2011 11 08 The Break Up

Log Title:
The Break Up

Shehulk SpiderMan

RL Date:
Nov 8 2011

IC Date:
Nov 8 2011


Brief log summary::
Peter needs to figure out who he is


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From atop the side of a wall that overlooks a broken roofed warehouse, Spider-Man is perched and grimacing at the recent injury given to him by Scorpia. Poking gingerly at his side and frowning, the erstwhile photographer sighs to himself and murmurs low, "I hate sewing." He says this levelly, grumpily, even as he pokes at the tear in his uniform over his ribs. He sighs and then picks up his communicator from his belt. Jen's number is keyed in and when she picks up he answers, "Heya Jen."

On the other end you hear " Jen Walters Attorney at law how can I help you " Clearly a canned response since you called her regular line mostly cause her personal line was off .
"Heya Jen, it's me." Spidey's voice is a little tired, a little ragged, and a little sore. He shifts the phone to the other side as he looks out across the city, frowning as he fails to get any tingle or hint of which way Scorpia went. "I just wanted to let you know that what with this Sinister Six thing and all, I figured I should take a few more laps around the city. Might have met some folks associated with them, but not sure. Anyways, hope you're doing ok." He's clearly leaving a message and expecting to hang up shortly.
You hear jen " Who is this ? It sounds like peter .. I used to have a boyfriend named peter , we had this amazing chemistry and even slept together.. then I didn't see or hear from him for a month other then him telling me he's busy " and her voice is ICE cold.
A small 'heh' comes from him and then he says lightly, "Man, he sounds like a real jerk." Alright it's a small attempt at a joke, and a weak one at that. But he presses on. "I bet he's like super sorry and would like to make it up to you, but sounds kinda like your mind's made up."
Speaks slowly " Depends on his super story as to why he's ditched me constantly at every turn and hasn't bothered to spend time with me.. seeing as witch we had sex and then nothing from him looks really bad " . Yeah she's angry all right " I mean she's really understanding had to leave for space I can accept that .. got trapped underground fighting a super villain I can accept that.. if she gets the street crime excuse though he's sunk " .
"I'm lost, am I using the third person or are you?" Ha ha. Another joke, but then Spidey takes a deep steadying breath and frowns to himself before answering. "Look, Jen. I… there's something going down. But really do the details matter? There's always something going down, or always will be something going down. I mean, this is kinda how my life is. I'm sorry, and I tried to be all up front about it."
There's a pause and he shakes his head, "I'm sorry, I know I'm the jerk here. I always do screw these things up. I don't want you to hate me."

She-Hulk Sighs " Peter you said it yourself there is always something going down.. you can't always run off to take care of it .. " she thinks " it's like Samson told me you have to decide are you the hero or the person.. and like everybody out there you have to decide what to make time for .. if you don't have time for us then tell me "
She might hear the whoosh of the wind across the phone's receiver as he changes hands again, perched so far atop the building that the wind rushes by with a whipcrack of sound. "Well right now I don't have much time, and I don't feel I can hold off. I need to be out there right now and…" He pauses then just shakes his head, "Look. I do need to go, you just… I don't know, do what you have to. I understand. I gotta go." And then, as quick as that, the phone line clicks closed.

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