2011 11 11 Aw Snap

Log Title: Aw Snap!
Characters: Alchemy, GoGo, Phantasm, The Thing
RL Date: 11 Nov 2011
IC Date: 11 Nov 2011
Location: Rockefeller Center
Brief Log Summary: Today is the day the Rockefeller tree goes up in the plaza! Ben makes an appearance to assist with putting the tree into the base and after he leaves for Fantastic Four stuff, there is a major problem with the crane that helped with holding the tree up.
Rating: G
There is no TS in this log: Yes


-==[ Rockefeller Center - New York ]==--------

It may come as a surprise even to veteran New Yorkers, but Rockefeller Center actually encompasses a full 21 acres of gardens, plazas, art and architecture. Though primarily a tourist trap, Rockefeller Center can charm even the most jaded New Yorker particularly during the holidays, when packs of skaters circle the skating rink in front of the larger-than-life Christmas tree. A handful of shops surround the plaza in front of the rink, and there's an underground shopping area, too. But the prime attraction is the NBC studios. "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" and the "Rosie O'Donnell Show" are both taped here, while the "Today Show"'s fishbowl studio (at 49th Street) allows a street-level glimpse into the inner workings of network television. Less well-known is the fact that much of the music industry keeps offices in the area, though outside of the MTV Awards Show you're unlikely to see rock stars among the tourist hordes at the nearby Radio City Music Hall or Fashion Caf.

The quality of the ice at the Rink might not compare with that at Wollman, but skating at Rockefeller Center is as much a see-and-be-seen proposition as a pure ice-skating experience.


The Thing



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With the ice skating rink at rockefeller open for the season, there is already a chunk of people present in the area, but on this Veteran's day it is experiencing even more of a crowd as bundled New Yorkers opt to get a glimpse of the center's yearly icon finding its way home, some opting to actually skate while the process is going on.

The street near Rockefeller Center has been blocked off, by local police and a large flatbed truck sporting Pennsylvania tags. A small work crew works to attach the carefully bundled, 10-ton tree to a cable that is attached to a crane that currently resides near where the tree traditionally ends up.

At the skating rink but no longer skating, a bundled up Mike is seated at a bench where he proceeds to remove his skates. Hair tucked away, the only bit of his body that is exposed would be his face and the now exposed back of the neck. Glancing out to the rink, he watches his friend Wade skate by with some girl he just picked up right then and there. He smiles, shaking his head. From the looks of things, it looks like they're not traveling back to the apartment together today.

Alchemy has today off from school, so he tries to find something to do. He has never seen the erecting of the tree before, so finds himself wandering into the area, hands stuffed into the pockets of his grey pea coat, a silly hat perched atop his head.

"Seriously? Do I gotta wear the hat?" Ben Grimm says to one of the suits from the mayor's office. A long winter coat over a dark suit and a pair of ear muffs and thick glasses on a particular pasty looking fellow is a /very/ start contrast to the Thing who stands there in his Fantastic Four battle singlet, and a fuzzy Santa's hat on his head. The suit from city hall just chuckles and says, "Thank you very much for doing this again Mr. Grimm. It's a real thrill for people to come out and see the Fantastic Four help out in the community. These gestures of goodwill go a long way to public goodwill, and helping smooth out all the property damage your adventures cause. Tree's almost here!" And the wormy little suit is right. The truck carrying the big Christmas tree is almost in place. Waitng for Ben to Hoist it up and set it in it's massive central stand.

"Yanno I'm a veteran, and it's like.. Veterans day.. I could wear my old Air Force cover….." Ben adds clearly still hung up on the whole hat thing.

Annie is out in the crowd, wobbling on the ice in her shoes. She hoots when she spots Ben up on stage. "Yaaaaaay!" She is dressed in her standard of jeans, avengers jacket and FF baseball cap with sunglasses. She doesn't have the jacket closed up, so the NY Giants sweatshirt is visible underneath. Spying another familiar face she slip slides across the rink towards Mike, waving as she slides close to him before having to put both hands on the ice, rump in the air. "Slippery!" Sherlock Holmes eat your heart out.

With the crane cable hooked up to the tree, one of the workers set to unstrap the tree from the bed of the truck, so that Ben and the 'assisting' crane can do its job. (Got to keep those liability lawyers happy after all)

A little girl skates up to one of the rails near where Alchemy is wandering, tiny hands grasp against the glass as she looks curiously to Ben and then proceeds to cry. A baffled looking woman, likely the guardian, skates up to the girl and crouches down to talk to the crying girl to see what is the matter.

The blonde that Mike looked at earlier, glances up and grins, looking over towards his roomie, "Hey Mike! One of your friends sh-" He stops suddenly as he finds himself trying to stop as another big orange thing nearly skates into him. He blinks. "TWO of your friends…" He murmurs, shaking his head as he goes back to the flirting at hand.

It's hard not to see something orange skating by. Particularly when that something is waving at you. Mike shifts to his feet, draping the pair of skates on his shoulder as he looks to the female wrestler. "Ice tends to be that way," He offers in agreement.

Alchemy stops and looks down at the girl, lifting a brow and wondering why she would start crying when she comes near him. "Oh dear. You haven't hurt yourself, have you?" he asks, adjusting his glasses with his mitten clad hand. "I've heard this is something quite fun to watch." he looks at the mother and moves away a little, in case she thinks he did something to harm her child.

Annie laughs and stands up, then wobbles around some more. "Yeah. I have heard that be…be…" More wobbling and arm flailing, then she catches her balance. "I've heard that before. I guess they were right." She nods to the Blonde, "Hey there. I'm Annie." Then she turns her attention to the big tree and the big hero who is the man of the hour, "Yaay! Wooo! Santa Grimm!" She hops in place as she cheers, though she does manage to shush when she hears a little girl crying. That makes her stop to look around.

"See!" Ben says pointing to the crying child, "The hat is scarin' the poor kid!" But even as he tries to protest the crane starts to up end the tree and so Ben wraps his massive arms around the trunk and starts to hoist it up and walk it over to the base. He grunts and people clap as he walks the tree trunk over to it's goal and starts settling it down into the base. He looks out to wave to people his work done. A sheepish grin and wave to the crying girl and her mother. Spying Mike and Annie waves of relief for seeing the people he reconizes.

The little girl looks towards Alchemy, teary eyed and looks towards Ben. "Hobgoblin's bad." The woman glances from the child up to where Ben is and gives a somewhat relieved look, "Oh no dear… That's The Thing." The little girl looks towards the older female, expression seemingly giving the guardian a non-verbal 'Are you stupid?' inquiry.

Wade gives Annie a nod before skating off with the girl he was hanging out with.With Ben's wave, she starts crying a bit more.

Mike turns his head, watching as someone familiar walks the tree over to its stand, "I… did not realize Ben was coming to put the tree up." Huh. Small world.

Alchemy turns to watch as the tree is being set into its base, then looks back at the mother and girl. "That's the Thing? Strange. I imagined him to be much larger and a bit more monstrous. I'm sure you've seen stranger things lurking in your closet or under your bed. By those standards, I believe he looks quite normal."

Annie can't make out why the little girl is crying, but she hears Hobgoblin, so she starts looking all about. What a dastardly villain thing to do! Attacking while putting up the Xmas tree! "Did you hear that girl say Hobgoblin? Maybe that's why Benji is here, or why he…" She stops and shrugs, "I don't see any supervillains. Ben sure looks cute in that hat doesn't he?"

As the tree sinks in, several guys work with adjusting the holders to secure the tree into place while the crane sets about balancing the tree while they work at it.

The little girl isn't having it with the Alchemy and the mother's words, "No!" She protests, likely she would be crossing her arms in stubborness but she's using her hands to keep herself balanced against the glass, "Not Thing. Not green." The mother looks confused, "Green?"

Mike glances over towards Gogo at her question, a brow lifting at the question. "… Do I have to answer that?" He does glance up, just in case there was some guy gliding about, ready to throw bombs. Because that could really stink.

Alchemy shrugs. "Suit yourself. It could be Trolls, afterall. If the worst that man is doing is erecting a very large christmas tree, then he is not a very good supervillain, correct?"

Annie snickers, "You do! Admit that Ben is incredibly cute in that hat! Do it!" She finds that very funny apparently, and snickers turn to giggles. But then she is hopping and cheering for Mr. Grimm again. "Woo! Santa baby!"

Ben beats some of the dust off his hands and looks around, seeing Annie hopping up and down yelling 'Santa Baby' causes him to look down embarrassedly. He looks to the crying little girl and kneels down trying to look less threating, "Look sweetie. It's ok. I'm really not the Hobgoblin.. and if he were to show his ugly mug around here I could totally clobber 'im for you!"

The little girl looks confused, "But thing is green…" her voice dies down, tears stopping but she's still pouting, now just not happy with no one believing her, to make matters worse the Hobgoblin guy is now coming over. "and slimey." The mother reaches over, resting a hand on her back as she shakes her head, "Honey, that's no-" She pauses, glancing over towards Alchemy and then give Ben an apologetic smile, "I think she means Swamp Thing."

Mike gives a bit of a grimace at the answer, "I think I'm going to plead the fifth." Mike turns his head, glancing towards Ben to give a wave, giving off a smile which Ben's likely not going to see.

Alchemy looks over and says "Oh. Well, carry on, then." he stuffs his hands back into his pockets and leans against the wall. He wouldn't dare set foot on the ice, but watches people as they show off their skills or lack thereof.

Annie snickers and waves to Ben, "Let's go say Hi." That said she tries snagging Mike by the hand so she can tug him over to the others. This of course puts him in danger of her flailing and slipping around, but a girl has to do what girl has to to, "Benji! You look so cute in that hat!" Alchemy gets a wave too, "Hi!" Then the mother and daughter get smiles, "Isn't the tree wonderful? I don't think I've ever seen a Christmas tree half so big!"

"Swamp thing?" Ben says his ridge brow twisting perplexed, "Ahhh well.. trust me that ain't me and…" And he jumps a little bit at Annie's boisterous greeting. "Oh high there Annie… Mike…." Ben says as he starts to straighten up, "Um… just ah.. the kid mistook me for the Hobgoblin." he faughs as he says that and looks over his shoulder, "That guy!" he says pointing, "Wuz helpin' set her straight. And I'm sure he would back me up, I could totally take the Hobgoblin. That wouldn't even be a fair fight!"

The men finish anchoring the tree into place and walk away, setting forth to grab the materials for the scaffolding.

With the wrestler grabbing his hand and pulling him onto the ice, Mike starts slipping, "Woah hey!" He stills his feet, allowing for the wobbly Go Go to continue with the dragging, as opposed to fighting it and guaranteeing they would end up on the ice rink floor. A hand lifts up, holding onto the skates that are still draped over his shoulder as he looks to the Ben, he gives off a smile, despite the shakey postioning he has, "Oh hey Ben. Nice hat!" With Ben's explanation he looks to the hat. Orange guy, pointy hat. I /guess/ from a distance you could look like him. The expression on his face seems more of desbelief. But who is to argue with the imagination of a child?

The mother figure looks over to Alchemy, "Thank you for trying to help," she offers up before looking down to her daughter, tone being mildly scolding, "Were you watching any of Ziggy's movies?"

Alchemy sees the incoming chaos and tries to get away from the gate. Alchemy on the ice is a potential disaster in the making. He scoots to the side, fumbling a bit as people crowd past, putting him right on the edge of the entrance to the ice. "Not a problem, madam. I hope you solve your dilemma soon."

He offers a sheepish wave to Mike, Gogo and Ben as he gets pushed along with the crowd

Once Annie has dragged Mike over and managed not to fall down she heads over to give Ben a big hug and a kiss to the cheek, "You make an awfully good Santa Benji." As usual, calling him Benji when he's right there makes her laugh. He's still Mr. Grimm to her, "Is everything okay? I thought for a minute there was a supervillain around or something."

"Well.. thanks fer sayin' Annie…. It's just a hat. I guess it looks ok." Wait wasn't he just complaining about the hat earlier? "We help with this every year. Good fer PR an' all….." Suddently the 'ear piece' that must be spirit gumed to the side of his quite earless head starts squawking and he holds one of his huge fingers up to it, "Yeah stretch, whatcha want?" There's a few moments of pause but even as he as he does strange *whirring* of the engines on the Mark I Fantasticar can be heard, as the 'flying bath-tub' starts to land to pick him. "Ok yeah, I agree… that's really kinda close… No… don't touch the Mark VI, it's prepped an' ready just hold yer water and I'll be there in five minutes." And he taps it again and looks at his friends apologetic, "Fraid I'm gonna have to go. Reed picked up a Kree Ship in low orbit. Just seems to be sitting there monitoring some transmissions. Hopefully it's nothin' but we're gonna check it out just to be on the safe side. You guys take care ok. You," He says looking to Alchemy who's getting swept off by the crowd, "Thanks fer tryin' to set the kid straight!" and then a look to Annie and Mike. "It was good seeing you Mike. Good to see ya again Annie."

And with good byes said, Ben vaults over the side of the flying bathtub and starts flying up into the air and quickly out of sight.

When the movement stops, Mike grabs onto the railing and starts to drag himself over to an entrance way to get to the concrete walkway adjacent to the rink. Not because he can't skate but, he's not wearing any skates at the moment. "For future reference, I can move much quicker on concrete than ice when just wearing regular shoes." He glances towards Ben, "Alright. See you 'round Ben!" He watches as Ben makes his leave before glancing back to the group.

The mother watches as well and glances down to the daughter who has stopped crying. "That is The Thing," she adds in for emphasis, in case the daughter is forgetful. She glances over to Alchemy again, before turning to skate away. "Thanks again."

As the remainder of the group gathers near the railing area and skating occurs to the area just behind GoGo, and Mike with Alchemy facing the rink, the tree on the level above the statue stands tall, and proud in its still bundled up glory. Well perhaps not tall as it's a bit lopsi- Oh my. That can't be right. Courteousy of the tall buildings of the area, a forceful gust of wind catches the tree, causing for it to sway and push against the binds that which hold it. There is the sound of a snap as the cable from the crane breaks, the energy from the tension of the cable causes the free cable to fling down to the crowd below, in a whip like manner. The little, and apparently observant little girl looks wide-eyed at the incoming cable.

Annie laughs as Mike moves away, "I could have put you on the other side." Of course, he probably doesn't like being man-handled, so she shrugs it off and joins everyone in admiring the crooked tree. Crooked? Her thick lips curl into a frown as she tries to see if that is supposed to be how it looks, comparing the tree to the surrounding buildings. "Hey…is it supposed to…" That's when the cable snaps. "Oh hockey pucks!" Her big eyes go wide as she sees the cable snapping down at the little girl. "Get out the way!" She yells, but even as she's yelling she is squatting down, pants ripping off her frame along with her sweatshirt and jacket as her size increases. Her hulking muscles bunch up and with a grunt of effort she jumps up into the air, leaving a trail of shredded clothes behind as she leaps skyard to catch the cable before it gets to the ground. She takes the blow from the whipping line and continues skyward, arms wrapping about the line to get it under control before she starts falling back down towards the ground.

Alchemy watches Annie go after the crane, peering from around the rim of the skating rink. Taking off his mittens, he makes a split second decision. Wrangling with such a large object is difficult enough, but doing so on a solid sheet of ice is incredibly dangerous, so to give her some traction, he smacks his palms down on the ice and takes a deep breath, clamping his eyes shut and muttering "Rubber." not that he has to actually /say/ it, but it's his little habit. With a bright flash of light, the ice is converted into solid rubber.

The girl is shaking as she watches GoGo stop the cable from coming down. Her mother, glancing up eeks and scoops up her child, cradling her against her chest.

As the ice changes, a lot of the skaters who did not notice the cable snapping in time to come to a stop already have been stopped as the slick ice has changed to something with a lot more texture. One of which is the blonde that Annie spoke with earlier as he and his female companion lurch forward, falling to the ground. Others too share in that fate as they seemingly faceplant at the same time.

Mike is not quite as quick as he glances between the twos actions, eyes a bit wide as he looks towards them. "Holy fuck!" With the surface change, he's starting to step back onto the surface, turning his head to look to the swaying tree. There's a chorus of shouts coming from the decoration staff as the rush towards the tree. Although considering the 10 tons of wood there, it's curious to whatever on earth those folks think they can do about it.

The cable's strike does indeed strike, but it likely causes less damage to Annie then it would to the little girl.

Annie falls back to the ground, calling out, "Look out!" But luckily everyone is out of the way as she slams into the ground with her bare feet. The cable is dropped, and she's got a good line across her back and backside where it gave her a good slap. However, she's got a huge tree to help steady, so she can't ponder her spanking very long. She rushes over to grab the base of the tree, gripping it in a tight hug to steady it against her. "I can hold it! Get it fastened in place!" What kind of tree stand does this thing take? Seriously.

Alchemy pants, a bit out of breath after the first transmutation, but pushes himself to his feet and starts running toward Gogo. "I can transmute it into something more managable if you wish, madam, just say the word!"

The tree continues to sway, but it does not fall down, courteousy of the GoGo going to help. The staff members move towards the base, working to determine which side is not secured properly, knobs are checked and there is a general mass of humanity around the tree. As for the skating rink, no one is left skating. Some stand, watching the display while others are still getting up from having face planted from earlier, but with the exception of the mother and daughter who have opted to leave, people are lingering.

Mike sighs and raises his voice, the sound of it carrying easily, "Please exit the rink in an orderly fashion!"

At the request some people do so, without the orderly as they wobble towards the exits. Ice skates are not all that great for walking on it seems.

"Umm, ask the guys doing the base. I don't want to hurt the tree. But if it keeps blowing like this I dunno." Annie being as big as she is helps give her a higher grip on the trunk, cutting the leverage of the wind on the tree down, but it still isn't an easy thing to hold on to. "Did something break down here?" She holds on tight, wanting to shift her grip but not about to let go for even a second to do so. "Is everyone all right? I tries to keep the cable from hitting anyone, but I couldn't see where I was landing so good."

Alchemy could use helium, but that would probably kill everyone, which would be bad. He's not a hero, he's a high school sophomore, even though he's taking college classes. "If you tell me how I can be of assistance, I would gladly offer my services. Is there a fire truck here, by chance? Or a large hose?"

Within minutes, the tree shifts and then stops shifting altogether as it steadies itself. There is a lengthy pause coming from the decorators as they slowly back away from the tree, glancing up to it cautiously to see if there's any hint that the tree will do it again.

Mike turns his head, looking back towards Annie, "I don't see anyone lying in pain or anything like that. Probably some bruised egos but that's about it." He glances up, checking for any signs of it going to move again.

The guys near Annie say that they didn't have the base properly fastened down when the crane cable snapped and they hurry to get that done now. It's a lot of hustle and bustle, and Annie isn't moving anywhere. She wrinkles her face up, "Hey…um, could you scratch the spot where my nose would be if I had a nose? It is tickling something fierce." She's working up a good little sweat as she strains against the tree while the men secure the huge anchor system to the trunk. "Thanks…I am glad no one got hurt. That would be a bad sign for the Christmas season."

Mike's cellphone rings. "Oh yo-" He reaches into his pocket, pulling out a rather well beaten cellphone with a smushed up screen. Without even attempting to see who it is, he answers. "Hello?" He frowns, listening to the person on the other side for a few moments. "Uh, yes but we have it scheduled for - They what?!" He sighs, "Ok fine. I'm coming over." When the phone call is concluded, he hangs up, glancing towards GoGo and Alchemy, as he slips it into his pocket. "I'm going to head out. Uh, good job with the hero stuff. I'll be sure to mention it to Ben if I run into him before you do." Giving a halfhazard wave he turns, stepping back onto the walkway and heading out.

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