2011 11 07 Fuming Fusion

Log Title:
Fuming Fusion

Gogo and Lifeguard

RL Date:
November 7, 2011

IC Date:
November 7, 2011

Midtown - New York

Brief log summary::
Gogo and Lifeguard stop some criminals using a fusion reactor


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Sighing as she exits Bellevue Hospital, Heather Cameron, the blond Australian, lets out a yawn and stretches. Dressed in scrubs, the mutant just finished an evening of volunteer work at the hospital and starts to head to the subway to catch a long train home to the Salem Center. “Man, I hope this life gets better.” She mumbles to herself as she walks past the few New Yorkers not at work today.

Annie is out on the town, doing some sight seeing. She's got on her usual disguise of a baseball cap, sunglasses, big jacket, jogging pants and running shoes. The hat is FF, the jacket Avengers, and the coffee cup, Starbucks. A Starbucks bag matches the cup of coffee, and she's currently robbed it of a particularly decadent brownie that she is nibbling on as she stands at the top of the stairs leading down into the subway. She's been riding the thing on and off for days now and she's still not found any supervillains. This whole superhero thing is a lot harder than advertised.

Several blocks away, Police are responding to emergency calls from a pair of banks. Calls are lighting up police lines, bombs have gone off in the sewer systems under both buildings, and smoke is pouring out from trash cans inside each bank. Hearing police sirens isn't unusual in New York City, so few heads turn to look East, even with the large quantity of sirens sounding. Of course, all that was just a distraction for the real crime, which is going on not too far from the subway entrance that Heather is headed for. A group of four men hop out of the back of a utility van after an armored car stops at same intersection. The men are in big bulky biohazard suits, yellow with gasmasks. Two of them slap a pair of circular plates on the back of the van, while the third slaps a similar device onto the driver's side window.

Before anyone can react, there is a loud thump from the back of the van as the devices blow, and the smaller one from the front as precise blast takes out a tiny section of the armored window and fills the interior of the compartment with yellow gas.

Seeing and hearing what is occurring, Heather grimaces as her danger sense and nemesis powers kick in and her form goes from flesh, blood, and bone to organic gold armor. Lifeguard stands ready for action. Before reacting to the scene and possibly causing more harm than protection, she surveys the action to see where she would best respond.

The thump of the explosion, plus the sedatives in the gas makes short work of the four guards inside, who despite having gas masks available, weren't wearing them. Two of the men in biosuits climb inside, apparently able to see through the bright yellow cloud. Four thumps come from the interior as each guard receives a kinetic shot to make sure they are out of action. The two guys outside toss some grenades that start spewing more yellow clouds.

Annie doesn't have whatever is letting these guys see, but this all looks bad to her. She takes a deep breath, then rushes into the cloud to where she saw the armored car last. A loud bang announces that she found the vehicle with her head. It is possible to see inside the cloud, just not very well. She does see the guy with the strange looking rifle as he points it at her and blasts away. Then she's outside the cloud, leaving a vapor trail behind her as she bounces off a Ford Fiesta, and a streetlight.

Shaking her and watching as Gogo is flung from within the cloud, sighing Lifeguard charges into the cloud, her eyes and nose adjusting to the cloud so she no longer needs to breath and her eyes glow as she can see better within the cloud. The golden-armored heroine rushes forward towards the nearest man with a rifle and attempts to rip it from him and strike him with the butt of the rifle with one large swing.

The glowing yellow gas does nothing to Lifeguard as she rushes into the cloud. She catches the lookout of the quartet of criminals staring off towards where Gogo went flying, shot by the suited figure that bombed the driver compartment. It doesn't look like the lookout is going to be shooting anyone, because he gets his big energy rifle yanked from his hands and used neatly against him. He has on a helmet under his big suit, but it doesn't do much in the way of protecting him from the brunch of the butt against it as Lifeguard sends him tumbling across the pavement into the parked van they disgorged from. The guys inside the van come out with a huge metal case held between the two of them, and curse as they spot Lifeguard. "Trouble! Another super back here!" Most heroes would be surprised as the 'sudden' appearance of another thug from the back of the utility van, but not Lifeguard.

Annie shakes her head and growls as she hits the sidewalk. Then she coughes on some yellow gas she swallowed when she got thumped. A moment later she comes barreling into the area like a freight train. She hits the armored car again, causing it to bounce up onto two wheels, which sends the guys with that metal case tumbling, the big metal box falling out onto the street as they struggle to catch their balance. "Fuck!" says one of the pair, watching the big case tumble, eyes wide behind the visor of his mask. The guy who shot Annie is currently trying to shoot Lifeguard with the big gun he's carrying, moving to get a line of sight on her even as Annie crashes into the van. That's when the guy opens up, sending several powerful shots at Lifeguard, though none are particularly well aimed.

Grateful the shooters misaim, she lurches forward as some bullets hit but bounce off her now armored body. As Gogo has entered the fray again, Lifeguard makes a rush for the two holding the metal case. Speeding quicker than usual she rushes forwards in an attempt to knock the two over and grab the case if she is able to.

It's easy to think the guns are going to shoot bullets, but they actually are some sort of super weaponry, and they fire volleyball sized globes of force. So where did the bullets come from? They come from the guy that just came out of the utility van. He doesn't have a matching suit, he's just in body armor and gasmask, all black and looking very military. He's popping off rounds with a military style submachine gun, though not bursting at all. Just single shots being lobbed at Lifeguard until he sees them bouncing, then he curses and taps the selector switch on the gun, setting it to auto. He snaps off a burst of fire after she slams into the two men and knocks them flying. "Stay away from that case!"

The guy with the volleyball rifle is cursing too, cursing himself for panicing and wasting those shots, which have left nice swiss cheese tunnels through the yellow fog. He turns and fires a shot at Annie as his pal is dealing with Lifeguard. He hits what he's shooting for this time and once more she gets thumped hard, slamming her into the amored van, bucking it up onto its two wheels again. With that bracing her, Gogo doesn't go flying, and she's got a target in front of her. She springs for him, and takes him in the gut with a big shoulder, and the guy crumples up when they crash into that poor Ford Fiesta, safety glass falling on the pair.

When the two men downed and another shooting automatic weapons at her, Lifeguard sighs, “Come on already with the guns.” She hefts up the metal container when the fire is unleashed on her. Walking through the burst of flame, “Seriously, fire is a step-up, but not much better.” She attempts to hit the flame shooter with the metal container swinging at him backed with some strength.

The eyes behind the mask go rather wide as Lifeguard ignores his shots and goes for the container. "Dear god!" he cries out as she swings it at him, and he dives for cover, leaving his gun to tumble to the ground behind him. All thoughts of fighting the gorgeous golden woman are gone apparently, and he scrambles into the back of the utility van, tumbling through the large hatch in the bottom that is set over a matching hole cut in the street underneath. There's a winch for lowering the case and men down into the tunnels below, but he doesn't use that. Instead he falls a hard twenty feet, landing heavily on the flatbed vehicle parked in waiting. "Goooo!" he yells as he drops, then he's too busy being in pain to say much. The driver of the vehicle doesn't do as ordered though, "What's going on? Where's the generator?"

Up on the street the two guys who had the case are groaning, rolling on the ground as they strive to recover from the impact with golden womanhood. They aren't out of it, but they aren't doing so hot, and neither has their weapons out. Meanwhile, Gogo is coughing and woozily standing. "Mommy?" Still, she has her guy by the scruff of the neck, dragging him around like a big yellow teddy bear.

“Ok now what is in here?” Lifeguard seems to have dealt with as many of the men as possible. She grabs the container and walks through the cloud of yellow gas before shouting to Gogo, “Ask him what is in this case? If it is a bomb I don’t want us blown to smithereens!” Her thick Aussie accent comes through thicker than usual.

Gogo wobbles about, green eyes glowing pronouncedly in the yellow fog, "Huh?" That's when she realizes she's got that guy in her hand. She looks down at him and asks, "What's in the case?" She shakes him a bit, then asks again, "What's in the case?" Another small shake and she walks over to the van to the armored car, dropping him to the ground while she picks up one of the others, "What's in the case?" This guy doesn't need any rattling, he spills the beans, "Fusion. Fusion power plant. Don't let her shake it anymore!"

Blinking, “Holy Crap!” The accent even thicker when she is told what is in the case, “This has to be gotten rid of and now.” Lifeguard looks to Gogo, “Do you have this taken care of? I need to get rid of this now and I am probably the only one who can survive it if it goes off.” Lifeguard hopes her powers would be able to handle it should something go wrong!

Annie looks around and nods, "I guess." She blinks a few times as she tries to get her focus down, "They aren't putting up much of a fight." Just to be sure that she's not about to die, she yanks off the man's masks, so that he's breathing the same air as she is. If it is deadly neurotoxin he is surely going to protest. But he doesn't, though he's swiftly sleeping. "What are you going to do with it? What do you do with a fusion power plant?"

“I have no idea, but I took a blast from a missile yesterday and survived. I kinda do what is needed to survive. Not sure what to call it.” Lifeguard sighs and with an almost saddened look, she looks up skyward as the seriousness of danger to the whole city become apparent. Golden feathered wings grow from her back and she flies up, “I…” She blinks and senses no real danger from the container. “Ok, well, we had better call the proper authorities!” Holding onto the container, she goes about alerting the proper authorities since it appears the criminals have gone away.

“Some psycho Russian armored guy forgot that the Cold War was over and attacked a few people out on the pier. I and some others stopped him and sent him home.” Lifeguard shrugs as she keeps hold of the container. “You seem familiar for some reason. People call me Lifeguard.”

The gas continues to dissipate around the pair of women, revealing a good stretch of the street filled with cars that in turn have sleeping drivers and passengers. Sirens approach from several directions. Annie pulls the phone away from her ear, cringing after the reaction "Fusion Power Plant" Turning to Lifeguard she says, "Well…It sure sounds like we got lucky when you decided to come visiting the United States. You are some hero!"

As the cops arrive and deal with the situation, Lifeguard hands over the metal container and proper arrangements are made to deal with it. Returning to Gogo, “Yeah, pretty lucky, I suppose.” She extends a hand to Gogo, “As I said I am Lifeguard and I am with X-Factor.” The gas is also being dealt with. Once it is cleared, the golden-armored mutant returns to her regular flesh form. “And you are?”

Annie reaches out to take the offered hand, "I'm Annie. Annie Ritter…but uh." She takes a moment to pull her top up to reveal the bodyhugging costume underneath, "I guess I'm supposed to call myself Gogo when I'm doing this sort of thing. Nice to meet you Lifeguard. X-Factor? I don't know if I've heard of them. Is it a cool team."

“Well, Annie…er…Gogo, nice to meetcha and when I am in this form. My name is Heather Cameron.” So now that they know each other’s public and secret identities. Heather pauses, “Cool?” She thinks, “Yeah, I would think so. We are pretty cool.” She grins widely, “We’re primarily a mutant based team working for the government. Not too secret.”

Standing talking with Gogo, Heather Cameron finishes introducing herself. The area has police and proper authorities as they clear up an incident involving some criminals and a fusion reactor. The scene is calm, but was just very active and very gasy.

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