2011 11 04 Highway Exchange

Log Title:
Hallway Exchange

Kisha, Lifeguard, and Wallflower

RL Date:
November 4, 2011

IC Date:
November 4, 2011

West Wing - Second Floor - Xavier Mansion

Brief log summary::
Lifeguard wanders the Mansion and finds Wallflower and Kisha


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Making her into the West Wing, Lifeguard dressed in her X-Factor uniform of red and blue bodysuit. The blond Australian holds a map of the layout of the Xavier Mansion and seems confused. Looking up and spotting Kisha and Wallflower, she waves, “Hi Kisha. Hi stranger.” She smiles and extends a hand to Wallflower, “I’m Heather Cameron. And you are?”

Wallflower blinks as she looks over the room " ummm do you make stuff is that your power ? ' She's curious now as she peeks in the room wondering what the other girl’s power is as she talks to her . She looks at the stuff I the room " Cause girls our age don't normally you know work with this kinda stuff " . Then she gets spooked by the sudden appearance of lifeguard followed by the hand in her personal space.. and so her powers activate sharing that spooked and surprised feeling to those with a nose. Eye's wide she backs up quick " Ahh who.. ahh ummm Laurie "

Kisha skips a few steps back at the sudden appearance combined with the pheromone dose. "Hello again… Please do not startle the new girl. She is somehow affecting my thought process," she exclaims through gritted teeth. "And resisting the emotional swings requires a great deal of control. My power? I suppose you could say I make things, it's as good a description as any." Peeking into her room reveals a dicotomous scene, with one side stripped of all human comforts aside from a solitary chair and piles of random technology in various states of disrepair. "I also never forget."

For a moment when Wallflower’s powers take effect Lifeguard feels a sense of spookiness, but her own innate powers kick in. Her powers turning her from flesh and blood to literal gold. Similar to Colossus, the spookiness feeling leaves her as she looks onto her skin and looks to Laurie, “You have some sort of emotion power?” Heather smiles in her new metallic form that does not require breathing. Turning to Kisha, “Yeah I just learned regarding Laurie’s power.”

"Are you okay? You seem to have ceased a usually quite important process," Kisha states, tilting her head. "In less technical terms you seem to have stopped breathing. May I perform a non-invasive test upon you? Only this is my first time encountering someone who has such a vast physioloical difference." She digs around in the piles of junk and pulls out a chrome plated tool of some sort, resembling a very complicated set of wire cutters. "I just want to see what happens to a hair if I cut the end off… Providing I actually can that is. Who knows what exactly you have turned into. Or for that matter how the floor is holding the additional strain."

Wallflower Blinks as she turns gold normally that should scare her but all it does is make her blinks ' Wow that's cool " she says then frowns " Wait did you just like change cause of my power ? " She asks then looks to the hyper excited kasha " She's not breathing ? " She looks back to lifeguard and yes she stares at her chest

"Um, I am fine." She attempts to sniff, but cannot. She shrugs, "My powers basically change when someone or something happens to me. I have taken this form before and I guess I don't need to breathe in this form." Heather smiles and then blinks when Kisha attempts to test her, "Um, sure I guess, but I am not sure if you can." When the tool attempts to cut Heather’s hair. It cannot. "My understanding is this place can typically handle out. Especially after what we learned from our conversation with Alex and Logan. The other day." Peering into the room, "Oh how is Rianna? She was said about her friend's death." In response to Wallflower, "Yeah, but it's not a big deal. I am used to things like this suddenly happening to me." She offers a smile.

Although Kisha fails the cut the hair she makes a good showing, straining as hard as she can with a gadget that evidently is designed for snipping through metal cables. "I would fetch my arc welder, but I have received strict instructions regarding the locations where it is suitable to use such devices. Not that I would usually care, I simply think it would alarm Laurie." She scratches her head, making no attempt to hide the extensive scars on her forearms, then adds "Rianna was as well as could be expected last time we spoke. I have largely avoided the topic to prevent additional distress.

Wallflower Hugs lifeguard yeah hugs her then backs up " Sorry "She looks sheepish "I just never met anybody other then my mom that my power didn't work on.. that I could be sure what ever emotion they showed me wasn't of my own making ". Then she notes the death and looks down " Somebody died? ".

“Um, well. I am glad to see you are excited by learning of my mutation.” Heather states and then is surprised by the hug which she returns, “Well, now a hug is always nice.” She smiles and then sighs when Laurie asks about the death. “Yes, a few weeks ago. A young mutant died. An attack by a group called the Right. Her name was Irina Clayton. She was a puppeteer and ventriloquist, but after being exposed as a mutant because of her power, which was extra mouths. She ran away. Lived like a homeless person but was always giving money to shelters.” She shakes her head, “Poor thing.”

Kisha shrugs. "I met her once," she admits. "Shortly before she died. It is a small world, at least people say it is. But I digress. It was less excitement on my part than a combination of scientific curiosity and emotional bleed from Laurie. Plus being able to harvest gold in a shape suited for fine wires was something that appeals. Gold wires are expensive to buy or produce after all. I keep having to scavenge old circuit boards and scrape off the precious metals. Takes forever."

Wallflower smiles " Sorry just everybody I talk to is always affected by my powers it's why I'm never sure if they are nice to me cause I want them to be or cause they are really being nice .. other then my mom I've never met anybody that my power doesn't work on " .

“Well, now you have met someone else your powers won’t work on.” Heather smiles, “And even though we just met and you hugged me. I like you.” To Kisha, “Well that is too bad about Irina. Apparently Rianna was there when she died. Tried to save her, but apparently she died a hero and helped some boy in a wheelchair with rockets escape.”

Kisha blinks. Then blinks again. "A boy with a rocket powered wheelchair?" she asks, raising an eyebrow. "Okaaay. She did not inform me of that part and I must admit I haven't read the article from the papers yet. I think I may begin reading the newspapers from the very beginning to get a better grasp on the flow of events."

“Yes, that’s what the article said. Though I thought it was a rocket chair, but Rianna corrected me. Either way Irina died a hero. My brother was a fan of her puppet shows.” Sighing a bit and changing the subject, Heather asks, “So, Kisha, how’ve you found the school to be so far? Any favorite classes or teachers?”

"How have I found it? It's large and quite difficult to miss," Kisha replies solemnly, throwing the tool back into her room to land on a pile of more broken objects. "I am finding most subjects undemanding so far. Perhaps that will change when they find the right academic level for my capabilities. Unfortunately because I spent a while between schools after an… accident… I am technically behind when it comes to standardisd testing. I am yet to gain much of an insight into the teaching staff here and as such cannot claim to have a strong opinion of any yet. How is your work for 'the man' going?"

Nodding as Kisha speaks, “Well, so far so good. I am just getting used to this place. It is so immense. And that Danger Room. Wow, I’ve never seen anything so…” Heather looks for the words, “Unreal, yet real?” She shrugs, “What accident did you have? Was it related to your powers?”

Kisha coughs. "I can't say for sure. Long story short my science fair project exploded," she offers, holding her arms out for inspection. "Being on fire is not a recommended recreational activity. As for the 'danger room' I have yet to be introduced to it, perhaps because my abilities aren't suited for training in any situations which contain more than mild peril."

“Well, I imagine that room can be used for just about anything. I have only used it to recreate rather realistically my home town and to go surfing. I would suggest using it in some capacity, whenever an X-Man is around.” Heather peers up and down the hallway, “Though I have yet to meet just one. And still haven’t met this Professor Xavier.”

"He is an entirely suspect old man," Kisha proclaims without a second thought. "And I don't trust him in the slighest. I don't really see much need to recreate things for my personal training. If I want to create something I just… you know make it. Why waste time with fake somethings when I can invest the time in things which exist?"

“Well, I understand what you mean. At least check it out. The alien technology is amazing.” Heather offers, “Maybe the room itself will be a wonderment to an inventor like yourself.” Smiling, but then blinking, “Wait? Xavier is an entirely suspect old man? Why don’t you trust him? What was he like when you met him?”

Kisha scowls. "It would be a horrible tease, all the exciting pieces and no chance to take it apart. Like wasting food infront of starving children," she explains sullenly. "He's… suspect. He turned up at my uncles house without prior warning or having any overt reason to visit. Begins making vague insinuations about a place I could study, then expects me to leave my work to discuss things with him and my uncle. Who quite honestly has no right to any input in my life. I didn't even know he existed before my power induced mishap made it impossible to remain at home."

“Oh wow. Well, I guess your recruitment went a bit more…oddly than mine. But I am also an adult. He sent Alex to find me in Venice Beach and we went surfing.” Heather thinks a moment, “Then got attacked by a man shark. I wonder if it was staged or a test of sorts.” She shrugs, “Well, either way I am here and sure to make the most of it.”

"Had you done anything which might have drawn people to your location?" Kisha asks, frowning and then ducking into her room to grab something work in progress. "It would give me sleepless nights. Except I don't. So the point is moot." Without even seeming to be aware of it the teen begins poking and prodding at the broken device with a little engineers multitool.

“Well, my powers first manifested in Australia and I was able to keep it hidden for the most part as a lifeguard, but once I started turning gold, then I figured I better move away so my brother remains safe.” Heather makes a face and grimaces when Kisha goes to grab the tool, “What are you doing?”

"What do you mean what am I doing?" Kisha wonders, idly working away. "I'm holding a conversation in a doorway. What exactly is your power anyway? You implied it wasn't a simple state change, some kind of reactive changing mechanism?"

“I mean what you are fidgeting with.” Pointing to the tool Kisha is using. Heather leans against the hallway wall and shrugs, “Well, I am not sure the name of my power or how it works exactly. I can sense when danger is about to happen and my body reacts in a manner as such to prevent or combat the specific danger.” She hmmmns, “Sometimes I don’t even know. Laurie used her emotion control powers one I breathed it in. Somehow my body sensed it and now I don’t need to breathe. Or when Alex almost drowned and fought the Shark guy. My strength increased and I got armor to prevent his claws from hurting me and I grew a fishtail to move faster in the water Kinda like a really strong golden mermaid.”

Kisha glances down, then shrugs. "Just a doohicky. Nothing too important," she assures. "Laurie has an ability in which breathing is important? That drastically reduces the means by which she could be changing emotional states. Perhaps some form of toxin? I need the kit for gas chromatography-mass spectrometry to be sure." She sighs. "I was attempting to build a man portable forcefield generator able to prevent high calibre bullets. Like those used by the battlesuits which killed Choir, the girl from the park."

“Wow, with your invention ability, you will either make a lot of money or the world a better place with technology.” Heather’s cell phone rings a moment and she smiles, “Oh hey, Davis.” She looks to Kisha and Laurie, “Excuse me, ladies. It was nice meeting you and I’ll catch up with you in a bit. My brother is calling me from Australia.” With that she exits the West Wing

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