2011 11 07 Field Trips By The Black Queen

Log Title:
Field Trips By The Black Queen

Selene and Phantasm

RL Date:
7 Nov 2011

IC Date:
7 Nov 2011

Grapevine Cafe - NY

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Mike unintentionally goes against Ben's advice, and then continues to do so.


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-==[ Grapevine Cafe - New York ]==--------

This beautiful cafe is down to earth but retains an ounce of splendor. Light music dances in the cool air as quiet waitresses waltz to and fro taking orders of sandwiches and sodas. The tables are rather nice, made of elegant glass and curling silver metal with matching white chairs. At the counter is a main menu where one can pick up to go orders and pay one's check.

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Seleneis having coffee today she's aparently changed her outfit too . A black bodyshirt covers wrist to neck to waist tightly in cotton, before reaching down into tight, black leather pants that end in dark brown, casual boots. A black leather coat reaches down to just past her waist, with silver buttons unused as it hangs open. A black, wool scarf is wrapped about her neck, and part of it falls in front of her right shoulder. Two silver chains hang about her neck, along with a few simple silver rings on her fingers. A mix of casual and stylish attire, it accents her appearance quite nicely. She seems to be enjoying some tea along with cookies .

Ah Monday. What a dreary soundy day. It doesn't even describe it's dreariness with it's very name just one letter away from being a Moanday. Unngh. But Mike does not have a typical 8 to 5 job and as such, he's enjoying the benefits of a flexible schedule quite considerably. What he's not enjoying is the lack of coffee, which is likely why he and his friend, and former bandmate, Wade are doing here.

The blonde ex-bassist enters in first, a glimpse of one of the waitresses already brandishing the smile that has likely bedded a few women and started even more fights with women's boyfriends. After the waitress passes, he glances towards his companion smiling, "Okay, scratch that, we're dining in."

The companion, Mike is a little quiet, eyes following in the direction Wade was looking at the time the comment was made. A brow lifts giving a general agreement as the two move towards the seats Wade's already scoping out, which boast 4 empty chairs to its location. With the cool weather, Mike's hair is still hidden away under the knit cap. Nor does he remove it as he slinks down into his seat, likely with the back to Selene.

Selene Of course for selene the moment mike enters the room she senses him mostly cause she's got her mind scanning the room and short distance around just to make sure there's no trouble somebody can't be too carful after all . She smiles as she scans the two lightly making sure not to let mike sense her no yet at least . Though she offers a killer smile at the hapless human ex band mate.

Selene's smile is not lost by the blonde man as he relaxes back in his chair, flashing a smile towards Selene as his thoughts seem to be focusing on the attire along with a general lament for the cold weather covering up the good sights. "I like this place," He assesses with a nod, "Might be nicer during the summer time."

As Mike is glancing down a ways for the waitress to pop on by with the menus, one arm resting on the table as a leg does a lazy cross, ankle resting along the knee of the other leg, he gives an amused smile, reminiscent thoughts of him, the blonde along with Rod and Jack making comments like this, in other locations, coming to mind. "You haven't even had anything off of the menu," he points out with a chgiving a small chuckle, smile fading a bit as he looks up to the now approaching waitress with the menus. He lifts up a jacket arm to take them, offering a word of thanks before tossing the second menu at Wade. "Eat something."

Selene Can't help it she decides to play a little giving nice eye's and looks towards the young man , not only that she removes her scarf to show off more cleavage just in case her subtle looks aren't enough to entice the young man .

"Fine. I'll have a cookie." There's a bit of emphasis on the word cookie, as Mike's friend seems to take a bit of glee from saying something he thinks will annoy Mike. Simply teasing of course. Wade's eyes drift down to the menu, but the flash of something somewhat flesh colored does draw his attention. His smile widens as he looks to Selene. So distracted, he doesn't even notice until it's too late when Mike whacks him in the head with his menu. "A Sandwich," Mike hisses, bringing back the menu to point to the section, all the while holding it to block whatever it is Wade's looking at instead of him, "Christ. How am I the youngest?" There's a bit of inkling of concern for the elder friend, "Am I going to have to set a general ground rule of no looking for nookie until you eat something?"

Selene Chuckles to herself as the ploy worked she sips her coffee though perhaps slowly crossing those long legs of hers .. She has played enough though as she sends out a very nice greeting .oO Hello there Youn one Oo. She of course sent that at mike a she gives his friend a shy smile.

Wade tilts his head, trying to look around the menu, ignoring the very waitress he was checking out when he entered the cafe to do so. "Geez! Fine. I'll have the grilled cheese and a coke. Happy?" His voice lowers, "Honestly, if you saw this chick you'd be looking too." As the waitress jots it down looking over towards Mike, she finds Mike's expression to be one of surprise, Which, coupled with the general .oO(Fuck.)Oo. going in his mind is not that far off from what he's feeling. Thoughts of Ben's warning about the Hellfire Club and the Black Queen in general pop up before he looks towards Wade. "Uh. On second thought, let's just get the drinks. We can grab something to eat later."

Selene It's stubble what she does she doesn't do much she doesn't even use her powers she just leans forward and blows a kiss full of promises toward the man all to make him and his friend stay . Of course to mike .oO Oh my were not that bad.. well some of us are yes but I'm not I assure you Oo.

Wade's glance towards Selene is more than rewarding to him as he simply smirks, looking to Mike devilishly, "Oh but you've convinced me, Mike! I'm going to eat a sandwich JUST for you!"

Mike eyes Wade for a moment before he shakes his head, "A coffee. To go for me." .oO(He's looking at you, isn't he?)Oo.

Selene Smiles and wiggles her fingers at the guy enjoying how she's flirting with him across the way . She sends to mike .oO Of course he is , but you should stay give us something to talk about .. keep me from getting bored and looking for somebody to play with Oo.

Wade's not really paying attention to Mike at the moment as he gives a tilt of his head towards Selene, not at all being subtle about it. But he's still being a good friend, remaining seated.

Mike's head tilts lower, a hand lifting up to brush along his temple. .oO(Pretend I'm stupid. Spell it out.)Oo.

Selene Laughs maybe for mike maybe for his friend but she keeps flirting with her eye's towards his friend . She chuckles .oO You can figure out who has my attention right now, come on dear focus you have some very strong friends and all I want is a chance to be yours to teach you about your powers? but if you non mutant friends tell you to stay away who does that help ? You or them? I'm here to help you learn from your own kind no strings on your terms Oo.

Wade's smile widens, but he still remains seated. He crosses his arms, glancing over to Mike rather cheerfully only to frown a bit as he sees Mike's palming of the face, "Hey Drummer Boy. It's just a sandwich."

Mike shakes his head, glancing up to Wade to give a reassuring smile. See? Nothing to worry about. .oO(I'd be more willing to give you the benefit of the doubt if you weren't using my friends for entertainment.)Oo.

Selene Smiles a little .oO I havn't used one power on your friend all I've done is flirt a little , he's very easy I don't even need to try " She brushes along her own chest flashing a little more cleavage to the boy . She grins .oO So I'm not stopping him or you from leaving.. in fact the only power I'm using right now is to send and read your surface thoughts so we can talk in the way natural to our kind of mutants, but I'm getting the feeling I shouldn't even bother talking to you as you have already decided I'm not trying to help you I'm not about to waste my time on somebody unwilling to learn Oo.

Assured of his friend's health, Wade shifts in his chair, "Be ri-" Mike reaches across the table, pointing to Wade's food, "Eat." oO(It's Wade. If it's female, human, and shapely, he's all over it.)Oo. Mike's eyes roll as he gives a bit of that truth, giving a smile to the waitress as she brings their drinks and Wade's sandwich. He leans over to pull out his wallet. .oO(And it's natural to you. Not to me.)Oo.

Selene Teases booth men a little now .oO It could be and should be don't deny your liking this you take to it faster then a normal person has , Must I pull you to the astral plane for you to understand? .. I can show you but means putting you on auto pilot for a bit you should go to the bathroom Oo.

.oO(I'm just thinking it, you're the one dropping things in and plucking them out. It's not like I'm doing anything different.)Oo. As Wade eats his food, a bit quickly, Mike glances towards the other musician, "Bleedin' hell man, what are you five? Chew!"

Wade eyes Mike, attention shifting from Selene for a bit as he gives a smirk, "Ah, getting Irish on me, eh?" He starts chewing with his mouth wide open, looking to be as disguisting as possible, and apparently forgetting about Selene.

Selene Smiles as he boys are well boys she just leans back .oO Do you want to see it the astral plane I can show you .. and how to get back " .

Mike lifts up his coffee, not looking away from Wade's display as he sips. See Wade? Your disguisting habits have no power over Mike. "Baby steps, Wade. Baby steps." .oO(I don't really know, M- You know, you never did give me your name. All I really have to go on is Black Queen.)Oo.

Selene Smiles to herself as she sips her tea a little .oO true I am sorry about that my name is selene it's a pleasure to meet you Mike , Now would you like to see the world built on thought a world that all are connected to but only those blessed with he power of the mind can see Oo.

Eyes set upon Wade before he lowers them, watching the descent of his coffee cup to the table. .oO(Tempting but… While my friend is here eating? He'd probably notice me being gone for a bit.)Oo.

Selene Smiles .oO With your permission he won't miss a thing like I said I would put you on auto pilot to him nothing will be diffrent at all .. only if you allow of course Oo.

There's a bit of hesitation to Mike's response, although the hesitation is likely picked up upon. Curiousity mingling with a friend's introduced dose of caution as he looks towards Wade who has stopped with the disguisting eating and is actually chewing with his mouth closed. .oO(Auto pilot?)Oo.

Selene Smiles .oO Would you like to see your I can put your friend on auto pilot if you like .. he'll respond like normall y just won't be the one starting the coversation witch I assume isn;t an issue with you "

And with that, the curiousity is overridden by a strong, strong feeling of protectiveness. .oO(NO!)Oo. There is little hesitation Mike's response to the suggestion of setting Wade to auto pilot. Even visually there is a bit of a response as Mike's posture seemingly stiffens. An act that his friend misses as he's working on his sandwich. He glances down, judging how long it would take for such a sandwich to be completed.

Selene Nods .oO Then he will not be touched why don't yu come over here and make a pass at me. I'll make like it worked and we leave together Oo.

.oO(Not going to work.)Oo. Mike responds, watching as Wade starts to finish off his sandwich, .oO(One, I haven't looked at you at all since coming here. And two, Wade's made it quite clear he's interested. And three, bros before hos.)Oo.

Selene Smirks in her seat .oO Oh my any ideas for getting together to show you the wonders that is your birth right .. well I could bring you for just a moment time dosn't flow the same in the realm of thought but it will be a short trip "

There is more hesitation as Mike sips his coffee. Should he or shouldn't he? On one hand, Ben said one thing but, she hasn't done anything to confirm things. But then again there was that talk about mission stuff. But how is that different from the night stuff? But then she's talking something about birth right. What the hell? Yes. What the hell? Oh, what the hell. .oO(So long as Wade's not fucked with, I get brought back alright, and it's not taken as agreement I'll do anything with or for you. I hate shitty contracts.)Oo. He lowers his cup, glancing to the bassist's liesurely sip of his sofa. "Good sandwich?"

The blonde gives a nod, smiling as he lifts up his glass in a mock toast before continuing to drink.

Selene Smiles .oO Deal Oo. with that you feel it a tug.. then a pull finally a yank of INCREDIBLE power as she uses your own mental power and her own incredibly nearly god like power to pull you up with her into what appears to be a blank plane . She is back to her normal garb " You might wanna think about clothes " She says with a soft chuckle " Most newbies always view themselves naked I never understood that . welcome to the middle realm ths is the land between our minds I needed you here before I brought you to the psi realm.. it would be too much and I don't want you to be damaged " .

With the tug, Mike finds himself no longer at the cafe and instead in a very, un decorated place. Brows lifting, pale blue eyes glance around, taking in the appearance of the place. Not at all concerned with what he may or may not be wearing. Bashful? Nope. As he's told about the clothing, that's about when he looks down, having felt no draft to alert him otherwise. Giving a shake of the head, his eyes close and the appearance of his concert attire comes over him, black material covering up the new scar on his back but the sleeves still betraying one on his arm. Lined eyes open, the long haired musician glances towards Selene, "Middle realm? Is that like a green room?"

Selene Chuckles " Sort of this is the middle realm when you battle another psi normally it's done here this is kind of a middle ground a place where you bring only your power.. If I was say to go into your mind then he fight would be in your mind and you would have an advantage, it's your mind after all " . She smiles " But this is a good place for you to adjust to this for.. funny enough dosn't look that new to you I'm gathering your power has something to do with your astral form "

Mike glances over to Selene at her observation, "You're get that just from me putting on some clothes?" There's a bit of disbelief behind the tone as he tilts his head curiously. "Never been here before." He determines, giving a definite nod, glancing to the nothingness.

Selene chuckles " Most people when they come here for the first time with no training take several moments just to form and makin clothes takes longer as they adapt to being something made up just of thought " . She crosss her arms " And I cheated and read your mind the first time we met " .

At the admission, Mike frowns, eyes narrowing with a dark look for a few moments, "Just…how much did you read?"

Selene Laughs " don't worry only thing I was intrested in was your power and if you knew anything about it " she says " nothing more , but now would you like to see the astral plane we don't have much time after all " .

Mike's glance remains on Selene for a few more moments before he relents. "Sure…" He allows, head turning about the other way, not sure what to make of this.

Selene Holds out her hand to him " Come take my hand and come with me to the land of just the mind " she says with a soft smile " Come see the place that sings in your soul " .

Mike looks to the hand before lifting up his own to go take it, "Well, I wouldn't say 'sing in the soul'. Gone my whole life without going there."

Selene Laughs " Till now " She then takes you the astral plane.. it's impossible to tell you what it looks like as it looks diffrent to each person.. it's everything and nothing it's the realm of the mind and the land your power is very connected to …

As the pair reach the astral plane, Mike's eyes widen as he glances towards what looks like a large park full of trees with the outskirts of the park lined with familiar looking buildings surrounding it. To one side, a recording studio and night club. To the other, a library and coffee shop, and facing each other from opposing sides of the park, two scaled down apartment buildings, different in appearance and design. Pristine. Unmarred. Mike's jaw drops as he starts to step towards the center of the park, eyes glancing around. "This is fucked up."

Selene Laughs softly " This is the world of the mind dear this is the place of pure thought it's what you make of it " . She says " Like I said it's everything and nothing .. do you feel it yet .. or better yet do you hear it.. the power and voice of billion minds ? ".

Pausing to look to the center fountain, Mike glances up, smile fading as he looks towards Selene. "Other than you talking to me?" He tilts his head, listening, becoming quiet for a few moments.

Selene Shrugs " This is the astral plan how you connect to it is diffrent in each person though some things are similar regardless " she smiles " I'm here in your version of it tagging along as it were .. opening the doors for you .. but I can show you how to leave if you like " .

Mike glances back to the fountain, then looking towards one of the apartment buildings, then to the studio, a general look of longing on his features. "What I make of it." He considers, the smile fades, "I'm guessing that kind of cuts off at people."

Selene Nods her head " If they are they are only memories this is the astral plane but " She walks over to the fountian and touches the water " Come look you can see into the other world from here and if you have the power travel there unseen .. "

Turning his head, he looks towards the fountain, then glances towards Selen, "So, this is how we get back?"

Selene Shakes her head " No to go back you just concentrate on where you were think of yourself and block out all other thoughts but that and poof your back to yourself " She Smiles.

"Ah." Mike closes his eyes, starting to focus on that. Ok, concentration. Like the projecting. Only vice versa. Annnnd go.


…How about now?

Crap. Okay, concentrate, Mike. Just like before but in reverse…

Selene Taps you on the shoulder and slides you her card " Call me " before she blows a kiss to your friend and makes to walk out of the cafe, your friend looks at you " You okay you seem to blank out for a second " .

Mike blinks his eyes open, head turning as he gets tapped on the shoulder. Upon recieving the card, he glances down to it and looks to the departing Selene. Brow arching. "Uh yeah. Just, got distracted for a bit…" He frowns, glancing towards Wade to see the blonde giving him a small frown. Oh damn. The ho go before the bro.

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