2011 11 04 Flowers On The Wall

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Flowers on the Wall

Wallflower, Bishop, Xavier

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Laurie's home.

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Xavier and Bishop to go meet with Laurie and her mother.


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Outside Laurie's home there is a modified black SUV with a side door that is open to reveal some sort of ramp that is designed for wheel chairs. Standing around the vechicle is a large black man dressed in black combat boots, cargo pants and wearing a back t-shirt. He's very muscular with dreadlocks and a stern demeanor (Bishop). He doesn't seem imposing, but he's there waiting for what ever is going on inside Laurie's home.

Wallflower Comes home like always wearing baggy jeans and a hoodie sweater on the hood up , her head is down her shoulders inwards trying to make herself smaller less noticeable as she walks into her own home . She frowns when she spots the big guy only to trot a little faster up the stairs a little nervous and scared now of course she's giving off that power as she walks up the stairs . She pulls off her ear buds and turns off her music cause her mom gets mad if she wants to talk to her " Mom? " She calls out coming in the door .

In the living area, Gail and an older, bald male seated in a wheel cair are seated and having been discussing things.

Gail stands, "Laurie, come here. I've someone I want you to meet."

Xavier turns in his chair, wheeling around to face the new arrival, "Hello Laurie, I'm Professor Charles Xavier.". His voice is calm, peaceful even, he seems kind and wanting to help (what it is he wants to help has yet to be revealed).

Wallflower Frowns but she comes over "Hello " Her voice is demure and far to low as she sits down next to her mother but even then she pulls into herself , looking down at her hands like a typical teen though she's curious her eye's peek out of her hair and hood to look at the professor .

Gail states, "The Professor has excellent news for us." then looks to Xavier to explain.

Xavier states, "Laurie, I, like yourself am a mutant. My ability is mental in nature." then he switches to mental as well as verbal as he speaks, "I own a small school for gifted children such as yourself. A school where you're able to learn how to control your abilities while you finish your high school education. I was wondering if you were interested in something like that?"

Wallflower Is shocked she knew she was a mutant cause her mom told her but that she had to keep it a secret now this guy is telling her he's a mutant , she registers total surprise not quite sure how to take it then of course she calms down and does like any teen would " Are you sending me to a new school ? "

Gail says empathically, "Sweetheart, I'm not /sending/ you, but I was hoping that you would say yes. It's an amazing opportunity and will give you the freedom that you don't have in a regular school system."

Xavier notes, "I've also offered your mother a position at the school. She will live off campus, but work in our service department. You however will live on campus, as that's the safest environment considering your powers."

You post your note about 'New Students' in group 13 (Xavier School) as message #7

Wallflower There's that word again power her power same as her dad the power that makes her unable to be near anybody else . Of course the teen is immediately thinking that this must be where they send mutants who can't be near people . She looks at her hands her eye's mist up but least her mom will have a good job she knows her mom been freaking out about it so least her mom will be happy " ok " .

"Wonderful." Xavier says as Gail seems very pleased.

Xavier continues, "Then pack a small bag and the three of us will be on our way."

Essentially, the rest of their belongings will be sent for/moved to Salem Center. While Gail and Laurie will travel north with Bishop to Xavier's School and they will be shown around the upper levels by Bishop - who turns out to be not quite as intimidating as expected, in reality he's a very comical laid back guy. Then they will meet with Xavier in his office and go over the details of Laurie's stay <+bbread all of board #13, know the rules, etc>. Once it's all over with, Laurie will be assigned a room (she'll be single for now) and Gail will be set up in a small home a few miles into Salem Center.

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