2011 11 09 Cadmus Wuz Here

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Cadmus wuz here

Invisible Woman, Richenda Gray, Phantasm

RL Date:
9 Nov 2011

IC Date:
9 Nov 2011

Fantastic Four HQ

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The day after Sue picks up Chenda from the hospital, Chenda fills her in on the attack she saw and the evidence she took from the scene.


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-==[ Library - 31st Floor Fantastic Four HQ ]==-----

Somewhat out of place, this area gives the traveller the feeling they are within an old free standing library with actual oak stacks and tables with comfortable chairs for reading. The walls too have many books upon their shelves, and the floor is done in maroon carpeting. This area is quieter and more relaxed than the rest of the structure and still, being aware that you're in a highrise is generally forgotten.

Chenda had promised to tell Sue what happened the next day. However, between her own exhaustion making her miss breakfast and the busy life of motherhood and FF-hood making her miss Sue for most of the day, she hasn't had the chance to keep her promise yet.

It's with some idea of this in mind that Chenda's looking for her now. The gypsy girl, clad in a clingy, light blue utility jumpsuit borrowed from Stores while her own clothes are being cleaned, peeks into the library, searching for any trace of blondeness.

Exhaustion runs rampant for this social circle. After an unplanned run-in with a person he wasn't actively seeking out with the added field trip over to the astral plane, Mike's had quite a bit on his mind. So much so that Phantasm's presence was diminished last night as Mike spend a sizable chunk of time turning over things in his head. It is likely with this that Mike had an easier time falling asleep tonight and why he finds himself appearing in the library once his sleep is underway. The raven sits upon the top of one of the chairbacks, birdy head looking towards the various titles upon the shelves.

Susan Richards is indeed in the library, seated at a desk in against the far wall. If one is observant, they'll see she's doing paperwork that resembles bills. Ew. She hasn't noticed the appearance of the raven, her concentration on the paperwork before her is that thorough.

Blonde at 1 O'Clock! Chenda smiles and steps through the door, glancing quizzically at the raven on the back of a chair. People keep such strange pets. "Hi, Sue! I'm not catching you at a bad time, am I?" she asks, smiling and clasping her hands behind her back.

The bird's head tilts as he turns, looking to another shelf, perusing the titles. Oooh they have this one and this one… The head bobs as the beak opens, giving a rather cheerful beak open sort of smile. Upon hearing Richenda's voice, the book perusing pauses as the bird turns to look at Chenda.

Susan Richards turns to look at Richenda and smiles as she sees the raven as well. "Oh, thank you for rescuing me from this PAPERWORK." She gets up and starts across the room, pausing to hold a hand out for the raven to step onto, as if he were truly just a pet.

"No rescue too big, no rescue too small," Chenda quips, and looks at the raven again as Sue holds out a hand for it. "Is he /smiling/?"

The head turns, looking towards Susan and then to the hand. Well when the perch is offered, the Raven steps on. At Chenda's question, the bird looks up, beak closing. Nope! You did not just see the Raven smile.

Susan Richards carries the raven carefully so as to not jostle him overmuch (even though technically that's not possible), and chuckles softly. "Richenda, birds don't smile. They don't have lips. Right, Eddie?" Yes, she just called the raven 'Eddie'.

"I dunno, I was sure I saw teeth," Chenda murmurs, looking more closely at the raven. "But I guess not. Anyway, I think I still owe you a story, Sue. Do you have time to hear it? I don't want to keep you up too late," she says, concerned.

The bird gives a croak, beak opening up in response "Nevermore! Nevermore!" At the mention of teeth, the bird looks over to Chenda, opening up it's beak once more to display the lack of teeth.

Susan Richards ohs. "Yes, I do. Do you want to sit here, or head down to the kitchen and maybe steal a pint from Ben's ice cream stash to share while we talk?"

"The kitchen sounds good, if you're hungry," Chenda replies. "Oh, can you thank Mr. Richards for the loan of this jumpsuit next time you see him? This is /way/ cooler than a robe," she says, turning for the door. And then remembering she doesn't know her way around here too well. Blushing a little, she steps aside so Sue can lead the way.

The bird lifts up his wings at the mention of ice cream. Yaaaaaay free food! Oh wait. Right. He probably shouldn't eat like this. But yay free food anyways! The wings lower down as he glances over to Sue.

Susan Richards smiles and nods. "Of course. I'll make sure Reed knows." She leads the way, carrying 'Eddie' the raven carefully (even though once again it's not truly necessary). As they enter the kitchen, she lightly bobs her hand as if encouraging the bird to leave her hand and make himself at home. "So, do you want ice cream, or something else?"

"I think this is made out of some kind of super-material. There's no other way a jumpsuit would look good on me," Chenda adds, giggling and falling into step behind Sue. "I hope I can ask him sometime."

Ah, the kitchen. So familiar and yet so interesting. "Um… hm. I'm not really hungry," she says, with a quick glance at 'Eddie'. Feathers in ice cream, gag! "But if there's some sarsaparilla in the 'fridge, I'd love some."

At Susan's prompting, the Raven hops off of the finger onto a counter. Likely getting his imaginary birdy germs all over the place. Wings folded in, he hops over to a napkin holder and pulls out one, using the claws, wings, and beak to fold it into something more tent like.

Susan Richards seems to not mind the raven's antics at all. "Sasparilla… not sure. But we do have ginger ale. Would that suffice?" She heads over to one of the two industrial refrigerators and opens it to rummage out a can of Schweppes. A sturdy glass tumbler is quickly found as well and she offers them to Richenda. "Eddie, don't waste too many napkins."

"That's fine," Chenda replies, glancing up from watching Eddie's attempts at construction work. She accepts both, one in each hand. "He doesn't tear those up? A friend of mine had a myna bird that would absolutely /destroy/ anything paper that was left within reach of his cage."

The raven turns, giving a birdy thumbs up before crawling under the napkin tent, shaking the avian tushas he crawls under it. As he settles, the tent covers, maybe a third of the body as he crosses his wings, providing a resting place for his head. Eyes shifting, he glances between the pair.

"He hasn't before," Sue admits honestly. After all, Mike!raven hasn't ever played with napkins in this kitchen before. She turns to … change her mind and pick an apple instead of the ice cream. "So, what happened yesterday, Richenda?"

Chenda blinks at the display of very un-birdy behavior on the part of 'Eddie'. Smiling, she shakes her finger in his direction and clears her throat, opening her ginger ale can and beginning to pour it into the tumbler. "Well, I promised to meet a friend up in Hell's Kitchen. Just my luck, I ended up waiting almost a half hour with no sign of Irene. I was just thinking about heading back when this guy walked out of one of the apartment buildings along there. I didn't recognize him at first." She pauses for a sip of ginger ale.

The bird's eyes close as he seemingly takes a nap.

Susan Richards nods as she gets a plate, then in probably a rare display of her control of force fields she uses a faintly shimmery disc to neatly chop the apple into several bite-size pieces. What? It's one less utensil to wash.

Susan Richards says, "So, why was this one person noteworthy? I mean, isn't that part of town usually pretty active any time of day or night?"

Chenda blinks again as Sue puts her powers to interestingly mundane use, and grins knowingly at the super-mom. "Cool." And then she's back to the story. "Mostly for who he turned out to be. You'd think I'd know what the man who stuck a knife in a good friend's back would look like, but it's funny the things you forget after a fight. And he was just about to do the same thing again! Twice!"

She winces at the memory. "There were two guys hanging around near a condemned building that used to be an apartment block. I'd seen them there before. Seems like they warn off people who might be interested in it for some reason. Well, this guy made himself seem like he was one of them. I didn't hear what he said, but it must've convinced them, 'cuz they turned their backs on him and started to walk away. That's when he pulled out the knives, and when I recognized him."

At the mention of the two guys hanging outside of the building, the Raven's eyes pop open as he straightens up, knocking the 'tent' off of him and looking towards Chenda attentively.

Susan Richards's eyebrows draw together in concern. "Who was these people? It sounds like you have a bit of a history there." And Hell's Kitchen is NOT the safest part of town, either. Just hinking about Richenda over there by herself…. well, all kinds of mom-alarms are going off. Danger, Will Robinnson! Danger!

Chenda grins, watching 'Eddie'. "I thought /that/ might get your attention, bird-boy," she teases. "I really didn't know who they were. I ran into 'em once before, when they warned me away from the building. I gave 'em a flashbang and beat feet when they started to show too much interest," she says. "Anyway, I guess they didn't recognize me last night, or I didn't go near enough to the old building. Good thing for them."

She tries to draw herself back to the story. "Anyway… they turned their backs and I got a bad feeling when he pulled his hands out of his pockets. I cooked up a concussion blast and…"

She uncomfortably clears her throat. "I didn't throw fast enough. He didn't kill them, but he did rake his blades down each of their backs when he tripped." She swallows, looking down at the table. "I threw another one after him to chase him away, and did what I could for those two. It wasn't much. If somebody hadn't been nearby with a car, I don't think an ambulance would've got there in time."

Susan Richards raises her eyebrows. "And who was the attacker? You made it sound like you know him."

"I did? Oops… I didn't know him, except that he tried to stab Mike a while back," Chenda replies, blushing. "He didn't get away that time, but the police couldn't find any witnesses to the attack, or so I heard. They had to let him go."

The Raven shakes his head. "Christ-" The bird mutters, sitting down on the counter crosslegged, glancing over to Sue and then back to Richenda, "The guys in the kitchen… What'd they look like?"

"The two who got stabbed?" Chenda grimaces. "There wasn't much distinctive about 'em. One was big and heavy, the other was smaller and a lot skinnier. They called each other Biggie and Skinny. The guy who drove 'em to the hospital never gave his name, and they never said it, but it seemed like they knew each other."

Susan Richards blinks and looks at the raven that's now talking and acting like a human for a moment before looking at Richenda again. "Wait, the guy that attacked Mike was let go?" Not good. She might have to get … stern with someone.

"They're still calling themselves that?" The Raven comments, eyes rolling, despite that not being something birds should do, "Although I guess as far as nicknames go, it's easy to figure out who has what." He glances over to Sue. "No /valid/ witnesses," he offers in explanation, with a distasteful emphasis on the word valid, "no evidence, and a damn good lawyer."

"You're expecting the cops to do something smart, Sue," Chenda says softly, though the word 'cops' is heavy with bitterness. "Knife-Man played the Mutie Card on us. Tom and I didn't stick around, so they didn't have anyone to question. That's probably why they let him go, in the end."

She slips a hand into a pocket on her thigh, withdrawing an object. "Knife-Man did drop this when he pulled out his blades. Maybe it's a clue."

She lays it on the table. The object is a picture postcard, art-museum quality. The front is illustrated, while the back reads 'Cadmus Slays The Dragon'.

Susan Richards huffs in clear irritation, shaking her head. She dumps the leftover bits of apple into a watse bin (if one's alert they'll see that the bin is labelled 'compost') before rinsing off the plate to stick in the dishwasher. "I've had about enough of this hoodlum." When Richenda reveals the postcard, she stares at it for a moment before stepping over to a cupboard and pulling out a gallon-sized zipper bag. "Put that in here, please."

The bird moves his head over to look at the card, eyeing the illustration. "…Rev said he found one of St. George slaying a dragon in the subway." He pauses, looking over at Richenda, "…Um, if we want to get technical about this, this might explain a little on the no evidence bit."

Chenda does. "Mr. Richards does crime lab stuff, too? Wow. At least it won't have to go through a police lab and lay around for weeks." Yes, someone really doesn't have a good opinion of New York's Finest. Or maybe just Insert-City/State-Here's Finest in general.

"Wait. So Tom found one picture of a dragon slayer, and I found another one… and isn't your stage name Mick Drago? Almost dragon? Or Draco?" Chenda looks at Phantasm expectantly.

"Yeah, it is." The Raven replies, eyeing the card again, "But if he's targeting people I knew before I even had th-" He pauses, he glances over the two. "Come to think of it, I ran into those assholes before I changed my n-" And like that, the raven is gone.

Chenda sits staring at the space where Mike was, and finally sighs. "I /hate/ it when that happens."

Susan Richards sighs, shaking her head when Mike!Raven disappears abruptly. "Me too. It's so frustrating. I hope he at least got some rest." She smiles at Richenda briefly. "Well, not really, but we'll figure something out. This guy is NOT going to get away with doing this any more." She seals the bag decisively.

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