2011 11 07 Avoidance

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Wallflower, Kisha, Havok

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Xavier Mansion - Gym

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Kisha and Laurie discuss life at Xaviers. Alex shoots hoops and avoids them.


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Wallflower sighs as she moves to the next machine she's got at hand grabbing some weights and lifting them as she works out infont of fans and a vent.

"If asking you about what non-critical subjects you like is in some way offensive I apologize," Kisha says, with little to indicate great sincerity. "Or are you in some way drained by all the exercise you're doing? Which I might add would be energy better spent if you chose tasks which had value. Why work out on machines when you could dig a hole for someone or perform gardening chores. Tasks which could earn you an income for personal use."

Wallflower Smiles " No just thinking about what you said.. I mean they said I could pic stuff but the basics I need to learn would be set based on how I do on several tests " . She shrugs " This is all new and kinda freaking me out .. " she sighs looking at her computer like companion " Other then you and lifeguard I havn't met anybody else.. it's like my old highshool all over again.. only thing new is I learned I can't have anybody smell me " . She blushes when she says that though

Kisha tilts her head. "Sniffing people is generally considered a social faux pas," she ventures, still circling the room taking measurements with a large tapemeasure. "So you should be safe for the most part. Unless the school picks up any animal mutation based students. Doubly so if they're male. You could always make polite chit-chat about things you /might/ take? It is generally the socially accepted norm. For example I'm going to take every science and engineering class possible. Except for the social sciences." She makes a face like she wants to spit.

Wallflower Shakes her head " I tend to make most people not wanna come near me " She says with a sigh " I don't wanna manipulate people I don't want this ability ' . She shakes her head and just starts to work out more so she dosn't fall into a pit of dispair

"Have you tried conversing via cups on string?" Kisha offers helpfully. "It's a low tech solution to your problem. Keeps people at a safe range, while ensuring you receive a required level of social interaction."

Alex Summers walks in through the main entrance into the large gym. He's dribbling a basketball while wearing gym shorts, tshirt and sneakers. In his other hand he holds a water bottle and the look on his face when he arrives reveals disappointment as he was half expecting to find this area empty. It's huge, so he's not going to complain or worry about disturbing others or others disturbing him. But sometimes it's just nice to shoot hoops and be self reflective without having an audience.

Wallflower And in typical response what does Laurie do she looks up and down alex and bites her bottom lip, she quickly turns around to grab her weights so he doesn't spot the fact she just toaly checked him out .. though she looks over her shoulder again .

Kisha glances around at the noise, raises an eyebrow at Laurie and then shrugs. "You again," she notes. "How is life oppressing the masses for the man?" She takes a few steps, then holds the tape measure against the floor. "I think I have almost enough data to navigate from memory. Can't factor in gym equipment or other disturbances but then nothing is perfect."

Alex will give them a recognition glance and a nod. But he doesn't have any intention of walking over to speak with them. Instead, he walks out onto the b-ball court (putting his water bottle down on the sideline) and will start shooting. Right now he's window dressing. Probably for the best as the girls are in conversation and need not be disturbed.

Laurie's conversation skills go from active to helpless staring with great big sighs as she watches the older hot man shoot his hoops, it's also followed by nibbling on her hair and making sure she looks way if he even looks her direction .

Mon Nov 07 15:51:23 2011

Kisha thuds her head against the wall. "And people seem to think I have problems with social interaction," she mutters. "Laurie if you wish to know more about him then I can provide some brief bits of information. He's called Alex and he claims not to be sexually interested in minors."

Alex did NOT hear what Kisha said, and if he did he wouldn't ever admit it. Too busy with the ball slapping the floor to drown out any words from nefarious teenagers in another section of the expansive gym.

Laurie's gasps as she looks at kasha " KISHA it's not like that he's just cute is all " . It's a good thing for the fans cause laurie is putting ALL kinds of pheromones out . She grabs the weights again and starts using them ' Why why are you measuring anways? " Trying to change the subject .

"His exact words were 'Yeah, I'm Alex. Not a teacher nor a pedophile - X-Factor. Which after having done research to verify I can assure you is correct," Kisha follows, heedless of Wallflowers response. "There are plenty of verified sightings and his costume doesn't cover his face. So unless he's a shapeshifter impersonating him… Anyway given his career he would not make a suitable candidate for romance. The high risk of a violent death coupled with your nervous disposition would not mesh very well." She shrugs. "I'm memorising the layout of the entire school, complete with accurate measurements and conversions for my own movement speed. In a worst case scenario I should be able to get out from any place in any room without relying upon sight."

Alex shoots, he scores. Then recovering the ball, he will dribble back to the key and shoot again. He's practing his free throw and takes deliberate time in setting up.

Wallflower Sighs and hangs her head as if she's giving up talking to a wall " Right " She says rolling her eye's " Why would you wanna know how to get to the gym if your escaping a place? " she asks " And I'm pretty sure half the stuff in here is locked " .

Kisha frowns. "I don't ever want to go /to/ the gym," she corrects. "But I could be /in/ the gym when something bad happens. Then I would need to leave. The important part of contingency planning is to ensure you cover any likely situations. Classes happen in this room, therefore it is within the realm of possibility I could be in here. For the record most locks also do not hold up especially well to thermite. And what rational person doesn't keep a supply of it for a rainy day?""

Alex sits the ball down and walks over to his water bottle. Bending over, he scoops it up and glances over to the girls before opening it and then taking a drink.

Wallflower Is lifting the weights over her head while going up and down a stair the cardio work out thing. She frowns " You ever wonder you think to much and don't bother trying to enjoy things" Then she stops " Who am I to talk " she sighs " Never mind I said that kisha "

"There is no such thing as thinking too much. It's a vicious lie put about by stupid people," Kisha says cheerfully. "And I enjoy my life just fine. There are a few internet memes I would rather have the capacity to forget, but on the whole I do what I like and ignore things I don't. I do admit to wondering if we are expected to swoon over his sporting accomplishments and if perhaps showing total indifference is somehow rude. Of course I have no intention on swooning for anything, but that's beside the point."

Alex takes another drink, glances again and reinforces his reasoning to avoid the girls, he was briefed on the blonde - steer clear of that one, Summers. He says in his head and then starts walking back toward his ball.

Kisha shakes her head. "I should hope his apparant dislike of people will sour your misplaced interest in him," she adds when Alex makes to ignore them. "Even I can manage to maintain a basic level of conversation with people."

Alex will reach down, grab the basketball and then start walking toward the exit from which he originally arrived. He'll find somewhere else to think, perhaps the memorial garden. - Alex runs for the hills…

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