2011 11 13 Mcribs And The Hip Camel Characters

Log Title: McRibbs and the Hip Camel
Characters: Ms. Marvel & Human Torch
RL Date: 2011-11-13 IC Date: 2011-11-13
Location: Rooftops of Eastern New York
Brief log summary:: Ms. Marvel runs into the Human Torch while on patrol. They chat.
Rating: pg
There is no TS in this log:: Yes
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-==[ East NY Rooftop Areas - New York ]==------—-

This expansive region of rooftop level encompasses the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens. Many levels are represented yet rarely does any one structure exceed 10 floors. Those that do are residental living structures found in groupings typically spaced from one another, limiting swinging or leaping abilities. Other noteable structures are the elevated trains which often stand just over 30 feet.

Although a Sunday afternoon often means rest for many, there are still plenty who must go about doing their duties to make sure the city functions properly. Bedecked in his typical F4 uniform, Johnny is not currently one of these people. Instead he appears to be on a break from whatever he had been doing and is seated on one of the rooftops, two large sacks bearing the name of Mc Donalds rest near him along with several empty boxes lying nearby with sauce bleeding on the insides. In his hands, he is devouring yet another McRib.

Whatever her duties or tasks this day, Carol Danvers - better known to the world as Ms. Marvel - is currectly in costume and flying over the City when she pots Johnny on the rooftop in those telltale F4 blues. She alters the path of her flight and swoops in lower to hover in front of the McRib-devouring Johnny with her hands on her hips. "Hey there, Matchstick. You get a sudden case of the hungries?" she comments.

Hearing the greeting, Johnny's chewing slows as he turns his head to look to Carol. Mouth closed as he chews, he manages a close lipped, sauce etched smile as he nods. He swallows his food. "I burn calories like crazy." He lowers the sandwich over the box, timing it in time for a glop of the generous sauce portion to fall into the box as opposed to his uniform. "Just flying around?"

Ms. Marvel shrugs a bit and nods to Johnny. "I try to fly patrol a few times a week, and today's it. No other crisis going on, so I'm free to fly around and spot what I can. No Hydra troops, no AIM experiments gone wild, no alien invasions. It's a good day."

Johnny gives a nod. "Only had one building fire today to deal with." Johnny volunteers, "Very managable one at that. The rest of the fighters could have covered it but they'd already started watching a new DVD and who likes spreading that over the day?" He lifts up the sandwich towards his mouth, "Oh have you tried these McRibs? They're great!" He takes another large bite out of the food item, chewing contentedly.

Carol just shakes her head. "Nope, I haven't tried one. But that's OK, Jarvis is making something really good for dinner tonight. Best not to spoil my appetite for a Jarvis creation." The Avengers do rave about their butler, but it seems the guy deserves the praise. "Still a bit worried about Sandy. I'm afraid all this crap from the Sinister Six is really starting to get to him. Flying at least gives me some quiet time away from the Mansion to think about it. Not really sure what to do to help the guy through this. I'm not exactly Miss Touchy-Feely." Honestly, that's more Johnny's sister's department. Not that Sue doesn't have her hands full already.

At the mention of Sandman, Johnny's eyes narrow, glance focusing upon his sandwich as he chews quietly for a few moments. Swallowing his food, he shakes his head. "I'm not the one to talk with about him," he admits, "He's more Ben's friend."

"Sorry. Wasn't trying to poke any sensitive spots." Carol comments. She knows about having emotional pressure points. Hers drove her to drink and nearly destroyed her career as a heroine. "I just don't like to see the villains win." None who does what they do wants to see the villains win, no matter what the villains are after.

"Oh I don't like seeing them win either." Johnny replies, quick to point that out, shaking his head, "It's just, If you want to talk about him, you're better off talking to Ben. He's the one who hangs out with him the most." He sets the sandwich down in the box, turning his attention to gathering up the empty boxes together and putting them into one of the bags. "Don't hang out with him."

"Fair enough, Johnnh." Carol offers. She doesn't further interrupt his meal, but settles down on the edge of the roof, letting him gather up his boxes in peace. "How have you beeen, otherwise?"

"I've been doing alright." Johnny replies, chucking box after box into the bag before reaching over to the other bag to pull out a french fry. "Every so often something comes out of the N-Verse and we have to deal with it, we also upped the amount of patrols we do when the Right popped out wanting to kill mutants. Then there's the Fire Department stuff, and the dating, and the endorsements, oh and the racing." He grins, waving the fry in front of his mouth, "Been keeping busy." He pops the fry into his mouth, chewing it up quickly.

Carol nods. She was never one much for the 'fame engine' part of being a hero, but she has to admit Johnny seems to have nailed it. Dealing with the Right seems to have largely passed her by, but she does what she can to help out. His mention of it does remind her to cast her vote on the team's proposed 'Avengers Academy' initiative, however. "Keeping busy is a good thing, as long as it's not 'end of the world' kind of busy." Maybe Carol needs to find something to keep /her/ busy, outside of the actual crisis stuff of being a heroine? She can't imagine doing modeling or any of that. But there has to be something, right? Maybe Fury could use her in a consultant basis?

Johnny nods in return, "Yeah, the end of the world stuff is hell on the social calendar." He reaches down to grab the last of his sandwich, popping it into his mouth. "Mmph mmph mmph mmph?"

Carol just peers at Johnny, trying not to bust out laughing. "Seriously? C'mon, I don't speak full-mouth mumble, Johnny. Sorry." Hey, at least he wasn't opening his mouth while doing that. Gross!

He chews his sandwich piece thoroughly before swallowing. A hand reaches into the bag that held the fries to retrieve a handful of napkins. "How are you doing?" He repeats, wiping away the red mess that coats his fingertips and area around the lips, "Other than being worried about Sandman."

"Ah." Carol offers, glad to have a cleaner translation. "Me? Well, I'm doing OK. Back with the Avengers full-time now." Whether or not Johnny would have kept up with things like her courts martial before the Avengers, her leave of absence, her work with SHIELD, or her gradual return to the fold isn't really something Ms. Marvel would want to take bets on, one way or the other. So she doesn't try to clarify. If he asks, that's a different thing. "No endorsements or anything like that for me." Maybe she should try to get a job as a test pilot? She could survive accidents far better than any normal test pilot, and it would get her back in the cockpit. It's a thought.

"No endorsements." Johnny repeats, with a mock sigh, looking over to Carol before giving an impish smile, tossing the used napkins to his 'dirty' bag. "Too bad. I'd bet you'd make a killing marketing boots".

Ms. Marvel is a bit surprised and non-plussed by that. "Boots? Really, you think so?" Of course, Carol would have to get an agent and all of that pizzaz if she wanted to make anything like that work. But the Avengers have people that do that sort of thing. If she told them she was interested, they'd probably jump at the idea.

"Well yeah," Johnny replies, offering a bit more explanation as he reaches into the 'clean' bag to retrieve what's left of his fries, "Let's face it. You're good looking and an Avenger to boot. And considering it's already part of your outfit, he pulls out a fry from the red box, arching the little salted potato cancer stick in a dramatic manner, "Voila, boots it is." He grins, "Or some line of product with a lightning bolt over a black background."

"Well, I'll consider it. Maybe the Avengers' PR staff will have some ideas." Or maybe they'll think the idea is ludicrous. But at least she will have asked, right? "Thanks for the idea."

Johnny nods, smiling as he grabs yet another fry. "No problem. Good luck with it." He pauses, glancing to his fry, and then to Ms. Marvel, "Ok I know you mentioned Jarvis will be cooking stuff but, it's a shame to pass up one of these french fries."

Ms. Marvel glances at the fry and then back to Johnny, shaking her head. "Doesn't seem like a shame to me. Those things go straight to my hips, and they don't need any help at all."

With the refusal, Johnny shrugs, "Oh well. More for me." He brings back the fry, "Although to be honest, your hips look great. I don't think a fry is going to be that straw for the hip-camel." He shrugs, popping the fry into his mouth to enjoy it.

"The hip-camel. Right. I'll keep that in mind." Carol offers with a smirk. She is amused, really. "Well, tell you what. I'm going to end the temptation and head back, finish my patrol and see what it is Jarvis has come up with for dinner. You have fun, Johnny. Catch you later." With that she lifts off and heads back out across the city.

"Alright then. Good night." As Carol lifts off, Johnny watches quietly, munching on his french fries. It isn't until Carol is but a distant figure that Johnny winces. "Damn it. Forgot one." He glances down to his box of food and sighs, "Then again, do they even sell thigh-masters anymore?"

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