2011 11 06 Pastry And Problems

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Pastry and Problems

Ms. Marvel, The Thing, The Vision, Namor the Submariner

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The Foyer of Avengers Mansion, Upper East Side, Manhattan, New York City

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The Thing stops by Avengers Mansion looking for a favor: help in finding the missing Sandman. He encounters a few Avengers quite happy to help with this.


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In the world of Super-Heroeing, for all the enemies those in this profession share, it seems that Heroes enter each others lairs with remarkable lack of formality. The front door of the mansion opens and in pokes the head of one Benjamin J. Grimm, "Hey! Anyone home?" A rocky arm reaches into foyer holding out a large cookie tin which he shakes back and forth making a clear sound that it is full, "I come bearing my Aunt Petunia's Rugelach!"

First come a pair of feet, then the rest of the body. The Vision phases through the ceiling of the foyer, coming from a room from somewhere upstairs in the Mansion. The inhuman Vision settles on the floor, feet landing and body becoming mostly solid. As he descends he utters a greeting, "The Thing. Salutations." Once solid and on the ground, he wraps his cape around himself and approaches Ben, "For what do we owe the pleasure of your Aunt's Rugelach?"

Of course, one of the reasons why heroes can drop by somewhere like Avengers Mansion any time without being accosted - usually - is because the Avengers make a point of entering their friends into the security system computers as authorized, so that those pesky automated defenses don't even twitch at their approach. Ben's approach is anything but subtle, and does draw attention, as another figure comes sailing down over the stairs to alight on the carpet and walk to the front door behind Vision. "Good to see you, Ben." offers Carol Danvers, otherwise known to the world as Ms. Marvel. "Rugelach? From Aunt Petunia? That's quite the treasure. Vision's right. What'd we do to deserve this?"

"Heya Vizh…" Ben says with a nod.. As Vision floats down through the floor above. His explanation of the Rugelach is cut short when Carol comes flying down the stairs and landing behind the Vision, "Carol…. Good to see you back in town." Ben says before clearing his throat, "Well Aunt Petunia always makes a big batch cause it's a big hit, and well… I thought it'd be a good peace offerin' cause I was hoping I could borrow some of the Avenger's big brains… I mean… Reed is supposedly looking into this for me.. but well… he's also all excited about neutrino's he found 'fascinating' so I doubt he's really focused."

The team's synthezoid tilts his head slightly to one side as he regards the Ever Lovin' Blue Eyed Fantastic Four member, "You are aware that we do not require 'bribes' in order to be persuaded to assist you." The Vision pauses for a moment before adding, "Dr. Pym and Tony Stark aren't really available right now to help, unfortunately. Hopefully we can help you the best that we can." Yet another pause and the obvious question is made, "What do you need help with?"

"Sure he knows that, Vision. But Ben also knows it's always more polite to come bearing gifts when asking for a favor." Carol offers, smiling as she extends her had to accept the large tin of gifted regelach. "Like he said, Hank and Tony are busy with a few other things. I'm not exactly a big brain. But if Viz and I can help, we will. If not, maybe we can take notes and get in touch with the bigger brains as soon as they're available?"

"Exactly, Thank you Carol. Alright…" Ben says as he steps fully into the Mansion now, In his other hand he's holding a flash drive. "I dunno if you got to read Janet's report about what happened, but… Sandmaan, Wasp and I ended up rumbling with the Vulture and some Vulturoids in Times Square. Well during the fight, Vulture sprinkled this red dust stuff on Sandy and he like.. blew up.. an he ain't been seen sense. Vulture made it sound like him and the rest of the Sinister Six are trying to get under his skin and get him back on the team. And.. I can't believe he's dead beause I've seen him take far worse, and pull himself back together. But I can't find him at any 'o his waterning holes, I'm worried someone's got him somewhere. I got footage from the attack. bot news and some amatuer footage offa Youtube…. Would yah be able to study it? See if you can get anything from it?"

The Vision raises the brow above one of his eyes at the quick retelling of the story. He shakes his head, "There are clearly some reports that I need to catch up on. Sandman was blown up?" He unwraps his cape from around him and holds out a hand to accept the flash drive. He says to Ben, "I can certainly peruse the information that is held within and see if I can come up with some conclusions. What ever happened with the Vulture?"

Namor opens the front doors and strides through, nodding briefly to the others he sees. His gaze rests on Thing longer than the others, one eyebrow quirking up slightly. "Grimm. What brings you here?" He then makes a show of glancing around the Foyer. "Are the others with you?"

Carol glances at the memory stick, but she leaves that digital foo in the far more capable transistors of the Vision, and concentrates instead on the human factor, including Ben's report of what happened. "You know, I read another report, from a few days ago. PR thing at the zoo, and Kraven showed up. Made a big stink about Sandman not being true to himself, and the Avengers fools for leaving him in their midst. He was supposedly stabbed and poisoned, but nothing came of it when Wasp, She-Hulk and others checked him out. But they said he was acting pretty grumpy-puss afterwards." Trust Carol to keep up on reports. It's her military training showing through.

Namor's appearance throws a wrench into things. Carol senses tension between the two, and knows its source all too well. "He's alone, Namor. He came to ask for our help." She'll be the only blonde anyone is seeing right now.

Ahhh Carol, You're only sensing that because Namor and Thing have thrown down almost as many time as Thor and the Hulk. Ben is total Diplomatic and turns Namor and holds out the Tin his Aunt Petunia prepared, "Rugelach?" he offers. Looking back over his shoulder to Vizh and Carol he says, "And earlier this week I ended up helping Sandy Tussel with Mysterio and some Robots. Clearly the Sinister Six are tryin' ta get to him. We ended up Capturing Vulture, and he said something about they had him now, And then Jan stopped me from caving his skull like a melon." Ben shakes his head, "I mean… I couldn't find any trace of him after the fight… I told crime scene about the red dust stuff but I don't think they recovered any." And of course…. when Ben really needed Reed to be there to figure it out.. he wasn't. "I mean looking at the tapes is probably a dead end, but I figure it's worth a few someones smarter than me taking a look at it."

The Vision takes the flash drive and places it into a previously unseen slot on his forearm. He offers a nod to the Thing and says, "I will look at it and see if I can uncover anything subtle or unseen prior to my studying the available information." The inhuman Vision looks over towards Namor and greets him with a simple nod of his head. Vizh then asks as he brings his attention back to Ben, "Has anyone been in contact with Spider-Man? The Six are foes of his, correct? Perhaps he may be aware of something?"

Despite himself, Namor peers into the offered plate. Then one hand creeps up, almost as if the Namor can't help himself, and carefully selects the plumpest most tasty looking pastry off of the dish. Without hesitation the Prince of Atlantis pops this into his mouth, chewing thoughtfully. "Masterful," he finally remarks in a lowered voice, before nodding dusting off his hands. "Ahem. So the Sandman has already run afould of enemies," Namor surmizes. "Only — these are not foes of the Avengers, but rather those from his own past."

If Namor is just going to munch pastry and talk? So much the better. "Well, I could go try to find Webhead, but he has never been the sort to make it easy." No 1-800-SPIDRMN for him, more's the pity at times. "But I agree it seems like the Six are really out to get Sandy. Not sure how to track him down, though."

"Well… We do have his number over the Baxter Building…" Ben says sheepishly, "We left him a message but he hasn't called back yet. As usually, His life gets overcomplicated quick." He smiles a bit as Namor chows down on the Rugelach. He's been a part time member of the FF before, he knows how good Aunt Petunia's pastries are. "Thanks Vizh, I appreciate you taking a look." He tilts his head to one side, wondering if he is just replaying the footage in his brain…. Ben clears his throat then not wanting to stare and offers the tin to Carol, "Well Namor, they are enemies from his own past, but I'd say all these jerks have given the Avengers and the FF their share of troubles in the past. Carol, so which of the Six haven't been up to any kind of Shenanigans recently? WE've seen Mysterio, Craven and Vulture in action. That means we're only missin' Doc Ock and THe Goblin right?"

"A message for Spider-Man…hmm, but Spider-Man is one of the who maintains a false identity," Namor's slowly takes on an expression that's equal parts grin and sneer. "Perhaps we can arrange for such a message in that insufferable surface-news paper - the Daily Bugle. For on day, at least, the words will be worth the material they are printed on." He paces back and forth now, rubbing his chin in thought. "I'm sure any such organization would be honored - and humbled - to print a message from the Avengers themselves." Now Namor stops, facing the trio with feet spread and both hands raised as if framing a headline in the air. "Avengers to Spider-Man - please contact the Avengers." Now his grin turns positively malevolent. "Or else the Avengers will be forced to find you."

"I haven't heard anything about Ock or the Goblin, but I can make sure the computers run a few searches too, just in case." Carol offers, But Namor's pose almost makes her choke on lovely Petunia-made pastries. "Why don't we try a little less antagonistic message, Namor? Ben, maybe you can give Webhead a call later? If we run into him before he has time to answer, we can ask him then. I'll make sure everyone knows Sandy is missing and try to coordinate intel." Says the former intelligence officer.

"You can take officer our of intelligence.. but you can't take intelligence out of the officer.." Ben says with a smile to Carol. He pauses then as he considers that statment, "Waita minute…." he muttes under his breath and then eventually nods, "Ok.. yeah, didn't accidentally say somethin' insulting." He looks to Namor then and says, "hey I think that was good, but Johnny says these days noone read's classifieds anymore. They're all reading this thing called 'Craigslist' though I gots ta be honest. I don't know who Craig is or why his blasted list is so important."

Namor gives Ben a long look…then shrugs off-handedly. "I have never met him either." Namor then turns to Carol. "Very well, Ms. Marvel…no message in the newspapers." You can almost hear the unspoken 'for now' he wants to add. But what he does add is a grudging, "And if I come across him as I fly through New York, clinging to the side of a high-rise like his namesake, I will personally convey a less…antagonistic…message." Namor turns for the front doors again. "But for now, farewell."

"I sure hope you can't take the intelligence out of the officer. I'm already blonde. I prefer to steer clear of those stereotypes." And Carol is definitely curvy enough. "Don't get me started on the web stuff, Ben. Speaking of, I should update my blog a bit later. My publicist thinks it's a good idea to increase my media exposure. Better at least than the last guy's suggestion. That would have been a completely /different/ kind of exposure." And apparently Carol didn't think highly of that suggestion. "You don't think the Six have figured out how to get Sandy back to who he was, do you? Made him remember the old Sandman?" That would suck. Not only would they lose an Avenger, but he'd become a supervillain again and attack them on sight. That happens enough already!

Ben just blinks. "Blog… you have a Blog?" Benwonders then, "Why don't I have a blog?" Still that's neither her nor there, shaking his head Ben says, "I dunno.. They keep insisting on Callin' him Flint Marko, his alias and not his real name. Maybe they've been watching to many Christopher Nolan movies and the think that 'Flint Marko' is a whole seperate personality ya can just bring out when you need it." Which.. when you think about it, is kinda the stock and trade of the two we have't heard from yet from the Six. "Thanks for helping ta look for him. Sandy's made his mistakes, but he's a good guy and he's trying to make up for 'em. Thanks fer not just writing him off."

Carol smiles and chucks Ben on the shoulder. "Hey. If I can find it in me to forgive Rogue and accept that she has changed? No way I could write off Sandman. He has done a lot." And he never hurt Carol the way Rogue did. Forgiving the Southern-drawling mutant was hard. Damned hard. And still rankles at times. "Maybe they figure Flint Marko is more the 'real Sandman', the 'real William Baker', than William Baker? OR at least that he was more himself under that name, and that calling him that name evokes those memories and those feelings? I don't really know." But it's a pretty passable theory. Carol never pretends to be one of the big brains of the Avengers, but she's anything but dimwitted.

"Yeah.. just like Banner and me learned to bury the Hatchet." Except of course the fact that they haven't. Alt all. Ben sets down the Tin on a nearby end table then and says, "Well again thanks for your help. I'm glad you're back, Yer one of the heroes I've always trusted to smack seom sense into the egg heads when there spending to much time thinkin' about stuff." He's glad to hear of your forgiveness of Rogue, though part of him, hopes she got to keep they memory of why Poor Carol left the Avengers the first time. Ben still can't believe the let her leave with…. it. "Hey if we're lucky maybe some Moloids will attack later and we can clobber 'em for old time sake. However I should get back to the Baxter Building and see if Reed's found anything."

Carol seems rather amused at the thought of Ben and Hulk burying the hatchet - they'd likely do so into each other. "Hey, I'm glad to be back too, Ben. We Air Force brats have to stick together, after all." And yes, they both seem to have the same attitude about the geniuses getting too lost in their big brains to take care of business. "Alright, you get back to the Baxter. Give Webhead another ring. And I'll check in with you after I've made a patrol of the City. We'll find him, somehow." Webhead and Sandman both, damnit.

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