2011 11 08 What It Means To Be A Hero

Log Title:
What It Means to be a Hero

Darklight, Namor, and Sandman

RL Date:
November 8, 2011

IC Date:
November 8, 2011

Upper East Side - New York

Brief log summary::
The three heroes discuss what it actually means to be a hero and offer advice and input.


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After an eventful start to his day, Sandman has returned to the Avengers Mansion after being held captive and unclear of what was done to him, but he is enjoying the change. A bit too much. Flint Marko exits the mansion and looks about. Once he is clear of the mansion, he leans against a building and pulls out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, “Oh Flinty, it’s been too long.” He kisses the pack and then pulls out one and begins to smoke.

Darklight comes along down the street, she is looking like Xian right now and wearing a waitress outfit with a coat over it. She is nearing the path to the mansion, humming softly to herself.

Enjoying the cigarette a little too much, Flint spots Xian. Staring at her a bit, he feels as if he knows her. He hmmmns to himself as he looks between the cigarette and her. “Well, I may have to keep up the old Sandman hero bit.” He takes one final long drag from the cigarette before flicking it into the street and then comes up by Xian, “Hey!” He says rather loudly.

Darklight turns and looks at him, "Oh hello." she says softly, recognizing him from the pub the one night, "How are things?" she asks politlely.

Smirking as he eyes her over, “I’m great. Never been better.” Sandman looms over her and leans forward, “And how about you? How’ve you been, sweetie?”

Darklight frowns for just a moment but then shrugs it off, "Alright I guess, can't complain too much, just trying to figure some things out." She does reflexively take a step back.

Grinning, “Oh. What are you trying to figure out?” Sandman leans back when she steps back, “Oh, am I invading your personal space?” He chuckles, “Sorry, never good with that.” He seems to examine her for a moment with his eyes as he tries to remember something.

Darklight shrugs a little, "Different things, things sort of happened that night that made me have to rethink a few things." she sighs a bit.

Sandman hmmmmns as he tries to remember the night she speaks of. Finally he says loudly, “Oh yeah, you turn all blue and purple and stuff.” He grins, “You’re a mutant, huh.” Oblivious to the volume of his voice fortunately no one is around them.

Darklight frowns and then shakes her head, "YOu don't have to say it so loud." she says, "But yes I am, and that is one of the things I am rethinking, but it also led to other things happening that evening."

“Oh sorry.” Sandman covers his mouth and makes a sheepish apologetic expression and then continues, “Oh honey, I hate to tell you this, but bein’ a mutant ain’t somethin’ you can rethink. You’re stuck with them genes.” Tilting his head curiously, “But what else happened that night? I had to blow out that joint before any action went down, but no one told me anythin’ happened after I left.”

Darklight shrugs, "it happened before you left, and it was a job offer." she shakes her head, "YOu are an Avenger yes? YOu like being a hero?" she asks softly.

And she asks the key question and considering all that has happened to him, Sandman would tell her to run for her life at the offer of being a hero. But for now Flint must keep up the guise. “Yeah, I am an Avenger and bein’ a hero is the best. Save lives. Get respect. And a ton of other stuff.” Sandman just lists off the random things people assume heroes get.

Darklight nods and shrugs a bit, "I don't really care about the respect and all, just want to be able to help people, after all don't want them ending up having to go through what I have." she shakes her head again and nods, "Maybe should take the job." she mutters to herself.

“Well who offered you the job?” Flint looks her over, “I mean, no offense, but I don’t think the Avengers would take ya. Maybe dem New Warriors or those X-Men do all the mutant stuff And how has your life been so bad? What did you go through that was so tough?”

Darklight cocks her head to the side and then goes rather pale and cold for a moment. "Wasn't looking for something with the avengers." she says softly and then shakes her head a bit. "YOu really don't want to know, everyone has a rough story, some are just…rougher than others."

Noting the change in Xian, Flint blinks, “Um. Was it somethin’ I said?” He ponders why the sudden shift in Darklight and shrugs innocently. When she continues, Flint nods his head, “Ok, so don’t want to share. It’s ok. But at least let me know who asked you to join a team?”

Darklight shakes her head a bit and then sighs, "Sorry, you weren't trying to be mean or anything, abanoned by parents at 4, through different foster homes, on my own since 12 after my adoptive father beat my adoptive mother to death when she tried to protect me from being molested by him, him dying, and then just surviving on the streets since." she shakes her head and says it dispassionately almost as if she weren't telling her own story. She looks at him, "Some woman, Selene I think, claimed to be a goddess."

Hearing that story, even Flint would be touched and offer sympathy to the girl. Attempting to pat her shoulder and offer, “Sorry to hear that. Must have been rough.” Clearing his throat and blinking a bit, “Selene? A goddess? Well I don’t know too much about gods and goddesses other than Thor and Hercules and I am skeptical about the,” He ponders, “The name does sound vaguely familiar though. Selene.”

Darklight nods and shrugs, "Not sure myself, but the offer sounded good, a team to help protect people." she smiles and shakes her head, "Its something I want to do, I have had to do…questionable things and don't want to have to do that anymore.

Namor flies by overhead. Flying figures are not an unheard of sight in the skies over New York, but this one's distinctive 'clothing' and physique - plus the fact that he seems to be flying by means of tiny little wings on his ankles - marks him as Namor, the Sub-Mariner. As he passes over Darklight and Sandman, he corrects his course slightly and then descends to the ground. "Greetings, Sandman." Namor offers, stopping with his feet a few feet off of the ground and crossing his arms. "It is good to see you recovered from your recent…condition."

“Well, don’t just join a team all willy nilly like that. You need to check your facts. Find out more about Selene and see who else is in this little group.” Sandman advises when he looks up and spots the flying fish man. “Nammie…How’s it hanging up there and underwater?” Gesturing for the monarch to join them, “King Namor the Submariner… Meet.” This entire time and Sandman does not know her name.

Darklight turns and looks a bit wary at Namor a moment and raises a brow. She does dip her head, "Um…Xian." she says softly, "Darklight works too." she says and looks back to Sandman, "I am not, if I was would have already." she flushes just a bit.

Namor inclines his head just a tiny fraction towards Darklight, the closest to returning the nod that she's likely to get. "Namor, PRINCE of Atlantis," he shoots Sandman a quick look as he makes the correction. "Though a Prince in exile, currently." He turns back to Darklight and then gives her a longer look. "'Darklight'," he repeats, thoughtfully. Then he shakes his head. "No, I must be thinking of another.

Looking up to the hovering exiled monarch, “Sorry, fishface, but you should be king down there. Simply put. Whether you like it or not. You’re the king in my eyes.” Shooting the same look to Namor, “Oh, Darklight. Nice name. So that’s what happened when I hugged you. You turns all dark and stuff. Are you like…one of them Darkforce people?”

Darklight shakes her head and then glances around a moment and flares with violet hued light. Her skin shifts to blue-black and her hair and eyes go solid white and seem to glow. She emites the light too. SHe shakes her head, "No, just light, just the light I emit is close in nature to a black light, so alters the color and appearance of things." she says softly.

Namor quirks a regal eyebrow. "Indeed," he murmurs, although it's clear he doesn't quite grasp the explanation. Atlantean physics tends to focus on viscousity and thermal dynamics and other topics, and Namor isn't exactly a scientist even by Atlantis' standards. Then he shakes his head. "I must see to a matter within the city. Farewell, Sandman. And Darklight." He nods politely to each before rising into the air again, soon veering off towards the skyscrapers.

Watching the little light show, Flint nods, "Cool. Black light huh. Forget waitressin', you should be a hotel maid and inspect those rooms." He laughs heartily at his own joke and when the monarch leaves he turns to Darklight, "That happens a lot with the Avengers. We come and go all weird like that so sorry about that night at the pub."

Darklight nods and stays like she is for now and hovers off the ground a little, violet light under her. She nods, "it is alright, I just got startled." she says and then shakes her head, "I don't want to know what is on those beds." she says and shrugs, "THere is a reason I live where I do." and then she flushes which makes her cheeks go white a moment.

Nodding his head Flint offers, “So that is a nifty trick. If things don’t work out with that Selene chick, you might want to consider going solo and hoping with enough publicity you get recruited for a team. But you already got some friends on the Avengers and Fantastic Four. Have ya fought any major villains or saved any lives or anythin’ like that?”

Darklight looks down a little, "Some Russian guy in this armor the other day." she shakes her head a bit and wasn't happy with the results of that fight.

Sandman hmmmmns, “Russian guy in armor.” He thinks as he tries to remember if he knows who that may be, “Well, How did it go? Did ya beat the guy?”

Darklight shrugs, "He got beat though the others had more effect, my blast didn't seem to do much then he knocked me senseless with some blast of his own, he apparently wanted to do away with all americans.”

Shaking his head, “Fuckin’ Commies.” Sandman shrugs, “Well, at least someone got beat. Somethin’ tells me if he was armored and wanted to kill all Americans then he may have been outta your league. Groups work best. In situations where the foe is too powerful than you are. Hope others are there to back ya up.”

Darklight nods, "Yeah glad there were others there." she says and shakes her head a bit.

“Well then, good.” Sandman offering a smile, “Well, here is what I will do for ya. Let me see what I can find out about this Selene chick for ya and this new team of hers.” He then offers, “If you see her before I do, then just be careful.” He hands her his Avengers business card, “And contact me, if ya need help with anythin’”

Darklight nods and takes the card, shifting back to normal and slips it into her pocket, "Okay, thanks, gotta run to work." she says and gives a bit of a wave and off she goes.

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