2011 11 03 Mourning Choir

Log Title:
Mourning Choir

Lifeguard and Rianna

RL Date:
November 3, 2011

IC Date:
November 3, 2011

Gathering Hall - Xavier Mansion

Brief log summary::
Heather and Rianna meet for the first time and chat on life in the mansion and Rianna finally mourns Choir's death


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Late evening on a Thursday and Heather Cameron, the newest resident of the Xavier Mansion, reclines on the couch. She has a cell phone in her hear and she is simply saying, “Yes. Yes. Yes.” She rolls her eyes as she opts to just lie down fully on the couch. She lets out a yawn and then resumes the, “Yes. Yes, Davis. I know, Davis.” She is dressed comfortably in a black T-shirt with some sort of tribal design and blue jeans.

Rianna comes from the foyer, humming to herself. The girl has been here a bit, but is still a little leary about just wandering around. She is definitely dressed older than her years, though the teen does stop and dips her head, "Oh, hello." she says softly.

Popping her head up, she looks over to see Rianna and has a bit of an embarrassed grin on her face. Standing up the tall Blonde smiles and makes a gesture for Rianna to join her. “I’m Heather Cameron. Just joined X-Factor.” Looking Rianna up and down, “Are you a student or an X-Man?”

Rianna looks at her for a moment, "A student, both, I don't know. A student though I was the first accepted when Mr. Xavier decided to reopen the school." she says and then flushes, "Oh I am Rianna." she fidgets with the bottom of the corset she wears.

“Rihanna? Like the singer?” Heather’s thick Australian accent stresses the songstress’s name. “Oh that’s pretty cool.” Noting the corset, Heather quirks her brow, “Oh not too many girls your age wear corsets.” She thinks a moment, “I don’t think I ever have, myself.” Smiling she continues, “Oh so you are the second student I met. I met Kisha two days ago. Odd girl. But interesting. Like most of the people I’ve met here.”

Rianna nods, "Kisha is my roommate." she says and then shakes her head, "No..no h." she says and then shakes her head and flushes, "It is the sexiest I could get, parents wouldn't let me wear a shirt completely see through." She nods and smiles, "So, you are a hero too?"

“Oh, well, it looks good on you, Rianna.” Heather offers an approving smile, “Hero?” She ponders, “Well, I did save Alex’s life, so I suppose. My understanding is that X-Factor is more of a government thing. So in the way that government workers are heroes whereas the X-Men are more like the Avengers. Though from what I understand there will be a lot of crossover on mission, possibly.” She still seems relatively unsure though she has been briefed on everything.

Rianna nods and shrugs a bit, "I am just a student, getting a chance to learn about what I can do and not risk my parents home anymore." she giggles a little.

Nodding her head, “Of course and not just risking your parents’ home, but lives as well. I left my brother in Australia to avoid anything happening to him when I found out I was a mutant. Luckily, Professor Xavier sent Alex to recruit me and bring me here. And now I work for the government. All in under a week. Crazy huh.” Her Smartphone buzzes a bit as she checks it and finds a picture and an article. “Oh my.”

Rianna looks at her for a moment, "What?" she asks and then nods, "Well I have had my powers for a while, but yeah, it is better for them especially since I fought some of those Right people." she flushes.

Looking up when Rianna mentions the ‘Right’ people. “Well, speak of the devil.” She holds up her Smartphone to show Rianna, “My brother is a huge fan of ventriloquism and puppetry. It seems one of his favorite acts died last week.” Heather shakes her head, “Poor thing was just a child. And apparently a mutant.” The image is of Irina Clayton, aka, Choir.

Rianna goes pale. She looks almost on the verge of tears, starting to shake a bit.

Suddenly taken by surprise, which is rare for Heather, She quickly takes the phone back and instinctively offers a hug to the mutant teen, “The death of any person, mutant or non-mutant is sad, Rianna. But as you will learn at the school. Death is a part of life’s cycle. Especially for our kind. But no need to cry. It’s not as if you knew the girl. Sad as it may be.” Releasing the hug, she peruses the article, “Poor thing was living like a homeless person to hide her mutancy, but was giving money to a shelter.” A small smile forms on her face.

Rianna looks at her for a moment, "I…tried to shield her with my own body. I…tried. The bullets bounced off me, but…there were so many." she starts to cry. She did allow the hug, but it is obvious, she did know the girl.

Her heart breaking when she hears the story of what happened that day, Heather puts her arm around Rianna and leads her to the couch to sit down, “It’s ok. It’s ok. You tried to save her. And the article mentions you both saved a lad in a wheelchair or…” Looking it over, “…rocket chair?”

Rianna nods, "Wheelchair, it had rockets. It wasn't working. She was trying to push it out of the way. If..I had just picked her and the wheelchair up…I could have." she sits on the couch and shakes her head, "I..did my best.' she whisper

Ripping off part of her shirt and turning it into a midriff now, Heather hands Rianna the shirt to use as a handkerchief, “You did what you could. You gotta realize that this is not your fault. Those Right a-holes are responsible. You did more than your best, you saved a boy in a wheelchair. And she died a hero. The best way to die.”

Rianna shakes her head, "No good way to die." she says, "And they dodged the bench I threw at them." she shakes her head a little, "At least I had enough control to increase density rather than decrease it."

Nodding her head, “Well dying is not good, but she at least died a hero.” Offering a small smile and patting Rianna’s shoulder, “And you were a hero too. You had enough control to save yourself and help that boy. However, these Right people are trained evildoers. A bench probably wouldn’t have done much to stop them anyway, lass.”

Rianna looks at her, "A bench thrown by someone that can lift 20 tons?" she bites her lip a little. She nods, "I know, being here at least I can learn to control my powers more, do more with them."

Looking right back at Rianna and nodding, “Even a bench thrown by someone who can lift 20 tons. I think those Right people wear armor. There are some armors that are very strong, even 20 tons strong.” Offering another smile, Heather nods, “But that is impressive nonetheless, Rianna. I can only imagine what more you will be able to do with even more control.”

Rianna nods and then flushes a little as she starts to wipe her eyes.

Trying to understand Rianna’s mutancy, “SO you can control your weight and the more you weigh the stronger you get.” Heather chuckles a little bit, “I can see what you meant earlier about your parents’ home.”

Rianna looks at her and nods, "More than that, I control my density, as I get more dense, I get heavier, stronger, and harder to hurt, but I can go the other way too, as I get less dense I can get the ability to pass through objects."

Heather hmmmmns, “Wow that is a very useful power. You really can’t be harmed, you’ll either be too strong or as thin as air. And you can do all this prior to coming here?” Heather smirks, “I wonder what more you would be able to do.” She thinks a moment, “Well, I have been reviewing stuff from the past X-Men missions in the Danger Room. There used to be a X-Man named Shadowcat that could pass through objects and she could take people with her. Maybe that is what you will be able to do.”

Realizing that it is very late, Heather yawns, “Well, you probably have class tomorrow, so I’ll leave you to head to bed, Rianna. It was nice meeting you.” With that Heather heads off to explore more of the mansion.

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