2011 11 07 Going Mental

Log Title:
Going Mental

Cytoplasm, Gogo, Lifeguard, and Mentallo

RL Date:
November 7, 2011

IC Date:
November 7, 2011

Midtown - New York

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After having dealt with some earlier crime, Lifeguard and Gogo now deal with Mentallo. Cytoplasm interrupts and deals with the consequences


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Standing talking with Gogo, Heather Cameron finishes introducing herself. The area has police and proper authorities as they clear up an incident involving some criminals and a fusion reactor. The scene is calm, but was just very active and very gasy.

"Hehe. I didn't expect you to make with your real name. I don't really have a secret I.D. This is as close to one as I've got. You know? Can't exactly hide the fact I'm big and orange." She watches as more emergency vehicles arrive to assist with all the folks suffering from exposure to the yellow knockout gas. The first responders seem to have everything under control, and even have gotten a couple of big flatbeds to the scene to remove the armored car and the criminal's van.

Arriving after having heard of the chaos that was caused in Midtown just a short time ago, Mentallo stands on the corner surveying the damage and seeing what heroes are present so that he knows how to attack and what to do. Spying Gogo and Lifeguard, he figures the large woman must have been one of the people who was on the scene early and so he smile wickedly. Mentallo mentally scans Gogo to see what her powers are.

Not having seen or noticed Mentallo, Heather taps her head a moment and winces before looking around. There is a glow around her and once again she turns into a golden-armored heroine. “What was that?” She looks around, “Something is going on.” Lifeguard scans to pinpoint the source of danger.

Gogo isn't looking for any danger when there's a ton of cops and feds and such about. She is busy meeting another super, "Does that pay well? Working for the government?" She stops her question then looks around once Lifeguard mentions there's something going on, "Someone else going to try and rob that power plant maybe?" She turns her head to look over at the fed SUV that currently has the honor of holding the thermonuclear power plant. "I don't see anything.

Grinning when he assesses what Gogo can do, Mentallo sends a mental suggestion towards Gogo attempting to cast an illusion over the form of Lifeguard. Instead of seeing the golden-hued heroine, he attempts to make her see a demoness, a reddish devilish version of Lifeguard who is moving to strike her.

Still looking about the area, “I am not sure. My power just activated and I thought I sensed something in my head. My power does not work so great. There is something but not sure what it is.” Lifeguard sighs and just has to wait for what happens.

Mentallo includes a change of speech with the illusion so that Gogo perceives Lifeguard’s speech to be that of a demonic nature.

Seeing the fight that was going on in the middle of the street, Cytoplasm arrives in human form, running out into the area in fascination as he looks about trying to pinpoint the source of the fight. Noticing Mentallo, he quickly moves over and starts looking at him in an interested and almost inappropriate manner, before he says, "Hey, why are you wearing that outfit? Most people don't dress like that unless they can fly or jump really far or something like that. Can you fly?.. I've seen a couple of people fly before, though I can't."

Annie stares at Lifeguard and frowns, "Whoa…what? What are you saying? That is creepy as hell whatever you're saying." It is creepy enough for her to take a step back from the Aussie, and as she does so she grows in size, going from her seven feet to nine feet high, her mass doubling. "Speak English okay. You are freaking me the fuck out with that shit."

Scowling when he is approached by Cytoplasm, Mentallo gestures wildly, “Get away from me!” The momentary distraction allows Gogo to see Lifeguard as really is. But then the mutant telepath shakes his head, “Look what you did!” He shouts and moves to enter Cytoplasm’s mind to cast the illusion that he is on fire.

Watching as Annie backs off and grows larger, “Oh no. Please do not let this be one of the good guys versus good guys things.” Lifeguard puts some distance between herself and Gogo just to be sure. The increase in height has frightened the Aussie a bit.

Annie sighs with relief, "Oh thank god. Don't do that thing with your voice again without warning a girl. That was the scariest sounding stuff I've ever heard. How do you make your voice do that." She visibly relaxes as she hears the pretty Lifeguard's voice in its natural form. "I was about to wet my pants." She then looks down at her shredded clothes around her ankles, "Well…not that I've got any pants anymore."

"Aaaaaaaaah!" Cytoplasm screams as the illusion of combustion enters his mind, "I'M ON FIRE! HELP!" he shouts, as he flails his arms around, parts of his body turning to goo and re-forming, reacting as though they were truly being burnt.

Smiling as the illusion has worn off on Gogo, but taken effect on Cytoplasm, Mentallo blinks when he begins turning to goop. He taps his head to scan Cyto mentally to see what exactly he is, while moving away as the wildly gesticulating Cytoplasm will draw attention to him

Mentallo attempts a mental scan while Cytoplasm is dealing with the illusion to find out who and what he/it is.
Blinking, "Wait what?" Lifeguard blinks and continues to look about as she approaches Gogo. "My powers are still on so there is still danger, but I didn't change my voice. What did you hear and see?" Heather begins to ponder just what could be going on. When she sees the man screaming that he is on fire and starting to melt. "I think that is where we need to start." She realizes there is no fire, but the man is melting as if there is a fire. She mumbles something about a telepath noting how Mentallo is moving away from Cytoplasm.

Annie holds up her hands and shrugs, "You were talking in crazy demon sounding stuff. I was expecting you to spit split pea soup." Then she hears Cyto screaming and she starts bounding off in the direction of Cytoplasm, narrowing in on the sound. She calls out as she bounds towards the 'melting' figure, "I think you're right! Cytoplasm! Cy! It's Annie, remember me? What is going on? You aren't on fire! You are fine!"

Cytoplasm looks at Annie as she comes running up to him and says, "STAY BACK, YOU'LL GET HURT TOO!" as he takes a few steps back, trying to stay away from the people around him as he looks around, generally afraid and preoccupied with the intense feeling of being on fire.

With the scan complete, he is puzzled and makes the mistake of turning around to get one last look at Cytoplasm. “This could be useful for another time.” He spots Lifeguard looking at him and starts to run for it as he fires a psionic blast at her and Gogo.

Blinking about and seeing the suspiciously dressed man, Lifeguard moves to stop him, “Hey! Hey!” She screams as she runs towards him and Gogo deals with Cytoplasm. Noting the fact that she calls him that means perhaps what she was seeing with him being distorted and turning green is a hint at his true nature. She continues to run at Mentallo as he flees, but stops a moment when the psi blasts hits her. She blinks with a twinge and that it is gone and she then continues running towards the villain.

Annie takes Cyto by the arms and gives him a slight shake, "Cytoplasm! It is Annie! Remember me? Snap out of it buddy! You aren't on fire! See? I'm not hurt see? No fire on me at all little buddy." She's not really locked in on the fact that Mentallo is responsible, not even really haven taken particular note of the man when she saw Cytoplasm 'burning'. When she catches sight of Lifeguard running after Mentallo she calls out, "Is that who is doing this?" Of course, she doesn't really get to react to much after that because she's letting go of Cyto and tumbling to the ground with her hands on her head, "Oh…damn…My head!"

As Annie touches Cytoplasm, he notices that she isn't burning and blinks a few times before saying, "I'm… Not… What?" before he looks at himself as the small patches on his body stabilize into human form once more before he looks over at Mentallo and asks, "He did this?" before his body starts to bubble slightly as he grows an inch and loses all appearance of features, his body appearing to be a humanoid, dark gray mass as he walks over towards him and says, "Setting someone on fire is bound to make someone angry at some point. I don't think you want to do that, do you?"

“Enough of this!” Mentallo screams as his psi blasts do not have the same strength they usually do. Drawing back all of his mental energy (thus removing the illusion from Cytoplasm), he turns looks at the local New Yorkers sending out one massive illusion. Suddenly all the New Yorkers out in the street start to rush Lifeguard, Gogo, and Cytoplasm. Running further down, he leaps up and courtesy of the Fixer's "anti-grav propellant unit" is flying away, scared off after his unsuccessful attempt to deal with the heroes. Once out of the vicinity, the illusion around the New Yorkers is done.

“Yeah” Lifeguard screams out to Gogo, “He is a telepath!” Lifeguard continues to run after him, but is suddenly rushed by New Yorkers. Not wanting to hurt anyone, she runs in the opposite direction but when the New Yorkers stop in their tracks with the illusion off. “Damn it! He got away!” Lifeguard curses and realizes that this day between armored car robbers, fusion, reactors, and whacky telepaths, she has had enough and opts to head home once.

Annie gives a deep exhale of relief when Cytoplasm finally snaps out of it, "Are you okay? Are you…" but Cyto is already on the move, and with that answer to her question, so is Annie. She bounds after Lifeguard, chasing after Mentallo. However, when the crowd goes crazy and Mentallo flies off she's left with a lot of people hating on her and she can't get to the badguy. "Damnit!" She bounds high into the sky, heading for a rooftop to escape.

As Mentallo flies away via anti-gravity device, Cytoplasm runs towards him and jumps up after him in response, but falls down face first and says, "Ugh… So much for that." As he looks up at Mentallo and sighs saying, "You'll get caught eventually… Maybe." as he walks around once more, observing parts of the city again.

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