2011 11 10 Wrecker Wrecked

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Wrecker Wrecked

Super-Adaptoid, Darklight, The Wrecker, Thunderball, Telemetry

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Times Square, New York

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The Adaptoid and Darklight defeat the Wrecker and Thunderball. Later, Telemetry is introduced to Darklight and they discuss team membership details.


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Screams are heard in the middle of Times Square as the loud KLANG of a metallic object strikes another. As par for the course, New York is the host of another Super Battle featuring super villains vs an unfamiliar super hero. ?

Two members of the Wrecking Crew (Wrecker and Thunderball) are going at a male figure who seems to be the amalgam of the Wrecker and Thunderball. The unknown figure is a forest green in hue and has features of the two villains. Features such as their weapons. In his left hand he holds a wrecking ball, and in his right he holds the crowbar of the wrecker. His physical features are also a blend of both villains. The three are faced off against one another with the green figure in the middle striking out with a spinning wrecking ball and the crowbar.

all around, onlookers have given the conflict a wide berth, however they are dead set on filming it for their youtubes and other media outlets. Police are also on the scene. The street is torn in places, dented, and otherwise seen better days. A few vehicles are laying on their sides, crushed, or on fire.

The young woman known as Xian was out passing through times square on her way to work when the ruckus started. It was a bit busy and she wasn't just going to change. Despite the fact that she wants to help, she is still leary about revealing her nature to everyone. She takes off and ducks into an alley. No one would see anything other that a flash of violet light and then she is flying through the air to see what is going on.

Where there once was a normal looking girl, Darklight flies through the air, blue-black skin, glowing white hair and eyes, surrounded by a violet glow, there is a violet trail following her as if it is left behind in her wake. She flies towards the altercation.

Another loud KLANG is heard as the Adaptoid's crowbar clashes with Thunderball's wrecking ball. Knocking it asunder and spinning it off to the side (yet still Thunderball holds tightly to the chain so it won't get away from him.

Meanwhile, on the other side, the Wrecker slams down upon the shoulder of the Adaptoid knocking the green being forward and spinning into a nearby unoccupied mini-van. The vehicle is ripped in two as the Adaptoid ends up on the other side of it, on his back.

The villains regroup. The Wrecker says to Thunderball, "Let's crush him!" and then starts walking toward the downed Adaptoid.

Darklight shakes her head and then doesn't really like the idea of the two ganging up on a downed foe and lifts her hands. Violet colored light gathers and collect around her hands and then streaks forward once she is within 90 yards towards The Wrecker.

The Wrecker stops in his tracks and looks up at the heroine. He smiles and points, "Awe look at the cute little hero."

Thunderball looks up, smiles and says, "You wanna me to take her out, boss?"

The Wrecker replies, "Enjoy yourself." then he continues toward the Adaptoid who has taken note of Darklight and their intents.

The Adaptoid pushes himself back and clambers to his feet exclaiming, "Leave her alone, it's me you want."

Darklight blinks as the guy stops short of her blast and frowns a little. She does notices the one focusing on her and decides might as well reciprocate and aims again, violet hued energy blasting from her hands to fire right at Thunderball.

The energy strikes true upon Thunderball's chest. He winces and yells, "You bitch!" then calls back to his partner, "Didja see that, the bitch actually shot me.". Then, Thunderball starts to spin his wrecking ball above his head as he takes a few steps toward Darklight's position. Though she is aloft, she may suspect that he can hurl the ball or do something at range. Moving might be a good idea.

The Wrecker closes the distance between himself and the Adaptoid.

The Adaptoid gets to his feet and they begin melee with their mystical crowbars. KLANG, KLANG, KLANG. They're evenly matched in combat until the Adaptoid uses the wrecking ball to sweep the chain around the Wrecker's feet.

Darklight frowns as she was hoping that the blast would do a bit more, after all she can blow through solid steel with it, but them she remembers to the last fight and how the guy's armor was resistant. She decides to get closer and moves through the air, firing another blast hoping that getting closer might do it too. The violet glow around her does grow as well seeming to form a bubble around her.

The wrecking ball that spins above his head is angled down and used to deflect the next blast. "On come on sweetums, you can do betta th'n that!" Thunderball calls out trying to taunt the heroine.

Meanwhile, the Adaptoid pulls the chain of his wrecking ball and pulls. It becomes a power struggle between the Wrecker's strength and the Adaptoid's.

"Grrr." Darklight growls as the blast is deflected and she gets even a bit closer, as she does its obviously that there is a hardness to the violet bubble around her now. She is probably only twenty yards now as she fires off another blast at Thunderball trying to hit him this time.

Thunderball wears a devious smile while maintaining the spin to the wrecking ball. Her other attack is deflected and the second after that happens he leaps up and toward her. "MY TURN!" He yells as his wrecking ball is given slack, altered in nature, and will be swung in such a way that if she is hit, will strike the top of her bubble shield with 10 tons of force. Even if she can resist the damage of the attack it will still knock her downward toward the ground <if he hits>.

In other news, the Adaptoid struggles with the Wrecker, they grapple one another and seem to be at a standstill in regards to who may come out on top.

It does hit her shield and there is a grunt from Darklight as it does but it holds. She shakes her head, "Not quite good enough." she says though she is pushed towards the ground, barely off it at the moment, though she leaps forward and to the side, doing a somersault tumbling past him to try and get behind him as she turns and blasts away again, maybe to avoid it being deflected.

Luckily she moved to the side, Thunderball struck the ground in front of her, his ball collapsing to the side. And instead of her being bull rushed in the next move, she's out of his way. Albeit, being out of his way means he's out of hers as well. His forward movement caused him to 'luckily' step out of the way of her blast that strikes the side of a building just off the street. Thunderball turns, now 10 yards from her, and hoists up his wrecking ball, "Commere, I won't hurt you, much." is said with a sneer.

Wrecker and Adaptoid still grapple and struggle 'strength vs strength'.

Darklight decides to try another tactic and launches another blast at him and backs up, doubling the distance between them unless he moves to close it again. There seems to be something going through her head.

Square in the chest, Thunderball winces to the next attack, "Bitch!" he yells as he takes the blow and rushes toward her. His movement allows him to easily cover the distance. Instead of a downward attack, he swings his wrecking ball horizontally intending to clip her from the side with the goal of knocking her out into left field <or in this case, a nearby building>.

Something breaks, the Wrecker and the Adaptoid are split apart and with several other KLANG they go at one another again. This time the ground shakes as one of them strikes the street with his crowbar causing a localized earthquake that would register 3 on the Richtor scale.

Darklight waits for him to almost get to her and then with the aid of her rocket flight leaps up and over him in a tumbling flip to land behind and blast him again, hoping to also catch off guard as the ball hits nothing but risking it missing too.

Shot in the back, Thunderball loses control of his wrecking ball which goes sailing into the side of a building (imbedding itself into the brick and mortar). Thunderball himself skids along the street and curses the situation. Blood oozes from the corner of his mouth and nose. His back will seriously be bruised. Laying face down on the pavement, he ponders his next move as he eyes his wrecking ball approximately 40 feet to his left.

The Adaptoid's green tint remains, but his form shifts slightly to become an amalgam of the Wrecker and a female <Monet>. Not a pretty sight in one bit. Yet it will work for his purposes.

With the shift, the Adaptoid rushes and grapples the Wrecker. Then lifts both of them straight up into the air at incredible speeds.

Darklight blinks as it actually works, but then she isn't past shooting someone in the back, she has had to do a lot to survive on the streets. She eyes Thunderball and then moves to fly over and try to get between where he lays and the wrecking ball is stuck.

Looking up from her feet to her face, Thunderball rises up some to consider his next move. He also is well aware that The Adaptoid took his partner away. "Alrighty sweetums, what you gonna do now?" he questions wondering how far she'll go. Questioning her moral fiber.

In other areas, the Wrecker and Adaptoid are high above the street level and nearly out of sight.

Darklight looks at him and then glances around, "Officers?" she calls out, maybe trying to get the attention of the officers to take Thunderball into custody. She is watching him warily though.

Suddenly in the middle of the street a sedan's roof is smashed inward as the Wrecker's unconscious form impacts. Having been dropped from over 1000 feet up, the Wrecker would normally have brushed off such a fall, so he must have been knocked unconscious while being aloft.

Touching down on the other side of Thunderball, the amalgam of the Wrecker and Monet shift once again to take the form of Monet fully. She says in a smug tone to Thunderball, "Guess what, boyo, you're done." then his eyes close and he goes unconscious.

Police begin rushing over to assess and assist with the situation.

Darklight looks at Monet and then at the now unconscious thunderball and then lifts into the air abit, not really all that anxious about waiting for the cops to ask a lot of questions.

Over the next few minutes, the police are surprisingly cooperative. If Darklight pays attention, she'll realize that Monet seems to direct the conversation with the police and they ignore Darklight for the most part. Damage Control will show up soon and start working on the scene while police carry away the Wrecker and Thunderball in a paddy wagon.

This gives Monet time to approach Darklight and say, "Would you have time to talk?" while shifting into another form, male this time <see desc>

Darklight nods her head, her glowing white eyes watching him warily, "I suppose so." she says softly as she watches him. She is glad to have avoided most of the other stuff.

Michael lifts up into the air and says, "Rooftop then." and ascends toward a highrise structure to afford them both privacy.

Seconds later, he will be touching down on the edge of the structure's roof.

Darklight flies up into the air after him to alight on the roof as well. The glow fading from her a little as she lands. She looks at him, "What's up?"

Michael seems informal and relaxed. He glances around the rooftop to see that they are alone and will take a seat atop an air conditioning unit. "You handled yourself well."

Darklight just stands there watching him and nods her head a little, "Thank you." she says, she is still a bit wary. The purple glow around her fades a little more but is still slightly there, just the look of the bubble is gone. "Two on one aren't good odds."

Seated on the AC unit, the male continues to speak, "In consideration of your status, I haven't any records of your association with a team. Therefore, I've sent a communication to a fellow team mate that I would like you to meet. I do this in the nature of cooperation and it is best we align ourselves with others of our kind in hopes of putting a stop to the criminal element of this world."

Darklight blinks for just a moment and then cocks her head to the side, "you are offering me a job?" she asks softly as she tries to put it all together.

The Super-Adaptoid is in a male human form. He and Darklight are atop a roof. SA is seated atop an AC unit discussing things with DL. Below on the street, they just defeated two members of the Wrecking Crew and police have taken over the situation. "At this point, I am not in a situation to offer anything. I am only wishing to make introductions."

"Hmmm? Be right there." Telemetry tells her wayward "child". She pulls her hood and goggles on, then takes to the air from the Crashpad. Her digital wings buzz, vibrating wickedly as they propel her forward, through the air. Five minutes later, she sinks down to the rooftop, landing lightly on her feet. "What's up, kiddo?" She asks the Adaptoid.

Darklight glances over at the newcomer and then nods her head a little, "Introductions…" she says as sh e looks back and forth between the two.

'Michael' the name he has taken for his male human form turns to address the arrival of Telemetry, "Hello, Telemetry." is said in a calm and welcoming voice. "I have encountered this individual. She possesses light manipulation with the ability to project blasts, create a force field, and fly. Her tactics aren't professional in nature and she was lucky in a most recent encounter with the Wrecker and Thunderball of the Wrecking Crew. However, she handled herself well and in consideration of our lack of numbers, she may be a good candidate for application into our group. Contingent on your decision and a vote, of course."

"Hmm." Telemetry turns to Darklight. "Hey there. I'm Telemetry. What my little boy over there is trying to say is that our team, the New Warriors, is reforming. We've got a few members but we could use more." As she speaks, she pulls up a holographic keyboard and screen. She taps a few buttons. Running a system diagnostic on the Adaptoid.

Darklight cocks her head to the side as she looks back and forth between the two and winces at the description of her performance. She looks back to Telemetry and nods her head, "What exactly does your team do?"

Running at optimum levels, the Adaptoid allows access and integration to Telemetry.

"Our purpose is to protect and serve the populace of the greater Manhattan area and its 5 boroughs. We are what you call super-heroes and have desires to make the world a better place."

"What he said. We're also a social group. Providing support to teens and twenty-somethings." Telemetry explains as she scans through the diagnostic, especially the morality subroutines. "It isn't easy having powers or being a super hero. Its good to have a group of people who are like minded that you can talk to."

Darklight nods her head, "Sounds like what I am looking for though I was offered a position on a team by a woman named Selene and it does sound like it would be similar." she says and then shakes her head, "Do you offer benefits or its more like a second job, volunteer type thing?"

Demonstrating key elements that 'Michael' is not quite human he pauses while accessing files then relays, "Selene. I am not familiar with the name or have any indication of a heroic group associated with that name."

Telemetry opens a second window and runs a keyword search on the internet. "I'm coming up with nothing, too. Does she have an alternate identity? Anyway, no. No benefits. No money. We have a headquarters and that has living space but…"

Darklight nods her head a little, "Hmms, just know her by Selene, met her at this place called the Hellfire Club." she says and then shakes her head a bit, "How much living space? I live in a condemned building right now." she says and then shakes her head a bit, "So would have to keep the day job."

Michael remains quiet while Telemetry lays out the situation to Darklight. When the Hellfire Club is mentioned, his eyes seem to register something familiar, though silence as he accesses and processes.

"I get the Hellfire Club as some sort of gentleman's club for the super rich." Telemetry hmms. "All sorts of conspiracy theories surrounding it." She pauses, then continues. "Anyway, you'd get your own room. Have access to the kitchen and the rest of the facilities. The room's about the size of a college dorm."

Darklight nods her head, "Sounds good, and you just help protect people and all that?" she asks softly, "Not like some government team or strike force?"

"We are not associated with the government." Michael intones and then sliding off the AC unit, Michael descends toward the ground however his feet do not touch. "Excuse me please. I must investigage something." He then begins flying up and away.

"Call if you need help!" Telemetry shouts out after the Adaptoid, like a worried mother hen. "They grow up so fast…" She turns back to Darklight. "We're not a government team, no. Completely independent."

Darklight nods her head, "Well…sounds like I would probably be happier with your team than with the other though the other…" she shakes her head a bit. "would probably need to meet the others to make sure mesh well."

"And we'd want to get to know you better, of course." Telemetry agrees, "Our team leader, Firestar, has final say but she's very friendly. Here. Let me give you a cell number you can reach us at. You said you're in a condemed building. Are you in any danger there? Rats chewing on your toes? Walls collapsing?"

Darklight shakes her head, "No, its pretty safe, It can only be reached by flying, the staircases have collapsed and such, so don't have to worry about other squatters really, or the vermin." she shakes her head and flushes a bit. "Sure."

Telemetry nods. "Well, if you feel you need a place to sleep that isn't, you know, falling apart… you can crash with us before full membership's offered." She isn't going to leave someone out in the cold.

Darklight nods her head, "I will think about it. When would be the best time to meet this…Firestar?" she asks. She does seem a bit wary, but if she lives in a condemned building probably she has been living on the streets.

"I'm not sure." Telemetry admits. "Its a busy time of year for everyone. I'll let her know you're interested, try to set something up as soon as possible."

Darklight nods, "Sure." she says and moves over and offers her hand.

Telemetry returns the handshake. Her grip is firm but not overtight. "Let me get you that number. You can contact it anytime and it'll be routed through my suit."

Darklight nods her head and then the violet hue fades and she stands there looking normal. She bites her lip and nods her head, "Xian." she offers, "Or darklight."

"Nice to meet you." Telemetry smiles, though she doesn't draw off her hood and offer her secret identity. She does, however, give over the phone number.

Darklight nods and takes the number and slips it into her pocket. "Thanks." she says softly. And then her watch goes off. "I got to get to work."

"Be safe. Don't bite off more than you can chew. If you do, call for help." Telemetry insists. Her digital wings buzz as she rises up into the air. "We'll set up something soon and see about you becoming a member."

Darklight nods, "Sure." she says and then flares with violet light and takes her other appearance and flies off, fast, leaving a violet trial in her wake.

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