2011 11 04 Spinning In The Subway

Log Title:
Spinning in the Subway

Gogo, Lifeguard, The Phantasm, The Thing, and Whirlwind

RL Date:
November 4, 2011

IC Date:
November 4, 2011

Subway System - New York

Brief log summary::
Whirlwind causes a literal stir in the subway.


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It is a crowded time to be on the subway, but that is wear David Cannon sits on a bench waiting to ride the system. Typically, he would be above ground and in the air, but for today, he opts for discretion. A large trenchcoat covers what appears to be a bulky body as he sits and waits. He seems annoyed for some reason as this mode of transportation in particular with all the people seems beneath him. He lets out a loud exhale showing his frustration at this.

Also new to the subway is the blond Australian beauty, Heather Cameron. Dressed in an odd looking red and blue bodysuit. She enters the subway. A piece of paper in her hands as she seems to look for someone in particular. Finding that person, she smiles, “Well, hopefully this will be easier than I thought.” She whistles as she walks past some rude New Yorkers and makes her way in the direction where Whirlwind sits.

There's something strangely comforting about the Subway… you see despite being the 'idol of millions' Ben Grimm is often only adored by the public from afar. When he's upclose and in cramped quarters most people shy away in fear, or at least from good solid wiggins. But in the subway? Everyone expects you to be some kinda of evil freak and as long as yo keep your eyes at the ground they are happy to ignore each other. And so with his comically large over coat with the collar raised, and a fedora pulled down to obscure his face. he even wears sunglasses just to obscure his face alittle more.

Of course his attempts at being 'incognito' are somewhat spoiled when he hits the turnstyle. The sigh and creak of bending metal can be heard along with some muffled cussing as he awkwardly makes his way through it. When he emerges on the otherside, all of the arms are bent and Ben says to a passing Subway guard, "Yeah I think that thing needs some WD-40."

Also seeking some form of discretion, Mike Hannigan is dressed once more into his Goodwill threads. Longish hair tucked away under the knit cap, the musician looks to blend in with the crowd. In a pleasant turn of events, the usual tails that had become a given are gone once more, leaving Hannigan to pretty much run solo. In one hand, protected soley by his being aware of the people around him, Mike carries a cup of hot coffee. Although not as apparent as it was above ground, there is the presence of steam escaping from the hole in the coffee lid.

Superheroes for Dummies wasn't a bad read really. It had directed Gogo to ride the subways, to walk down dark alleys, and other helpful tips for finding bad guys. It hadn't worked yet, but riding the subway was kind of interesting at least. She's 'disguised' at the moment, baseball cap, sunglasses, loose fitting sweats and an oversized Avengers windbreaker. She wasn't supposed to be listening to her iPod according to the book she was reading, but it helped pass the time. She sits at a bench waiting on the next train, not really caring where it goes, she hasn't read the chapter on picking the right trains yet. As traffic flows past she looks up from her book and scans the crowd. No crime that she can spot, so she goes back to her book.

Noting the arrival of the pretty blond in his direction, David smiles but then turns and spots the Thing also in the subway. He shakes his head and curses under his breath. He is grateful that no one knows him at Whirlwind. If someone just came up to him and called him out, it would lead to a nasty fight, but for now, he sits and smiles as the pretty blond approaches.

Walking straight towards David Cannon. It seems that he is indeed the person of interest to Lifeguard. As she approaches, she turns to see The Thing. For a moment, she is awestruck, but stops herself from squealing too loudly. "Ok got a job to do." She exhales and approaches Cannon. "Excuse me, Mr. Cannon. You don't know me, but I know who you are." Probably not the best way to approach a supervillain.

Ben's eyes are pretty much on the ground, but he feel eyes on him. He pulls his hat down a little bit more. See! Totally not a big rocky freak! Just keep moving along. He goes to where one waits for the trains and tries to stand quietly and inobtrusively, in his own mind telling himself that he's fooling /everyone./

Mike pauses near a bench, glancing towards a section of empty track before lifting up his cup to sip it. Without a book of his own to read and with few places left to sit in the crowded subway, Mike resorts to people watching. Eyes skim the crowd, pausing upon a flash of orange peeking from a large lump of coat. He looks over towards Ben curiously.

As soon as she approaches him and he turns to see the Thing, “Oh man, this is a set-up.” Before Heather says another word, he tosses off his trenchcoat revealing green bladed armor, “Bitch, get the fuck away from me!” Whirlwind screams as he suddenly quickly and violently starts spinning around. New Yorkers start to run and rush away from the spinning mutant as they push past each other stampeding towards the subway stairs.

Caught off guard, Lifeguard is pushed away by the sheer force of the spinning winds and is tossed onto the tracks, but instantly her body and flesh begin to morph and grow into a golden armor as she lands with a thud as sparks shoot out and a train is coming towards her.

As the conflict start to echo in the stark cold Subway, Ben grimaces, "Oh this better not be Moliods again…." And that's when the blond haired, golden skinned Lifeguard goes flying past him and lands in the path of the oncoming train, "Aw… crap!" and Ben lunges out onto the track standing between Lifeguard and the oncoming traing He waves his arms as he sets his feet, "STOP THE TRAIN WILL YA!" Ben grits his teeth and sets himself to try and stop the train's on coming momentum…

Spinning and spinning shuriken fly out of the spinning evildoer, “Hey assholes, try these.” Flying sporadically shuriken hit random New Yorkers downing them and some get stuck in the walls and a plethora of them fly towards Mike’s area and amazing speeds. As Whirlwind moves his spinning form towards where Thing and Lifeguard. “Hey, jerks. If the train don’t kill ya! I will.”

Landing with a thud, Lifeguard curses the situation, “This is my fault.” She stands just as the Thing jumps into the train tracks. The train stopping just short of colliding with the two. She looks, “Um, thank you. But I could have handled it myself.” With that she looks up and feels the strong winds generated by Whirlwind as he is atop the two heroes.

Thing is a bit flabber-gasted by this point, "Hey but.. um… you wasn't al gold glowy armor when you flew past…." Ben says almost matter of factly until a flying Shuriken sticks in the side of his head. He turns as Whirlwind closes in, "Hey! Alright, Goldie help me stop this yutz 'fore someone gets really hurt." And as the spinning dervish of death closes in, Ben brings his hands together in a powerful thunder clap, trying to throw the villain off balance and hopefully knock some of his shuriken's out of the air.

With the events going on in the subway, the bathroom area is quite empty as the ones most likely to be messing their pants over this situation are probably in the crowd trying to leave the station. Scooting over to the handicapped stall, Mike claims it, closing the door and locking it to prevent any unwanted disturbances and to buffer any stray winds that may come into the area. Moving to the corner away from the toilet, he sets his back against the area where the two walls join. Closing his eyes, he tilts his head back and breathes deeply. God it stinks in he- Focus!

Don't not reject the loamy bouquet of New York's Nethers! Accept it Mike! Let it give you strength and focus!

The shuriken are suddenly scattered as Whirlwind is thrown off balance by the thunderclap. He stops spinning but catches himself quickly. “Hey rock man and golden lady. Let’s see if blades at supersonic speeds can cut through you.” He leaps off the platform both arms extended as the blades on his armor whir to life and he attempts to dive at the Thing and Lifeguard with super spinning blades to make this fight more up close and personal.

Screaming as the blades come down on her. She finds that they do nothing as they seemingly go right through her. Her golden form has suddenly become intangible. She blinks as Whirlwind falls right through her and for a moment simply seems dumbfounded as he and the Thing tangle.

Sadly as ben has learned several times in his life. He can be cut. Especially blades spinning sub-sonic speeds. Ben growls as the spining blade cut several deep, clean gashes in his upper right arm and chest. "Gahhh… Very nice Whirlwind…. Unfortunately for you Sunday comes early this week….." He takes the brunt of Whirlwinds attack and aims a viscious, powerful upper cut right for the center of the Whirlwinds spinning torso, almost as if he's trying to punch him straight up to the ceiling.

As Mike stills himself and focuses, the corner of the bathroom he is in is proportionately quiet in comparison to the chaos that is going on outside. The drip of the leaky faucet within becomes a metronome. Drip. Drip. Dr-

Out upon the chaos brought about by Whirlwind, a new presence enters. Unseen and soundless as it approaches Whirlwind. When he is in one place long enough, the pressure of an arm against the spinning form's neck area soon follows.

And suddenly a presence grabs his neck which allows the uppercut to connect as Whirlwind goes spinning out of control and upwards, cutting through the subway ceiling and out into the street. “Fuck this!” The villain looks down into the hole that he created. Stunned, but alive, “Losers, I’m coming for both of you later on when you least expect, but for now, deal with this!” He spins his arms at amazing speeds and suddenly one tornado and then two tornados appear within the subway spinning uncontrollably about to wreak havoc in the tiny enclosed subway station. Laughing as he watches from above ground, police cars arrive and the villain takes off into the air, leaving the area and the heroes to deal with the carnage.

Now in this semi-intangible state, Lifeguard leaves The Thing to deal with Whirlwind as she goes about using this new form to move people to safety past any barriers as they are moved literally through walls to get to safety. When Whirlwind is dispatched, Lifeguard sighs a relief, but the sudden arrival of two very strong tornadoes causes her to gasp. In her form, the winds simply blow through her. Thankfully most people are out, but she is unable to save some that are quite in the path of the uncontrollable tornadoes.

Ben's normally compassionate blue eyes narrow. "Match-stick is never here when I need him…." Johnny could run this punk down any day of the week.. But he doesn't have time to think of that and looks instead of the two out of control tornado's criss cross through the area. One homeless guy wakes up off a bench and is just about where the Tornados are going to intersect. "Hey… look out!" And he jumps and covers the man human shield style. The toradoes whip him into a wall and the Thing is embedded back first… but thankfully the homeless guy is none the worse for ware, Ben drops him and says, "Get topside." he calls out then, largely to Lifegaurd and anyone else that's aboot, "Anyone have any idea how we can stop these things/"

Not all that familiar with how to turn off tornadoes, and quite frankly, if he could, he'd probably be a rich man in Kansas, Phantasm's already moving towards those who are in the tornado's way. A terrified small thing of a woman who has forgotten the concept of running away from the big spinny thing of wind and instead was watching in a fixed position now lets out a terrified sound as she is visibly picked up into thin air and carted away from the wind to where she can get to the nearest exit. "GET OU-" A familiar sounding, disembodied voice starts to command before pausing as one of the mini tornados causes for a VERY loud disturbance near the men's bathroom.

Whirlwind has already flown away and escaped to wreak havoc another day.

Sensing the danger to all present in the subway, Lifeguard freezes up. She remains still and closes her eyes, “Please. Please. The winds need to be calmed.” She opens her eyes and they appear hazy and cloudy, gray and obscured. Concentrating on the two twin storms, “Be still.” A voice almost not her own seems to command the wind and instantly heeding her command. A bright flash appears a bursts through the subway. The winds die down and simply cease. Any sign of Lifeguard or the winds are gone. Leaving only the chaotic remnants of the battle that took place below ground.

Ben is… meanwhile, still lodged in the wall Ben manages to leverage his elbows against the wall and with a might groan, finally pushes himself free and stumps face first onto the concrete. He just lies there with a facefull of subway for a few moments and heaves a sigh, "Well… at least it wasn't Moloids." He sits up and looks around for his golden-skinned comrade in clobbering and sees her nowhere about, "There wuz something kinda familiar 'bout the way that kid looked…" Ben muses to himself. But well he'll have to think of it another time, the Authorities are getting here and being the Hero with the public ID on scene he starts to head to explain to what happened. Absently he touches the nasty gashes on his chest, "Ahh.. that smarts."

In the bathroom, Mike mutters a curse as he tries refocusing himself but with the sound of the wind so- Wait, where did the sound go? Curious and more or less already done with what he can do, he unlocks the door of the stall and starts to make his way to the entrance of the men's bathroom, glancing out of the corridor into the subway area. Things seemingly done with, he looks to the mess that's left. Walking over to a trashcan that has landed nearby, he looks to the spilled out contents, finding his cup of coffee on the side of the floor. He sighs, making his way to the exit to go get another damn cup of coffee.

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