2011 11 08 Scorpia Stings The Spider

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Scorpia Stings the Spider

Scorpia and Spider-Man

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Rooftops of New York City

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Scorpia taunts Spidey. They fight, Scorpia distracts and escapes.


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Scorpia, an unknown villain at this time, is seen wearing her cybernetic costume of green and black while atop a financial institution within Hell's Kitchen. She seems to be inspecting a roof access point for possible entry into the structure.

Meanwhile, some distance away an image is being broadcast from a remarkable electronic device. It's a rather sharp image for anyone able to receive it, currently those people being the Fantastic Four and some of the Avengers. Though if there was a casual on-looker they wouldn't see much save for a curious view of the city from high above. Buildings flicker pass far below, the camera jolting and jouncing as it's buffeted repeatedly by the movement of whatever or whomever carries it. From the audio-feed there's also a strange sound of a /thwip/-/thwip/ that's heard.

Then the camera shakes heavily as whomever is holding it seems to land upon the edge of a building, a red and blue knee coming into view for an instant and then a voice lifts to be heard from slightly off-screen. "Ok, testing, testing. Hero-cam is on the air."

The camera shakes again as the holder leaps off the building, swinging across a valley of several buildings and then carrying him towards the area of Hell's Kitchen, "Sidenote 1, Johnny this has better not show up on Youtube. S'all I got to say. So uhh, yeah." As the camera-holder swings he murmurs, "Taking a trip through Hell's Kitchen, got a lil buzz on my spidey-sense. Not sure what's up but… oh hey…"

And as he says that the Spider-Man drops from the sky hurtling downwards towards that roof access point.

Scorpia rips the door off its hinges. Apparently not wanting to take the subtle approach. She wears a smile when she does it and seems to like her new-found might. Inside, red security lights are seen as their illumination is cast from within upon Scorpia's green tones.

Landing some small distance behind her upon an industrial air conditioner, Spider-Man chooses to at least get the lay of the land before proceeding with the punchings. He perches there and then lifts his voice, "Mac, you've lost weight!"

There's a beat as perhaps he waits for a hint of acknowledgement from Scorpia, then he adds as he leans forwards, "And been to Amsterdam. I always knew a little Scorpianna was just begging to get out of that stern gruff exterior."

She freezes, her back to the Spider doesn't reveal just how elated she is that he's here. Her face is alife with a smile and the sparkle of her eyes - something he sees when she spins around, "Spider-Man!" is projected in a elevated tone of surprise and unsuppressed happiness. "I've so looked forward to meeting you."

Ok, if he wasn't on edge before what with the crime-happening and all, he sure is now. There's crime, and then there's crazy. He cocks his eyebrow behind the mask then leaaaaans to the side as if trying to get a better angle on eyeballing Scorpia. "Yeeeah," He says even as he looks at her warily, "For a fan you've chosen a weird sort of homage then."

There's a shift of his weight to the other direction and abruptly he leaps to the side, landing with a light thip-thap upon the rooftop in a three point stance, one hand splayed with fingers wide. "Copying one of my C-listers and putting a whole cosplay spin on it."

Realizing that he's talking about her attire, she poses (hands on her hips akimbo), "Oh my god, do you like it?" she asks quizzically and aglee with sounds of hope in his approval.

A red and blue hand lifts to waggle back and forth as he grants the universal sign of 'ehn'. Spidey straightens up and stays a decent distance from her, at least as far as that tail's reach would imply. "Not bad, but I'm kinda put off by the whole crime-committing door-breaking thing that's going on here."

A hand uncurls towards her, "If you give up now, which would be super cool of you, then hey you haven't really done anything but bust up a door and trespassed and stuff. So what do you say? Easy way for once?"

Her voice raises in a reaction to her twisted translation of his statement, "Oh no you did not just call me easy." then her knees bend and she leaps up and toward him. Her tail comes to bare mid flight. Yet, before the gap between them closes, she launches an electrial barriage from her fists toward Spidey.

"Nobody ever chooses the easy way." And even as he mutters that Spider-Man's flipping backwards, twisting in mid-air as he barely avoids a crackling fist's electrical burst. His hands slam upon the rooftop, arms tense and he pushes himself back up into the air to continue a series of backflips that has him dodging just enough to avoid each slashing strike. He lands with a whumpf upon the edge of the building, arms wind-milling for a moment as he almost goes over the edge. "I hope this is the misunderstanding part before we laugh about it and then team up to fight a greater evil?"

She doesn's stop her advances. Having missed the first few swipes and blasts, she intends to go full out toward Spidey, "You just don't know how much we'll be laughing about it. While we snuggle on the sofa and eat toasted marshmellows." Another slash, then a piercing strike with the tail.

"Somehow," Spidey acks once as she presses and suddenly he falls off the edge of the building. It's only a split second and then suddenly he catches the edge of the building with both hands and yanks himself up. He rockets up and past her, flipping in mid-air to land back over at that industrial air-conditioner, only now his hands come up and his wrists twist as a spray of web-fluid is fired to try and pin her down. "I don't see that happening. Though I do love me some cocoa."

With the agility of Spider-Man, Scorpia hits the ledge and leaps up and backwards. Where the web splooches go under her and stick to the building, she goes over Spidey and will attempt to strike him from behind. "I dont' think so, Spidey."

She's much faster than he expected and then that tail slashes around and /slams/ hard into his side as she twists. It's enough to send him rolling forwards and skittering across the gravel roof-top. Yet with that preternatural agility he's able to twist up to his feet almost instantly, though now there's a wicked tear just over his ribs. He grimaces behind the mask and murmurs, "You're quick, I'll give you that."

She stands there a moment watching her handywork, proud. She licks her lips and then with a manical smile says, "You don't know the half of it.". She then leaps to the side, bouncing off a fixture (AC unit) and will leap back toward Spidey, launching two plasma bolts toward him in mid leap.

A twist to one side, then to the other as he swerves around those blasts that scorch the ground around him. To any outside observer the two fighters are moving much faster than should be possible, to each other things seem slowed down. As she moves in he drops low a leg slicing around to try and take her legs out from under her in the place she lands even as he offers, "What's the other half? Enlighten me."

Landing and then leapng up and back, Scorpia dodges the leg sweep and elevates herself several yards into the air. She then releases three blasts, Plasma, Microwave Radiation, and Electricity toward the floor in three points around Spidey. With the intent of collapsing the rooftop and facilitating her escape. She's done playing with him.

And despite the railing warnings of his Spider-Sense spidey flips backwards away from one blast… the other, only to hit ground zero right as the third fires and the rooftop falls away. "Woah!" As he falls, hurtling down into the building below even as debris falls with him. A hand instinctively darts upwards and he twists his wrist, yet this time instead of a comforting 'thwip' there's a 'pfft' of compressed air as nothing fires. "Ah crap."

And then he lands with a /thud/. It's not long for him to regain his bearings, twisting to the side and grimacing as he coughs out some plaster dust. "Ugh." He uses the other web-shooter and fires a line upwards, drawing him back up to the rooftop with a snap of momentum. He flips to land up there, ready to fight… only now she's gone.

Scowling to himself behind the mask he lifts his voice, "Wait I forgot to ask if you were a Sinister Six!" He calls out, then sighs to himself. "Good work, Spidey." Not a good night, not a good night at all.

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