2011 11 08 Cafe Chitchat

Log Title:
Cafe Chitchat

Cytoplasm, Gogo, Lifeguard, and Richenda Gray

RL Date:
November 8, 2011

IC Date:
November 8, 2011

Peter McManus Cafe - New York

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The four meet up at a cafe and chitchat.


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Late evening and Heather Cameron is dressed in a relaxed manner. Blue jeans and matching small trendy jacket, since coming here and joining X-Factor, she has not had fun and by golly. She will. She walks to the café after heading some music from outside. Once she walks inside she finds the place to her liking. Taking a seat at a table, she listens to some poets slam and waits for the waitress to take her order.

Annie finishes up in the bathroom and steps out, carefully maneuvering through the door. She brushes at her skirt and walks back to her spot. She is wearing a pleated plaid mini, which doesn't exactly look terribly 'schoolgirl' on her. Underneath she's got black leggings, combat boots, and a black belly shirt finishes it off. She stops as she's about to sit down, spotting Heather, "Heather? Heather is that you? Hi!"

Surprised to hear her name, Heather turns and spots her giantess friend and waves and smiles, “Annie. Hi! It is I. Join me, please.” She kicks over a chair for Gogo to sit at, “Fancy seeing you here. Big city, but still run into people you know randomly.” The waitress then comes over to take the ladies’ orders, “I’ll have a burger and fries.” Heather orders as she looks to Gogo to see what she will have.

Annie slurps down the last of her drink and says, "I'll have another three burgers please, and the fries, and the rings, and oh, those mushrooms too. They were good, and how about a couple of brownies? Oh, and a coke and a chocolate malt." That taken care of she turns back to Heather and sits down, "Yeah, small world. The girl playing right now is a wrestler. Or was. She's on the Facebook and I got an invite, so…thought I would support her you know?" The long haired woman playing the mellow music certainly doesn't look like a wrestler. She looks like a pre-teen with some serious depression issues.

Once the order is taken the waitress remains and stares at Gogo for a moment before going to get it. Heather does the same and nods her head and looks over to see the poetess on the stage, “Oh ok. Well she is good.” Offering a smile, Heather pats her friend’s hand, “So how’ve you been any residual effects from yesterday’s encounters?”

Annie looks at the waitress and nods, "I know I ate already. But how do you think I keep this girlish figure?" Then she turns back to Heather and laughs, "I mean really…do they think I get along on side salads and bird food?" Then she nods to the stage where the tiny woman in black is strumming a guitar and half singing, half reciting poetry. There are a group of folks by the stage that look like they share clothes with her, "You would never have guessed she was this talented when she wrestled. Tough little thing. Umm…I slept a LOT yesterday, which has me hungry as a bear."

“Ah then ok.” Heather nods as she leans back on her chair and listens to the performer. Smiling and nodding in approval, when the performer is done, Heather applauds which is just in time for the food to be brought over. It takes two waitresses to bring the full order which makes Heather laugh. Getting her food, she nods her thanks while the waitress shoots Gogo a nasty look, “Yeah, girlish. More like manish.” She mumbles under her breath as she walks away from the table.

Annie claps and whistles for the wrestler, who thanks everyone then steps off the stage to join the group at the front while a skinny twig of a twenty something with a serious goat beard steps up to spit a angry bit of poetry. Annie quirks her lips to one side after the insult, then turns away from the waitress, the light in her eyes dimming for a moment, but then she grunts and digs in. After devouring the first burger she says, "I didn't figure you for a beatnik. I thought…surfing music, and vegan.”

Blinking in surprise when she is accused of being a vegan, “Goodness, girl! I like meat.” She winks and grins, “All kinds.” Laughing a bit, Heather calms down, “After I left home, I lived in a place called Surfer’s Paradise in Australia. It was kinda like this place, but less manufactured and more tropical.” Moving in closer, “Don’t let the waitress get to you. Big girls like us need to stick together.” Spotting Cytoplasm, “Oh is that the bloke from yesterday? Got all green and gooey when the telepath attacked?” She waves to him and gestures for him to join them.

Annie laughs, "Surfers Paradise? You've got to be kidding." A quick look down Heather's body and a lifted eyebrow seem to question her being included in the 'mannish' category. But she leaves that for the moment, turning to look towards the door and Cytoplasm. She waves, "Hey. Cy! Come on in and join us." She nods as she does so, "Yeah. Cytoplasm. He's a little..um. Kind of E.T. meets Johnny 5."

Chuckling at Gogo’s description of Cytoplasm, so he is either an alien or a robot.” Heather looks him over as he approaches, “That would explain the whole going green thing.” Looking quickly to Annie and whispering, “So how do you know him?”

There's always one person who just comes in to keep up with friends on staff, and the dark-haired girl coming in just behind Cytoplasm is that one, this time. Chenda pulls off her bulky coat as she looks around, trying to catch sight of tonight's waitress, wincing at the sound of tonight's 'live entertainment'.

The waitress walks over to Chenda to take her order, “What can I get you, miss?” She smiles hoping to get a big tip. When she notes the new customer’s expression she turns to the stage, “Yeah, I know. That wrestler sucks.” She rolls her eyes and then smiles again awaiting RIchenda’s order.

"He's not either…I think. But he sort of acts like that. If he stops standing in the doorway and comes over you'll find out. He seems nice enough…just, sort of like, a newborn." Annie combines some fries and onion rings, mixing the flavors as she dips them in ketchup and munches them together. A slurp of the shake washes it down. "Mmm."

As Annie and Heather discuss him, Cytoplasm overhears them and walks over to them saying, "Hi, were you talking about me?" in a somewhat blunt way, though apparently without any sort of intentional rudeness and more out of a lack of general social tact.

"Wow, you really like the food." Heather bites into her burger and has a similar reaction. "Yep, as bad as this is for my health. Every now and then a girl needs a good burger like she needs a good dic…" When Cyto arrives, Heather does not finish her sentence and smiles, kicking out a chair for him to sit on, "Yes we were. Cytoplasm, huh. Cool codename. What’s your real name?" Heather smiles warmly at him. Jolene nods to Richenda, "Sure thing." She gestures for Richenda to follow and puts her at the table next to the other Heather and friends.

She huckles and retracts her foot, "Yeah. We were. Have a seat. Are you staying in that hotel? You weren't there when I checked in on you last night." With the Fantastic Four busy, she's still paying for Cyto's room in order to keep him off the street. Can't expect the guy to stay there all the time though, though Annie might wish otherwise. If the Fantastic Four don't get a rush on talking with him though she's going to have to do something else. "Cyto doesn't have another name. So I'm sort of alternating between Saito and Cy." She downs some fries then says, "Though I should let him say that. Sorry Cy. You remember Healther?"

"Thank you /so/ much," Chenda says to Jolene, giggling as she follows the waitress to the table in question… and trips over Gogo's foot. "Oh! I'm so sorry," she says quickly, nodding apologetically to the huge… orange woman? Her eyes widen just a touch, but she looks away quickly so as not to stare. "Sorry," she repeats.

Cytoplasm nods rather enthusiastically and says, "Yeah, though she looked like she was wearing gold before… There's something I want to know. What exactly can people do? It looks like some people can change their shape, some people can… Well, make others think that they're on fire, and others can fly or jump quite high. Are these things normal, or do only a few people have them?"

Annie cringes as she trips up Chenda, and she pulls her feet into a tight bundle under her chair. "Sorry about that." A brow lifts at the look on Chenda's face, big glowing eye making it more pronounced. She tenses up a bit to let the woman see her muscles bunch up, making her look even larger. Then she flashes a too wide, too many teeth smile at Chenda,
"Weird looking aint I?" She gives the woman a nod then turns back to her food. "Good burgers here. You hungry Cy? I got enough to share." She frowns at Cy's questions, "Um, we don't have time to list all the things people can do. Only a few people can do weird stuff like you're mentioning. Well, compared to how many people there are in the world."

Chenda glances back to Annie as she speaks, and though her eyes widen she holds the orange woman's gaze, nodding in return. "A little," she agrees uncertainly. How do you answer a question like that? Fortunately, her table is near at hand. She nods politely to Cytoplasm and Heather, and slips into her seat.

Listening to everyone interact, Heather gives a nod to Chenda, “Hi.” Her think Australian accent comes out and then she smiles to Cytoplasm. Finishing up her burger and fries, “So…” She smiles as she ponders a topic to discuss amongst her new friends.

Annie chuckles in her deep alto, "Yeah. I am. It's okay. I figured it out already." She chuckles once more and gives Richenda another smile then turns back to her food and companions. She slurps on her shake and makes a happy noise, turning to comment to Chenda, "You should try the chocolate malt. They know how to make it right." Then she turns back to Heather and Cyto, "So. What brought you to New York from Paradise Heather?"

Thinking a moment on how to respond, she shrugs, “Well I left Australia after my powers developed and was living on the West Coast, but then I was recruited to X-Factor. They came and got me.” She smiles, “And here I am now working for the ‘man’ and doing my part.” She sighs a moment, “I do miss home and my brother, though. But he is enjoying his surfing life out there in Paradise.”

"Hi," Chenda replies to Heather, impersonating her accent playfully, and has to smile at Annie's further words. Her own accent hints at origins somewhere past the Mississippi. "I might. I didn't know they served shakes here," she replies, with a questioning look at Jolene the waitress.

"Burger? I don't know what that is." Cytoplasm says, "But I guess it sounds good, thanks for the offer!" upon hearing the offer of food and says, "Well, if I can't know what everyone can do I guess I'll just have to see for myself some time. And… Well, I didn't think that Cytoplasm wasn't a name that I could use… What sort of name would work?" he asks

Nodding and smiling at Chenda’s impersonation, Heather comments, “That was pretty good.” She then tries and fail to imitates Chenda’s. “Well, something typical may help you blend in better like Bob or Bill or something generic like that.” in response to Cyto’s question.

Annie holds up her chocolate malt for Chenda's perusal, "If they didn't make it they ran down the street and got it from
another joint." She then pushes her plate of burger and fries over to Cytoplasm, "This is a burger, and those are french fries. Those are onion rings. And I'll show you a baby name list on…eh. Saito for now. Or Cy. Or Sid. You could rock a Sid I guess." After a slurp of her shake she nods to Heather. "Well, it sure is a lot different here than there I bet. I was in Australia once, but only for a few hours. Then I was off to Indonesia to work some clean up job." Her accent is vaguely southern but not particularly thick.

Chenda gives Jolene another questioning look at Annie's words. "I'll definitely have to order one, and see how long it takes to get here." Her attention returns to Heather when the Australian gives impressions a try, and she giggles. "Not bad! Just a little less nose on the vowels, and a little more emphasis on the H's." She smiles at the discussion of names, thinking. "Sid would work. I'd love to help, but I'm coming up dry."

Gesturing to Chenda, “Why not join us?” She smiles and stands up to introduce herself, “I’m Heather Cameron.” Bowing her head, she sits back down. “And I’ll work on that accent. It could help if I ever find myself down south.”

Annie cants her head to one side, then swivels to look at Chenda, "Yeah. Unless you like sitting alone. I promise I don't bite." She chuckles and adds to that, "Unless I'm asked nicely." She nods, "Annie Ritter." She waves her hand to indicate Cytoplasm, "And you've voted for Sid. So, that's what I'm going with for now. Until he comes up with one he likes better."

“Sid?” Heather mulls it over, “Yes I think Sid is a good choice for you, Cytoplasm. And much easier to say. It rolls off the tongue.” She repeats the name in her thick accent and smiles, “Yes, very nice indeed.”

"Chenda Gray, and sure! Just need to get my coat." Chenda eases the garment off the back of the chair next to her and folds it over her arm. "But I won't ask you to bite me, Annie. After all the dogs I've had chase me, I'd rather not see any more teeth coming my way!" She stands and pushes in her chair, moving to join the gathering…

And stops as something beeps in her pocket. "Oh, fudge." She juggles the jacket for a moment, turning it until she can reach a pocket and dig out a phone. Glancing at a message on the screen, she sighs. "I'm sorry, I have to go. It was so good to meet you all, Heather, Annie, Sid." She quickly slips Jolene that hoped-for tip and hurried.

"OK, I can use Sid It's quicker than saying Cytoplasm, at least." Cytoplasm says, before taking a french fry and eating it, saying, "This… Is different from what I usually eat. Usually what I eat tastes more like something else, and is slimier too. I also usually find it myself, though."

Annie shifts to make room for Chenda, but then the woman is apologizing and out the door. She shakes her head and turns back to the two others at the table, "Oh well. She didn't run in terror, but she ran." She laughs and polishes off her malt, then replaces it with her soda, "Okay. Good. We are all agreed on Sid." She shakes her head at him, "That's because you've been eating gross stuff. Full of disease and stuff. This aint health food, but it isn't garbage or bugs either."

Waving to Chenda as she leaves, “Well, made a new friend today.” Heather smiles and blinks when Cyto mentions something slimy, “What was that you ate?” She makes a face preparing to be disgusted. When Gogo mentions what he eats, Heather gasps, “You eat garbage?”

With that her phone rings and she spies a text message and sighs, “Oh sorry. I have to head out. But Sid, Annie. Good to see you both.” She goes to the register to pay for her meal and exits the café.

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