2011 11 03 Go Gogo

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Go GoGo!

GoGo, Phantasm, The Thing

RL Date:
3 Nov 2011

IC Date:
3 Nov 2011

The Powerhouse

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Ben arranges a try out match for Gogo to participate in while he and Mike cheer her on from the ringside.


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It's cold and rainy outside, which makes it a damn fight night for a fight. For the past few months, a young, orange woman, with big green eyes full of stars and built stronger than an M1 Abrams who wrestles under the name 'Gogo' has been making a name for herself on the tri-state indy circuit. Most feel it's only a matter of time before she gets her shot in the UCWF. Well apparantly it's time for that,with a rumor that spread like wild fire, apparantly Benjamin J. Grimm himself called Edward Garner and told him he needed to set up a tryout match for her. And that's exactly what Mr. Garner made happen. And that's why his gym where he lets his best talent train, otherwise known as the Powerhouse, is pretty bustling tonight.

A central Ring is set up, and while this isn't really an event open to the public, plenty of wrestling media and bloggers are here, as well as friends and even a few dedicated internet fans that talked their way in. Of course, some are just guests of the Company, Like Ben Grimm himself who stands, leaning up against a reinforced ring post talking to the trainer that's waiting to officiate the match. A tough old Bastard everyone just call Clyde. "Yeah she'll be here any minute. Garner said he had an opponent in mind…. Please tell me he ain't still got the Grapplers on the payroll an' causing trouble." Clyde just shrugs and offers an non-commital, "Maybe." Ben turns and sighs, looking about the small exibition hall built into the gym, and look up to the mirrored glass window to Garner's office where he'll be watching. "Awww, I'm probably worrying about nothing, she looks like a really tough kid. She should be fine."

Annie certainly didn't know it was going to be an event or she'd be even more nervous than she was. She had a heck of a time finding a parking spot anywhere close to the gym and had had to do a few loops around the block before finding a semi-legal spot to park her Bronco. After slinging her gym bag over one shoulder she walked through the cold rain to the gym, and her Avengers jacket was soaked through by the time she pushes open the door and stepped inside.

One look at the gym alerted a whole storm of butterflies in her stomach and part of her wanted to turn around and step out. Luckily, it was only a small part, and the majority won this particular battle, so with a deep breath she left the doorway and walked deeper into the gym, looking for familiar faces. Ben's is an easy one to spot in a crowd, and the mere sight of it brought a smile to her face. Feeling better already she quickly made her way over to the two men, pulling her FF ballcap off her head as she got close, "Mr. Grimm! Mr. Garner! Did I come on the right night? There's enough people here for a show."

Mike's arrival is a bit later than Ben and GoGo's. With press present and not really wanting to show what he dresses like when he's 'off the clock' when he knows cameras will be present, Mike has opted to attend in the visage of Mick Drago. This ALSO led to a label approved car bringing him here which leads to a couple of gorilla's scampering off along the wall edges, leaving Mike to make his way through the group gathered around. Although not in the stage attire, his outfit is more what he wears for signings. Comfortable, a bit better quality than his normal clothes and quite black. His longish hair is pulled back, preventing any stray strands from affecting his view of the ring which is good as he's also having to manuever around a few folks to get near the only familiar faces he sees. "'scuse me. Coming through. 'scuse me. Coming through…"

Clyde just looks down… well downish due to her height, at Gogo and just grunts. Ben chuckles and cocks a thumb over his shoudler. "That's just Clyde." he says, then points to the mirrored windows that obscure view of a 2nd story office that must look over this little exhibition hall, "Garner's watching from up there but he's excited for your match. Apparantly he's already seen some tapes of your recent shows and apparantly he's pretty impressed." As he spies mike moving through the crowd he gives a nod in greeting and then jerks his head back as if to say 'over here.' His attention returns to Gogo and he says, "So you ready for this? All limber and ready to go?"

Annie grimaces, "Oh. So sorry Clyde." She turns to look up at the mirrored windows and gives a wave in that direction. Then she shrugs to Ben, "I guess. I did some warm up before I drove over." She follows Ben wherever he leads, and she looks around at all the people filling the gym as they walk along, "Is it always this crowded for tryouts? I sort of thought it would be like a dirty old gym with a few hopefuls. She smiles at the sight of Mike. Or as she likes to call him in her own head, "Mr. Distracted""

Mike gives a nod to Ben's head tilt as he pushes through the last layer of observers, How on earth would Mike miss a big orange rock guy that he's basically been seeing day in and day out for the past few weeks? After finishing his treck, he looks to the orange duo. "Ben." He greets, giving a smile before looking towards Annie. "Annie." He shoves a hand into a pocket, regarding the female wrestler, "Good luck with the tryouts."

"Heya Mike." Ben says with a nod to the black wearing hipster, or whatever the kids are callin' themselves these days. "This is pretty usual for stuff like this anymore actually. Instead trying to keep the public and hte bloggers out, he lets them get enough access to generate all kinds of buzz and free publicity. Sides it'll give you a cheering section. Lotta these people are here because they've been watching your indy shows and think you're ready for the big time." he reaches over andpats Annie's shoulder, "Go get ready the go ahead and get in the ring when yer ready to start ok? And don't worry you're gonna do great."

Annie looks around for the changing room area. Once she's spotted it she makes her way there and it isn't very long before she comes out of the back, peeled out of her street clothes and in her purple Gogo outfit. She waves at the onlookers as she struts back to the ring area and hops inside, barefeet stomping the canvas. She stalks the ring like she was a caged beast, giving the photographers some growls and various flexing poses before she laughs at the whole situation and starts bouncing on her toes as she waits to see who she's going to be working out with tonight.

As Gogo takes her place in the ring, a firedoor at the otherside of the hall opens and a tall, muscular woman in black leather, with a spiked belt and Zoro mask. She actually illicits some 'gasps' as she makes her way towards the ring. That's largely become she is one of the infamous 'Grapplers' stable of 'bad girls.' This lady in particular is known as Poundcakes. Well known for her strength, brutality and for her 'seizemic boots' which tend to wreak havov with the gym and the ring, but always make a show exciting. As the really very angry woman makes her way into the ring, she looks right to Ben as if she could stare a whole through him, "Your next Grimm!" he says, making a 'throat cut' motion.

Ben for his part sighs and and says, "Fer the last freaking time! IT WAS THE SCOURGE! You crazy dames even say the footage that prooved it!" He looks to Gogo then and says, "Do me a favor and tan her hide!" He leans back and shoulders nudges Mike and says, "This should be good." Clyde for his part and waves the ladies to the ring, "Look you both know the score here.. this is your chance to show what you've got, an' remember you're just trying to win not kill each other. Make it exiciting and you go a future! When the bell sounds go ahead and fight."

Mike shifts over with the nudging. Not in avoidance but well, Ben's a big guy, he probably did the moving for him. The musician's feet shift, glancing towards Ben and then towards the ring. "Go GoGo." He looks on curiously, "Is it pretty much just whoever pins down the other wins or is there other stuff too?"

Annie does her part, looking thoroughly unimpressed by Poundcakes her her really cool black leather. She stops her bouncing and gives Poundy some encouragement to hop into the ring, beckoning her in with both hands. "Come on Blondie! I show you how to really pound some cake." Still, she waits for the woman to get in the ring, pacing back and forth. She wears a white hat, so no dirty pool from her. Once the other woman is in the ring and they've shook hands Annie shakes her hand free after a brief squeezing match, letting the other woman think she's won it. Then they start circling the ring at speed, exchanging a few missed attempts at grabs, though to be fair, Poundcake is the one pressing things and Annie is doing a bit more backpedalling than she should if she wants to impress everyone.

Ben gives Mike his 'really' look, but then his attention returns to the action in the ring. Poundcake is circling like a cat that plans to play with it's food. After and exchange of missed grabs, Poundy stands back and waves her finger at Annie. "Nuh uh." is her very mature retort and with a suddent STOMP her seizemic boot activates and sends ripples through the reinforced ring, a wave motion rolling unevently just below Annie's feet. In that moment, Poundcake launches herself at Gogo, intent on bringing the bigger woman down with a hanging closeline with the hopes that comprimised balance will equal a hard hard landing.

Mike blinks as the ring shakes from the boot stomp, "Huh. So more, anything goes."

Annie knows about Poundcakes. She's seen tapes of the woman wrestling, and she was waiting for that first use of the boots. Still, it is one thing to see it on tape and another to have it used on you. She goes with her original plan though, which is to jump the second she sees the stomp. She doesn't need to climb the ropes for leaping aerobatics, so she goes high and comes down behind Poundcakes just like she imagined. However, her balance was messed up on launch, and that leads to a poor landing that sends her stumbling into the ropes. She spins after grabbing the rope, but any surprise from her somersault and nimble landing isn't forthcoming, as the whole nimble landing only happened in her imagination. Instead she's face to face with Poundcakes, but that's not too bad, she springs forward for a chest to chest impact, slapping her arms around the other woman and applying a potent bear hug. "You aren't nothing without your boots!" she cries out, but in a quieter voice meant just for Poundcakes she says, "You are totally awesome! I love the leather it looks so good on you."

As Poundcakes is caught in a bear hug she snarls, "I'm no one trick pony!" She says and starts to headbutt Annie repeatedly. After a third headbutt trying to loosen her grip she murmurs in a low voice to Annie, "Thanks! I make them myself! I can totally make you something you'll look great in!" And of course that moment of BFF bonding done, Poundy arches back and worms here amrs free and uses them to box Annie's ears wrather roughly. She tries to break free from Gogo's grasps so she can back peddle into the ropes and build up some momentum to launch herself at Gogo all cross body block style.

Ok Mike may not be much of a wrestling viewer. Heck it's kind of questionable why he even came considering that, but as he takes note of GoGo handling the issue with the shaking arena. A fist lifts a bit in celebratory response but it starts to lower as he watches the headbutting. "Go GoGo!" He shouts, The cheer combined with the name making him sound like a guy with a case of OCD wanting to make sure someone knew he wanted them to go.

Head butts! Oh no! Annie should have been expecting that, but leather pants admiration blinded her to the fact that Poundcake was a dirty fighter. Still, she wished her own butt looked that good in leather. Oops, back to getting her face pounded in. Luckily Annie's got a thick skull, so when she tilts her face forward, Poundcake is probably getting hurt as much by the headbutts as Annie if not more. Annie looks happy to let the woman bang heads as long as she wants while she cinches her gorilla-esque arms tighter and tighter for some nice crunching pressure on her foe. Poundcakes apparently figures out that Annie isn't going to go anywhere from the headbutts and switches up tactics, and the ear boxing is much more effective. One good pop and Anne throws poundcake back, which is exactly what the woman wanted because Annie is still shaking her head when Poundy comes rocketing off the ring ropes at her like a blonde missile. Annie takes it right in the gut and is lifted off her feet and carried into the ring ropes. "Oof!"

"C'mon Gogo you got 'er!" Ben cheers as Gogo puts Poundy in a bear hug.. but as that all breaks up and ends with a leather clad Blond Missile Ben goes, "Awwwww." As Annie flies back into the ropes, Poundcake quickly gets her feet under her.. and now, having a sense for how durable this Gogo chick really is she does something that really buys her reputation as a dirty player. As Annie bounces back into the ring ropes and lurches forward, Poundcake jumps up into the air and extends her legs in a crisp drop kick. Just to give it a little extra 'mean' she clicks her heals mid air activating the seismic effect as tires to aim both feet towards, Gogo's incoming chest.

And at this point… Ben can't help but cringe,

Mike's cheering halts as he watches the blonde fighter set up for a kick with, well, a bit of an extra kick. "That's…" He pauses before continuing with his general statement of the obvious, eyes still glued to the fight.

Annie bounces off the ring ropes at high speed towards Poundcake's drop kick. Getting a chest full of those boots to the chest doesn't sound good to her. She can't get off a good bounce so she does the opposite, pulling her feet out from under herself and sliding as if she was stealing a base. It's a great plan really, but it doesn't come off perfectly, she gets a boot to the head, but thankfully because of her feet first slide it isn't a solid blow. Still, it is enough to kick her head back and down, to give her a thump to the back of the skull against the mat to compliment to boot to the head. She slides past and under the Grappler, rolling onto her chest so that when she reaches the far side of the ring she is already coming to her face.

Gogo's featureless eyes are hard to read until you get to know here, but even so, she looks a bit out of it as she comes to her feet. She is shaking her head to clear the cobwebs after that pair of cannon shots to the dome, and her eyes aren't focused on Poundcake. Blinded for the moment she reacts by yelling, "Go Orange! Go Big! Go Go!" She bellows that out and as she does so she expands in size, getting bigger, taller and thicker and the glow of her eyes flares up like torches as she reaches nine feet in height.

Poundcakes eyes get big as saucers and she can actually be seen to mouth the words, 'what the f….' before she gets her bearings. Realizing she has to act quickly she quickly hopes up onto the top turnbuckle and launches herself at Gogo, folding her hands together in a double axe handle blow, she tries to bring it down on the nine foot wonder in the ring and…. Nothing, it's as if hitting an unmoveable object and she turns and runs back into the ropes, bouncing off of them he tries to clothesline Gogo and just bounces inertly away from her.

Ben raises his stone fingers up to his grimm mouth and actually lets go of a sharp whistle, "That's it kid! You got her now!" he leans over to Mike and says, "I sure didn't see that comin', I'll be Poundy didn't neither!" Ben says with a smile. Of course Poundcake isn't ready to give up yet and she runs back to get momentum off the ropes and this time as he comes in full speed she launches a low seated drop kick right at Gogo's left knee in an attempt to take one of those tree trunk legs out from under her!

Mike blinks as she gets larger, glancing from her to Ben and then back to her. The expression upon Poundcake's face however triggers a laugh from the musician. "I didn't see it coming either." He admits. But then again, he doesn't really know Annie all that well.

Gogo grins from ear to ear (nearly literally with her alien appearance) after Poundcakes bounces off her. She quicksteps after the woman and when Poundy goes for that low drop kick she does what she couldn't do to the last one. Low is perfect, and she's got her feet in the right position to give a little hop. She bounces right over the kick, and as Poundcake lands on the mat Gogo comes down on her the next moment, crashing down on the blond with her big backside. She's got a perfect target trapped right between her thighs, and she introduces Poundcake to the pounding she mentioned before. She thuds her fist into the blonde's mug repeatedly, then it is a quick scramble to her feet, pulling Poundcake up with a light hold on her hair. This is a tryout, so she has to have a big finisher. She plants one of her hands on the mat and snaps her thighs around Poundcakes head, snapping her back down to the mat as Gogo continues with the motion. After the heavy impact Gogo applies the crushing power full force, waiting for a submission.

"Wash that cake down with some Orange Crush!" Cheesy, yes, but well… She writes her own lines.

It doesn't take long for Poundcake to tap. She taps her hand against Gogo's massive thigh and Clyde motions for the bell and steps to start break it, Raising Gogo's arm as he does.. which looks comical as he's not really able to get it up over her head. Ben shoots up from his seat and claps, "That was some great fightin' Kid! Great Fightin!"

Fight done, Mike claps as well, offering little in terms for wrestling insight, "Congrats." He adds in. Not all that sure what else to offer other than the smile he's attaching to the end of that statement. He looks to Ben, "Well, it was definitely entertaining."

Annie breaks her hold the moment the bell rings. She rolls to her feet and bounces up and down happily, hands in the air. Then she stops to help Poundcake up, "Thanks for the awesome fight! I totally got lucky!" She then holds up Poundcake's hand, trying to share the applause with her. Ben and Mike get ecstatic waves from her other hand. Then she turns to Poundcake, "You're so fast! Thank you for the fight."

Poundcake rubs her head as it throbs while she starts trying to get oxygen again, "Whew.. thanks kid.. Good work, you got a future in this business.. but don't go thinking I didn't go easy on yah!" he says. She gives Annie a pat on tne shoulder and then makes her way back to the locker room.

Ben pats Mike on the shoulder and says, "See? I said she'd do good." and makes his way over to the edge of the ring, "Good work kid! That'll impress Garner for certain! I wouldn't be suprised to see you headlining a card within the year."

Mike's smile directs towards Ben, "So you did." As Ben starts moving towards the ring, he glances towards the figures waiting near the wall area. Smile fading, he moves towards the ringside as well. He glances towards Annie, "So, do you end up having to say that bit before you grow or is that more of a bit of showmanship?"

Gogo takes a moment to turn a circle in the ring with a big grin, then she hops the top rope to join Ben and Mike, giving Ben a sweaty hug and kiss to the cheek, "Oh Benji! That was awesome! And you are so nice to say that, but she is better than me. She just wasn't expecting me to be as strong as I am." Then it is Mike's turn to get the sweaty hug and kiss, "I am so happy to see you here! You look less distracted than the other night. I don't need to say anything to get big. But…it is my big moment you know, so I figure I should say something. I have a tear away outfit, but I it actually got tore last time I wrestled and it wasn't ready."

Mike allows for him to be jostled by the sweaty one, head tilting a bit as she refers to him being distracted, "Ah at the restaurant?" He gives a small smile, "I uh ha- okay, distracted. Yes. That's a good word for it." He pauses, "Do you use the same phrase each time?"

"He sometimes our actions only gain context by the exposition that we grant them." Ben says. "Course.. I don't really know what means but sometimes it just feels right to yell 'It's clobberin' time!' Yanno?" He smiles and then oofs as he's enveloped by a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Again, it's good that he can't blush. "Anyway Garner's an odd duck. He'll watch the match a couple more times with some of his talent scout guys before he gives you a call to meet him in person. Don't let him intimidate you with his aloof promoter crap though. Trust me he was frickin impressed tonight. An also don't sell yerself short. Poundcake's a tough lady, and she don't believe in taking it easy on the newbies despite her protests otherwise. You did an impressive bit of battling here today. But, I should skeddadle and get back to the Baxter Building. We got some S.H.I.E.L.D. dinks comin' over to talk to Reed, and I don't like them talkin' to stretch unsupervised so I should get back. Annie, I can't wait to see you fight on the card proper. You both take care ok?"

Annie listens to Ben then gives him another hug before he takes off. "She was very tough. Her boots are way more powerful than I thought from watching her on tape. And she's fast. Tricky." Then she giggles in her deep alto voice, "Still, I beat her, even if she says that I went easier on her. Thanks for coming Benji! Thanks for setting this all up! You are even more awesome in real life than I imagined, and I imagined you were pretty awesome!" He gets another kiss and hug as she practically vibrates with energy, then she shakes her head at Mike, "Nono. I have said all sorts of stuff. When I was Big Orange, I would shout Big! Big! Biiiiig!" She demonstrates, flexing and straightening up to full height, "And when I was Gorilla Girl I pounded on my chest and made ape sounds. But there is another Gorilla Girl, so I had to drop that one after only two shows."

Mike nods, lifting a hand up as he actually does not get ready to head back to the Baxter Building with Ben. "Great seeing you, Ben." Mike replies, smiling a bit as he lowers his voice a tad, "And, thanks for putting up with me all that time." He glances over towards GoGo once more, "But, for each character you'd use the same line, right?"

Ole Bashful Benji, ever awkward with PDA, Gogo's infectious enthusiasm can't help but make him smile. He returns the hug in that awkward, 'I guess this is ok right?' way and even pats her shoulder once before leaning away, "Well take care of yourself kid. Maybe now that you're gonna be hitting the big leagues, we can do some honest to god training together and I can show you a few tricks." He nods and thennods to Mike, "Take care of yourself Mikey. Try not to be a stranger, or at least not any stranger than ya already are." He says politely teasing before he makes his way out of the Gym.

Annie grins as she gets Ben to give her a hug. She watches him go with doe eyes, then laughs at herself and turns back to Mike, "Umm..what did you? Oh…Yeah! I guess so. You know, you sort of have to brand yourself when you wrestle. If you get a good catchphrase people make signs and yell it out. So you know, got to work hard to get the right line. Do you think I should mix it up? Use different lines?"

Mike glances to the departing Ben, parting his lips in protest but not saying anything. After a moment he closes his mouth and shakes his head before looking back to GoGo, "Oh no. The single line should do." He pauses, "Although if you do more than one line but keep some form of repetition that should work as well too." He pauses, giving a bit of a smirk, "The branding thing is not just for wrestling either."

Annie watches Mike as he loses his chance at retorting to Ben's parting shot, "So, what do you do Mike? Or is it a secret? You seem like you might be a secret type." She laughs and holds up a finger for a moment, going to grab a towel so she can wipe down as she shrinks back down to her normal seven feet, "Do you like the Go thing? I thought I could work that in with most anything. And I could lead cheers. You know, like Go! Go! Go!"

"It definitely would be easy to learn. And if someone's rooting for the other person that way, hell if they'll know. As for what I do…" He lifts up his hand, offering it to Annie, "Hi. Mick Drago. Musician. And you are?"

Annie laughs, "No foolin'? Mick Drago? Like, for real? That is awesome!" She smiles down at him and takes his hand, pumping it enthusiastically, "You are really talented. I guess you already know that of course. But wow! How do you know Ben? I totally wouldn't figure him for listening to the kind of music you play."

"Thanks." Mike's arm jerks up and down with the handshake as he chuckles, shaking his head, "I could guess that Ben doesn't even know what type of music I play." He replies, "He thought my chief demographic were 14 year old girls." He shakes his head, "No, we've mainly met due to Sue Richards. We tend to do the same type of charity gatherings. And after some, security issues, they were kind enough to invite me over for a bit while I healed up."

"Wow. That's neat. I bet she is super incredible right? Gorgeous and brilliant and all that. And such a neat power too." She looks around the room at all the people filtering out and she says, "Don't run off okay? Let me get my bag." That said, she sprints off to fetch her gymbag from the locker room. Lickety split she returns, the bag slung over her shoulder, "So you stayed with the FF? That is totally cool." Then she laughs and says, "Were you thinking of songs at the bar the other night? Or were you just hot for that woman with all the slinkity slink in her walk?"

With the request, Mike does wait, hands slipping into his pockets as he glances to the two figures still remaining near the wall despite others already filtering out. "She was a bit distracting." Mike allows in his answer, "Just, not in the way you're thinking."

"Well, she certainly seemed to draw the attention of everyone there except me." She shrugs her shoulders and gives him a smile, "So…are you touring or working on a new album or what? You aren't a wrestling fan right? You just came because Ben is your pal? I would never have guessed you for being a wrestling fan."

"I'm not." Mike replies, shaking his head as he confirms Annie's assessment, "I came mainly to show support. That's about it." His feet shift, adjusting his weight, "And I just got off of a bit of a mini-vacation from appearances. I'm sure they have me booked up now that I'm doing better." He glances over to the men along the wall, one of them visibly fidgeting, "I guess they think they've waited enough."

She smiles and claps him on the shoulder, "Hey, that is really nice of you. I credit my victory to you." She looks over at the guys on the wall, "Are they bothering you? I could go scare them off if you want."

The expression of Mike betrays a momentary glimpse of temptation before he shakes his head, "They're annoying, I'll grant you that, but, they're security for the label and considering I'm not exactly hiding myself going around like this…" He shrugs, shaking his head again. He sighs, "Iiii'm probably going to have to go now." Turning to look towards Gogo, he gives a nod, "Congrats again. See you around." Giving a lift of a couple fingers in farewell, he starts heading for the door.

Gogo grins and gives him a wave, "Take it easy. Enjoy your vacation." She then watches him head out before turning and heading into the locker area for a quick shower.

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