2011 11 05 Vultures Over Times Square

Log Title:
Vultures over Times Square

Sandman, Thing, Wasp, and Vulture

RL Date:
November 5, 2011

IC Date:
November 5, 2011

Times Square - New York City

Brief log summary::
Vulture and his minions attack the Avengers in Times Square


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Brooding, the Avenger known as Sandman has been feeling a little off-kilter after yesterday’s battle with Kraven at the zoo. Whatever Kraven did to him has left him in deep thought and wanting to be alone. Times Square is not the place for that, but Sandman dressed in a large trenchcoat to hide his identity roams the streets and sighs to himself. Grabbing his head, he feels a mental pain or anguish. Unsure he finds a bench and parks himself on it. But a man known as the Naked Cowboy, a Times Square fixture and tourist attraction serenades tourists with his guitar and signature tighty whities. The awful begins to drone on in Sandman’s head as he scowls at the singer.

Janet Van Dyne walks along, dressed for the brisk fall day. Even in heeled boots, her stature is diminutive in comparison to the man walking beside her. "It's just around the corner. I think they opened last week. Best egg rolls and pot stickers I've had outside of Beijing Ben. I'm telling you. You're gonna love 'em!"

"Ya know… I did a show for UCWF in Hong Kong once.. there was a guy on the card named 'Beijing Ben' He could transform inta Panda and a buncha school girls would chase him to the ring…." Ben says as he walks alongside Janet, he pauses for a moment and blinks, as if he's forgotten what the relevance of his story was, if there ever was any. "Well anyway he was a really weird guy.. but Pot Stickers, I love me a good pot sticker. They have a pork free option for them right?" Ben asks as he pulls the collar of his oversized Trenchcoat up and his hat down lower. Really someone needs to have a talk with him… that hat and coat is fooling nobody. "Yeah what's that yarbblin'?" Which apparently is him wondering about the singing of his Naked Cowboy fella who they are meander close to

Perched high above the city atop a building in Times Square, a villain dressed as the green avian, Vulture looks down using specially designed goggles. Peering down, he looks to four other similarly garbed criminals. Their sights set on Sandman. The oldest of the group gestures in the air in some sort of military signal and the three tech-based Vulturions fly up into the sky and ready to engage those below. The main Vulture smiles, “Flint, it will be good to see again.”

Not seeing his fellow Avengers and friend, Sandman continues to hear the street performer annoyingly sing, “This noise seriously has to end.” He grumbles through gritted teeth, though unsure if it is in reference to the singer or what he is hearing in his head. Finally standing up and stomping on the ground he tosses off his coat and begins to shift into his pssamic form and elongates towards the underwear-clad warbler.

It's admist, Sandy's pain at the sound of nekkid cowboy that Ben hear's his friends voice and waves him over, "Hey Bill!" he offers a wave, "Janet wuz showing me where the best pot-stickers in town are. Wanna come with us an' escape the noise polution?"

Janet Van Dyne pauses, looking over in the direction Ben is shouting. She blinks some, "Sandman! Hold on!" Not sure what's happening, it can't be very good if he's going all sandy in the middle of NYC. Especially after yesterday. She looks quickly and the traffic is too thick to get over there. So she does what any girl with wasp like powers would do - she turns into Wasp and zips over the traffic, "Sandman!"

Laughing from the roof, “Perfect.” Vulture comments to himself as he sees what is happening to Sandman. Laughing, he speaks through a com system to the other Vulturions. “I see The Wasp and the Thing. Distract the Thing. As for the Wasp, let’s see if Sandman is ready to turn on the Avengers.” He laughs and the three Vulturions take a kamikaze formation and began to squawk loudly as the divebomb towards the Thing.

Ready to pounce on the Naked Cowboy a sand shaped hammer is ready to come down, but the Thing’s voice and Wasp’s sudden arrival seems to cause it to stop. Returning and shifting back to a human form, Sandman blinks and ponders what just happened. The Naked Cowboy stops his performing as he looks back to see Sandman and spots who else is in his audience. “Hey, The Wasp and the Thing.” He moves towards them, “Genuine heroes!” but stops short at the squawking and turns, “Oh crap.” He turns and runs as do any innocents nearby. Sandman for himself simply sulks as once again, his friends have been acknowledged, but he has not. Looking up to see the Vulturion’s, he mumbles something about the Vulture.

Wasp flits over to Sandman, "Hey! what's going on? You were going to attack that guy it looked like. Is everything… " she looks up with all three inches of her stature, "… ok? Ben! Heads up!" She points, not that most could see it anyway. At that that moment she zips upward, arms over her head, ready to fire off stinger blasts followed up by trying to slam into one of the minions and take them out in one pass. With luck.

Ben's been trying to be positive around Sandman, cause he knows how hard it is when people are always making a fuss or assume the worst of you. He's trying to get through the crowd over that way, but of course, he can't zip through it with the alacrity that Wasp does. However suddenly people give him a wide berth, and Jan yells at him to watch out. Ben blinks and actually asks, "What?" Before he looks up just in time to see a gaggle of vulture men dive bomb strait into him. grumps.

The Vulturions swoop down and arc their wings to reveal sharpened flechettes which bombard the heroes below. Each one swoops down firing off the feathery metallic darts and then fly back up in a curve into the sky. On their upswing, Wasp’s sting blast proves successful as she is able to cause one to zoom off course and then with her collision with him. The unexpected strength from the Avenger heroine, causes the armor to malfunction as he drops uncontrollably to the ground, “Help!” he shouts as he plummets. The Vulture for his part remains on the rooftop watching the events below. Interested more in what Sandman does that the others. With a frown, he mumbles, “We’re waiting for you, Flint.”

“Yeah, Jan, just assume I was going to attack him.” Sandman shakes his head as he watches the flechettes fly down upon him and the others. His body turns instinctively into sand and twisting to avoid any of the flechettes. “Idiots. They don’t have a chance.” Sandman sighs a moment and shakes his head as he elongates and forms a hardened sand umbrella to protect any innocent on the ground.

Wasp is able to dodge the flechetes, given her tiny size. After the first is taken care of, she veers away, looking for the next to attack. She's not concerned about Sandman or Thing being hurt by those flechettes really. It's the civilians that are likely to be hurt, "We need to get these people to safety."

The Flechetes for the most part ping ineffectually off the thing, Occasionally one gets lodged in a one of his rock crags. There's even one with just enough force that it's tip sticks into brow ridge and stays. "Alright! Y'all heard the lady! Get hard cover ov your heads!"
Ben calls out waving his arms trying to get the people to head indoors and off the street. Of course.. it's also time freakin' square so it's packed. The sound of a crashing is heard, and Ben turns to see a Bicycle courier that's fallen and is in the path of an incoming Salvo of Flechettes. Ben throws himself between the civilian as the metal spikes impact into his back. "Better get outta here.. quick. This is gonna get messy."

Ben stomps his foot and the impact sends the Manhole cover he's standing next to flying up in his waiting hand He then turns and torgues his whole body fling the manhole cover in a discus like throw aimed at the Vulturion that just fired that barrage of wing blades. "Git down here ya bums!"

Extending himself as far as he can, he forms a giant hand to catch the plummeting Vulturions, leaving the last one to the others. And then of course the Vulture himself. “Yeah, guys, just let the criminals plummet to his death, huh.” Shaking his head, Sandman restrains the one while hardening his sand umbrella from to keep any injury from coming to the civilians and also keep them from foolishly run into danger. When Vulture drops the powder into Sandman, his sand becomes stiffen and turn a reddish color. Letting out an incredibly loud howl of a scream, Sandman suddenly explodes out, leaving a cloud behind to cover over the people he was shielding.

Vulture finally enters the fray, in his own fashion. Extending his wings he flies down gracefully and acrobatically as he swerves past the other Vulturions, Wasp, and The Thing easily enough. Hovering just above the sand umbrella, Vulture cackles, “Having fun, Flint. You realize they are the ones getting all the glory. All the fandom. And look what they do. Accuse you and relegate you to mere back-up. That wasn’t the case when you were with the Sinister Six.” With that he flies up higher dropping a powdery substance into the sand umbrella, “Never forget, Flint. These people. They don’t care. They never did and never will.” Singling out the Thing, “He was never your friend. And never will be.”

The manhole flies out and clips the wing of the second Vulturion as he drops from the sky and plummets as well. The last remaining looks to see his friends fall and looks at the Avengers below, “And I thought Spider-Man was tough.” He releases a full barrage of flechettes at Wasp and Thing while flying higher to try and escape.

Ben looks to Sandman with an almost sheepish look and says, "Hey I usually have Sue and Stretch around to catch 'em for me.. it's habi……" he's really got to stop trying to have conversations mid battle as face full of flechette strikes him and garbles his words.
"HEY!" He screams, but his attention is taken by the Vulture, "At least I know his real name you fair weather faker, and I know he's better man than you'll ever be! No get down here so I can pluc….." His threats are cut off by Sandman's scream and sudden… explosion and Ben bellows with a voice so loud it shakes the glass on the buildings, "BILL! NO!!!!!" He turns and looks straight up at the Vulture. No quips, no clobbering times no talk of Sunday punches, just a look that could kill. Ben's legs coil and with all of his considerable strength he pushes off the ground and jumps straight up at the Vulture, aiming to try and tackle him right out of the sky and probably try to beat on him until he's jelly.

Wasp arches back around, "Stop trying to subvert him, Vulture." She aims her blasts at his back. Just as Sandman screams, turns red and disappears. "He hasn't been right since yesterday. What have you done to him you bastard!" She aims at Vulture travelling full speed down from some ten stories up, intent on trying to ground him for capture and interrogation.

Once he sees the explosion and remaining cloud, he laughs and starts to try to fly away shouting out to the remaining heroes, “He was never a part of you! Did you actually think he could reform?” However, the speed insect-themed heroine proves to be quick enough to dive bomb into the Vulture snapping off one of his wings, leaving him dangling a moment and falling right into the Thing who grabs him and officially downs him, “Go ahead. My part is done. All I’ll say is that there will be more. Sandman is ours.” With that Vulture remains quiet as he is subdued and awaits his capture.

As the crash to the ground, Ben quickly looks up and pins the Vulture to the pavement with one massive hand pushing down on his chest. The other balls into a fist as he pulls back and says, "Where is he! Tell me you smirkin' turkey or I'll cave yer skull in like a melon!"

Wasp smashes into Vulture, sending him into the mercies of Thing. Which seem limited at the moment. Landing on his shoulder, the 3 inch tall heroine speaks calmly. "Thing. Ben. Stop. Just detain him. We'll get answers out of him. Let's get him back to lock up. C'mon.. easy up big guy."

Laughing but not answering any questions, Vulture knows the Thing would not cross that line, “That’s the difference between you and Sandman. He would actually do it. You, on the other hand, your ‘friend’ is gone and you’ll do nothing.” With that once the proper authorities are contact, Vulture is detained and sent to captivity.

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