2011 11 06 Usa Usa

Log Title: U-S-A! U-S-A!
Characters: Crimson Dynamo, Darklight, Lifeguard, and Phantasm
RL Date: 6 Nov 2011
IC Date: 6 Nov 2011
Location: East River - Pier
Summary: Crimson Dynamo shows up to the pier to cause some major destruction. But Lifeguard, Darklight, and Phantasm have something else to say about that.
Rating: PG-13
There is no TS in this log: Yes


-==[ East River - New York ]==--------——

The East River is filled with much water traffic. From large cargo ships or luxury liners, to small water craft like sailboats and skiboats. The river itself is not safe to swim within and far from sanitary. However, it's all the city's got and they're proud of it. The waters run high and deep throughout. The river runs between the east side of Manhattan Island to the west and Brooklyn/Queens/Bronx to the east. Many bridges pass over the river, the one of most interest would be the Brooklyn Bridge on it's southern most aspect. Further to the south, New York Harbor rests.

Xian got off work early this evening and so is found down on the pier. She decided to go for a walk so here she is wearing a light blue waitress outfit. She has a long coat over the top to keep herself a bit warm as she wanders along, taking along the sights along the pier.

Standing on the peer, the blond Australian leans against the railing looking over the East River. With a sullen look, she watches over the water missing her idyllic home at Surfer's Paradise. Here in the cold and unpleasant weather of the East Coast, she cannot surf. Heather Cameron just sighs as she looks at the murky, dirty water and notes the sea life here must be practically non-existant.

With the calmer effect of Sunday, Mike has taken the opportunity, plus the new found freedom of not having someone following him each and every second to go people watching. But the evening has come and it's time to wander back on home, watching and observing. Jacket pulled tight and hair tucked away, the musician pauses as he sees a familiar figure from a subway incident not too long ago and one from a restaurant encounter still engrained upon his mind standing upon the pier. Adjusting his steps, he too moves onto the pier.

Overhead the sound of an engine or some sort of motorized technological wonder can be heard. First appearing as a speck in the distance, soon crimson armor can be seen as a man in flying armor zooms over the East River. Spouting off something in Russian, the Crimson Dynamo flies just above the pier and seeing only a few Americans, he curses and says, "For Mother Russia!" He fires off a small missile aimed at the boardwalk.

Darklight blinks and watches the flying armor come in and then just stares as the missile is released. She swears and glances around and figures that most people are going to be focusing on the now armored figure and with a flash of violet hued light she changes. She drops her coat even as the violet light she now emits turns her skin bluish-black, her hair and eyes solid white and seeming to glow. Even the light blue waitress outfit she has on now looks dark purple. The violet light seems to reach a foot above her head and a foot below her. The area around her feet give off a bit of a brighter glow and she lifts into the air, flying and leaving a minor trail behind her. She doesn't go very high. She isn't fast enough to do all that and stop the missile though.

Even before noting the armored villain flying overhead, Heather's danger sense kicks in and the once flesh and bone mutant suddenly finds her body morphing. Suddenly standing before everyone is a literally golden armored woman with wings. Seeing the missile, she flies right for it at surprising speed and collides with the missile causing a large explosion, but safe enough distance from the pier, that is merely causing a shock and shake. The explosion rips through the air and Lifeguard is gone. But golden feathers waft and float down into the river.

Mike pauses in his approach, looking up at the nutbag screaming about Russia and shooting off a missle, "Holy f-" His voice fades off as he watches blondie flying right towards the missle, causing for the explosion to occur at a distance where it wouldn't likely KILL him. The shock of the blast is still present enough to knock the man off balance, causing for his feet to shuffle back in an effort to correct this change. What the hell is it with New York and crazy people? The visual of the woman vanishing is catching, causing for Mike to utter another curse as he does not go flying into battle. No. He turns, and looks for some form of shelter to duck behind. My Hero.

Surprised at the presence of powered foes, he blinks when he spots Lifeguard seemingly sacrifice herself to stop the missile. And then he spots the glowing Darklight. A smile forming on his face, "This would have been to easy. Come American swine. Come." Flying closer to engage the darkskinned mutant. "Is this the best American has to fight the great Crimson Dynamo!" His accent is with a Russian twinge as he speaks the broken English.

Darklight stares as she watches the one apparently sacrifice herself, "Noooo." she screams out and then looks at the Dynamo. She growls a bit and the violet hued light seems to gather around her hands brighter until the looses a powerful beam towards the Dynamo, "Don't know why you are doing this, but innocents can be hurt." she stutters, calling out.

Instead of continuing his run down the pier along with what other people there may be fleeing from the scene, Mike's forward movement stops upon reaching one of the snack shacks positioned along the pier, turning, he ducks to the side, asking for protection from Crimson Dynamos in the name of Coca-Cola and Frito-Lay. Once he's sure that he's most likely out of view of the guy who seemingly want to kill people for little reason, he settles down to get comfortable, and to do what he can to relax. Eyes close and he starts to focus. Oahmmmm….

The beam strikes with amazing speed enough so that Crimson Dynamo is not able to dodge it. It hits him square in the chest and causes him to dip and drop low for a bit, but his unearthly armor takes only minor damage as he swoops back around, "Cute blast, Child. Now see what a man can do!" He fires off a series of electrical charges and blasts towards Darklight at spectacular speed and strength. "Die, American. Die!"

Darklight shakes her head and swears as the blast doesn't seem to do all that much to the armored guy. She eeps as she sees the blasts come towards her. She can fly at decent speeds to manages to avoid most of them though one does hit her and knocks back into a building, which causes her to crumple to the ground a bit dazed.

A bright light flashes as Lifeguard reappears right where the explosion occurred. Gathering her composure for a bit, she is unsure of what just happened. But grateful she is alive, she surveys the area and spots Crimson Dynamo and Darklight engaged in an aerial battle. Flapping her large golden wings, she flies over towards the two combatants screaming as Darklight falls into the building. "Hey, Ruskie! Come and get me!"

As Darklight hits the building, a pair of eyes positioned at a low level look towards her. The raven's eyes narrow, givig an aggravated look not akin to the species this form is representing. With a turn, the bird's wings spread, and he flies towards the Crimson Jerk-amo. This is one angry bird!

Seeing two winged creatures flying at him. One a beautiful golden goddess and the other one a spooky raven. "Is this the best your country can offer, colored birds?" He extends his arms firing simultaneous force beams of amazing strength at winged creatures. His computers start to calculate and compensate for the speed with which they and begin an analysis of what these two abnormal looking creatures are exactly

Darklight is still dazed and trying to recover after the blast that hit her shattered her shield. Its going to take her a few to regain her senses, at least she wasn't knocked unconscious.

The force beam fires straight for Lifeguard. Unable to control her flight to stop from colliding she hits the beam and begins to plummet and drop. Looking as if she is going to land atop Darklight, her golden body phases and she literally falls through Darklight and through the ground.

The raven's flight adjusts for the beams, not by straying from the flight path but more spinning around them. At one point it kind of looks like they go through the bird but that couldn't be possible, right? The bird's not really seeming like it got hit as it continues right on its path. The bird seemingly speeds up.

Surprised and shock at his blast went through the bird, his computers reveal nothing on the bird, almost as if it is not real. Watching as Lifeguard goes down, Crimson Dynamo, "A trick, is it? You try to fool me with a trick? BAH!" He zooms up and flies towards the bird, aiming to fly through it. Engines revved, he speeds up and shots out like a slingshot at the raven

Darklight eeps as Lifeguard goes through her. She glances around and then staggers to her feet, but she is still wobbly, obviously effected by the destruction of her shield. She starts to glow a bit again, weakily as it forms around her again and she lifts into the air a little.

Suddenly rising from and through the ground and up and through Darklight, Lifeguard is back in the air and flying with unbelievable speed as she attempt an aerial tackle on the Crimson Dynamo. "You're going down, Commie!" She screams as she flies.

The bird's positioning as he flies adjusts, beak leading the flight as the bird continues to play Chi- err, Raven. Although there is no loss of feathers, there is a bit of a thunk as the bird smacks into the Crimson Dynamo, and remains on the armored man. That, looks painful.

You paged Crimson Dynamo with 'Looks painful, for the bird that is.'

With the bird clinging to his armor, Crimson Dynamo seems confused and tries desperately to shake the bird loose, but it refuses to come off when he is distracted enough to collide with the speeding golden bird, Lifeguard. With a "Whoomp!" He is within her grasp a bit disoriented from the collision.

Darklight is flying a bit haphazardly, still stunned a bit and not quite herself, she for the most part is out of the fight.

Crashing into the Crimson Dynamo, Lifeguard begins to shout, "You donât belong here. You are not welcome here. Go home!" Her body and hands begin to glow a bright almost blinding golden light when she lets him go and flies away at an unbelievable speed, her hands still glowing.

After the crash into Lifeguard along with her letting go of Crimson, the Raven's wings contort, looking more clawish as it climbs on Crimson's suit, moving to where it's near the head area. The bird's head turns, looking to what is presumed to be the eyes as it gives an unnerving smile, "It's cold out here. How about I come join you?" With that, he moves suddenly, seemingly going through the armor before occuping the space inside the armor with Crimson. "MUCH BETTER!" There is a of a well practiced, somewhat evil-ish sounding laugh coming from the bird before he starts pecking.

Getting tossed about and pecked, the man inside the armor begins to gorw annoyed and unnerved as he is pecked. Blood starting to spurt out from where the bird is pecking, he reaches to grab the helmet and thrust it off, tossing it away and hoping to get the bird away from him as he swings and flies about chaotically.

Darklight turns and stares as she isn't sure what is going on as she comes out of her daze, and tries to figure out what is going on.

Flying forward when the helmet is dropped, Lifeguard speeds by. With a glowing fist, she punches the armor-wearer in the face releasing the energy into the villain.

"Oh come on," The disformed raven mocks, claws wrapping into the man's hair to allow for him to stand atop of the head, not all that affected from any possible wind issues that may come about from flying in such a random manner. The bird's head tilts, nearing the man's ear, to give a whisper, "I thought you wanted to pla-up!." The bird caws as Lifeguard throws a punch towards Crimson's head. "Not safe out here!" The bird dives inside the armor that remains, fluttering about inside but not pecking this time around.

His head and then his body glowing, the Russian man seems to flicker and coughs, "What have you done?" The glow permeating through the armor and begins to distort and flicker, "What have you done?" He screams at Lifeguard.

Darklight looks towards what is going on and wondering that herself, wondering what is going on.

Hovering as the Russian screams, Lifeguard smirks, "You come here and cause so much trouble. You don't belong here. So you are going home." She waves her hand as the energy surrounding him begins to distort and flicker like a TV about to turn off.

With the sounds of the screams, The raven flies out of the suit, upper claws reformed to wings "Woah woah woah!" Phantasm spins around, looking towards the glowing Crimson Dynamo. "Uh, he's not going to blow up, is he?"

As the Phantasm flies out of the armor, The Crimson Dynamo mutters a Russian prayer and simply blinks away and is no longer present. He lets out a scream when he suddenly finds himself of the very cold frozen coast of Siberia

Darklight staggers in the air and shakes her head. She looks down at herself at her hands for a moment.

With the danger seemingly ended, Lifeguard swoops down to the ground as her skin loses it golden armored hue and the wings seemingly disappear. Now she is simply Heather Cameron and exhales as she is exhausted.

Having gotten no answer, the Raven sighs before fading away from existence. Over on the hidden side of the snack shack, Mike's eyes open. He continues the sigh and basically just lingers there for a few moments. Man, what a night.

Darklight hovers in the air still before lowering to the ground, the violet light fading as she lands and her skin and hair changes back to normal.

With the events ended, Heather realizes it is late and so she heads to the subway and heads home.

Getting himself up, Mike flicks a piece of wood off of his jacket before getting up and stepping from behind the cover of the vending machine area. He too opts to head home before anything else causes him to do something else on his off night.

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