2011 11 03 Coney Island Conversin

Log Title:
Coney Island Conversin'

Gomi and Sandman

RL Date:
November 3, 2011

IC Date:
November 3, 2011

Coney Island - New York

Brief log summary::
Sandman and Gomi meet for the first time at Coney Island


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Gomi is standing around near Coney Island, watching something as the stiff breeze whips around him, causing his blonde hair to ruffle chaotically. Wrapping his jacket around him, he adjust shis glasses and folds his arms over his chest.

Also out this evening is William Baker, dressed again for the cold, the Avenger has a large trenchcoat covering his usual garb of a green and black T-Shirt and brown pants. Letting out a sigh, he stands by the peer as he surveys the few that brave the cold night in New York. Looking out over the beach area, he holds his hand out as sand flows up and down like a yo-yo.

Gomi picks up a rock and hurls it randomly, getting a questioning look from one of the lobsters hidden in his satchel. Not far from here is where he ceased to be Alphonsus Lefszycic and became Gomi, the throwaway Cyborg. As the rock flies through the air, he lifts a bony hand to touch his temple and unleashes an invisible telekinetic blast at it, sending it hurling as a deadly projectile toward the sand.

Caught by surprise as a rock seems to fly at the sand, Sandman looks about to see where it came from. He scans the area and notes Gomi and a few other people, unsure of who hurled it. The sand at which the rock is tossed forms into a mitt catching it and tossing it back in the direction it came. All this manipulated by Sandman.

Gomi goes splat when the rock returns. he's not exactly the most athletic of the team. He's the brains, not the brawn. A stiff breeze could probably knock him over. "Oof." he says, blinking and looking around to see what hit him. Bill and Don crawl out of the satchel, pinchers at the ready as the look around, ready to fight.

Seeing where the rock hit, Sandman gasps, “Oh crap!” He runs towards the fallen Gomi seeing the thin frail boy, “You alright?” Spotting the oddly colored lobsters, he blinks and takes a defensive stance thinking they will attack the boy. His hand moves from flesh and bone to sand forming a large sand spike.

Bill and Don snap their claws at Sandman, perceiving him as a bit of a threat. gomi sits up and rubs the side of his head. "It's Ok, fellows, the projectile did not harm me. I think." he shakes his head and adjusts his glasses, looking up. "That is quite unecessary,
Bill and Don are simply taking a defensive position, as it appears they believe you to be the assailant."

Laughing as if the lobsters are any real threat, he elongates the spike to duel with their pincers when Gomi pops up and tells him they are with him. “Bill and Don?” He looks between the lobsters and the boy, “They’re your friends?’ Sandman sticks his hand out to help Gomi up. “Are they your pets or somethin’?”

Gomi looks toward Bill and Don, reaching out to pull them back. "They are my friends. The blue one is Don and the green one is Bill. They are quite protective." he ushers them into the satchel again, Bill producing a holographic icon above his head basically saying '#&@#2409!'. Once the lobsters are inside and not going to snap Sandman's hand off, he accepts the help up. "I do not appear to be harmed, thank you. What are you doing out here in this unfavorable weather at this time of night?"

Blinking at the icon appearing above Gomi’s head and the staring at the satchel once the boy is up, “Um. Ok that is just weird. You a mutant or something?” Sandman still stares at the satchel while answering Gomi’s question, “Oh um. I grew up near here and I was visitin’ the old neighborhood.” Gesturing towards the air, “As for the weather. It don’t affect me too much. Especially when I am near sand.” He demonstrates his power as sand from the beach flies up above their heads swirls about and the is absorbed into Sandman’s hands.

Gomi shakes his head. "No, I am not one fortunate enough to be in posession of the X-factor." he says, brushing his shirt off. "From your demonstration of ability, I can effectively deduce that you are indeed a mutant. Should you really be flaunting your talents in public? It is my experience that people do not generally care for your kind.”

Blinking and then smirking by what Gomi has said, Sandman clears his throat, “Um, I’m not a mutant. Got my powers by accident, I guess.” He thinks that statement over as he remember how he got his powers and it was an accident. A lucky one. He shrugs, “I am Sandman. I’m an Avenger. And as for being fortunate to have the X-Factor. The way things are going for mutants, I don’t think they are lucky. But we’re doing what we can. And I guess the X-Men and X-Factor are too.”

Gomi adjusts his glasses and shrugs. He doesn't really keep up with such things. "I don't really know anything about X-Men or any of the other teams. It is none of my business and therefore I have no desire to stick my nose where it does not belong. My name is Gomi, and I frequently associate with a group of individuals known as the Fallen Angels."

“Ok then.” Sandman shifts, “Fallen Angels? Never heard of em. They a gang or somethin’?” He looks at the boy and examines him, “You look a little young and small to be in a gang. You got a home or a place to live or somethin’? Where are ya parents?” You look like ain’t eaten in a few days.” Looking at the satchel, “Maybe cook up one of dem lobsters.”

Gomi hugs his satchel closer to him and gasps. "Bill and Don are NOT on the menu! How dare you suggest such a thing in front of them! They are very sensitive. The Fallen Angels are a group that live in an abandoned warehouse on Beat Street. It isn't a gang like you see on television, at least not completely. I believe my mother is still alive, but she does not exhibit any particular interest in reciprocating this knowledge." he nods toward a small neighborhood not too far away. "That is where I used to live. The house looks quite dark now, does it not?"

Surprised by the reaction, “Ok ok. Sorry. They are not food.” Sandman rolls his eyes as he says that and then listens as the Fallen Angels are described and frowns when he mentions that his mother does not seem to care about him. “Well, Gomi, where do ya live now? Where are the rest of your Fallen Angels and what is your real name? Mine is William Baker.” Sandman does not like the idea of this little boy out at night alone. He does not consider the lobsters much company or too helpful to Gomi’s situation.

Gomi shuffles his feet, stuffing his hands in his pockets. "The rest of the Fallen Angels are undoubtedly asleep in the warehouse, where I also reside. I decided to take a walk to see what has become of my former stomping grounds. I go by the name Gomi. That is all."

“Well, alright then, Gomi. I guess you and the lobsters will be ok. But I am going to check up on you and the rest of these Fallen Angels from time to time to make sure you are ok.” Sandman exhales, but will not force the kid to go home or anything. “So you threw the rock with your mind, huh. That your only power?”

Gomi holds up his hands. "Nonono, you cannot go there. You would jeopardize the entire operation. Forget I said anything. I threw the rock with my hand, and then utilized artificial telekinetic powers to extend the distance it was propelled."

“Alright, I won’t go there. But stay safe alright.” Sandman reaches into his pocket. It is a card with information on how to contact him. “If ya need anythin’ gimme a call or somethin’ But for now, I will respect your wishes.” Sandman thinks to himself, he should easily be able to check out with warehouse without the Fallen Angels knowing. He smiles, “Tk powers. You’ll be able to defend yourself then. So good.” With that he lets out a sigh, “Well, Gomi, It was nice meetin’ ya.” He extends his hand out to shake.

Gomi takes the card and looks at the man suspiciously. Now he feels a bit nervous. "Thank you…I don't have a phone, but if I did, I will keep it in mind." he extends a small hand in return. "Farewell, sir."

Shaking his head, "Sir, is what you call old men. Sandman is fine." With that he waves, "Alright, see ya, kid." Sandman makes note to remember the warehouse on Beat Street and to find out what he can about the Fallen Angels. He heads to the subway and is gone.

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