2011 11 08 Sandman Deposited

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Sandman's Return

Mysterio, Sandman, Wonder Man, Ms Marvel, Wasp

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Avengers Mansion

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Mysterio drops off Sandman and engages the heroes with faux Avengers


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A very loud very noisy crash is heard outside the Avengers Mansion as the very prone very unconscious human form of Sandman is literally flung through the wrought iron fence outside the mansion. Numerous alarms blare within the mansion and those finding themselves inside will hear said alarms. Those within the vicinity will find their Avengers ID card suddenly alerting them to an attack on the Mansion specifically the entrance. A large Sandman sized whole is sunk in the ground as the newest Avenger was lies unconscious, having been missing a few days after the altercation with the Vulture.

With a start, Wonder Man is up and out of his bed. Raising his window, he flies out in search of the disurbance.

Presently, Wonder Man is wearing Spider-Man full length pajamas (webby leggins and pull over white t-shirt with spidey's face on the chest). His eyes glow red and he's not wearing his super cool shades.

From the monitor room to the front entrance is a trip of several hundred meters. Ms. Marvel makes it in about thirty seconds, slowing down just enough in her flight that she doesn't shatter the objects of art on display in the halls. The windows are reinforced, and would not be in immediate danger from a sonic boom. Not so the 2nd-Century Ming vase at the second floor landing! The blonde Avenger in black appears in the air, pulling up to gain altitude and a good look around rather than closing immediately on Sandman's fallen form. Much as she wants to, this is a potential attack and must be assessed and secured first. Damn that responsibility. Anyone want a drink?

Janet was working in the office space she's put into her room in the mansion when something went boom outside. Rather than run down the stairs, Wasp zipped out the window she had open to enjoy the cool but comfortable fall air. She drops down to hover near Wonder Man and Ms. Marvel.

Smoke suddenly fills the area in front of the gate. When it clears: Standing at the edge of the Avengers Mansion gate, but not daring to enter stands the big three of Earth's Mightiest, Captain American, Iron Man and Thor. All decked in full Avenger regalia. The three stand silent and staring at the three arriving real Avengers. And without word, the three attack. A repulsor blast is fired at Wasp, a shield is flung towards Ms. Marvel, and Mjnolnir is tossed at Wonder-Man.

Still lying unconscious the form of Sandman begins to shift and suddenly turn to sand, small grains begin to fly out into the wind as it appears as if he is disintegrating. The sand that begins to blow away stopping by the gate begins to shift and swirl about beginning to take shape and form.

Hovering 20 feet off the ground, Wonder Man glances around for the disturbances. He starts to wave at the three heroes and then catches Mjnolnir square in the chest with a huge KLANG!. Wonder Man is knocked over the Avengers Mansion and into the side of a highrise a block away.

Ms. Marvel has spent two days reading reports related to the Sinister Six and the Sandman. Her reaction to the smoke cloud and the appearance of their allies? "It's a trick! Watch out!" Of course, they attack less than a second later, so it's not much warning for anyone who didn't already realize it. But Carol snaps out her hand and grabs the shield aimed at her: she can catch the real thing, thrown by Steve himself. She's confident she can grab this, if it is at all physical. "Wasp, you OK? Wonder Man?" she calls, checking in. "Wasp, check Sandy if you can." Her gaze is still sweeping about, looking for signs of Mysterio, who almost has to be behind this. That is, assuming she is right at all. Could be a double-fake.

Wasp blinks at The Three. In the moments her mind tells her it doesn't make any sense and Ms. Marvel shouts about it being a trick she hasn't the time to avoid the blast. It slams the three inch Avenger into the mansion complete with little Wasp-shaped imprint in the bricks. She all but peels herself out of the bricks and shakes her head, "I'm alright. That stung. But not like this!" She flies toward the imposter Iron Man and fires a full powered stinger blast at him.

Taking flight, 'Thor' grins wickedly and silently as his hammer returns to him. Flying over the real Avengers and the mansion itself, he spins the hammer around and attempts a divebomb towards the building Wonder-Man attempting to smash into the ionized hero.

The shield is indeed real but clearly not the Captain America's. With it in her hand, the shield itself begins to melt away liquidizing into some sort of acidic liquid just as 'Iron Man' flies up to engage the blond heroine firing off a series of rapid fire repulsor bursts at her. When he is hit with the Wasp's stinger blast on his armored ankle. Similar to the shield it begins to drop some sort of acidic liquid. However, this allows 'Cap' to make his presence known. In an impressive acrobatic display, the 'American Hero' does a series of quick flips and turns until he is near the Wasp, attempting to snatch her from the air and fling her to the ground…hard! If the acid makes contact, it will burn like hell and make one feel slightly groggy and slowly start to lead to paralysis…but not immediately.

Uninjured, yet being slammed out of the intial conflict, Wonder Man is pissed. He tightens his jaw as he pushes himself off the window and realizes that his Spidey PJs are ruined. Brushing off his hands he starts flying back toward the mansion (and the approaching Asgardian) and has full intention of engaging Faux-Thor with a move-through (tackle/punch sort of attack).

The sand begins to swirl and change color ultimately revealing a man in a green body suit and matching cape but in place of a head some sort of glass bowl like helmet. An automated voice ringing out, "Hello, Avengers. I bring a gift…sorts. You thought you could take one of our own, so we took some of yours." Mysterio stands revealed but remains out of direct combat. Half of Sandman's sand form remains on the ground in the lawn, but much smaller and weakened as it attempts to shift back into his human form.

Wearing gloves and not nearly as vulnerable as she may appear, Ms. Marvel simply drops the lost faux shield and turns to oppose the fake Iron Man, taking the blasts he fires head-on as she is flung back … and redirects her own inertia like only an ace pilot can, inverting to a split-S as she growls, "Thanks! I needed that!" Her hands come up, and photonic blasts erupt from each, aiming at the back and flank of the fake Iron Man.

Wasp was caught off guard the first time. Now that she knows these are fakes, she isn't going to fall for it again. Sure, Cap might be skilled and all. But it's a different story when trying to catch a 3 inch call object moving at 40mph. She twists and spirals around 'Cap' and proceeds to blast away at him, "C'mon. You're not trying hard enough! You can do better than this 'Cap'.." She aims a blast for the back of his head.

The real Thor would just smack Wonder-Man out of the sky with his move-through. However, 'Thor' opts to collide and slam into the PJed hero, which goes horribly wrong for him the tackle and punch fling him hard to the ground. Slamming him into the front lawn, raising up a little dirt cloud and when it clears, the acidy melting 'Thor' lies defeated and done.

Beginning to melt away from Wasp's stinger attack 'Iron Man' has little time to react to the photonic blasts from Ms. Marvel, which rip through his armored form , leaving two large gaping holes where his head and chest were. Falling from the sky, it follows a similar fate to his comrade in arms, 'Thor'

Missing the Wasp, 'Cap' is blasted in the back of his head, and small hole appears to cut through part of his skull, smoke emits from the hole as he starts to leak acid. Still up though, he turns and in a voice similar to the automated Mysterio's, he utters, 'You took Flint from us. You took away Sandman. Well, we don't want him anymore. You've ruined a great man." He takes an accusatory tone as he points to each of the gather Avengers, "Well, it's time for us to avenge one of our own." Looking directly at the entrance of the mansion, his form begins to wobble and suddenly explodes sending out the acid flying in various directions, a large chunk of it going towards the gathered heroes and some of it towards the front of the mansion.

Watching all this take place, Mysterio lets rip out a loud burst of maniacal almost Joker-like laughter. However, under the laughter, grumbling can be heard. Muttering and cries of help. Low at first, but finally the cries of "Get me the hello out of this thing!" match the volume and pitch of the continues maniacal laughing.

His shirt damaged (right on Spidey's face) and the seat of his pants torn, Wonder Man would much rather be wearing his super suit as he engages Faux-Thor. The slam results in Wonder Man also having gone into the ground just a few feet shy of Faux-Thor's landing.

Getting his PJ's dirty, Wonder Man stands up watching Faux-Thor melt, "Awe man, he ruined my Jammies." - Torn, WM's PJ's show off a slip of his bum, his chest, and other parts in between.

His attention is turned to Mysterio's laughter and then the other voice from within, "Aru?" is questioned in tone.

Ms. Marvel glances from her fallen foe to the rest of the scene, taking it in as quickly as she can. It's only as she catches some of that voice within a voice sound that she speaks up, "Wasp, little help here." She dives to the ground beside 'Mysterio' and reaches out, trying to grab the helmet and pull - or break - it off.

Wasp dodges the explodiong 'Cap' and then moves to join Ms. Marvel, attempting to help get the helmet off as well. She applies much lower power Wasp Sting blasts to the back of the helmet to try and break it free.

Still laughing and making no move to fight off Ms. Marvel and Wasp, Mysterio just laughs. The female Avengers successfully pulls the head off causing Mysterio's body to fall to the ground next to where Wonder-Man is. Sand begins to fall out of the body, first slowly grain by grain and then begins pouring out as a plethora of sand suddenly begins taking a humanoid shape and finally the true Sandman stands revealed. Blinking about for a moment, he gets his bearings as he looks around him. And then finally he stops looking about as his gaze stops on Wonder-Man. He grimaces as he looks up and down, "Seriously, man. Seriously. I can see your freakin' ass." Shaking his hand and throwing his arms up in frustration as he turns to his female teammates, "What took ya so long?"

Any traces of the attack are gone aside from spilled acid and putrid smell courtesy of Mysterio Inc.

Wonder Man begins walking forward as he's brushing off his ruined PJs. He wears a smile and says, "Hey everybody, it's Sandy. Toldja he was fine."

Wasp looks at Sandman, "We could leave you in there a little longer if you'd like, Flint." Her tone dry. "Are you alright? Let's get you inside and check you out, okay?"

Wonder Man looks behind himself, sighs, "I knew I felt a draft." then pulls the fabric to cover up the exposed cheek and starts flying up toward his open window, "Guess I'll go change. The paparazzi are gonna love this…"

Eying Wasp when she calls him Flint, Sandman simply smiles and nods, "Right oh, boss lady. Sorry for the lip." Then almost offering his thanks to the females, "Thanks for gettinâ me out of that thing." And to all three of them, "And dealing with Mysty. I tried, but couldn't do anythin' trapped in dere." Looking at Wonder-Man, "Seriously, Simon. Your ass is sticking out. Not a pretty site. And Spidey jammies?" Flint starts laughing to himself almost sinisterly as he waves his hand dismissiviely at the ion hero as he starts to head inside for his check-up.

Wasp nods, "Alright. Let's get back inside. There's enough clean up we need to get done without making a scene." She flits along beside Sandman as they head for the Mansion again. "What happeend after Vulture attacked you? Do you remember anything?"

Flying into his window, he'll close it behind him and then work on changing clothing. Some time later he will venture downstairs to join the others in the Sandy-Reunion. <Pose around me>

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