2011 11 07 Stabbity Stabbity Stabbity

Log Title: Stabbity Stabbity Stabbity
Characters: Richenda Gray, The man in black, Skinny, Biggie, and the Driver
RL Date: 7 Nov 2011
IC Date: 7 Nov 2011
Location: Chelsea
Brief Log Summary: While waiting for a friend, Chenda spots a familiar face encountering two other familiar faces. Blood is spilled.
Rating: PG-13
There is no TS in this log: Yes

-==[ Hell's Kitchen - New York ]==--------

Some people call this area the Lower West Side; some people who want to talk it up call it Clinton. A few particularly unwise types call it West Midtown, but they'd better not do that where anyone can hear. Everyone else calls it Hell's Kitchen.

The congested streets are dominated by flat-faced, boxy buildings, three and four stories tall. Between some of them run alleyways - some wide enough to park a car in, some too narrow to give space for anything but ambushing a passerby. The slow transformation of much of the rest of Manhattan into a playground for the wealthy has met its match in the underworld here, which has a vested interest in keeping Hell's Kitchen and its inhabitants poor and desperate as a cover for its own activities, and in the danger of merely entering the neighborhood. After all - though other cities are better known for them lately, Hell's Kitchen is one of the places where street gangs began.

It is a dreary, dreary Monday. With a dreary, dreary temperature with such dreary, dreary, attire upon those outside that- Ok cutting to the chase, it's miserable out tonight. With the cold months in full swing, there's not many folks walking out on the street tonight and those that are, are bundled up nice and tight. You can even see the breath of those going by. And over near one of the run down residential buildings, a car sits idling. Likely keeping the engine warm because it's so farking cold out. Did I mention BRRR?!

Monday, Monday… cue chorus. Though they'd probably be singing 'Brr-BRRRRR Brr-BRR-BRR-Brr', judging by the temperatures. Chenda's tunic-styled coat is barely warm enough, and the weather's biting through her jeans easily. At least her head's warm, covered with a gray and pink-striped watch cap. She'd promised to meet a friend here, but so far it's been a long wait for a train that don't come. She can't stand out here and freeze forever, though.

Her eyes stray to that idling car, just out of bored curiosity. It was running last time she looked at her watch, and she glances at it again, to see how long it's been running. It's something to do.

The car's been running for quite awhile. Even long since Richenda even showed up to where she waits now. The dark coloring of the car does not make for the most visually striking type of vehicle. In fact, if it wasn't for the idle time, there would be nothing all that remarkable about it. Just another car.

As for whatever friend she is waiting for, they do not come but a rather large figure does step out from one of the buildings. A glance is given towards the car curiously before he grumbles something, starting to walk down the sidewalk, quickly. He seems rather familiar.

Twenty minutes… longer than she's stood here in the cold, that's for sure. She sighs impatiently and stomps her feet lightly to keep the blood circulating.

And that's about when someone comes out of one of the buildings. A rather large someone, actually. Chenda glances up casually, noting his size and… familiarity? She looks back down as casually as she looked up, but she does keep an eye on him. Where has she seen this guy before?

The large man in black, doesn't give Chenda so much as a glance, even when he bumps up against her. "'scuse me." He mutters, not even slowing as he makes his way down the sidewalk, moving towards the run down building that once served as an apartment building. The same area where Richenda once met two rather rude and ineffective thugs awhile back. He shoves his hands into his pockets, giving a quick glance across the street, eventually to the car that is still sitting there. With the glance, it presents yet another familiar glance. The man in black's face turns back forward, giving Richenda a glimpse of his back as he ends up walking towards a pair of guys coming from the shadows of the building.

Chenda murmurs incoherently in acknowledgement rather than in reply. That nagging sense of familiarity isn't letting up, but every glance of him she gets is only confusing her more. She looks away for a moment, then back. And something's changed. There are two guys stepping from the shadows of the building and coming his way. Hmm.

The two guys stepping out seem familiar, but within the context of her initial meeting with them, the skinny and big thugs are quite familiar as well. Postures done up in a threatening manner, the pair eye the man in black, "Ya better get movin'…" The familiar mantra comes out, likely the thing they say to everyone.

The man in black stays, head tilting curiously as he murmurs something quietly to them. Hands remain in his pockets comfortably, despite the duo's attempts to look threatening.

This is familiar, too. Chenda almost smiles at the memory of her own dealings with those two goons. They're out doing the same thing in /this/ weather? And she thought she was an idiot for standing here waiting!

Still, she can't help a bad feeling about this. This guy's far too calm about these two, and he's just standing there. As quietly as she can, Chenda turns and begins walking slowly towards the small grouping, her own hands coming out of her pockets. She winces a little as she feels the frigid air on her skin.

The larger of the two goons looks in surprise to what the man says and chuckles, giving a bit of a nod and a smile to the man in black, tilting his head towards Skinny who is also seemingly proud over something that the man in black has said. Their posture relaxes as they turn, waving the man in black after them in invite. It isn't until after their backs are turned does something flutter out of one of the man's pockets while he pulls out his hands, each seemingly holding something.

Oh, that can't be good. Not their acceptance of this guy, but his own actions after. Chenda picks up her pace, summoning a power seed for a concussion blast with plenty of sound to back it up, her eyes locked on the man's hands. One strays to the sidewalk after that fluttering object, just long enough to see what it is. But if he lunges for the two, she'll hurl her power seed at his back.

No entry for 'steps forward, following after the two, giving a mild laugh at some joke one of them said before his hands jut forward towards their backs, knckles down and whatever he's holding pointed at them.'.

He steps forward, following after the two, giving a mild laugh at some joke one of them said before his hands jut forward towards their backs, knuckles down and whatever he's holding pointed at them. With Richenda's quick thinking, his aim is a bit off. However, unlike last time, he ends up getting shoved forward into them, causing for a downwards slashing motion as he falls. A pair of screams crack into the night of Hell's Kitchen. Muttering a curse, the gloved dark clad man skitters to his feet and start running away from the two thugs imitating stuck pigs.

"Crap!" The best-laid plans… Chenda takes one look at the fleeing man, one look at the two on the ground, and hurls another blast after him to keep him fleeing. She can't fight him and save these two at the same time. "Hold still," she says, her voice soft but heavy with command-weight as she kneels next to the first of the two. "I can stop the bleeding, but if you keep squirming it'll just start again. Does one of you have a phone?"

That blast is more than enough extra incentive for the man to continue moving. Running off without so much as a glance behind him. The man in black soon disappears once again.

Skinny's eyes are closed as he's kneeling on the ground, already reaching behind him to check the extent of the wound. A blood coated hand lifts away from it as Chenda mentions for him to stop squirming. "Bi-bi-"

"I do." Biggie whimpers with a high-pitched voice, grimacing. Ayup. Really tough folks here. "Sk-Sk-Ski…" He pauses, eyes widening, "No."

The car that was idling just aways back pulls up with a screech. A large man steps out to move over to the trio. "Get them into the car," he snaps, turning to look towards Richenda. Brows lift as he looks to her before he glances back to the two, "You dumb fucks."

Chenda doesn't even have time to pull the phone out of Biggie's pocket before a new voice enters the mix. She looks up and finds the owner of that ever-idling car. "Right," she says, moving to take charge of Skinny. There's no way she'd move Biggie without a forklift. "Just hold on to me and stand on three… Easy does it. One… two… /three/." And she helps him to the car.

Skinny starts to let out a yelp but with a glance to the driver stifles it, eyes widening, he works with Richenda to get into the car. The driver works on helping Biggie up, moving him towards the backseat area as well. "Whatever you two do. Don't die in my car." He snaps, moving towards the driver's side without even checking to see if Richenda wants to come along. He slams the door shut.

Chenda straightens to see if the driver has Biggie in hand, her eyes straying back towards the sidewalk. It seems he does. Hey, what's that? Recalling that something had fallen out of the stalker's pocket, Chenda dashes back to the sidewalk, leaving the car door open. She stoops and catches it up with creditable quickness, stuffing it into a pocket. "Dropped my glove!" she calls back to the car… if the driver is patient enough not to have slammed the door and roared off in her very momentary absence.

He is an impatient driver indeed and wasn't planning on waiting for Chenda to begin with. It is merely by sheer luck that she is able to retrieve the postcard laying near the blood pools and jump in before the car has picked up enough speed to be uncatchable. Still, the act of sitting down in a car starting to move is likely not comfortable.

"I'm gunna die!" Biggie sobs. Skinny is a lot more stoically silent than his large counterpart as he leans forward, arms wrapping around the passenger seat in an effort not to lean his bleeding back onto the seat. The driver grumbles, looking over to Richenda, "We get there, they're on you."

It's not, not even for a skilled acrobat. But Chenda's lucky as well as skilled, and manages to get inside, shutting the door behind her. She tries not to groan as she hears Biggie. "You are /not/ going to die. The hospital's not that far away."

And sure as hell not how I'm driving," The driver mutters, glancing back at the rearview mirror, "LEAN FORWARD FATTY! I'm giving a ride, not painting my interior with your blood." Biggie moans, trying to follow through on the command, giving a moan of pain as he does so. Skinny remains quiet, eyes closed. There's a jarring bump as the car hits a pothole and the glove box pops open, revealing a baggie inside. "Close that up."

Chenda does. It's not like she doesn't know what a baggie in a glove box is for, and this is /not/ the best place to demonstrate her opinion of such things. Lives are on the line. Hopefully this won't be a much longer ride. "Just hang on," she says to Biggie, considerably kinder than before. "We're almost there." She hopes!

Biggie's still sobbing, "I'm so-s-I think that was the guy, Skinny." Skinny doesn't offer up any consolation as he remains quiet, prompting the larger of the two to look over at him, "Skinny? Sk-" He reaches an arm over to poke at the smaller of the two in the backseat, still not getting a response, "Skinny!"

The driver glances in the mirror once more and shakes, "Aw hell no You're NOT making this a death car!" The car speeds up, taking advantage of the thankfully lighter night time traffic.

Chenda glances back, noting Skinny's paleness. "I think he's going into shock!" She turns around and kneels in the seat to deal with the matter, letting the man drive. Hopefully that hospital's not far away.

Skinny's body flings with the movement of the car but he doesn't go too far with Biggie's girth holding him to one side of the car, this does keep him in place well enough for Chenda to work whatever first aid miracles she can do from the passenger seat as the wild ride continues. Fortunately, with this being New York it is indeed not long until a hospital is reached and the car comes to a stop at the entrance for the emergency room. The driver rolls down his window to shout to some paramedics who seemingly are returning their gear to an ambulance. "The guys in the backseat were stabbed by some nutbag!" He barks out, seemingly triggering for one of them to start moving towards the car, while the other darts back into the hospital.

Chenda manages to get the bleeding stopped on Skinny, not easy with the car doing its impression of a roller coaster. Fortunately, they finally do reach a hospital. The gypsy girl's out of the car in an instant and pushing the front passenger seat forward, reaching in to get Skinny out. At least he's as light as his build would suggest! "He's in shock," she says to the nearest paramedic. "The other guy's panicking, but he's in better shape."

As she is talking, the other paramedic comes out with a couple of the hospital staff, wheeling out a couple of chairs that weren't being used at the moment. Once Skinny is lowered into one and wheeled in the others work on helping the cryba-err Biggie out of the car. Upon him exiting and the doors getting slammed shut, the car drives off, ditching Richenda at the hospital with the others.

Chenda sighs in relief as she hands off Skinny to a paramedic, and turns to help with Biggie. He's barely into the chair when she hears the car shift with the driver's weight. She sidesteps with a startled cry the door as it slams shut, the car laying rubber as it screeches off. "Jerk!" Chenda yells after it. She doesn't throw a blast in its wake, but she's certainly tempted!

She turns around to see the paramedics vanishing into the hospital with Skinny and Biggie, the automatic doors hissing shut behind them. Sigh. "Gonna be a long night," she murmurs, and strolls towards the hospital doors. Maybe she can find a phone inside and get someone to pick her up. Biggie and Skinny are in others' hands now.

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