2011 11 11 Robots And Rogue Mutants Oh My

Log Title: Robots and Rogue Mutants, Oh My
Characters: Yishi, Telemetry
RL Date: 2011-11-11
IC Date: 2011-11-11
Location: New Warriors Base Brief log
summary:: After a training session, two New Warriors talk about another potential recruit.
Rating: pg
There is no TS in this log:: Yes

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"Sometimes, this suit drives me nuts." Telemetry says as she pulls down her hood. She slides both hands into her hair and then rubs them quickly and chaotically back and forth, stimulating the folicles. "After an hour it tends to make my head itch a little. My hair doesn't like lying flat like that."

Xiu Lin watches this with wry amusement, before reaching up to remove her own headgear, the helmet to the suit that Telemetry has helped her create to suit her needs as she tries to ready herself to be a New Warrior. Of course, Xiu Lin keeps her hair braided, so the impact of the helmet on her hair is minimal. Not zero, but minimal. "I suppose you could always shave it all off." she teases, smiling. "This is going to take a lot of getting used to."

"Ugh. No thank you. I'm used to keeping my hair military short… not insane short. I'm not a Delphan." Telemetry considers, then says, "I have no idea what's in the fridge but I'm starving. I think there's some left-over pizza. I can nuke that."

"Well, why don't I get this off and then I can help you in the kitchen." Xiu Lin is a bit more culinarily inclined than merely nuking pizza, but the supplies in the kitchen might challenge even her talents. The only way to find out is to check, right? In about ten minutes, the diminutive Xiu Lin arrives in the kitchen, dressed in a humble grey cheongsam tunic and loose-fitting drawstring pants and slippers. She comes in and starts rooting about to see what she can find. Meanwhile, she apparently decides to start a conversation. "I wanted to speak with you at some point. I had hoped perhaps you and Angelica both. But your schedules have not exactly permitted that of late. I encountered someone the other day. Someone I think might be the sort you're looking for, to flesh out the group." But she's not sure. So she's here to ask questions. "Well, right now its just you, me, Firestar, and the Adaptoid… and while Firestar and the Adaptoid are powerhouses, some diversity might be nice."

Telemetry has changed, too. She's in a pair of grey sweats and a dark blue USAF sweatshirt. "The … Adaptoid. This is the robot creature you mentioned in your email?" Xiu Lin questions. She really has no idea what that is. But it sounds scary. "She is homeless. At least, I beleive she is. A mutant. She is quite worried about everything that happened. But she is still trying to use her abilities to help those in need. That struck me as very … suitable." Marina nods in agreement even as she pulls pizza from the fridge. "Right. It used to be sort of a bad guy. A robot that can copy the powers of others. I found it. Reprogrammed it. Gave it a moral code. Its helping us now. What's this mutant girl's name? Or her codename, at least?" "She called herself Darklight. And said that her name was Xian." Xiu Lin offers. "She could fly. She turned … sort of purple. An inverted look, like old photo negatives."

She's pondering this Adaptoid thing. How odd. Marina pulls out several slices and arranges them onto a microwavable plate. That gets tossed into the microwave. "I've met her. Or, rather, the Adaptoid did and he called me to meet her. I agree. She's a good candidate. Light based powers. I'd like to talk to Firestar about it but she's very busy with school lately."

Xiu Lin nods. "I wished to speak to Angelica about it as well. The two of you made the decision to recruit me. I was not sure what criteria you used. I did not wish to say anything to Xian until I had spoken with both of you, to be sure it would be the right thing to do." Marina presses buttons. Beep beep beep beep beep! The light inside the microwave comes on. The pizza becomes irradiated as it slowly twirls on the glass plate inside. "Well, in this case, I thought we needed brains. Someone who could look at a scene and tell us who, what, where,when, and why. I know intelligence is how you win a battle. In her case? It might be more she needs us than vice versa." Xiu Lin nods in agreement, as she continues gathering bits and pieces of things, and starts preparing something on the stove. "We could provide her with resources. A home. Friends and allies she lacks currently. And protection against those like the Right." Well, the others can. Not so much, Xiu Lin. But she would try. Don't be so sure. Knowledge is power. The Right wouldn't have been shut down without Xiu Lin's skills.

Marina watches the microwave as she talks. "Exactly. That's half of what the New Warriors are about. Helps make sure that people like us don't end up in the Vault." "At least not needlessly." the little Chinese young woman offers, as she continues at the stove. Soon enough she'll be adding savory smells to the kitchen. "I gave her one of my cards. But I do not know if she will use it. She seemed a bit jaded. Apparently I was not the first to have met her and tried to offer her aid." Which would make one wonder why she was still homeless. "She said someone named Selene offered her a position on a hero team at a place called the Hellfire Club." Marina shakes her head. "Nothing I've found indicates this Hellfire Club is the sort of place that heroes hang out."

Xiu Lin makes a face. "I have never heard of the place. But just the name is enough to lead me to believe that would not be a good place." She continues to work at the stove, and will eventually bring over a stir fry of veggies and diced meats to share along with the nuked pizza. "She did not mention the Hellfire Club when I met her."

"Dunno." Marina opens the microwave door as it beeps, indicating the pizza slices are done. "When you get a chance, you should do a background check on Darklight. Let's not let our altriusm make us stupid."

"I could use your help with that. You are better with computers than I." Xiu Lin offers. Still, she's more than willing to do so. And she should be able to run something through the police computers by calling in a favor with a friend on the force. She just doesn't want to overdo that sort of thing. "Clearly, I do not wish to be stupid about things. But I believe she was genuine." And she is pretty good at reading people.

Marina nods. "Me, too." She admits. "I didn't see anything in the way she acted to sugget she was lying. Still, better safe than sorry." She settles her butt against the counter and takes a bite out of her pizza.

Xiu Lin nibbles on stir fry and continues chatting. "There's room here to sit down, you know." She's sure Marina's habit of eating like that comes from her military time. "Are our communicators encrypted?" She wouldn't want just anyone listening in, after all. "And do they have locators?" Important in a crisis.

"Yes, they're encrypted. What the Warriors had before was decent. I made sure its state of the art. SHIELD could probably break it but they'd have to try hard… and they all come with GPS locators." Marina agrees. "And I prefer to stand. Strange, I know, but I sit a lot while coding so…"

Well, at least Marina recognizes it is strange. Xiu Lin won't belabor the point. "Good. I assume this Adaptoid has one as well?" Hey, if he is supposed to be accounted as 'one of the team', she wants to know. Then if she finds trouble, she knows she can call on him. It. Whatever. "Will we start practicing together, as well? I know I will be a weak link in a conflict, but I will be less so with the armor, and if I can learn the talents of my allies." Her friends, but she doesn't know Adaptoid and can't consider it a person, really.

Marina nods. "Yes." She says. "He has it built in. I added it to his system during his last check-up. Practicing together is a good idea. We need to develop combat strategies against single enemies and group enemies."

Xiu Lin nods. "I have never done battle in the ways I imagine may be required of us. I will need the practice, to learn to understand how these things … work." She's a bright girl, she'll figure it out given the chance. "I'll let you know what I find on the background check through the police network. And we can work on putting together anything you find when you take your turn at it."

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