2011 11 08 Isolation

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Havok and Wallflower

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Gym Xavier's Mansion

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Alex runs into Wallflower again, they discuss the nature of her powers and possible fixes.


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-==[ Gym - Sublevel - Xavier Mansion ]==------——

The gymnasium located in the basement could easily put most others in the known world to shame. This room is truly vast, but no space is wasted as fitness equipment is lined along the walls and in the floor. A vast Olympic sized pool sits in the far middle of the room as a corridor leads off to the shower and changing rooms as well as a large sauna and steam bath all of which can easily hold the entire team. Lapping completely around and over the pool, a huge black running track is found. Found on the other side of the room, all types of equipment is placed. Several racks of all types of barbells for any strength level, and several benches line the walls. Tread mills, bicycles, as well as a boxing ring and any exercise equipment imaginable is located here. Also a towel rack, refrigerator, as well as one full wall being made up entirely of a mirror is found in here.

As you listen closely, a large over head CD/tape/radio system blasts music in the gym which always plays up tempo music and the music goes no farther than the gym doors giving that jolt of adrenaline while the team work out.

Wallflower Is back in the gym mostly cause other then her room it's the only place she won't affect people she still hasn't figured out how to bring portable fans or control her power yet .

Alex enters the gym. It being the following day he thinks surely no one is in here and going to mess with his basketball mojo. Getting just a few feet into the room he takes note of the blonde.

Wallflower Dosn't spot him least not yet she's got ear buds in lisening to her emo music while she runs on the treadmill trying to gather her thoughts all she can do is work out and study so far nothing new from school she was in .

Needing nose plugs, Alex disregards the warning as he mentally wonders how bad it can be and will walk to a point up-wind from Wallflower (behind one of the fans). "Hey." he says while holding the basketball in his right hand and a water bottle in his left. All the while dressed in long nylon shorts and a t-shirt.

Wallflower Okay feeling emo and then getting to look face to face with your current crush talk about mood change! She blushes and of course stumbles and grabs the rail and blushes even worse as it creeps down her face into her shirt. She swallows and looks down " hello " Clearly the painfully shy type.

Alex smiles at her stumbling and then personality reveal. Then with a slight nod he says, "I'm Alex." but keeps the fans between himself and her so doesn't offer a hand or anything proximal.

Wallflower Nods her head " I know.. I know you from Tv your known as Havok " she plays with her own hair after she turns off the treadmill and she herself stays behind the fans .

"I hear you've got some power that controls emotions. Like Pheromones." Alex just lays it out, not wanting to beat around the subject and indicating why he's behind the fans.

Wallflower Gulps and nods " yeah " She says ' Sorry " she adds " I'll leave if it's bothering you " She of course steps off the treadmill and gets ready to go away and leave you be .

"No." Alex says dismissing the notion, "I just wanted not to seem rude because I was hiding behind these fans. Also, hoping you could tell me about it. I mean, what it does."

Wallflower Blinks okay that's new somebody wants to know about her power and didn't want to chase her out. She chews her lip a little just on the edge trying to think " well ummm my mom says I'm like my dad he was a mutant too and well he could make people feel what ever he wanted them to feel " . She swallows " made people love him till my mom had me then made her immune , I didn't know what it was exactly till I got here " .

"Oh." Alex says in a somewhat relieved tone. "So then why the fans? I mean you don't want to make people feel a certain way, right?"

Wallflower Nods " I don't wanna make anybody feel what they don't wanna feel " she says " I don't wanna be my father his whole world was lies " She takes a big breath her eye's getting misty but she fights it " Just I can't control it .. so I stay away from people but now my mom locked me up here " .

Alex smiles, "I doubt your mom or anyone else sees it like that. You're not a prisoner. You're just here to learn to control your powers. I sort of did the same thing when I first met the X-men."

Wallflower shrugs " nobody told me anything other then the doctor telling me that my powers are pheromones and anybody that smells me or near me that can smell me will be affected and change moods to what I want or feel cause I can't control myself " .

Alex nods, "I heard that Hank was workin on some neutralizing perfume or maybe some nose plugs like the Inhumans wear to filter out pollutants. Not that you're a pollutant, but you know what I mean.

Wallflower Blinks " he is? " She frowns " Why didn't anybody tell me " she hugs herself " I've been stuck in my room or here I dunno what else to do least back home I got to go to class all I have is my school books and I already finished those " .

"I'm sure it was gonna be a surprise or something. Or not to get your hopes up." Alex responds having let the cat out of the bag. "Least this way we'll all be pretty secure and that'll be the first step in controlling your power."

Wallflower Nods her head " I don't wanna make people like me cause I like them " She says with a sigh " not unless they wanna know me and like me " she frowns " I dunno if that makes sense " .

"Makes perfect sense." Alex says with an understanding smile, "No one ever wants fake friends that are forced to pretend."

Wallflower Nods " I can't believe what anybody tells me but my mom cause half the time I dunno if I made them change what they were gonna say " . She sighs " Mom also doesn't let me watch house on tv cause she said makes me even more depressed " .

Alex smiles, he shrugs, "Don't know what to tell ya. Anyway…" he thumbs behind himself, "I'm gonna head up. Take care and get with Hank, he'll probably have the stuff for ya one day soon."

Wallflower Nods her head " Thank you " she says giving a shy smile " It helps to talk to somebody other then kisha .. she's kinda.. not well there " .

Alex says nothing about Kisha, though he smiles with a silent chuckle and walks toward the exit, "I'll see ya around."

Wallflower Nods as she secretly uses her phone to take a picture of his rear " Bai " She says and seems happy all of a sudden, behind her a mouse is just having the time of his life !

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