

Sierra nods gently, having slithered over the paint. When she lands on the other side, and Ben stands up she leans over to peer at the writing. "Looks like it still didn't come up. And..oh, just Sierra will do. I'm kind of a mascot - Sierra the Mermaid. I'm a person just like you. Just a bit..fishier, is all. So the Baxter building you say? I could stop by there. Might be a bit of a strech, but I'll do the best I can to make it out there. You know how it is, little fish, big pond." She smiles softly as she carefuly moves out of the concrete crater.

"Well Take care o' yerself kid! I'll see you around." He rubs the writing on his chest, "Thanks fer trying to help."

And that said, Ben hobbles off in the direct Mike fly, muttering to himself as he heads for home and for cleaning materials!

Alchemy watches the Thing run off and sighs. "I swear, I must need to shower more often." he mutters, referring ot the fact that everyone seems to flee from his presence. "So uhmmm…do you come out of there often or stay in the water?"

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