2011 11 07 Not At The Beach

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Not at the Beach

Spider-Man, Ms Marvel, Wonder Man

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Rooftop Level above New York City

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Wonder Man and Ms Marvel discuss Sandman's disappearance and possible Sinister Six issues in the future.


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Usually darting across the skyline with the swaying view of the world beneath him is the best part of being Spider-Man. It's what can at times make it all worthwhile, the freedom, the speed, the bursts of adrenalin as he hurls himself bodily across the heavens. To people far below he's little more than a blue and red flicker of motion, barely visible against the low-hanging clouds. But right now he's more concerned with the blaring cacophony of warning that his spider-sense wails inside of his head.

Small explosions and bursts of light trail after him even as Spidey darts in between two skyscrapers, landing upon a rooftop long enough to /run/ across the top of it and _dive_ off the side into the air. He's pursued rapidly by three whirling drone-like metallic creatures, silvered blades sprouting from their carapaces and little eye-stalks jutting forwards to fire plasma beams at the dashing vigilante. Even as he leaps off the side of the building and dives he's thinking to himself.

. o O ( Sure, I say, let's poke around in Arcade's warehouse, I say, can always find replacement parts there. What's the harm in looking around? Good job, Parker."

And with that overly grumpy thought he faaallllls down between the two skyscrapers, chased after by the security drones. His fall snared at the last moment by a webline /thwipping/ out to catch his descent and send him hurtling through space once again.

"I mean seriously, he could be hanging out on the beach, maybe in his nephew's sandbox, he could be keeping time like sand through the hourglass or even on that soap. People just take off sometimes to be alone. Ya know." - Wonder Man interjects ideas as to where Sandman may be over the Avengers channel while flying through the highrise towers of New York city in route back to the Avengers Mansion. "We all need some alone time, sometimes."

"It's true," Ms. Marvel, otherwise known as Carol Danvers, responds to Wonder Man over the Avengers' comms, "Sandman could, maybe, be doing any of those things. But see, the last time he was seen, he had just been screwed up for the /second time/ during an encounter with a member of the Sinister Six, both of whom were spouting off about how he was really Flint Marko and needed to just get back to his roots, and how we - The Avengers - were a bunch of fools for taking him into our midst. And after the first encounter, when Kraven apparently poisoned him, he was muttering pretty darkly, upset apparently and feeling like his teammates weren't concerned about him. And after this fight with Vulture? He disappeared. /Visibly/ disappeared in the middle of the fight. Gone. No sign. No word. After again appearing to be 'dosed' with something. So pardon me, Simon, if I think we should check this …"

It is at about this point that the flying heroine spots the glint of light off of the metal of those security drones. And then she spots that flicker of red and blue motion ahead of them - but only barely it seems. "Well, speaking of the arachnid, there he is. Flank me, let's clear his tail for him." Carol commands, as she pours on the speed and arrows herself right at the lead drone, fists out. Yeah, she could blast it. But would that be as satisfying as catching it and then tearing it open with her bare hands? Heck no!

Spidey's doing his thing, and doing it well, to be fair. He's leading those security drones a merry chase. It's down into the depths of a valley between buildings that he leads the attacking robots. Diving bodily between a pair of neon signs and in between laundry lines stretched between buildings. He twists, bends, flips in ways that most acrobats would be envious of and when he leaps _up_ out of that alleyway two of the three robots are trailing somebody's underwear and t-shirts as laundry lines wrap about them.

Landing atop the roof with a light thip-thap, Spidey spins to confront the whirling spikey robots as they charge towards him. Placing his back against a large brick chimney he ducks under one's attack, slips to the side, fires a webline and snares a silvered robot. With a sharp yank he /slams/ it into the ground where it whirs a few more times then falls silent.

Spider-Man spins, facing the last two attackers. His free hand opens as he twists his wrist, attempting to fire a webline. And it's in that moment that instead of a pleasing, 'thwip' being heard there's a most unpleasant 'pffft' as the web-shooter fails.

"Aww man,"

Wonder Man is silent for a moment when Ms Marvel discusses the aspect of the Avengers being fools for taking in Sandman. Wonder Man himself was initially a pawn of Zemo and a member of the Masters of Evil.

"Roger that." WM intones. Instructed to be a wingman, Wonder 'wing' Man cuts around a building and catches up with Ms Marvel to fly a few yards from her left flank and matches her speed. His red eyes watch the new targets and how they pursue Spidey. He sees Ms Marvel's movements and that gives him the opportunity to grab the other of the nearby drones. His strength is no match for such toys. Just in time apparently, as Spidey is out of webjuice.

Just as Spider-man is getting concerned over his web-shooter failure - it's OK, Spidey, it happens to every guy once in a while, right? - out of seeming nowhere appear the two Avengers flying in tight formatino. Ms. Marvel snares the first drone in both mighty hands, and punches through it, tearing out bits with her gloved hands until it stops trying to get away. Then she pulls up, hovers a second, and floats down to a point in front of Spider-Man, hovering without really landing. She holds up the drone with a smirk. "I hope these weren't practice drones, Webhead. Sorry for interrupting your fun, but I was hoping to find you. You have a sec?"

Even as the cloud was settling down upon Spidey's outlook for the day, what with impending doom looming there in that instant, the silver-lining comes through at the last moment in the form of the two aerial Avengers.

Behind the mask a grin springs to life and Spidey's voice lifts as he tells them both, "My heroes." An almost sing-song lilt is in his voice as he says that, crawling up that brick chimney to perch atop it on the balls of his feet. "Thanks guys, I mean of course I totally coulda handled that, but still." Those mirrored lenses of his mask turn one way, then the other as he looks at them both. He lifts a hand, "Hey Simon! How's the movie biz?" Then he looks back to answer Carol, "Sure, for you folks I might even have two. What's up?" He leans forwards even as he pulls one glove up off of one of those web-shooters, casually flipping out one of the cartridges.

Bits of metal crumble out of Wonder Man's hands as he pulls up and comes to a halt just to the left of Ms Marvel. Though it's normally hard to read a person through shades, Wonder Man generally wears his mood with the rest of his face; currently he seems pleased to see Spidey, or just pleased that he crushed a security drone. Either way, he's in good spirits; even with Sandman AWOL.

Instead of interjecting or interrupting Ms Marvel's intended conversation, WM will remain quiet but give a chin-up (universal sign of hello) to Spidey. And he'll gladly answer questions later, right now, he defers to Ms Marvel's conversation.

Ms. Marvel holds onto her security drone; maybe she intends to play with it later? Or maybe she still isn't sure if it isn't just one of Spidey's toys and doesn't want to break it any more than she already has? Regardless, she offers a smile to the red and blue clad arachnid hero. She likes his sense of humor. Its self-deprecating tone is much like her own in a way.

"What's up is a long story. The cut to the chase is this: Have you seen any sign of either Doc Ock or the Goblin lately?" Carol really can cut to the chase with scary efficiency.

She will eventually explain, "We have run into multiple members of the Sinister Six lately, and they seem to be gunning for a member of our team: Sandman." Yeah. Spidey has history with Flint Marko. But Sandy is an Avenger now. One of the good guys. Surely he'd rather see it stay that way? "Kraven and Vulture both attacked, and both seemed to dose him with something, while going off about how he is really Flint Marko and should stop lying. And that we're idiots for letting him into the Avengers and trusting him."

A pause, then Carol finishes up. "During the confrontation with the Vulture, he disappeared. We can't find him, and we don't know what's going on. We're concerned this is a plan by one of those two masterminds to try to bring back Flint Marko, and reassemble the Sinister Six." And so, they want to know if Spidey has seen either of those very dangerous personal foes of his.

As Carol speaks, Spider-Man's attention focuses fully upon her. His head cocks to the side curiously as he takes in her words, and he stops fiddling with the web-shooter for the moment. They've known each other long enough that she even might be able to perceive the way his brow furrows behind that full-mask of his, even as he frowns from behind it.

"That's not good news," Spidey twirls the empty casing in his hand thoughtfully, then when she finishes her tale he grimaces a touch before adding, "I knew Sandman had been really trying to go straight, rough when something like this happens. But as for your question, heck no. Haven't seen hide nor hair of Doc Ock, and Osborn…" The word trails off as the normally jovial manner of Spidey shifts into sometihng else. He just shakes his head then he looks over towards the two heroes.

"I can go by some of the places I've known them to use, make a run down on what people I can. But they usually gun for me so they might be avoiding spots I might know or the like." He smoothly drops from his perch, flipping forwards and landing in a three-point stance, fingers of one hand splayed to arrest his fall. He straightens up, "If it might help… Reed showed me this thing where I can go live on the FF-net. If they make a move on me it'll sound their alarm thinga-ma-bob and they can key it in to the Avengers network?"

Wonder Man thinks that's a great idea, but he won't say it. Right now Ms Marvel has the talking stick and he remains retrospective and considerate. His left arm crosses his upper stomach, his right elbow slips into the left hand and his right hand reaches up to his face to allow his thumb to cross his lips in a thoughtful pose. He may be coming up with an idea, or he's just trying to look GQ cool because there might be someone in a nearby highrise window with a camera phone snapping photos - never miss out on a good photo opportunity.

Carol listens as Spidey speaks, and reads what she can of his opinions and feelings from minor visual cues through the mask, and his tone of voice and breathing. She can be quite the detail-hound when she wants to be. But in the end, it is his words that hold the answers. "I think it would be a good idea, Webhead. I don't know that they're coming after you. Right now, they seem to have quite the mad-on for the Avengers, and they're welcome to that." Seriously. Carol could use the workout. Anything but another damned alien invasion, please. "But just stay in touch. Pass messages through Reed and Ben, when you can. Updates on anything you find. We'll do the same. I don't want them gunning for you without backup if we can help it." They can't, always. But damnit they can try. Carol glances over her shoulder at Simon, arching a blonde eyebrow eloquently. "Anything you want to add?"

"Alright, I'll get it set up. I hope you appreciate this sacrifice though, last time I gave them a live feed of my activities Johnny did this play by play commentary that was like super-mean and posted it to Twitter." At that, Spider-Man straightens up and when Carol shifts her attention over towards Wonder Man, Spidey does so as well.

Wonder Man gets his cue and adds, "What Ms Marvel said, don't get caught with out your footies on and some backup. We're totally staying above the streets looking for trouble, if you find it before we do, give a shout. We'll come a-runnin."

Carol snorts a bit at that. "I'll tell Johnny to leave it alone." And chances are that unlike of /Ben/ told him to do it, Carol might actually make an impression. /She/ can fly as fast as he can, absorb his flames, and punch nearly as hard as Ben. (And did we mention she's also a gorgeous woman, Johnny Storm's one and only weakness?) "Besides, Johnny's Twitter-MST3K-ing is nothing compared to J. Jonah's character assassination." Poor Webhead has it rough. And Carol knows it.

"Aww Ms. M, you're so good to me." That having been said he fishes out another cartridge for his web-shooter from his belt, and replaces it into the shooter witha /click/ of sound. He pulls his glove back into place and shoots a grin towards them that might not show through the mask too easily. "And sure thing, thanks Dubya. I'll go get it taken care of and start broadcasting tonight. We'll see what we can see."

That having been said he strolls over towards the edge of the building, pausing at its lip. He extends one hand and turns his wrist just so until a /thwip!/ is heard, webline shooting forth. "And hey, thanks for the assist! I'll keep in touch, seeya!" As quick as that he drops from the side of the building, off into the abyss and disappearing… only to reappear an instant later, swinging off into the distance.

Wonder Man watches the spider swing away and he turns to Ms Marvel, "I should be, but I'm really not worried about Spidey. No matter the odds, he always seems to come out roses. I think the Sinister Six are the ones that we should wory about." then he brushes off his hands and looks out over the city, thinking about the next step in their search, or maybe he's thinking about his next Hollywood scene.

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