2011 11 04 Rumble In The Zoo

Log Title:
Rumble in the Zoo

Kraven, Sandman, She-Hulk, Wasp, Yishi (and Alchemy assisting with logging)

RL Date:
November 4, 2011

IC Date:
November 4, 2011

New York Zoo - New York

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Kraven attacks the Avengers at the Zoo.


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It is a cold day in New York City, but a new Avengers themed area/exhibit has been added to the New York Zoo and so as part of the PR portion of being an Avenger, Sandman, and some of his fellow Avengers are present. The mayor and head zookeeper stand atop a platform as the press asks questions regarding the exhibit. The zookeeper leads out an actual black panther, and his assistants bring out an area or birds and insects including exotic falcons, hawks, and mockingbirds and some African ants and South American Wasps. Sandman sighs as he realizes maybe he should make an animal name for himself. Nothing for him to do but yawn, he forces a smile on face and stands with his teammates pretending to be interested. Off in the distance within the zoo, some exotic tribal drum beating can be heard and some animals getting a bit restless.

Since her friend Marina says she should learn how to be this 'superhero' thing, Xiu Lin Tseng caught mention of this Avengers event in the newspaper and decided to attend and watch. Maybe she can get ideas from watching these Avengers folk about working out a costume to go with her new 'codename.' She never imagined she'd be the sort to have a /codename/. It's all still quite new to the tiny teen, who stands amongst the crowd, easily getting lost. Nothing special to see here. Really. But she tends to miss nothing going on around her, and has noticed that the drumming seems to be increasing the unrest of the animals. How interesting!

She-Hulk Smiles and waves to all the kids as she stands next to her teammates of course like the rest of them she really doesn't want to do this but it's about the kids. She of course helps with the animals showing it's fun and safe. But She-hulk’s also paranoid a little so her eyes do scan for trouble cause this is just the perfect time for it like always.

Wasp, is she is completely honest, finds the exhibit a bit droll. In the end, though, it's about the kids and the education and exposure to animals of the world. The diminutive Wasp has taken up a perch atop She Hulk's left shoulder, sitting all of four inches tall. Large enough to be seen though. As the ceremonies continue for opening the exhibit, she looks out at the people present and smiles comfortably.
As the drumming gets louder, the mayor whispers something into the ears of the zookeeper who shrugs. Ending the press conference early, the mayor makes a gesture saluting the Avengers, “Once again. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, stand to protect and provide justice.”

The audience claps as Sandman and his teammates smile and wave. The zookeeper goes behind the curtain and lets out a loud scream as he is suddenly thrown through the curtain literally dropping in front of the Avengers. The panther that was on the stage starts to growl and all the birds start to screech loudly and flap crazily. A woman in the background screams as in the distance animals start to escape from their enclosures. This is the signal for the New Yorkers in the zoo to run amok and scream adding to the chaos.

Oh no! Little Xiu Lin gasps as the poor Zookeeper screams, taking a half-step back in surprise as she catches something. Not quite enough to know entirely what is going on, but she saw someone back there, someone large and male and apparently angry. When the rest of the civilians panic and run amok, Xiu Lin instead slips through the crowd with pretty incredible alacrity, all things considered, and reaches the stage to hop up and take hold of the zookeeper's shoulders, trying to help him off the stage and away from the angry man. Let the Mighty Morphin' Avengers take care of this, whatever /this/ may be. "Watch out! There's an angry man with a leopard skin back there!" OK. 'Heroic' job done, she warned the bigger, better heroes. Fleeing time now!

Wasp looks around at the screams. She's off Shulkie's shoulder in an instant, wings taking her up to fifteen feet in the air, hovering as she looks to get a better view of what is happening. "Looks like we get to earn our accolades today, team."
She-Hulk Is already moving she's stepping forward as wasp takes off her long green arm already shooting to grab the angry kitty by the scruff of the next " Easy kitty no need to yell at people " . She's looking to remove the dangerous animals out of the way ' Somebody calm the people before they step all over each other”

“Angry man? Leopard skin?” Sandman shakes his head and grumbles, “Damn it. Kra…” Before he is able to finish the sentence, Kraven the hunter stands revealed. The panther cries out and charges towards She-Hulk and the three exotic birds fly ready to swoop down and attempt to catch Wasp within their claws. Turning to face the villain, “Kraven, get outta here!” Sandman shouts as his body shifts into a pssamic form already shooting out piles of sand attempt to separate the stage and from any innocents. People begin to flee as the mayor makes his way out. The zookeeper is helped up by Yishi. Kraven finally makes his pronouncement, “Today, Avenger’s you are my prey. Take the traitorous Sandman amongst your group and you will pay the ultimate price for his treason! Death!” He leaps out towards She-Hulk in a surprisingly acrobatic display of prowess. His goal aiming to strike her on her spine, with the blade dripping some sort of liquid from his boot. The falcon meanwhile swoops first as the mockingbird and hawk circle above Wasp. Yishi goes unnoticed for the moment.

Xiu Lin quails at the roaring sight of the angry panther, at first restrained by She-Hulk's quick action and mighty green gamma-powered muscles. The small young woman manages not to just faint away, but wraps an arm around the back of the Zookeeper's waist and starts retreating from the stage. This becomes complicated by the sandy barrier being erected to protect the /rest/ of the civilians, but she tries lumbering away towards the stairs at the far end, as dangerous chaos erupts all around. She feels bad that the Avengers are in trouble, but there is little she can do. For now, getting the zookeeper to safety has to be her best contribution. That is, if she's lucky enough not to get pounced on at this rate. Too bad she doesn't have that new body armor suit Telemetry was working on with her.

Wasp snorts. "Please…” The advantage she has in being this size, now down the three inches tall, is the amplified levels of ability she has. Twisting away from the attacking bird, she fires two Wasp Sting bolts at its tail feathers. Enough that a hit should take it down stunned, for quite some time. Then she blasts away at the other two birds. "Not gonna happen today Kraven. Gonna have to skin you for putting these kids in danger." She fires two Wasp Stings in his direction as she twists and turns, dueling with the birds.

The ploy works against She-Hulk she's too busy wrapping her arms around the panther to notice Kraven till she feels the blade hit her back thankfully short of a tank shell that blade is not gonna cut her and unless the poison can seep into her skin and beat her healing factor she figures she's okay . She will Try to swing around using the cat only to fall over she swings but the poison actually works on account of Kraven’s incredible power.

For the moment, Sandman finds himself busy blockading the area setting up a fortified sand wall. His body dispersed throughout the small area and allowing a small hole for anyone to escape including the zookeeper should Yishi make her way towards it. The drumming however is increasing and making the animals outside go crazy as they try to break free from their enclosures but for the moment. The animals aside from the ones on the stage remain in their cages. The Wasp’s blast strike the falcon and down the bird, the other two seem to scatter away from the blasts and fly up but return to try to catch the slippery insect woman.

Kraven, an experienced hunter against the likes of Spider-Man has prepared for this battle and so using the correct poison for She-Hulk, he is struck by her swinging the panther, but he manages to flip away as Wasp’s blast strikes the panther, ending its threat. In response to Wasp, “You are the guiltiest of all, little woman! You are a leader and you welcome the likes of Flint Marko into your group. You will pay for this.” He begins to whistle as the birds stop for a moment and seem to land. He whistles again and the birds fly down, claws out and ready to rake at the jade giantess’ face. With the She-Hulk downed for a moment and Sandman dealing with the audience. “Janet Van Dyne. Come to me! Come to die.”

Wasp smirks. "Wow… pot… kettle here, hmm?" She flies like an insect, twisting and weaving away from the attack birds. But as Kraven sends the two down at She Hulk, a powerful blast from the Wasp aims right for the bulk of the diving hawk. Wasp aims to tackle the mockingbird directly - 3 inches tall, but weighing her full height bodyweight. If her aim is true, the bird isn't going to stand a chance at attacking She-Hulk.

She-Hulk Is down but already twitching experience or no shehulks got a healing factor and not a lot of people know that .. she's stuck in the throw the panther shape but her eye's are starting to glow clearly being stuck is pissing her off ! .

Mind made up, the little Chinese girl runs back, past the fallen panther to the side of the jade giantess, kneeling at her side. "Miss Hulk? Miss Hulk, are you alright? Please get up, Miss Hulk, your friends need you." she pleads, as she tugs at She-Hulk's arm. When the birds come screaming in, she dives to cover She-Hulk's face with her body, arms over her own face protectively.

Her aim is indeed true and the birds cease their attack. The hawk hit directly on the beak and the mockingbird tackled. She-Hulk is spared from the avian attack and Kraven did not know of her healing factor as it already begins to work off the paralytic. Kraven using his heightened senses and speed moves in an attempt to literally grab at the Wasp and pluck her from the sky into his hand, “My dear. Prepared to be squished.” With Yishi covering She-Hulk, a new rival appears. “Child, leave here or die.” He shouts. With everyone who does not have a power, Sandman’s wall is fully fortified as it has expanded to cover a large area and left him helpless for the moment to assist his teammates, but his disembodied voice shouts, “Kraven! It’s me you want! Leave them alone!”

See… the thing with Wasp is… catching her might not be so hard for someone with lightning reflexes. Mr. Miyagi caught a fly with chopsticks after all. But.. what do you do with The Wasp once you have her in your hand and you realize that, not only is she small, but you suddenly have over a hundred points in a 3" space that can fire deadly bolts of energy.. and your own palm is the only target she has?

The glow from within Kraven's fist erupts from between his fingers like rays of the sun as she fires off a point blank, full power blast. How's that gonna work out.

"No! I will not leave someone who is hurt and needs help! And you are a vile, evil man that you would do this and dare chastise heroes for doing what /heroes/ do! They lead! They forgive the trespasses of those who repent and seek to do better! Who elected you executioner of heroes?!" Xiu Lin screams as she looks up from covering She-Hulk protectively. Birdies gone, check. Miss Wasp is in trouble, but there may be little Xiu Lin can do about that physically. The man seems far stronger than anyone she has ever faced. So … instead, she engages his mind with words. She'll see how that works, but she prepares herself to defend herself and the fallen giantess should he attack.

Laughing with the Wasp in his hand, Kraven looks down at Yishi, “You know nothing of the world, child. Your words fall on deaf ears and I will teach you a mighty lesson on just how painful this world is.” He raises his leg to kick the young girl in the face when he lets out the loudest bloodcurdling scream releasing Wasp from his grip and blood drips from his hand as flesh has been rended and bone is exposed from his now broken hand.

For the most part he has been busy protecting innocent and leaving his teammates to get the smack down by Kraven. The animals that had been down for the most part begin to awaken a bit as the drumming continues to pound louder and louder. “Enough of this!” Sandman enraged, creates giant sized hands as they begin to emerge from the sand wall to hold back the panther and scatter the birds. “Kraven! Your little drummer boy is going down.” The sand wall begins to crumble as sand flies down on all the participants and Sandman moves away from the battle to deal with the drummer and the animals.

It's not the end of kraven's bad day and picking a fight with spidey is one thing.. picking a fight with the avengers WAY out of his power level as a big green hand suddenly blocks that kick . Green eye's glare at kraven as she wraps a protective free hand around yishi " No you won't be touching her or anybody else kraven.. you crossed the wrong lady buddy " . The hand on his ankle is of course exerting crushing force the kind that turns rocks to dust as she yanks and tries to launch him right at the pavement. Still moving slowly to get up though clearly not totally over the poison.

Wasp all but explodes out of Kraven's grasp. She arcs up into the air, picking up speed as she does. She arcs back around and, arms outstretched in front of her, she aims for the wild man's jaw. As they say, The hits just keep on coming. If she connects with his jaw it's going to be well beyond jarring.

Not a good day for Kraven indeed, as his ankle is grabbed and literally crushed, his hand bloodied and broken as the Wasp’s stings strike him in his jaw. He continues howling and growling like a rabid animal, “Flint Marko! You hide behind these women! And yet look at your influence over them. You are a plague to the Avengers! Return to us!” Having his own healing factor, his body begins to repair itself, but cannot compensate for the female Avengers unified attacks.

Xiu Lin may look tiny and helpless, and against the power of Kraven maybe she can't do much. But roll out of the way she can do, and does quickly, effortlessly in fact, almost as if she saw that kick coming from a mile away. It's more than enough to put her well clear of She-Hulk's rising form. "I think it a shame that you are so blind as to call me naive. I do not see a man hiding behind women. I see a man doing what he can to protect the innocent, and trusting in his friends to take care of themselves and do what it is they do best! You should learn from him!" Mouthy little thing, she is.

Back within seconds a swirling sandstorm flies overhead and spinning around within is an evil henchmen dressed in an animal themed garb. Spinning and great speeds suddenly a drum falls from the sky and onto the stage, then the henchmen’s costume and soon the unconscious henchmen. The sandstorm then moves towards Kraven. “Ladies, good job, but the rivalry dates back to before I joined the Avengers. He’s mine.” The sandstorm engulfs Kraven and similarly within seconds blades and various weapons fall onto the stage followed by the leopard garb. Then a disembodied scream, the sand stops swirling and a naked Kraven leaps out into the trees of the zoo. A prone human form of Sandman falls from the sky and onto the stage. Blood dripping from his chest as he grumbles something about venom.

Wasp eases up as Sandman attacks and she changes course to help check for any other injured civilians. Looking to Xiu Lin, the diminutive heroine smiles. "That was very brave. Good job kiddo." the sky and onto the stage. Blood dripping from his chest as he grumbles something about venom.

She-Hulk Looks down trying to stretch she would throw something but she's still stiff with that drug " Very brave indeed thank you for protecting me when you did.”

Xiu Lin blushes a bit at the high praise from the lady Avengers, but she doesn't faint despite feeling like she should. She bows her head respectfully to She-Hulk and Wasp - and how awesome is it that there's a heroine smaller than she is! - saying, "Thank you, for being the heroes that you are, to inspire others o help where they can. I am honored by your praise." Eventually, she'll even introduce herself, using the Americanized 'Sue Lin Tzeng' for their benefit. But she is quite concerned by the Sandman's fall. "Should we do something?" she questions.

Remaining lying on the stage as whatever little vial of potion that Kraven uses takes effect. He remains still for minutes until someone finally attends to the fallen hero. He watches Yishi bow and thank the female Avengers, but not him. He slowly rises and frowns, “I’m fine.” Sandman goes to assist in helping clear up the area with a bit of a scowl on his face. No healing factor like She-Hulk, yet whatever was dispensed to him, seems to have faded…or has it.

Watching from the trees, the naked villain notes what happens and spies specifically the fallen form of Sandman, “See, Sandman, they leave you to attend to others. These Avengers are not your friends.” He laughs, “The venom is administered and so it shall begin. We will see you soon, Flint.” He howls and makes his way moving stealthily from tree to tree until he is fair enough to make it to a hidden lair to clothing and comfort.

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