2011 11 03 Phone A Hero

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Phone a Hero!

Rogue, the Thing

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The X-Mansion and the Baxter Building

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The Thing calls the X-men to get a little info on the Hellfire club, Rogue answers!


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The Baxter building has some of the most sophisticated machinery in existence. But admist all of this is one comically large phone with really big buttons. It exists just so the THing doesn't get frustrated and smash it. He dials up the Xavier's using the special 'Staff' line hoping he'll get through to one of the X-men that's on duty at the mansion keeping tabs on the kids.

Rogue is busy…if reading the newspaper is being busy. She sets it down as the 'big' phone rings, one hand reaching over to snag the reciever and bring it to her ear. One leg drapes over the arm of the chair she's in as she tips her head, "Xavier's, this is Rogue."

The Thing sighs with relief, someone he knows, "Hey Rogue. It's Ben Grimm! How ya doing? You been keeping the runt in line?"

Rogue has a slow smile at that voice, paper folded and tossed aside. "Well heya, handsome, long time no talk. Was startin' to think you were playin' hard to get." Teasing in her voice along with that drawl, as she rises to go look out a window. "Ah'm fine, ya know me. Logan? We ain't been keepin' the same schedules much, but Ah haven't heard he's been outta line. Ah'll smack him for you if ya want, though."

That southern drawl really is just goddamned adorable, and it even draws ole bashful Benjy out of his shell a bit, "Well what can I say, yer more than this simple schmoo from Yancy Street would ever diservce. And yeah, make sure to give Logan a good smack from me next tie you see him." Ben clears his throat, "But hey I shouldn't take up too muc of your time, I just wanted to ask you something, I think a friend of mine is getting in over his head. The Hellfire Club? You guys have had trouble with them before right?"

Rogue snorts, smiling into the phone. "Psst, any lady'd be lucky for a fella like you, sugar. An' Ah will, promise. Make it sting real good." There's a hint of laugher in her voice that disappears. "Yeah. Ah stay out of it, to be honest. Not a fan of their social club."

You can hear Ben grumble on the otherside of the line, "Yeah that's waht I thought and that sounds like a good policy. I guess one of the important people in the club is the 'black queen' A lady named Selene. Ya know anything about her… I mean I'm assuming she's bad news, but I'm just wondering if we're talking kinda bad news or like….. Evil Clones from the Future kinda bad news?"

Rogue stills, trying to poke her pleasantly lazy mind into a more active state. "This is our lives,Benny. We should always expect the Evil Alien clones from the future out to suck our blood." There's a light tone to her voice, even if she means it. "Ah'm pretty sure she's nothin' to be taken lately, Ben."

The Thing sighs and says, "Very true.. very true. I'll have Reed call Chuck later and see if he has any files he can send us on what she can do… In the meantime I'll talk with my friend and make sure he knows to stay the every loving hell away." Ben's tone lightens a bit now that business is done, "Hey I can't thank ya enough darlin.' Yer coming to the next poker game right?"

"Chuck would know way more than Ah would…of course." Rogue's voice is warm with affection, even as she returns to lounging in her chair the way it was never meant to be sat in. "Sure thing, sugar. Ya know Ah love to clean ya boys out."

"Well hell.. it's not like we can take the money with us when were gone is it?" YOu don't have to see Ben's smile, you can hear it. "Thanks again Rogue, and really, if you ever need my help with somethin' just gimme a call ok?"

"Sure thing, sugar. Ya keep outta trouble now." Rogue drawls, before there's the click on the line. She's still smiling when she hangs up the phone.

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