2011 11 13 Beers And Broken Glass

Log Title:
Beers and Broken glass.

Phantasm and Sandman

RL Date:
13 Nov 2011

IC Date:
13 Nov 2011

Jack's Pub - Chelsea

Brief log summary::
Mike and Flint meet up at the Pub and have a chat.


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-==[ Jack's Pub - New York ]==--------——

A low lit, well furnished, standard English bar. Jack's Pub has quiet music playing in the background, sometimes an actual piano is being played for tips. The bar itself is located in the center part of the room and is well manicured, polished, and decorated. The waitress' all wear short, black skirts, yet still hold the feel of beauty and elegance. The bartenders all wear tuxedo shirts and bottoms and have a smile wanting to serve you.

Sunday evenings are not the best of times for pubs. With people recovering from their Saturday hangovers and trying to get back into the proper mode for the start of the work week, not many people are willing to go out drinking on a Sunday evening. As such, the pubs don't get as much in alcohol sales. As much. There are still people like Mike who does not fit with the typical 8 to 5 routine and he's very much enjoying the lull that has secured him a table in the pub. Not near the window or door and providing a sufficient amount of privacy. A nice, quiet booth to the side allows for both seats a glance to the door on the other side of the establishment. An ideal location, considering. Mike sits, waiting, a basket of rolls and an appetizer have recently been set at the table, along with a mug of a dark beer for him as well as a drink set across from him. Waiting for the person he is waiting for.

Entering into the pub, Flint Marko looks about and wonders why he is here. Ever since his change, he has had to struggle to remember life as William Baker. A few run-ins with 'friends' has made him ponder why William Baker was so likeable and how he must force himself to imitate his former self until the timing is right. Meeting Mike here, Flint scans the pub. Not really sure who Mike is, he blinks when he does catch sight of the man. Not because he recognizes him, but because he bears a strong resemblance to someone who may or may not have known Flint. Walking towards Mike, "Hey." The Avenger offers a nod as he walks towards the booth.

Eyes somewhat following a waitress's err, 'walk', it is a couple moments after Sandman enters in that Mike glances in the general direction of the door. Upon seeing the avenger, he lifts up his mug in a mock toast before setting it down. "Evenin' Baker." He greets, voice a bit lazy as if he's not on his first drink, but not to the point where he's had too many. He tilts his head in indication to the other beer, "Got you a beer. Kind of going on memory from the last time so if I got it wrong, I can ask her to get you another."

Sizing them man up when he hears the man's voice, Flint shakes his head and thinks to himself how he must have been a wuss or something for being friends with someone like this. He simply nods and takes a seat. Eyeing the beer for a moment before turning his gaze to Mike, "Tonight, I'm in the mood for something else." He hmmmmns as he gestures for the waitress to come over. She does and Flint orders a , "Salty dog." She looks confused for a moment when Flint adds, "If the bartender doesn"t know what it is, then I am leaving." He then gives another nod and shady smile before turning to Mike, "You know, you kind of bear a strong resemblance to someone I know, but for the life of me, I can't place it."

Mike lifts up his near black beer to take another down of it, setting the glass down to show the levels having dropped a substantial amount. Regardless of the percieved 'wuss' factor, it's apparent that this person CAN hold his drink. Mike shrugs, reaching over to claim Flint's beer. "In that case," He brings the mug over to his side of the table, "Waste not, want not and all that shit." He gives a bit of a smirk. "You mentioned I looked like someone you knew the first time we met." Mike replies, leaning back in his seat, "Kind of wondering who. Didn't really take after the aunt. And I doubt you're talking about my mom."

"Nah. Not a woman." Flint smirks, "Though you are somewhat rocking the androgynous look…But no, it is a man. One of my old friends." Sandman looks away a moment and sighs, "I mean from when I used to go around as Flint. One of Flint's old friends. Not mine." The waitress brings his ordered drink. Flint gestures for her to remain while he tastes it. Shaking his head disapprovingly, "Anyone can look up Salty Dog on Wikipedia and make it. But a real bartender knows how to make it right." He smashes the glass on the ground near the bar, "Sorry, miss. I'll just have a beer since this establishment does not cater to my type." He smirks sarcastically, "The refined type."

Mike unconciously reaches back to touch at the ponytail holding back his hair, cracking a half smile, "Hey, whatever sells." As he gets a bit more information, he frowns, shaking his head. "Sorry, got no idea who it could be then." He lies, mug halting in its lift as he watches the glass break. The mug sets down, "Probably coincidence." He glances to the glass again. "So, Flint," he starts up pausing as if he's about to correct himself, but he doesn't, eyes setting upon Flint's face curiously for any reaction, "How're you getting settled into the new life?"

Smiling a bit, "Nah, I am pretty sure I know the guy. Gimme time and I will figure it out. Maybe you are a long lost relative or something." Flint is given a beer by the waitress who is unnerved by the earlier display of aggression. After giving Flint the beer, she rushes off. Flint takes a swig of the beer and then responds to Mikeâs question, "Settling into the new life would be a lot easier if people called me by the right name. Come on, you know to call me Bill or Baker. But if it is easier then just call me Sandman."

"Oh yes. Bill." Mike replies, giving an apologetic smile, "It's just, you seem to switch between the names from time to time that I just started viewing it like just another name you used." He nods towards the glass that's being cleaned up now, "Like, breaking that glass, that's not something Bill Baker would do. Tht's more something I imagine Flint would do. You were getting into the Flint character back then." He lifts up his drink, "As a performer I'd say there's nothing wrong with getting into character, so long as you remember to leave that character behind after you leave the stage."

Eying Mike suspiciously, Flint listens as Mike explains the actions as a performance to which Flint nods in agreement, "Yep, all it is really. A performance. To be honest, it's a secret Avengers thing. Can't say more, other than it helps that it looks completely believable which I presume you think it is so. Kudos to me." Sipping the beer, Flint smirks, "So how've you been Mike? Haven't seen you since that night at the restaurant when we celebrated. What have you been up to since?"

Mike downs a sizable amount of his glass's contents, drawing forth the waitress's attention to which Mike simply confirms his need for another with a nod. "A great performance." Mike agrees, gesturing towards the appetizers. "Help yourself to some of the cheese fries." He sets the mug down, "Things have been, interesting. At least for me. In the recording stages for my next album, did some appearances. Wade's hand seems to be getting better. so he might be able to play for the album after this which is good because I've been holding back on some pieces for the occasion." He pauses, "And, well, other stuff."

"Ah well. Good to hear you are returning to music. The world needs more music and you being a musician helps with that." Flint offers cordially as he finishes his beer and gestures for the waitress to bring another. When she does so, hesitantly, Flint leans over and whispers an apology. To which she sighs in relief and accepts. She smiles to Mike as she refills his glass and waits to see if Flint orders anything, "Uh, yeah, I'll have some crab cakes." She nods and disappears into the kitchen, "So, Mikey, how's the love life? I'd think you'd be beating off the women with a stick."

"Well let's be honest, it's more of a casual sex life than a love life." Mike replies matter of factly, glancing after the waitress who smiled at him, "But I had to hold off while I was healing up." He glances back towards Flint, "And you? Being an Avenger's got to be a good opener."

"Hey it's a great opener. Works well on the chics, but got to be careful and what not. Don't want to tarnish the name of the team and all." He smiles as he is given another beer and sips, "Though I wonder. I met some hot chick at that party. I should really give her a call, huh. You saw her. Raveb-haired chick. Hot as hell. Just dripping sex." Flint smirks as he fishes for the card that she gave him, but shrugs, "Left it at home."

Mike's frown deepens as he's reminded of that, "I'm aware of her," he allows, "She gave me her numbers as well." He pauses, reaching for a cheese covered fry before adding, "Second number was when she was making eyes at Wade."

"Oh really." Flint seems slightly disappointed, "Well, sorry bro, not into the threesome thing. No touching each other anywhere is fine by me." He finishes up his beer, "Well, buddy. It's been fun. Definitely will have to meet up again. Maybe see if Ben and Gogo want to come too." He bows his head, "See ya bro."

Mike gives a nod, "See you 'round, Baker."

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