2011 11 06 Dial A Rocker

Log Title:
Dial A Rocker

The Thing and Phantasm

RL Date:
6 November 2011

IC Date:
6 November 2011

Baxter Building / Tate Apartments

Brief log summary::
After the incident at the pier Mike gets a phone call from Ben regarding the Hellfire Club


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"I feel like a blasted Secretary these days." Ben says as he sits at the work bench up in the hanger. At one end a phone with comically big facebuttons so Ben can use it. He picks up the receiver and dials Mike's number, or at least the one he left for them.

After a more exciting early evening out than expected, Mike has just entered into his own apartment when his cellphone starts to ring. Pulling the phone out, he answers the phone without even looking to the smushed screen, "Hello?" He kicks the door closed.

"Hey is this Mike? It's Ben Grimm?" Comes the slightly staticy voice on the other end of the line.

"Oh hey Ben." Mike greets, glancing into the apartment to see if Wade's home before he continues, "Yeah, it's me. What's up?"

"Just wanted to tell you what I found out from my friend. It's not much but it's enough to be a great big neon sign that says 'DO NOT TOUCH!'" Ben explains, "Anyway, Hellfire Club… bad news. Some people are just your normal rich elite scumbags, but many of them are very specific scumbags with this crazy, 'survival of the fittest' mutant supremacy agenda. 'The Black Queen' is one of the leaders of the the inner circle, and apparantly she is very dangerous. I would stay away from her, or at least, don't ever be around here alone. She sounds like she's a pretty practice brain bender."

Mike frowns, moving into the otherwise empty apartment, turning into the kitchen area, he opens up a cabinet. "I kind of got that when her salespitch went from training to occasionally running missions," Mike comments, giving a shake of the head. The cabinet is closed without grabbing it inside as something comes to mind. "Sh- Ben, you remember a girl at the restaurant who was grabbing a job application when Queenie popped in?"

"Wait…. Sales pitch? Did you already go and talk to her?" Ben says and shakes his head. He puts his hand over the receiver and you can here him muttering, "Ok ok I'm back. The girl that glowed for a bit? She said her name was Xian or something right?"

"No I didn't GO and talk to her." Mike replies, eyes rolling, "I already told you I talked to her on the phone. Where do you think I got the bit about Hellfire Club and Black Queen?" He sighs, stepping away from the cabinet, "I didn't catch her name. I was distracted. But, I'm wondering if she got contacted already or not." He mutters a curse, likely still audible to Ben but quieter as he's holding the phone a bit away from his mouth. "Should have talked to her after the pier fight."

"What fight on the pier?" Ben asks.

Mike glances down to the phone before frowning, lifting it back to his ears, "Oh! Uh, some Russian jackass in some poor red excuse for an Iron Man suit tried to shoot a missle at the pier. Not sure where the chick from the subway sent him too but he got taken care of."

"Crimson Dynamo really? He's serious stuff! Are you ok?" Ben asks, a bit concerned at this point.

"Ooooh so THAT'S his name." Mike nods, despite no one being able to see the nod. "Blondie took care of the missle and after that he wasn't really focusing on the pier which gave me time to just hide and let her, glowing girl, and Phantasm deal with it. "He did NOT like it when the bird went through his armor." Mike gives a chuckle as the thought reminds him of the reaction, "Threw off his helmet, was going nuts. And that's when Blondie punched him."

"Oh.. ok…." Ben says as he considers for moment, "Wait who's Blondy? Do you mean Ms. Marvel. She's back in town…"

Mike chuckles, "Nah, the blonde girl you and Phantasm were helping in the subway." He pauses, "Well, mainly you."

"Wait.. what The girl that turned all golden?" Ben pauses, "And you.. I mean Phantasm was in the Subway? Seriously dude you should tell me this stuff. But you guys are ok right?:

"Yes, golden girl." Mike replies, chuckling, "As for Phantasm it was kind of was one of those, uh, more difficult type appearances. So most he did was grab greenie around the neck while you were throwing the punch. And move some people after the twisters happened."

"Well thank you for that. Anyway sounds like you could use some beer and some rest, So I'm gonna let you go. Again thanks for what you did. As for this Black Queen… I'd just steer clear of her and try and stay somewhere neutral if'n she's around. if yo know any good Telepath's trying speaking to her whenthey are around. You take care ok?" Ben says.

Mike is quiet for a moment. "Other than Monet, I got nothing on other Telepaths." He admits, frowning, "I don't think."

You hear the sound of grinding rock. It's apparantly what a wince sounds like, "Oh…. I wouldn't put those two in the same room. This lady sounds way to slick and might run circles around M. Monet's a good kid, but the most important thing I've ever learned from Reed is that Knowledge does not equal Wisdom. Anyway take care man."

"Yeaaah I didn't think she'd be a good choice either." Mike murmurs as he turns back to the cabinet. "You too Ben. Try to talk Reed into not unleashing anymore monsters in the lab for at least another week."

"Well yeah next time, we'll call you. See yah chief." And that said, Ben hangs up the phone.


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