2011 11 13 Sierra Visits The Baxter

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Sierra Visits the Baxter

Sierra, The Thing, Susan Richards

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Fantastic Four Headquarters, New York

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Ben, Sierra, and Sue talk about the mermaid's plans to relocate to NYC


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-==[ Library - 31st Floor Fantastic Four HQ ]==-----

Somewhat out of place, this area gives the traveller the feeling they are within an old free standing library with actual oak stacks and tables with comfortable chairs for reading. The walls too have many books upon their shelves, and the floor is done in maroon carpeting. This area is quieter and more relaxed than the rest of the structure and still, being aware that you're in a highrise is generally forgotten.

"So uh… Suzie!" Ben calls out as he carries the recently shampooed floor mats from tucked under his arm that the Lady of the Hideout asked him to place back in the hall, "So I like meet a Mermaid today! She said she was from Florida but she's movin' to New York to attend school. I kinda told her to come by, I thought we could give her a letter of recommendation and all….." Ben says really just offering this out of nowhere, "I figured with all the mutant-related violence recently, if people think she's a friend of the FF they'll leave her alone."

Susan Richards steps into the hall from where she'd been helping Franklin get ready for bed. "Sounds good, Ben. About what time will she be arriving?"

Sierra has arrived..now! She slithers into the room. Seems Ben stopped and let staff know to expect her sometime in the future, but this soon is perhaps a little unexpected. Her tail seems to have muscle underneath that lets her move with a little movement back and forth of her tail. She carries herself upward at about 5 feet tall, with the rest of her trailing behind her. "Hello?" she calls out, peeking around corners as she moves further inward.

"Oh…" Ben jumps a little bit as he turns to see Sierra coming down the hall, "Hey there! Glad you could make it so soon! No one gave you trouble in the lobby?" Ben asks, "I think it's just me an' Suze home right now, but thanks for stoppin' by." He looks back over his shoulder and calls out, "I guess she's here right now Suze!"

Susan Richards chuckles softly. "All right, Ben. Let me check on Franklin quickly then I'll join you." She heads back toward the youngest Richards' room, calling back. "Why don't you show her to the library, Ben? I'll have some drinks sent that way."

Sierra gives a soft melodic chuckle. "Well, when one of the members of the fantastic four asks you to stop by, it would be rude to keep them don't you think? I had assumed you had meant for tonight? Though if it's a bad time.." She reaches up to touch Ben's chest to where he had been spraypainted earlier, inspecting the removal work. "I guess it's too late to show him the Mermaid hmm? That's a shame, I tend to get along well with children. So have you been de-bummified properly?"

Ben coughs as Sierra touches his chest and says, "Thanks.. yeah some paint thinner took it right off. And don't worry, you'll get a chance to meet the munchkins ometime I'm sure." He turns then and tries to remember which way to to the library, "Ok yeah… this way.. where all them books is… Yeah we can sit…" he looks to Sierra and then back to the seating choices in the Library, "oh yeah… There's the fainting couch in there.. you oughta be able to curl up real comfortable like on there." He says as he motions Sierra into the room, "Hey Suze do you want me to get the drinks so you can come on over her and put yer feet up?"

Susan Richards calls back, "It's all right, Ben, I've got it." She finishes tucking Franklin in for the night, which takes about ten minutes, then quickly detours to the kitchen to get a selection of beverages, including the kinds of bottled water she knows that Namor usually prefers, and heads for the library to meet with Sierra.

As Ben and Sierra get settled into the peaceful surroundings of the library, and Sue returns towards that location, the butterfly whose wings will start the hurricane, or tsunami… however that saying goes is walking down the hallway from Johnny's room. Nose scrunching, Johnny looks to the approaching sibling, "Hey Sue, have you been cooking? It smells fishy in the hallway."

Sierra shakes her head as she follows Ben "Oh, well I can coil my body, sometimes I sit on my tail more or less. It's kind of like having built in seating. Though I admit it's pretty plush to have a nice something cushy to sit on, I'm a bit heavier than the normal person."

Susan Richards stops at Johnny's words, takes a visible second to process them, and THEN her eyes go wide. "God, Johnny, how rude can you be?" she hisses at him quietly, unaware of the fact that he didn't see Sierra's arrival.

"Furniture here is reinforced so I can sit in them so feel free to relax wherever you like….." And then Johnny comes in talking about smelling fish, "Hey Matchstick! Be polite wouldya?" He looks to Sierra and says, "Don't mind him, he's kinda rude like that." He does look over to Susie and the beverage tray and goes to get himself a bottled water.

At Susan's scolding, Johnny looks a bit surprised to the reaction which eventually fades into one of more abject horror, "You mean, dinner's not supposed to smell like that?" He gives a grimace, "Okay, Sue. No offense but I'm going to order out then." He starts walking towards the kitchen, pinching his nose in preparation of entering into what he considers stink ground-zero.

Sierra takes one of the waters, and blushes when Johnny seems to go on. She settles onto a couch, coiling herself as she spends about a minute getting comfortable. "I..well, I did use rosewater and pomegrante water and spray but..I suppose the smell can become a little strong for some. I..I apologize..I think..maybe I should have used a little more..before I came. I thought I was okay.."

The Thing holds up a finger at Sierra and says, "Kid ya smell just fine…" and that said he stands up and walks… calmly….. out of hte Library, "Matchstick! C'mere ya bum!" and Ben heads after Johnny towards the kitchen. Noogies are certain to follow!

Susan Richards rolls her eyes after Johnny and sighs, then continues into the library, pausing to let Ben claim a bottle of water. "Hi there… sorry about that. I think Johnny's brain-mouth filter got burned out years ago. It's not that bad, really. I hadn't even noticed until he pointed it out. Would you like something to drink?"

The nose pinching Johnny stops in the kitchen, glancing around the room for the offending dish, he glances up looking towards the rocky one as he calls him "ey Ben," He greets, "Do whad wuz id dad Stue messed up cookin?"

Sierra stays embarassedly red-cheeked, though reaches out to take a water. "Yes..thank you." She puts her finger into the water, watching the glass as she swirls that finger around on the inside of the glass.

"Here let me help you!" Ben says as he reaches out and attempts pinch Johnny's nose for him. Pretty hard. He'll even start to give it /just/ a bit of a twist to make sure his olfactor sensors and good and truly blocked, if he can. Leaning forward, Ben murmurs something to Johnny.

Susan Richards smiles, setting the rest of the beverage selection on a convenient table and claiming a glass of water for herself. "I'm Sue, by the way. Ben said you're moving to New York to attend school? May I ask which one?"

The tranquil nature of the library is soon disrupted by Johnny's raised voice, "YEE-OUCH!" That is most decidedly NOT a noogie. False advertising indeed. Johnny eyes Ben, "I will wemebur dis."

Susan Richards flinches at the yell and glances toward the open library door. If that woke Franklin…

And Ben pats Johnny on the head as he releases his nose, "Thanks matchstick. Now come get yerself some grub, and then come by the library and be /nice/ and say hello to our guest." And he gives Johnny a pat on the head as he turns to head back to the library. Oh he's gonna suffer some indignity form of a Johnny Storm prank for this later, but generally, Johnny's up in the series anyway so Ben figures this was totally worth it, "Sorry 'bout that…." Ben says as he slips back into the library and finds a big reinforced chair to settle into with his bottled water.

[Fantastic Four] Human Torch says, "So what's for dinner?"

[Fantastic Four] Susan Richards says, "Pot roast."

[Fantastic Four] Human Torch says, "Yeah, that should NOT smell like fish"

Sierra winces at the yell, looking over in the direction of it. "Well..I haven't decided. I have a senior year to spend in highschool, but I have been homeschooled. I thought it might be good to see what it's like in a public school. I was also thinking of taking some advanced standing courses at one of the universities in Marine Biology. I'm working for a deep sea salvage company while up here to generate some income."

Johnny does indeed find the food which is definitely not fish and helps himself to some pot roast. YUM. It might taste better if his sense of smell was intact however. (DAMN YOU GRIMM!) Alas, He grumbles, eating through his pot roast in the kitchen. Grumble. Grumble. Chew. Chew.

You say, "Well, anything we can do to help. And I do mean that." She sips at her glass of water then adds, "Which salvage company? I hear some of them are doing some great things.""

"Well There's plenty o' good schools, and I don't care what Reed says, I like ta think I'm a sterling example you can come up through public schooling and turn out ok." Ben says with a nod, "Well ok so eventualy I turned into a freakish rock-man, but that's like.. completely unreleted to edcuation. Also Empire State.. great Marine Biology program."

Sierra nods to Susan "Golden Treasure Salvage Company. Thier office is based here." She looks to Ben with a soft nervous chuckle "Well..it sounds like something freaky, like if I were to turn into a human or something." She gives a soft smile "I've been a mascot for sea-world all my life, at least I don't have to be on toys, t-shirts, and in cartoons for this job."

Human Torch CHEWS.

Susan Richards considers. "Say, Ben, which school was it that had the swim team in the newspapers last month?" She makes a mental note of the company that Sierra is working for, resolving to make sure their OSHA standards are up to par with the mermaid's unique requirements.

"Um… well um…" Ben says as he rack his brain to try and remember. Finally he has to give up the ghost, "Honestly Suze, I don't remember. Pretty much if it's not Football, Wrestlin' or Boxin' I kinda just… skim over it…." Ben admits with a clearing of his throat, "But I'll bet H.E.R.B.I.E. could google it?"

Sierra shakes her head "Well, I don't think I could participate..something tells me I would have a bit of a advantage in a swim meet." She smiles a little, feeling a little less embarassed. "Not everyone can have superpowers, be half fish, save the world..but everyone really is special in thier own way. They just don't stop to think about it enough to realize it."

Human Torch chews MOAR.

Susan Richards smiles at Sierra. "I was thinking more that you could maybe help their coaches with the swim team. Imagine the kind of edge that would give their kids, while still being entirely aboveboard. Or if nothing else, get permission to make use of the swimming pool."

"Well if you hang around New York enough you'll probably get a chance to save the world." Ben says with a smile, "Seriously though, through our charity work we does allota work with local schools, so when you know where you wanna go I'm sure we can help yah out. Cause if you keep working for that salvage company they'll try and schedule you as much as they can so they won't loose you and can keep you around. I know how them devious cusses think." He takes a healthy gulp of his water before adding, "Thanks for your help earlier today by the by and fer coming by to see us. I think I'm prolly gonna hafta excuse myself shortly to go and get my 40 winks though."

Sierra shakes her head "Well..in a way yes. I can go places the submarines cannot, and I can do it without equipment. But I think saving the world is a bit out of my league. I think my co-worker Shamoo the killer-whale is more likely to save the world than I am. I'm really just a girl. I mean what can someone like me do? I don't really have superduper strength or anything. I swim well and breathe underwater. Now if you drop your watch in the lake, I totally can save the day." She tilts her head "Bed? Well, Sleep well then. At least here you shouldn't have any grafitti worries..though from what happened over there, I'd sleep with an eye open."

After scarfing down his serving of pot roast. Johnny does come to the library area, peeking his head in to look over to Sierra, "Uh. Hi. I'm Johnny." Well, yes. He is Johnny. Johnny looks towards Ben. And for a moment gives a widening grin. "Good night guys." With that, he backs away from the door and walks down the hallway, whistling.

Susan Richards looks up at Johnny as he sticks his head in, then shakes her head amusedly. "Actually, you'd be amazed how much you could do if the need arose. But believe me when I say that I sincerely hope you never have to find out. It's … not something everyone should have to do."

The Thing nods to Sierra and smiles, "Well thanks fer stopping by again Sierra, and thanks for helpin' me with a graffiti issue." And he starts heading out of the the Library, "G'night Suze, I'll check on Franklin real qucik then I'm gonna sack out." He even calls after Johnny, "Thanks fer be so social matchstick!" and all quips made and g'nights said, the Thing heads down the hall to the private appartments.

Sierra has the opportunity to wave to Johnny, before he's zipping by. "Johnny seems..spirited. Perhaps a bit fiesty tonight?" She looks to Sue "Well..I suppose we all have it in ourselves to rise to the occasion if it ever came about. We never sit here and think we'd act in some unforseen situation."

Susan Richards smiles after Ben. "Good night, Ben." She looks at Sierra with an amused expression. "Graffiti?" She didn't really have a chance to ask Ben about it.

Susan Richards finishes chatting with Sierra and sees her out, then does a last bit of cleaning up before heading back to start getting ready for bed herself.

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